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Samples Engine

Make your Sound with no limits!

Genuine Sounds Vol.1: v1.0.2 Piano Edition WiN-V.R

Genuine Sounds Vol.1: v1.0.2 Piano Edition WiN-V.R

GSi v1.0.2 Piano Edition

Team V.R | 22 August 2022 | 5 MB

..:: VST3, VSTi, STANDALONE, x64 ::..

GSi Genuine Sounds is a collection of fine sampled instruments based on a very efficient and unique proprietary sound engine made by GSi and called WLF – Wavetable Linear Format. The WLF Engine grants the highest performance with the lowest memory usage and CPU load possible, resulting in high polyphony even on less capable devices. All sounds included in the Genuine Sounds collections are professionally sampled using proprietary software and hardware machines. With Genuine Sounds Volume First we at GSi are glad to introduce our new technology to the world, offering some of the finest acoustic and electric piano samples we’ve produced so far, with the sincere hope to continue along this route and release more collections in the future, focused on several other instrument categories.

Main features:
– Powered by WLF Engine – Highly efficient DFD Streaming (Direct-from-disk)
– User selectable Streaming Buffer size
– Disk Pre-Caching option to increase disk streaming performance
– Polyphony up to 1024 stereo voices
– Internal 32 bit processing with native 32 bit sampled material
– Stereo 4-band semi-parametric equalizer
– Four effect slots
– FX1 features: Mono/Stereo Tremolo, Auto-Panner, Ring-Modulator, Wha-Wha (Pedal, LFO, Dynamic), Limiter
– FX2 features: Stereo Chorus, Stereo Phaser 4 or 6 stages, Flanger, Digital Delay, Analog Delay
– FX3 features amplifier simulations: TWIN, JCM, AC, RJC, BASS
– FX4 features digital reverb with 9 variations
– Each sample-set can have up to 8 dedicated parameters
– All parameters can be Midi-controlled with user-defined Midi Map and Midi Learn feature
– Sound Bank Manager with direct download and ability to delete unused sample-sets
– Program Manager with unlimited number of Programs and freely assignable Midi P.C. numbers
– Import/Export of single Programs and entire Banks
– Import/Export of user-defined Midi Maps
– User defined Velocity Curves
– Resizable UI (only Desktop versions)
– Available as Standalone and Plugin for Windows, Mac OS and iOS (iPad only)
– Embedded user’s manual

Genuine Sounds Vol.1: v1.0.2 Piano Edition WiN-V.R
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Augmented VOiCES

Augmented VOiCES v1.0.1 WiN-V.R

Augmented VOiCES v1.0.1 WiN

TEAM V.R | 24 July 2022 | 1.0 GB


Augmented VOICES uniquely fuses detailed vocal samples with modern synthesis engines for an intuitive software instrument that equips producers with a comprehensive palette of pristine, intimate, and commanding voice sounds for modern production.

Hybrid voice engine
– Your own organic-synthetic ensemble.
– Augmented VOICES takes you beyond conventional choir sounds and familiar one-shots to discover entirely new vocal dimensions for contemporary music production. Whether you’re looking for evocative human timbres for your composition or hybrid whispered textures for pop mixes, embrace the fusion of sampling and synthesis and find your new go-to voice.

A new string palette
– Augmented STRINGS’ hybrid palette unlocks the truly exciting and unique power that strings can bring to your projects. This isn’t just a selection of string samples; these are traditional instruments transformed into sounds unlike anything you’ve ever heard.

Layer your own sound
– Build your own ensemble with Augmented STRINGS’ multi-engine flexibility. Experiment with 2 layers, each containing 2 sound sources, and weave your own custom combination of sampling and synthesis for a string sound that transcends the real thing.

Authentic to abstract
– Immersive, orchestral, cinematic, and everything in between. With over 60 articulations, multiple mic setups, solo & ensemble performances, 4 types of synthesis, and built-in FX, explore a near-limitless spectrum of modern string textures and timbres for any style.

