FX Collection 2021-06-08 PROPER macOS

FX Collection 2021-06-08 MAC

P2P | 08 June 2021 | 4.46 GB

..:: AU, VST, VST3, 64Bit ::..

Treat your sound right

The result of decades of dedicated research, analysis, and modelling, these 15 superb effects will totally transform the way you record and mix your music. Combining history’s finest outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and abilities, FX Collection is an essential tool for the modern producer. We have spent years searching the globe for the finest hardware effects and studio gear around. This is the fruit of our labor.

The perfect choice
We researched the most influential, iconic gear, and painstakingly recreated their unique sound to the finest detail.

We’ve also developed some totally original, creative effects that offer a fresh, new approach and sound.

Exciting new abilities
We breathed new life into timeless classics, adding optional parameters and functions to suit the modern studio.

User-friendly features
Hundreds of presets, notes from the engineers, and useful in-app tutorials let you hit the ground running with each effect.

Everything you need
FX Collection puts 15 totally unique, incredibly usable effects at your command. Each one has been carefully chosen for this anthology for its distinctive tone and sound-shaping abilities.

– Comp_DIODE-609__1_0_0_2663 – NEW!
– Bus_FORCE__1_0_0_2663 – NEW!
– EQ_SITRAL-295__1_0_0_2663 – NEW!
– Comp_FET-76__1_3_0_2663
– Comp_TUBE-STA__1_3_0_2663
– Comp_VCA-65__1_3_0_2663
– Delay_ETERNITY__1_3_0_2663
– Delay_MEMORY-BRIGADE__1_3_0_2663
– Delay_TAPE-201__1_3_0_2663
– Filter_M12__1_4_0_2663
– Filter_MINI__1_5_0_2663
– Filter_SEM__1_4_0_2663
– Flanger_BL-20__1_1_0_2663
– Pre_1973__1_4_0_2663
– Pre_TridA__1_4_0_2663
– Pre_V76__1_4_0_2663
– Rev_INTENSITY__1_2_0_2663
– Rev_PLATE-140__1_3_0_2663
– Rev_SPRING-636__1_2_0_2663
– soft/Chorus_DIMENSION-D__1_1_0_2663
– Chorus_JUN-6__1_1_0_2663
– Phaser_BI-TRON__1_1_0_2663

added Bus FORCE and EQ SITRAL-295

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/GNVL
FX Collection 2021-06-08 PROPER macOS

Parallels Desktop 16.1.1 MULTiLANG

Parallels Desktop 16.1.1 macOS

TNT | 06.12.2020 | 269.35 MB

Business Edition

Parallels Desktop for Mac is simply the world’s bestselling, top-rated, and most trusted solution for running Windows applications on your Mac. With Parallels Desktop for Mac, you can seamlessly run both Windows and Mac OS X applications side-by-side without rebooting. Drag-and-drop files between Windows and Mac applications, launch Windows applications from your Mac dock, and do much more with speed, control and confidence. Use Run Windows programs like they were native to your Mac. Setting up Parallels Desktop for Mac is simple and quick. Experience dramatic improvements in 3D graphics rendering, battery life and security when you boot up a virtual machine with Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac. The new 64-bit engine lets you take full advantage of the power of your Mac, and the improved look and feel lets you have as much Mac as you want — even when you need to use Windows. Best of all, with Parallels Desktop 6, you can run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side without ever having to reboot.

Indispensable Conveniences

  • New! PowerNap extends to Windows and Windows applications so you’re always up to date
  • New! Mountain Lion Dictionary gesture works in Windows applications
  • New! Connect Thunderbolt and Firewire devices to either your Mac or your virtual machine – just like you do with USB devices
  • Enhanced! The New Virtual Machine wizard makes it even easier to create new virtual machines, automatically locating operating systems on your machine or letting you manually select a range of media types to install



  • 40% better disk performance than the previous version
  • Virtual machines shut down up to 25% faster than the previous version
  • Virtual machines suspend up to 20% faster than the previous version
  • 3D graphics and web browsing is 15% faster than the previous version



  • iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive optimizations eliminate duplication of files locally


Peace of Mind

  • New! Get stuff done in Windows 8 with a “real” Start menu and the ability to run Modern (Metro) apps in a separate window rather than in full screen
  • New! The Security Center makes it easy for you to be sure all your stuff is secure, both on your Mac and in your Windows virtual machine
  • New! OS X Mavericks (10.9) and Windows Blue (8.1) support



  • OS X 10.7 or later
  • 2GB of RAM (4GB recommended)
  • 15GB of available disk space for Windows.
  • Full System Requirements and supported OSes


Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac performance improvements include:
– Up to 90% faster Snapshot creation
– Up to 60% faster suspend of VMs
– Up to 25% faster Shared Folders performance
– Compile Visual Studio projects on shared folders up to 25% faster
– Up to 10% battery life improvement
– Enjoy improved VM responsiveness when your Mac is low on free memory



