Modulation Processor 3244 v2.0.1 WiN MAC-R2R

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Modulation Processor 3244 v2.0.1 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 07.02.2019 | WiN: 5.5 MB | OSX: 4.8 MB

(AU x86 x64 AAX*, VSTi)

Modulation Processor 3244 is a audio plug-in, designed for extensive modulation and synchronisation of audio hardware and software within a DAW host application. Especially classic analog synthesizers and modular systems can be easily integrated into a DAW for synchronised parameter modulations.

2.0 – What’s new
Two new plugin formats AUi and AU MIDI FX are now at your disposal. System Exclusive checksum calculation methods can be used to create real-time messages for devices where this is required. A new X-Fader module is available for crossfading between signals. Parameter value ranges for MIDI CC and SysEx can be set to match external device specifications. Save & Load functionality within the plug-in enables easy preset handling. Revised host setup guides are online available for quick and easy DAW configuration. In preparation a sequence module is added to integrate the upcoming SQ4 Sequence Processor.

– Added AU MIDI FX plug-in format for Logic.
– Added AUi (Instrument) plug-in format.
– Added checksum calculation for SysEx messages.
– Added value range selection for MIDI CC and SysEx.
– Added X-Fader module to crossfade between two signals.
– Added save & load preset functionality within the plug-in.
– Added LFO ratio option to define custom rates.
– Added VCA On/Off as automatable parameter.
– Added license manager to deactivate product.
– Added Sequencer module to integrate the SequenceProcessor.
– Added reset parameter to default value on double click.
– Added automated MIDI channel translation for SysEx messages. “–“ is replaced by selected MIDI channel.
– Changed LFO frequency modulation in sync mode.
– Fixed copy & past of SysEx strings which did not work properly in Studio One and Reaper.
– Fixed LFO retrigger by note in sync mode which may has drifted over time.
– General UI improvements.

– Not Published

Modulation Processor 3244 v2.0.1 WiN MAC-R2R

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