Morphing power
– Augmented STRINGS’ Morph control gives you truly unique & ever-evolving sound with one click. Unlock huge sonic territory within a single sound, move and transform between Layers A and B, and adjust up to 8 custom destinations – all with one control.

Transform sound instantly
– Make dramatic changes and tap into your musical expression in real-time with a streamlined set of macro controls, designed to intelligently change multiple parameters for sweeping sound tweaks in real-time. Perfect dynamics, variety, and individuality when you need it.

Deeper customization
– An instrument that can do both: Augmented STRINGS is quick and intuitive on the surface, but deep and advanced when you need it to be. Weave intricate modulation, create dynamic sequences, customize sound sources, and more.

– sound between the lines
– Discover entirely new string timbres on an entirely new scale.
– On one side, a complete recorded library of solo & ensemble string samples. On the other, 4 ultra-powerful synth engines. In the sonic space between these two elements, Augmented STRINGS forges – fresh and invigorating sounds that are yours to discover – and with up to 8 extra custom destinations, the Morph control is the key that unlocks a world of musical expression with a single touch, – where any configuration and character is possible.

Augmented VOiCES v1.0.1 WiN-V.R
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Pigments v3

Pigments v3.7.1 WiN CE-V.R

Pigments v3.7.1 WiN

Team V.R | 24 July 2022 | 619.19 MB


Pigments, a hybrid “polychrome” instrument that features hugely powerful, cutting-edge wavetable synthesis alongside award-winning virtual analog technology. After spending 20 years analyzing and emulating the best synthesizers ever made, they have now used their expertise to create an original, uniquely software synthesizer. Pigments offers exceptional sound thanks to its hugely powerful architecture and lightning-fast workflow that makes complex modulations easy, fast, and fun.

Pigments has some colorful tricks up its sleeve. In fact, it can do things other synthesizers simply cannot do. These include:
•Scale quantized pitch modulations to build complex melodic sequences.
•Continuous unison controls that can be modulated, with classic and chord modes.
•Extensive waveshaping options for the wavetable oscillator, with great aliasing control.
•The usual modulation sources and some more unconventional ones like the Turing and Binary random generators.
•Powerful gate/retrig handling for modulators. Perfect to inspire unusual rhythmic sequences or self-generating patches.
•Polyrhythmic sequencer with a strong emphasis on randomness, with scale control to remain musical.

At a glance, here are its key features:
•Two engines in parallel: the best of both worlds
•Virtual Analog triple oscillator engine.
•Complex Wavetable engine with morphing and import.
•Twin filters: dozens to choose from
•Classic filters from V Collection instruments.
•Modern filters like surgeon and comb.
•Continuous series/parallel routing.
•Powerful effects section: an all-in-one solution
•13 stunning effects, including wavefolder, overdrive, parametric EQ, and delay.
•Insert or Send routing options with drag and drop for easy switching.
•All the essential parameters can be modulated.
•Advanced modulation system: modulate anything with anything
•Graphical editing, source-based or destination-based.
•Envelopes, LFOs, Function generators, Random sources.
•4 assignable Macros to control multiple parameters at once.
•Visual interface: understand your sound
•Graphical representation of the most important modules.
•Living, moving waveform to see your sound come alive.
•Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator: get creative
•Create complex, custom and evolving sequences or arps.
•Extensive factory preset library: learn from the masters
•Hundreds of presets from awesome artists and experienced sound designers, including Jeremy Savage, Starcadian, Cubic Spline, Mord Fustang, and Jörg Hüttner.
•Highlighted “notes” to show which parameters are recommended to tweak.

