All About Groove MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches midi patterns samples audio, Stabs, Progressive House, Pads, Lead, House, Guitars, Groove House, Future House, Drum Loops, Bells Loops, Bass Loops, 128 BPM, 126 BPM, 126   128 BPM

All About Groove MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 06 April 2017 | 475 MB

New great sample pack called “All About Groove”. This is the modern groove and big room house samples in one pack.  Inspired by Dannic, Hardwell, Merk & Kremont, Falmingo Records, Sosumi Records, Axwell, Rob & Jack, Tom Staar, Kryder, this pack gives you great modern hot tools to make tracks, remixes, bootlegs, mash-ups in such styles like house, progressive house, groove house, future house.

• 6 Construction Kits.
• Lead, Bass Loops, Pads, Stabs, Guitars, Bells Loops, Drum Loops ect in 126-128 BPM in each kit.
• Presets.
• Midis.

All About Groove MULTiFORMAT

Studio Bass v1.0 ALP SYNTHiC4TE, samples audio alp ableton live, SYNTHiC4TE, Studio Bass, Studio, Bass, ALP

Studio Bass v1.0 ALP

SYNTHiC4TE | April 06 2017 | 1.23 GB

Studio Bass is four instruments in one and delivers the powerful, expressive sound of a classic electric bass guitar. With four different characters to choose from it covers all the typical articulations, string types and amplifier/ effects combinations. e-instruments has captured, in detail, all of the expressive characteristics of the electric bass. Physical aspects such as the string attack of the right hand, the pressure and position of the left hand, hammer-ons, slides, dead notes and mutes all come together to form a complex rhythmic and tonal foundation for any type of music. In order to retain this nuanced complexity in a sample instrument e-instruments have captured the classic Precision electric bass together with all its characteristic playing techniques and created an ultra-flexible, authentic Live pack.

One Bass – Four Characters
The recordings that went into this Pack were made with both round-wound and flat-wound strings sets, each played with the fingers and with a pick. The large number of included sampled bass articulations makes playing Studio Bass deeply expressive; with dead notes, muted notes, slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs providing the foundations of your music with detail and vitality. Using Live’s Macro Controls, Studio Bass can be played in real time using all the possible expressions. The Macro can also choose from two different positions for the left hand. In addition, automatic round robin for index and middle finger provides true-to-life varieties of string attack. A selection of amp, cabinet and effects presets add the final touch and ensure authentic sound as well as maximum tweakability.

Requires Ableton Live 9.0.1 or higher + Ableton Sampler

Studio Bass v1.0 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE

Microsphere v1.0 ALP SYNTHiC4TE, presets patches max for live samples audio alp ableton live, SYNTHiC4TE, Sci Fi, Microsphere, Max for Live, ALP

Microsphere v1.0 ALP

SYNTHiC4TE | April 06 2017 | 1.92 GB

Whether you are building hi-tech weapon effects for a blockbuster sci-fi shooter, or creating complex layered transitions for a cutting edge electronic music project, Microsphere delivers an extraordinary palette of sound that will take your productions into uncharted territory. By recording electromagnetic fields with special equipment, Glitchmachines designer Ivo Ivanov has captured a collection of hidden sounds, including audible data transmissions, noise-beds, code sequences, noise bursts, and other aural artifacts normally concealed from our sensory perception. Every imaginable source was captured, including scanners, cameras, toys, modems, hard drives, tools, appliances, motors, and much more.

Microsphere also includes a distinctive ensemble of synthetic tones and textures. This content was sourced from an assortment of boutique hardware devices, synthesizer modules and hybrid soft synths, and processed using an eclectic variety of specialized software and unconventional production techniques.

Tweak with Max for Live
Microsphere comes with Microsphere Sound Control, a custom Max for Live device for parameter morphing that allows for both direct and modulated control. Discover the powerful scope of Microsphere’s sonic arsenal and reveal a hidden world of infinite sonic possibilities!

Microsphere v1.0 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE

Raw Grime Rap Acapellas MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 presets patches samples audio, US Trap, US, UK Grime, UK, Trap, Raw Grime, Raw, Rap, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Grime, Acapellas, 140 BPM

Raw Grime Rap Acapellas MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 01 April 2017 | 490 MB

The First Real collection of authentic, raw Grime vocals out there. The recent Grime revival has been massive no one can deny the rise of the genre from its street routes to becoming the award winning hottest property in urban music right now, whilst still keeping its integrity intact. The Comparisons between UK Grime and US Trap is obvious, both Genres coming from the streets of inner city’s where a voice of the youth is needed. You can either love or hate it for its ballsy delivery and sometimes cutting language, but either way you cannot deny the skill of the energetic performances of these young wordsmiths, which is finally taking the world by storm.