What’s new in Parallels Desktop 16.1.1
– Compatibility: macOS 10.13.6 or later 64-bit

INFO/DEMO/BUY:  https://mage.si/2c1a
Parallels Desktop 16.1.1 MULTiLANG macOS

V Collection 7 05.12.2020 macOS

V Collection 7.2 macOS

MORiA | 5 December 2020 | 10.42 GB


The latest edition of V Collection: their flagship anthology of reimagined historic synths and keyboards. Containing 24 software instruments and thousands of preset sounds, V Collection 7 is billed as “the must-have reference for musicians, producers, sound designers, and keyboard fans”.

New Instruments:
Mellotron V
Legendary Tape Keyboard
The original instrument redefined what keyboard players could do, unlocking the doors to orchestral and choral sounds at the touch of a key. Arturia’s reinvented versions not only features all original Mellotron tapes, but also lets you import and play your own samples with authentic tape emulation.

Synthi V
British Silver Machine
The quirky British “silver machine” that put a new spin on modular synthesis, reborn in software with new tricks up its sleeve. Advanced component modelling let Arturia model even its wild, unpredictable nature, with advanced modulation and powerful effects added to the mix.

Phase Distortion Cult Classic
The budget synth that became a legend in its own right. The instrument that brought the digital synth revolution to the masses is now at your command. Easy to program phase distortion synthesis with custom editor, huge modulation potential and effects.


  • Analog.Lab.4
  • ARP.2600.V3
  • B-3.V2
  • Buchla.Easel.V
  • Clavinet.V
  • CMI.V
  • CS-80.V3
  • CZ.V
  • DX7.V
  • Farfisa.V
  • Jup-8.V3
  • Matrix-12.V2
  • Mellotron.V
  • Mini.V3
  • Modular.V3
  • OB-Xa.V
  • Piano.V2
  • Pigments
  • Prophet.V3
  • SEM.V2
  • Solina.V2
  • Stage-73.V
  • Synclavier.V
  • Synthi.V
  • VOX.Continental.V2
  • Wurli.V2

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/5TF6
V Collection 7 05.12.2020 macOS


Breakdance Drums v1.0 WiN MAC

SYNTHiC4TE | Nov 01 2019

WiN64: 80 MB | MacOSX AU: 85 MB | MacOSX VSTi: 84 MB

Breakdance Drums bring to you the Hottest, processed drum sounds from the 80s era of Breakbeats and Breakdancing. All of the inclusive drum sounds are already compressed/eq’d with hardware outboard gear, and were sampled using vintage samplers such as the EMU EMAX, SP-1200 and MPC 60… bringing you the original grit and upfront drum sounds that cut through mixes with organic sounding results – this is something special. Load up the plugin or sounds (wavs included) within your DAW or hardware sampler, and start making the hottest breakbeats which have come around again to top the charts!

– 50 Drum Kits
– Over 600 Drum One Shot Samples
– 100+ Kicks, 100+ Snares, Hi Hats, Perc, Cymbals etc.
– Vocoder Samples / Kits Included
– Set Pitch, Attack, Release, Reverb Globally
– Adjust Volume and Pan Per Drum Pad (12)

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/848m
Breakdance Drums v1.0 WiN MAC x64 RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE

Neoverb v1.0.0 macOS

Neoverb v1.0.0 MAC

MORiA | 1 October 2020 | 70.36 MB

(64Bit, AU, VST3, VST)

A Reverb That Listens

A new real-time Reverb Assistant guides you in selecting and blending reverbs according to your creative needs. An AI-powered EQ section listens to your audio and helps you avoid artifacts, mud, and masking. Explore a deep Advanced panel and dozens of presets for vocals and instruments, and add your personal touch. Whether you’re a new producer honing your a craft, or a veteran on your latest project, Neoverb will help you get to a great reverb sound in less time.

Find your reverb, fast
Neoverb’s innovative Blend Pad and Reverb Assistant get you further, faster by helping you mix different types of reverbs into one unique space that fits your track.

Design & Combine
Blend up to three different reverbs at once, or let the assistant choose them for you. Automate the blend pad in your DAW to create exciting movement in your mix!

Carve it Out
Neoverb’s AI-powered EQs listen to your audio to make suggestions. Unmasking technology helps your reverb stand out in the crowd, or blend into the mix.

Visualize Your Space
Explore dozens of presets and Advanced controls that let you add your own personal touch, no matter the genre.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/oFZd
Neoverb v1.0.0 macOS

Ultimate Plugins Presets WiN MAC

Ultimate Plugins Presets

MoKuM | 06/18/2006 | 529.46 MB

For VST, VSTi, Hardware

it’s real,Presets,Patches and Sound Banks for almost all VST,VSTi and Hardware that exist in the world,more than 1,2 gb of material.

