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Digital Performer 10: Editing MIDI Explained®

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DP10: Editing MIDI Explained®

SYNTHiC4TE | June 12 2019 | 268 MB

In-depth series of MOTU Digital Performer 10 tutorials! Learn Digital Performer 10, and the powerful MIDI features it has and how to use them. Perfect for the new DP10 user, or those who just want some more info on using MIDI in Digital Performer 10. Gary starts with how to set up your MIDI Devices and then gets right to it, showing you how to record your first MIDI track. Quantizing your MIDI parts is then shown, making them tight and groovy, followed by how to utilize the powerful MIDI Editor Window and all of its tools. The Drum Editor is then revealed and you’ll see how to program and use it for other instruments as well. Processing your MIDI tracks is then gone over, including using Realtime & Destructive MIDI effects, like the Arpeggiator, Echo effect, and Velocity & Duration tools. Next you’ll discover the Sequence Window for creating new sequences, the Score Editor for printing your music out, continuous controller messages for finer control of parameters, the Conductor Track for tempo and meter changes, and using MIDI Clips for creative ideas and live performance.

Moving on, Gary covers how to bounce MIDI to Audio and disable your virtual instruments to get more computer power back, using the Step Record feature to program cool parts, set up Multitimbral Instruments, create MIDI Device Groups, using V-Racks for better management and creativeness, and how to use your MIDI Controller and MIDI Learn Assignment to assign knobs and faders on your MIDI controller to the different parameters within Digital Performer and more!

For more information on each tutorial in this series and what it teaches you and how it can help you learn Digital Performer and its amazing MIDI features, see the individual Digital Performer tutorial descriptions on this page. If you’re new to using MIDI in Digital Performer 10, or just want more information, this series of tutorial videos will help you understand how to use Digital Performer and make great sounding MIDI tracks… Get creative with “Digital Performer 10: Editing MIDI Explained®” today!

Digital Performer 10: Editing MIDI Explained®

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