Relaxing Piano Practice TUTORiAL

Relaxing Piano Practice

P2P | 18 July 2020 | 3.99 GB

Language: English / Duration: 3 hour, 49 mins

In this class we do this by taking out things that often cause people stress and simplifying the things that we need to do to play well. We look into what things often cause people stress and what things create relaxation and apply them to your practice. This class isn’t just about the knowledge you learn from magesy download practicing piano but experiencing music. This class doesn’t require any previous knowledge of music or Sheet Music. We have a specific section for those who are brand new to this, but if you are a seasoned piano player you can totally skip that section. We learn how to play a single scale, the chords in that scale, inversions, four chord patterns, and how to play some simple melodies over those.

What you’ll learn:
– Play relaxing music
– Become relaxed by your own practice
– Enjoy the music they play everyday
– Play music for a long time without sheet music

– You Need to have access to a Piano or Keyboard
– Do NOT need to know sheet music (it will give you more options though)

Often people want to be able to play beautiful relaxing piano music. The problem we have is we often practice in a way that is stressful to us. At what point do we decide that we have learned enough and now have “relaxing” piano playing time?

The truth is we need to make:
– Piano Practice = Relaxation

Who this course is for:
– People who want to play piano to have more relaxation and peace in there life
– NOT for people who want to learn to perform specific pieces for others
– Perfect for people who’s goal in piano is to play confidently in a relaxing way from magesy download DAY 1

Relaxing Piano Practice TUTORiAL

DnB Production in Ableton Live TUTORiAL

DnB Production in Ableton Live

P2P | 18 July 2020 | 708 MB

Duration: 3h+ / Language: English

Ever wanted to know the entire process of building a drum and bass track by one of the UK’s most talented producers? In this set of tutorials, Astrophonica label owner DJ Fracture takes you through each stage of working on a track, beginning with setting up the session, creating the beats, bassline and main lead parts, before moving on to building the arrangement, breakdowns, intro and outro, and eventually tweaking the final mix. All of the techniques are shown using Ableton Live’s built-in instruments and effects, with the main parts created using Drum Racks, Sampler and Analog. As well as improving your knowledge of Live’s instruments and effects, the course will teach you new ways to compose and produce music, helping you gain a fresh perspective and taking your abilities to new heights.

The Drum and Bass course is presented in a series of online videos, with accompanying Live sessions to work to, as well as more than 15 GBP/25 USD worth of additional drum and bass samples, supplied by our sponsor Loopmasters. Don’t miss out on this essential guide to Drum & Bass production for one of the most popular DAWs on the market today!

Before signing up, click on the media tab to have a listen to the track made on the course.

DnB Production in Ableton Live TUTORiAL

How To Make Piano Roll TUTORiAL

How To Make “Piano Roll”

SYNTHiC4TE | July 17 2020 | 2.1 GB

UK based House and Techno DJ/Producer and over the next 2 hours, we get to watch as he recreates his track ‘Piano Roll’ in Logic Pro. Starting with a simple piano loop Sonny builds an awesome accompanying groove, cleverly creates a ‘bootleg’ bassline and then arranges the track out creating tension with breaks, builds, effects and automation. Ideal for beginners, Sonny’s simple yet effective workflow ends up with a stomping house classic! Go check it out!

How To Make “Piano Roll” TUTORiAL

Logic Remote Explained TUTORiAL

Logic Remote Explained®

HiDERA | 17 July 2020 | 350 MB

Logic Pro X brings you in-depth Logic Remote video tutorials! Learn everything you need to know to use the free iOS Logic Remote app to control your Logic Pro X projects, including the new Live Loops, Remix FX, Touch Instruments and more. These videos are designed for both new and experienced Logic Remote users. NOTE: This video series replaces the old Logic Remote Explained® series which is now called Logic Remote Explained® (Legacy). The legacy version is for those using Logic Pro X 10.4 or earlier, and can be found here. Doug welcomes you and gets right to it, showing how to access the Logic Remote app and configure it with your iOS device and Mac computer, followed by a detailed tour of the Logic Remote user interface and how to create tracks, navigate the app, and use it to playback and record. Then you’ll see Logic Remote in action when using it for mixing tasks, loading instrument patches and changing parameters including Smart Controls for instant hands on tweaking. You’ll then fully explore all of the Touch Instruments and see how they can be used to realistically control different instruments and sounds, allowing you t come up with parts you may have never played!