Presets and Banks for Hardware:

  • Virus (Acces)
  • Yamaha
  • Bidule (Plogue)
  • D-50 ( Magesy®)
  • DX7 (Yamaha)
  • Evolver (DSI)
  • ExtremeFX (USB)
  • Fizmo (Ensoniq)
  • JD-800/900 ( Magesy®)
  • K5000 (Kawai)
  • Kurzweil (K2000,K2500,K2600)
  • Line6 POD XT-guitarport)
  • MT-32 ( Magesy®)
  • P2000 (Emu)
  • Powercore01
  • Magesy® JP8000=8080
  • Solaris (Creamware)
  • Trinity (Korg)
  • UAD-1 Power Plug-ins (UAD Digital)
  • Ultrafocus (USB)
  • URS
  • WaldorfMicroWave XT
  • Waldorf Pulse
  • Wladorf Q
  • WSA1 (Technics)
  • XD5 (Kawai)


Presets for VST :

  • 4080L (Timeworks)
  • Amplitube (IK Multimedia)
  • BJ
  • Blue Line
  • Choirus
  • Compressorfx
  • CrusherX
  • Dave Brown
  • Double Delay
  • Dual Delay (Big Tick)
  • Dynasone (Prosoniq)
  • EQ and CompressorX (Timeworks)
  • EQ-1 (TLA)
  • Espacial
  • FGfxb
  • FilterGate
  • Frohmage (OhmForce)
  • Fusion (Opcode)
  • GMO-1 (Plugorama)
  • Grungelizer
  • Hematohm (OhmForce)
  • Hexaline 2 (Big Tick)
  • IR1 (Waves)
  • KarmaFX
  • KJaerhus
  • Logic Audio
  • Mic Modeler (Antares)
  • Moebius
  • Ohmboys (OhmForce)
  • OhMyGod (OhmForce)
  • OrangeVocoder
  • Ozone (Izotope)
  • Phat Sync (Steinberg)
  • Predatohm (OhmForce)
  • Q-Clone (Waves)
  • Quad Frohmage (OhmForce)
  • Revalver (Alien Connections)
  • RingMod
  • Roomulator
  • SoloString ProSounds GetPhysical
  • Spektral Delay (Native Instruments)
  • Sweep Delay
  • Tape Delay (Dream Vortex Studio)
  • Tempo Delay
  • Tiny God Murmer
  • Transverb (DFX)
  • Trash (Izotope)
  • UAD-1 Powered Plugs (UAD)
  • VFS-2
  • VG Electric FX
  • VintageBix
  • Voxciter
  • VPP-xtra
  • Waves
  • x-Plugins
  • ZaFi2