Bug fixes:
– No more crashes with the tagging system in the preset browser
– No more issues with the functions trigger modes
– No more issues with the browser sort feature
– No more issues with the Macro knob modulation amount
– Sound engine waveforms don’t cover banks in sound store anymore
– No more issues with the pitch quantization

Pigments v3.7.1 WiN CE-V.R
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HGS ARP v1.0 VSTi x86 WiN-iND-MaGeSY

HGS ARP v1.0 VSTi x86 WiN-iND-MaGeSY

ARP v1.0 VSTi x86 WiN

Team iND | xx.xx.20xx | 2.69 MB

ARP is an advanced Polyphonic Arp and Note Sequencer with Scale Remapping for powerful sequencing possibilities. Sequences can be re-mapped based on the played note so for example a sequence can be forced to fit to the major scale. The idea behind this is to break away from the typical note sequencer where every key simply transposes the sequence, the ability to remap each note results in a much more creative sequence. The Muter Section is a gate sequencer which decides which notes will play. ARP is also polyphonic and so can be used as a typical Gate Sequencer, or even more interesting as a polyphonic sequencer that syncopates. There is also the ability to offset the start note of each sequence so that when 2 notes are pressed together they automatically play syncopated. Finally there is OmniChorder which allows triggering up to another 2 notes when one note is pressed to create a chord, this becomes interesting when used with the Scale Remapper which can leave you with a selection of interesting one finger chords.

Full Feature List:
+ Arpeggiator – Can be used as a classic ARP with the usual UP/Down/Alternate modes.
– Note/Sequence Repeats – This is used to play the note or sequence x amount of times before moving to the next note in sequence.
– 32 Note Sequencer Mode – This has a 2 octave range, centre value represents actual note pitch.
– 32 Note Muters – Basically a gate sequencer that decides if a note should play or not, can be used with the Sequencer or the Arpeggiator.
– 1-4 Octaves – Once the sequence is complete it will go up an octave as far as 4 Octaves.
– Fixed Velocity Mode – can use a fixed Velocity instead of played velocity, which is set via a knob.
– Latch Mode – Holds the note until the next one is played.
– Pulse Width – When Latch is off, this determines how long the pulse is, affecting how long the note trigger is held.
– Hold – This will hold any pressed keys until hold is depressed.
+ OmniChorder – This can be used along with the Sequencer and also when the ARP is disabled. It allows setting 2 further notes to trigger to form a chord from pressing one key. Once this is enabled, the Scale Remapper can be used to manipulate the chord for each note in the octave, reminiscent of the classic Omnichord.
+ Scale Remapper – Allows changing the Scale on each note (C – B) so that a sequence can be squashed to the scale:
+ Over 70 scales to choose from.
+ Sequence Offset – This allows offsetting the start note of each sequence when it is triggered. For example in Poly Mode pressing 2 keys together will start both sequences running, one could be set to start on step 2 so that it will syncopate. In Monophonic mode it allows building more complex sequence patterns as they iterate.
+ Pitch Disable per note – This can prevent a sequence playing on the selected note, so that for example note C won’t play the sequence but just C notes. This is useful in Polyphonic mode so that one key can be consistent whilst another note can play a sequence alongside it.
+ 7 Scale Mapping Modes – The mode decides how the scale is altered, when a note doesn’t match the scale, Up will select the next above, Down the next one down etc. There is also nearest, furthest and alternate. There is also a mode which holds the pitch of the octave, and simply uses the scale remapper to force the scale, useful for music without key changes.
+ Works with the OmiChorder even when the ARP/Sequencer is switched off.
+ Polyphonic – When used with a polyphonic instrument, notes can trigger individual sequences which is great for use with the Muters(Gate Sequencer) which can create complex rhythmic patterns.
+ Midi Out – Can be used with any software or hardware midi instrument with host that support midi routing such as Reaper and Cantabile.
+ Midi Volume and Pan – These can be used to set the volume and Pan of external gear (CC7 and CC10).
+ Midi Channel – Use this to set which midi channel should be used.
+ Manual Tempo – Normal Operation is based on the Host Tempo so that it remains in sync with the project, however manual mode can be used in the fashion of an old analog sequencer.
+ Swing – Swing can be applied when the tempo is set to 32, speed can be reduced by changing the master clock tempo.
+ Full VST Automation.
+ Global / Local Randomizer/Default Buttons.

HGS ARP v1.0 VSTi x86 WiN-iND
♪ Download ♪

SubLab XL

SubLab XL v1.0.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

SubLab XL v1.0.1 macOS

TRAZOR | 19 September 2022 | 264.3 MB

Mix and match FX

Sculpt out your subs with arrangeable FX.