In Full detail the pack contains
•24 bit 44.1 KHz Wav stereo @140 BPM
•125 loops (including 2 B2b verses one 16 bars and one 32 bars)
•154 one line and one shots.
•123 Vocal Loops
•2 Back to Back Vocal Loops
•154 Vocal Shots & Phrases
•155 Rex2 Files
•21 Soft Sampler Patches

Raw Grime Rap Acapellas MULTiFORMAT

Alter Echo v1.1 for Ableton Live v9.7.1 ALP SYNTHiC4TE, presets patches max for live alp ableton live, SYNTHiC4TE, Max for Live, ECHO, Alter, ALP, Ableton Live v9.7.1, Ableton Live, Ableton

Alter Echo v1.1 for Ableton Live v9.7.1 ALP

SYNTHiC4TE | April 05 2017 | 59 MB

Alter Echo is a Max For Live delay on steroids.

AlterEcho is a supercharged delay effect which can add complex rhythm and tone to your sounds. It is transport-synced with step-based parameters, enabling powerful control of your sound over time. Alter Echo specializes in creating rhythmic delays. It allows you to take high-level control of how echo behaves over time, so you can create and experiment with complex rhythmic movement. You can apply Alter Echo to your existing clips and sequences, or process incoming signals by dropping it on an Audio Input. It’s great for turning an ordinary drum loop into a spaced-out new rhythm, or for taking a pad, synth or instrument line and making it move and pump in time. On a live input the step based delays can provide inspiration for new grooves and melodies for live performers.

Alter Echo v1.1 for Ableton Live v9.7.1 ALP-SYNTHiC4TE

Black Techno 2 WAV SYLENTH1 MASSiVE, wav sylenth1 presets patches massive samples audio, WAV, Techno, Sylenth1, Massive, Fantastic, Black Techno, Black

Black Techno 2

FANTASTiC | 05 April 2017 | 430 MB


We bring you “Black Techno 2″… the follow up to the best seller in driving, dark and dirty techno!  Featuring 557mb of Bass Loops, Kicks, Claps, Percussive Loops, Synth Loops, Music Loops, FX, Vocal Loops, Vocal Fx, Sylenth & Massive Presets, and One Hits…this pack contains everything you need to create your next underground industrial banger.

• 230 Loops,
• 90 One Hits
• 35 Presets
• All 100% Royalty Free!


Progressive House MIDI Essentials Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT, wav sylenth1 presets patches midi patterns massive flp samples audio, WAV, SYLENTH, Presets, NMSV, Mp3, MIDI, Mid, Massive, Fxp, FLP

Progressive House MIDI Essentials Vol.1

P2P | 03/04/2017 | 220 MB


Comprised of 100+ complete construction kits, Progressive House MIDI Essentials Volume 1 is the perfect addition to your bank of creative resources. Each MIDI construction kit is either 8 or 16 bars in length and all kits contain interesting chord variations and ‘tweaks’ on the last 8-16 bars – something we felt allot of other MIDI packs lacked in the past. Additionally, multiply elements are included per kit such as pads, chord leads, arpeggios, plucks, basses, sub melodies and much more. Fundamentally, the construction kits are complete tracks (or break down melodies) with all the core elements being included to inspire your own productions.

MIDI Library Properties:
– 100 carefully crafted progressive house construction kits.
– 100% royalty free to use in any commercial production.
– BPM and key labeled for easy use.
– Up to date, relevant melodies and progressions.
– Majority of progressions 16 bars in length.
– In short, the way a MIDI pack should be!
– Technical Specification

Format(s): MID, FLP, MP3, WAV, FXP, NMSV
Type: MIDI Library

Progressive House MIDI Essentials Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT

Future Bounce Essentials 2 WAV MiDi SYLENTH1 MASSiVE, wav sylenth1 presets patches midi patterns massive samples audio, Tropical House, Tribal House, Tech House, House, Future House, Future Bounce, Future Bass, Deep House