Moving on, Doug gives you 9 videos dedicated to the amazing control you have over Logic Pro X’s new Live Loops feature, as well as how you can use Logic Control to manipulate the new Remix FX function with your iOS device. But wait there’s more… See how to use, edit and create key command via Logic Remote, as well as have your Smart Help info only appear on your Logic Remote device so it’s easy to learn Logic Pro X. Doug even gives you a video on using Logic Remote with GarageBand too.

To see what these comprehensive Logic Remote video tutorials show you, and how they’ll get you up and running with this free, incredibly powerful iOS app fast, see the individual Logic Remote tutorial descriptions on this page. See why Logic Remote is a must-have for anyone using Logic Pro X… Watch “Logic Remote Explained®” today.

Logic Remote Explained TUTORiAL

Mixing and Mastering For Beginners TUTORiAL

Mixing & Mastering For Beginners

P2P | 17.07.2020 | English | 726 MB

Learn how to mix and master like a pro with ANY recording software you have! Enroll in our course and let’s get started! Hello! Welcome to our course! This whole course has been designed to help you mix and master like a pro! There’s nothing difficult about it, whatsoever! I’ve created this course to help you bring your music to life and create it as professional as possible! This is just our beginners course. We look forward to creating an advanced course in the future as well as an expert course once we are able to build a stronger foundation of young audio engineers who are ready to hear the secrets to getting your music to sound PROFESSIONAL!

What you’ll learn:
– Understand the simple elements of audio engineering while being able to apply those elements to your own music.
– Grasp the basic concepts of Mixcraft Recording Software.

– Must have Mixcraft recording software (preferable) or any other audio recording software.
– Utilize headphones in order to hear the course lectures clearly.

In this course, you will learn about the following aspects of mixing and mastering:
– Basic Mixing of Main Vocals
– Basic Mixing of Chorus
– Basic Mixing of Chorus Backing Tracks
– Basic Mixing of Main Vocal Backing Tracks
– Basic overall Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and Mastering For Beginners TUTORiAL

Ableton Live Djs Guide TUTORiAL

Ableton Live Djs Guide

P2P | ♥ 16.07.2020 | 1.29 GB

English | Included Project Files

Ableton Live is not just a hugely popular and powerful DAW, but also a highly effective and intuitive live performance environment for DJs. Whether you’re an experienced producer, a new Ableton user or an old school DJ looking for a powerful new creative tool, this extremely detailed course from magesy download Adam Goodlet, founder and owner of Re:Creation Studio, will fully equip you to step up in front of an audience with Live at your fingertips. In the first half of the course, Adam demonstrates how to set up Live with all of the functionality of the most popular hardware DJ mixers . You’ll learn how to build a pioneer-style channel strip; add effects including loopers, delays, distortion and reverb; how to customise a cross fader and assign a cue output and how to lay out the mixer for maximum control.

In the second half of the course, you’ll learn the best way to work with samples and how to break down a track into stems for further manipulation, hugely increasing your creative possibilities. Next, you’ll be given an insight into the most popular 3rd party plugins and hardware MIDI controllers in use today, as well as the complete setup that Adam uses to take his DJing to the next level. Finally, you’ll be shown how to record and edit a mix that you can post online.

This comprehensive course is available in the new Producertech Academy, and can be streamed from magesy download the web 24/7/365. The tutorials come with the completed DJ template for Live built during the course, a channel FX rack for shaping and glitching tracks and 100MB of bonus FX samples courtesy of Loopmasters. Check out the trailer and sample module in the academy now!