Mix and match up to four FX, then rearrange to sculpt your sound.
√ 6x Distortion flavors.
√ Waveshaper with sine fold and linear fold options.
√ Tape with hiss and wobble controls.
√ Bitcrusher with decimation and bit mode controls.
√ Compressor with auto sidechain and mix amount controls.

Supersized synth engine
Create supersaws and moogy sub-basses in seconds with our new Super Oscillator.
New sonic possibilities, just clicks away with the Super Oscillator.
Create thick, buzzy supersaws or subtle moogy bass in seconds.
√ Layer up saw, triangle, or square waves to create supersaws.
√ Dry/wet mix.
√ Tune and detune for thickness.
√ Width controls for stereo spread.

LFO Modulation
Add movement and complexity with modulation.
Modulate up to two parameters at a time to create rhythmic, sweeping, lively subs.
√ 18 routing options.
√ Sine, triangle, saw, square and noise wave forms.
√ Rate control and BPM sync.

Sounds for Days
Packed out with fresh sub sounds. Easily tweak to make your own with macros.
Macros to transform sounds without interrupting your flow.
√ 2 macros controls.
√ Each preset comes assigned to musically interesting parameters.
√ Fully customizable, drag and drop to assign new parameters.
√ Map up to 10 parameters to each macro.
√ Musically responsive blob with customizable colors and textures.

Packed out with 9 factory bass packs covering a broad palette of sounds.
√ Reese Bass – a pack of massive, wobbly, pulsing, and dynamic Reese basses.
√ Crushed – the crunchiest, buzziest, most distorted subs we can create.
√ This Hits Hard – a collection of fresh sub and 808 sounds recreated from recent hit tracks.
√ Sean Divine Signature – a curation of signature sub sounds covering a wide palette.
√ Supersaw – a variety of layered up and dialed in supersaws.
√ Richie Souf – cutting edge 808s for modern hip hop production.
√ Analog Machines – warm analog sounds recreated in SubLabXL, just like they came straight out of the classic analog machines.
√ Pure Subs – bread and butter clean subs for all genres.
√ Future 808s – the 808s of tomorrow.

SubLab XL v1.0.1 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
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NexSyn LE v1.1r16 WiN

Team NEMESiS | 24 December 2008 | 116.90 MB

NexSyn by KeyToSound (Koblo) is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin and an RTAS Plugin. Hybrid Synthesizer with sample-based keymapping and online preset browsing! NexSyn is a hybrid instrument that combines sample playback and Stereo Synthesis Technology. NexSyn is designed for the musician, sound designer, and producer who wishes for a powerful synthesizer with high quality output, advanced modulation, and precise sample based key-map playback. NexSyn is the only Software Synthesizer in the world with NetNotes – revolutionary Online Preset browsing and sharing, from right within NexSyn. NexSyn comes in AU/RTAS/VST versions, and comes with 130mb of sampled sounds. More soundpacks will be available for purchase soon.

The Technology:
NexSyn is a hybrid instrument that combines sample playback and Stereo Synthesis Technology. NexSyn is designed for the musician, sound designer, and producer who wishes for a powerful synthesizer with high quality output, advanced modulation, and precise sample based key-map playback. NexSyn is the only Software Synthesizer in the world with NetNotes – revolutionary Online Preset browsing and sharing, from right within NexSyn.

The samples:
Nexsyn is capable of loading sample based keymap files (XWM) and comes stock with a 200 MB sample library courtesy of Big Fish Audio. By loading an XWM file as an oscillator, NexSyn can modulate it as you would find with a subtractive synth. There are no limitations to the modulation possibilities. This makes combining a Vox Continental, a Hammond B3, and a pulse wave into a unique sounding organ patch easy. Any sample based keymap file can be modulated as an oscillator, or played without modulation for pristine representation of the instrument.