Future Bounce Essentials 2

FANTASTiC | 03 April 2017 | 1.14 GB


We are very excited to present our „Future Bounce Essentials 2“ pack Inspired by artists’s like Don Diablo, Mike Williams, Oliver Heldens, Tube & Burger, Daddy’s Groove, Lucas & Steve, Moti, Curbi & many more! These are our finest sounds and have been collected and curated over a long time just for you. Everything you need to make incredible Future Bounce and House music is here for you! You can use these sounds for House, Tribal House, Future House, Future Bass, Tropical House, Deep House, Tech House, and many more! Sexy Pianos, Groovy Baselines, Rocking Drums, Fresh New Synths and flavors, Twisted Baselines, Smooth Leads, and so much more is included. House Music is universal and timeless! These sounds will help you to make tracks that will live on! From drops to breaks we have it all. Just huge! Some of our finest work we have ever done is in here. Everything you need to make perfect House Music is included in this pack from FX, Presets, Kicks, Loops, Midi and so Much more!

Included in this pack you will find.
– 20 Claps & Snares
– 7 Construction Kits (+ MIDI, Presets)
– 20 Kicks
– 19 Drum Loops
– 20 Massive & 20 Sylenth1 Presets
– Total 2,37 GB / 403 Files

Future Bounce Essentials 2 WAV MiDi SYLENTH1 MASSiVE

Progresso Logic Pro X TEMPLATE, presets patches logic, Templates, Progressive House, Progressive, Logic Pro X Templates, Logic Pro X Template, Logic Pro X, House, Fantastic

Progresso Logic Pro X TEMPLATE

FANTASTiC | 03 April 2017 | 1.01 GB

We have teamed up with Shanahan yet again for a complete constructive kit template inside Logic X. This template is a full song from start to finish containing all samples, synths, processing & tricks from Shanahan. Not a Logic X user? Do not worry, we’ve got you covered! This constructive kit template also contains full bounced audio stems for every single track/sound. You can have full access to every sample, synth & tricks from Shanahan all within your DAW of choice royalty-free!

‘Logic X Template: Progresso’ includes samples, sounds and effects. All material is prepared as coloured scheme, where you can easily find the part you want to learn about. All samples which were used in this template are 100% Royalty-Free.

•Progressive House Template
•100% Royalty-Free

Requirements Logic X 10.2.4+/ Sylenth 1 v3.0.2/ Pro-Q 2, Pro-MB, Pro-L/ Valhalla Room/ Camel Audio Camel Crusher/ Waves SoundShift, API-550A, API-2500, SSLComp, SSL GChannel, Vocal Ride, JJP-Vocals, S1 Imager

Progresso Logic Pro X TEMPLATE

Deep And Dub Techno MULTiFORMAT DiSCOVER, wav presets patches nn xt kontakt exs24 battery samples audio, Techno, MULTiFORMAT, Dub Techno, Dub, DISCOVER, Deep Techno, Deep, 124 BPM, 120 BPM

Deep & Dub Techno MULTiFORMAT

DiSCOVER | 03/APRiL/2017 | 360 MB

Deep & Dub Techno Vol.1 it’s the perfect sample pack for all the users that are looking for a sound that goes on the direction of the berlinese’s house and techno style. The groovy drums and percussions can also be involved in a fresh tech house sound, while the melodical part are very ductile: they stimulate your creativity to build some smooth and deep flows but also a punchy melodical techno.

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: Multi-Format
• 030 x Full Loop – (120BPM)
• 030 x No Kick – (120BPM)
• 030 x Percussion Loops – (120BPM)
• 030 x Full Loop – (124BPM)
• 030 x No Kick – (124BPM)
• 030 x Percussion Loops – (124BPM)
• 035 x Bass Loops – (124BPM)
• 030 x Music Loops – (120BPM)
• 030 x Music Loops – (123BPM)
• 034 x Pads Loops
• 020 x Dub percussion Loops – (124BPM)
• 030 x Bass Shot
• 025 x Synths Shot
• 030 x EFX Sounds
• 050 x Kicks Shot
• 050 x Claps Shot
• 050 x Snares Shot
• 050 x Hi-Hats Shot
• 089 x Native Instruments Kontakt Sampler Patches
• 004 x Native Instruments Battery Sampler Patches
• 089 x Logic Pro X EXS-24 Sampler Patches
• 089 x Reason NN-XT Advanced Sampler Patches
• 885 x Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……



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