DSM v2.8 WiN-R2R

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DSM v2.8 WiN

Team R2R | 14 Feb 2019 | 34.4 MB


FFT based Audio Mapper by legendary console developer

The DSM V2 plugin uses FFT analysis to accurately capture both, the frequency and level characteristics of your audio material. This “captured” FFT data can then be dynamically controlled using standard parameters (like Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Decay and Gain). But unlike typical dynamic processors, these controls directly affect the FFT data, not just the audio. This way, you can capture the characteristics of any audio signal and apply it to any other sound or part! Truly professional results can be achieved quickly for several dynamics processes, including (but not limited to): Loudness Enhancement, Compression, Vocal enhancement, De-Essing, adjusting different songs to each other in mastering, etc.

The DSM also includes a single-button Limiter function and Dithering, optimized to work with the DSM’s 18-band (!) compression stage. Get creative with this magic tool set!

– Controls both the frequency response and dynamic characteristics of audio material via FFT manipulation!
– Quickly captures, modifies, and re-applies sound character to its own source, or copy characteristics to other sounds.
– Sound character mapping between whole mixes, tracks, vocal parts, and instruments.
– Continuity matching in mastering.
– Low Frequency Attack control progressively increases the attack time for lower frequency signals in relation to higher frequencies.
– High Frequency Release control progressively decreases the release time for high frequency signals in relation to lower frequencies, speeding up the gain recovery for high frequency compression events.
– Parametric Threshold – an expert mode feature that allows the user to either modify a captured spectrum manually, or build a custom spectrum from scratch.
– Stereo or dual mono operation
– Included 24 bit Dither, with a selectable 16-bit Dither option!

HAPPY VALENTiNE’S DAY!!!: http://mage.si/CVt4
INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/ZXue
DSM v2.8 WiN-R2R


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