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Mastering in Studio One: Beginners Guide

Mastering in Studio One: Beginners Guide

Mastering in Studio One

SYNTHiC4TE | August 21 2020 | 251 MB

..:: Beginners Guide ::..

In-depth Studio One mastering video tutorials! If you’re new to mastering in Studio One, these videos will get you started and well on your way to producing professional sounding masters using nothing but Studio One. You also get the stereo mixes and Studio One projects used in the videos so you can follow along on your computer. These videos are designed for those new to mastering and using Studio One to master their projects. To start, Gary welcomes you and plays you the song you’ll be mastering together, an excellent cover of the hit song “Game Of Love” by Santana featuring Michelle Branch, which also has alternative take versions that need to be mastered. He then shows you how to first export out your song, so that you can add it into your Studio One mastering project, how to set up your first mastering project file in Studio One, and how to add more songs into your mastering project for mastering. Next, you’ll learn to properly set the volume of your songs, detect their loudness, how and why to use Studio one track inserts, master bus pre-inserts, post master FX, the Spectrum Mode meter, level, phase and correlation meter and more.

Gary then explores how to setup your mastering chain, use Studio One’s multi-band dynamics and binaural panner, and how to apply a limiter, and then reverb to add depth to your master. Along the way you’ll get handy tips and tricks, like how to quickly disable tracks, how and why to use dithering, export your master as a digital release and much more.

To see what these comprehensive Studio One mastering video tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you mastering your tracks in Studio One fast, see the individual Studio One mastering tutorial descriptions on this page. Make your songs and mixes shine and be heard now… Watch “Mastering in Studio One: Beginner’s Guide” today.

Mastering in Studio One: Beginners Guide

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