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Saxophone For Dummies TUTORiAL

Saxophone For Dummies TUTORiAL

Saxophone For Dummies

P2P | 27 March 2021 | 1.25 GB

(you’re not dumb if you play the sax)

In this course you will learn how to go from knowing very little to playing your first song on the saxophone. It’s very rewarding to know how to play an instrument and this course is the perfect place to learn how to do so. I will go over how to put your saxophone together and what all the different parts are called. I will also talk about how to take care of your saxophone so it will last a long time because saxophones are pretty expensive instruments. My saxophone has lasted over 8 years so I guarantee yours will last a long time too if you get a good quality instrument and take care of it well. last but not least I will go over the basic fingering for how to hold the saxophone and how to properly blow in the instrument so you can start playing your first song in no time. After this course you will be able to pick up a saxophone put it together and be able to play a song. This is my first online course but not my first time teaching. I’m excited to hear what you think about my lessons so please leave a review. Thank you!

What you’ll learn:
•How to go from 0 to playing your first song on the Alto Saxophone
•What are the different parts of the saxophone called and how are they all put together
•How to Take care of your instrument
•How to read your first song on the Alto Saxophone

Saxophone For Dummies TUTORiAL

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