Ableton Live Djs Guide TUTORiAL

Introductory Piano Course TUTORiAL

Introductory Piano Course

P2P | 16 July 2020 | 3.07 GB

This course is the perfect introduction to the world of music and the piano. It is the ideal course for people with little or no prior knowledge of the piano. It is also a great course for people who perhaps have taken music lessons before but need a refresh course to start playing the piano again. With us, you will be able to develop your interest in music and in the piano while discovering and developing your own learning style and practice routine that best works for your personality. As an introductory course, you will be able to take this course on an acoustic piano, a digital piano, or a keyboard from magesy download the commodity of your home and at your own pace.

By the end of this course you will be able to:
– Understand the mechanics of the piano
– Play piano pieces by the two most common approaches:

1. Reading traditional music notation
2. By rote, also known as playing by ear
– Start to develop an efficient piano technique
– Form a solid foundation in music theory which will include
1. Understanding and reading rhythmic notation
2. Understanding and identifying note names
3. Understanding and reading from magesy download the music staff
4. Identify intervals in music
5. Learn how to build major and minor scales, chords, and arpeggios
– Learn and apply the symbols and terminology used to play music with expression including dynamics, articulations, pedal, accents, and other symbols used to manipulate time and volume

Introductory Piano Course TUTORiAL

How To Write a Rap Song TUTORiAL

How To Write a Rap Song

P2P | 16 July 2020 | 1.29 GB

Learn how to write a rap song from magesy download someone who writes and records rap songs for TV/Film and his own projects every day. Learn how to be confident, find your style and write a good rap song. There is a difference between being a good rapper and writing a great rap song. This course will inspire, encourage you as you develop your own unique rap style. Honored to be a part of your journey, Dare to suck, Dare to put yourself out there. You can’t shrink into greatness, you have to stretch! See you in the course!

How To Write a Rap Song TUTORiAL

Beat July 2020 English DVD

Beat July 2020 English DVD

English | 100 pages | PDF | 78 MB | 8.12 GB

8,5 GB of Valuable Software

Whether large studio, home recording or laptop setup… when creative ideas come up, a well thought-out workflow is essential. But what can you do to optimize your hardware and software setup so that ideas can be captured quickly and efficiently when the muse kisses you? And how do you get the best sound when recording? In our large Workflow feature we address these questions and show you how to make the most of your technology to achieve the best possible musical output.

Beat July 2020 English DVD


All Star Tips & Tricks Logic Pro X

FANTASTiC | 26 November 2019 | 408 MB

What could be better than our top Logic trainers sharing some their favorite tips and tricks? Join and learn Logic Pro X secrets from magesy download the best! Acquiring new skills is one of the best way to find inspiration and become more successful. If you want to get deeper into Logic Pro X (and find new creative inspiration for your music making), this course is truly a must view. Made by our best trainers, this Tips ’n Tricks course overflows with Logic secrets you can’t get anywhere else! If like many Logic users you’re afraid to tread in the Environment, you don’t have to go there alone… Logic guru Steve H is here to show you the way. He reveals how to get underneath the hood of Logic and take control of the MIDI signal flow. If there’s someone on the planet who knows the Environment inside out, it’s Steve! Next, legendary music producer Olav Basoski reveals some of his favorite tips and tricks. You discover how to get a warmer, analog type of sound out of logic, you learn tips to speed up your workflow and you discover tricks to help you to always stay in key.

Did you know that Logic can generate random music? Recording engineer, producer and musician Joshua Carney is here to show you how. He also shares you some nifty tricks to create deep multi-textured modulation effects using the Scripter plugin, and how to use this MIDI FX plugin for real-time quantizing.

Logic expert is next on the list. He shows how tweak the velocity response of instruments, how to create and save custom drums using track stacks, and how the Environment can be used to hack a Piano EXS24 patch. Last, but certainly not least, the amazing, extremely talented and always entertaining shares essential tips you need to know to successfully work with pictures in Logic. There’s truly something for every Logic user in this Logic All Stars Tips and Tricks course. Watch it now!

All Star Tips and Tricks Logic Pro X TUTORiAL


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