Preset Browsing:
The Preset Browser window presents a virtual keyboard to trigger presets, notes about the preset and displays the effects used in the preset. It’s easy to audition presets in the mix from the Preset View. Not finding what you want? Go directly to NetNotes, and start browsing Presets online.

The Modules:
The modules found in the edit window are completely collapsable, allowing literally hundreds of configurations to match your workflow. NexSyn has a true stereo signal path that emulates the physics of stereophonic imaging. This is achieved by two independent oscillators (as a stereo oscillator), stereo only filter modes, and the ability to modulate left and right sides independently. Most Soft-synths sum all of your sound into one “stereo” mix, which is in reality the same signal in the left and right channels. NexSyn actually modulates the Left and Right channels independently. Think of the sonic possibilities!

Filters and Modulation:
Nexsyn gives you three filter modules each capable of holding one of sixteen filter types. When in stereo mode, the cut off points for the left and right side can be modulated with the “Spread” parameter. The Modulation Matrix is quick and easy to program, and very powerful. The matrix can route 6 sources to 12 destinations. There are 12 possible sources such as Mod Wheel, After touch, Velocity, etc. and 61 possible destinations to modulate, such as Osc 1 Pitch Left, or Filter 2 Cutoff, or LFO amount. The two FX sections offer eight stereo effects to add character to your sound. Each section has an independent output. FX 1 has a re-direct output to FX2 and both can sync to your host.

The LFOs and Envelopes:
The LFO modules all feature five unique destinations for LFO modulation. These destinations are hardwired into the LFO and can also be reverse-modulated. There are twelve waveforms to choose from and each has a built in envelope generator. NexSyn has three envelope sections with six segments. In Expert view, the slope can be adjusted individually for the Attack, Decay, and Release. The envelope tracking induces key and velocity to amplitude and time. The envelopes are triggered by MIDI note on/off or by each other.

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Ampbox v1.1.2 WiN-MOCHA

Ampbox v1.1.2 WiN

MOCHA | 22 September 2022 | 240.77MB


It’s an ever-evolving platform for all* our products, current and future. You will get Ampbox for free when purchasing one of the supported plugins*. The platform has everything you need to create perfect tones with just one plugin. It’s simple, elegant and versatile. Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5 technology.

* Ampbox supports the following products at this point: Euphoria, ReAxis, U530. More products will be added to the platform in future.

Ampbox free modules list:
• Tuner
Studio-grade tuner with Dim and Mute features.
• Noise gate
Highly adjustable studio-grade guitar noise gate.
• Graphic EQ
9-band Graphic EQ to sculpt your initial tone.
• Wah 535Q
Classic Wah based on Dunlop® CryBaby® 535Q.
• Overdrive: TS 808
Classic overdrive based on Ibanez® TS-808.
• Overdrive: Greed Smasher
Modern overdrive based on MESA/BOOGIE® Grid Slammer.
• Overdrive: SD-1
Classic overdrive based on Boss® Super Overdrive.
• Metal Area and DS-1
Based on Boss® Metal Zone MT-2™ and Boss® DS-1.
• Poweramp
EL34B tube poweramp with multiple additional features.
• Cabinet
Multi-mic 2D cab based on Redwirez© IRs.
• Parametric EQ
8-band studio-grade Parametric EQ for finalizing your tone.
• Chorus
Stereo-chorus for spicing up things.
• Delay
Highly adjustable delay from subtle to over the top.
• Reverb
Simple, but powerful reverb to add the feeling of space.

Ampbox features:
• Freely movable module windows inside the plugin
Keep open only those modules that you need.
• Preamp/poweramp can be switched off independently
More options, more flexibility.
• Same oversampling cycle for pedals/preamp/poweramp
No latency build-up and no additional sound quality losses.
• Stereo-mode
When used, right/left channels are modeled independently.
• Delay and reverb can be used in parallel
No extra routing!
• Plugin supports CPU multi-threading
More cores = better plugin performance.
• Standalone version
No DAW? No problem, you can still use Ampbox.
• Factory and user presets
Robust preset system and manual preset sharing options.

Ampbox v1.1.2 WiN-MOCHA
♪ Download ♪


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