Spice-Up Your Guitar TUTORiAL


Spice-Up Your Guitar TUTORiAL

P2P | 15 March 2019 | 11.5 GB

Develop YOUR Unique Style

This course will change the way that you are playing songs. It’s going to become a much more creative experience, open to your own interpretations and choices. People will be touched and impressed with what you’ll do on the guitar – and they’ll want to hear more.

Who this course is for:
– Guitar players that feel like their song-playing is on the boring side – and who want a major refreshment.
– Guitar players who feel that they’re stuck in a rut and want to add more personal style to their playing.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Cp0O
Spice-Up Your Guitar TUTORiAL

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