Presets and Banks for VSTi’s

  • 13 GTG
  • 14.2.L (GTG)
  • A1 (Steinberg)
  • Absynth (Native Instruments)
  • Adder (ConcreteFX)
  • Additive (White Noise)
  • Adventus (Nathalie Gagnon)
  • Albino (Linplug)
  • Alpha (Linplug)
  • Arp2600 (Arturia)
  • Arplite (Xonos)
  • Arptron (Psymod)
  • Arpy (AlgoMusic)
  • Artphase (Spacewindows)
  • Aska Ayum
  • ASynth (Antti)
  • Atmosphere (Spectrasonics)
  • Atom (Muon)
  • Attack (Waldorf)
  • Augur (Smart Electronix)
  • Axim2 (EVM Synths)
  • Azeta66 (Azeta)
  • Bass Station (Novation)
  • Bassline
  • BassRescue (4Front)
  • Battery (Native Instruments)
  • BB303i (Buzzroom)
  • Beast (reFX)
  • Blue (Rob Papen)
  • Boogaloo (EVM Synths)
  • Bubbler (ConcreteFX)
  • Cadencia (Contralogic)
  • Cameleon 5000 (Camel Audio)
  • Carbon (Native Instruments)
  • CESSynth1 (CES)
  • Cheeze Machine (Big Tick)
  • Claw (reFX)
  • CM 101 (Muon)
  • CM303 (Muon)
  • Combo Sister (Dash Signature)
  • Crystal (Greenoak)
  • CS 40 (Steinberg)
  • Cube (Virsyn)
  • CUE-Synth (TK)
  • DaAlpha2k (Dash Signature)
  • DaHornet (Dash Singature)
  • daOrgan (Dash Singature)
  • Dcota (Steinberg)
  • Delta3 (Linplug)
  • Discovery (DiscoDSP)
  • DMI Flute (Smart Electronix)
  • DMI Hammer (Smart Electronix)
  • Doppelmanger (White Noise)
  • DR-005 (FxPansion)
  • Drakqs (Buzzroom)
  • Drwabar (GTG Synths)
  • Dream Sequencer (Vortex Studio)
  • Dreamer (Odo Synths)
  • Dreamstation (DXi) (Audio Simulation)
  • Drumatic (e-phonic)
  • DS404 (Muon)
  • DX10 (Mda)
  • E-Flex (GTG Synths)
  • Ej FM Synth (Maxx Claster)
  • Electron (Muon)
  • ElementP (Linplug)
  • Embracer (Steinberg)
  • Energy Pro (Massiva)
  • EnergyT (Jorgen Aase)
  • Ensembler (ConcreteFX)
  • EP Station (Big Tick)
  • Epiano (Mda)
  • ErsDrum (Andreas Ersson)
  • Ehetereal (ConcreteFX)
  • EVE (Dash Signature)
  • EVP (Dash Singature)
  • EVP-73 (Logic Pro)
  • Exciton (GrooveCube)
  • Farbrausch (1337haxors)
  • Fat Machine (NUSofting)
  • FilterScape (VA)
  • FM Heaven (LoftSoft)
  • FM 1 (GTG)
  • FM7 (NI)
  • Foxglove (Contralogic)
  • Free Alpha (Linplug)
  • Freesonic (J Development)
  • GakStoara (Linplug)
  • GalactiX (SmartElectronix)
  • Gargoyle
  • Gargoyle (Krakli)
  • GODkiller 3 (NOVAkill)
  • Granite (ConcreteFX)
  • Guitar Rig (NI)
  • HALion (NI)
  • Harlequin (AndyM)
  • HarpTime (NUSOfting)
  • Helga (Kiesel Software)
  • Hydra (Sonic Syndicate)
  • Iblit (Andreas Ersson)
  • impOSCar (Gmedia)
  • Impulse (Bojo)
  • Incubus (EVM Synths)
  • Industry (ConcreteFX)
  • Invader (e-phonic)
  • Isotope (EVM Synths)
  • JG-3 (Elogoxa)
  • Juno X2 (reFX)
  • JX-16 (Steinberg)
  • JX10 (Mda)
  • JX220
  • JXSynths (JXPlugins)
  • K 1 (GTG)
  • Kantos (Antares)
  • Karnage (Krakli)
  • Knagalis (EMM)
  • Kontakt (NI)
  • Kubik (ConcreteFX)
  • LallaPallooza (Buzzroom)
  • Leto (Contralogic)
  • LM-4 (Steinberg)
  • LM-9 (Steinberg)
  • Logic Audio (Apple)
  • Lounge Lizard (Applied Acoustic Systems)
  • Maelstrom (EVM Synths)
  • MellowSound (BatSounds)
  • Mercury-1 (TC Works)
  • Micro Update (GTG)
  • Micron (ConcreteFX)
  • MicroOrgan (GTG)
  • Mirocrock (NUSofting)
  • MicroSynth (EVM Synths)
  • MicroTera (Virsyn)
  • Microtonic (Sonic Charge)
  • MiniMonsta (Arturia)
  • MiniMoog) (Arturia)
  • Model-E (Steinberg)
  • Monologue (Steinberg)
  • MonoOne (SC)
  • Monopoly (SC)
  • Moog Modular (Arturia)
  • Morpheus (Mikko)
  • Mothership Astrobelt (NUSfoting)
  • Motion (Ugo)
  • MS20 (Korg)
  • Nebula M42 (AlgoMusic)
  • Ninja (Klangformer)
  • NWSynth1 (WWAYM)
  • Oberon (Cockaigne)
  • Occam (EVM)
  • Oditty (Gmedia)
  • One (FabFilter)
  • Organ One (bOJO)
  • Osiris-6 (Neko Studio)
  • Oxe FM
  • P8 (Superwave)
  • PanzerTank (Land of Cockaigne)
  • PanzerTank PM4 (Land of Cockaigne)
  • Pentagon (RGC)
  • Performer (Superwave)
  • PhadiZ (AlgoMusic)
  • Phantom (discoDSP)
  • Phibes (Land of Cockaigne)
  • Phobia (NoSlogan)
  • Piano (Mda)
  • Placebo MD200 (EVM Synths)
  • PLactiCZ (reFX)
  • Plex (Steinberg)
  • Poly-850 (Synapse Audio)
  • Polyblit (Andreas Ersson)
  • Polysix (Wldorf)
  • Pressure (Tweakbench)
  • Pro53 (NI)
  • Professional (Superwave)
  • Protowave (EVM)
  • PS-1 Performance (DASHSignature-ProSounds)
  • Quadrasid (reFX)
  • Quantum 64 (Land of Cockaigne)
  • Ravity S (Luxonix)
  • RealGuitar (MusicLab)
  • Rebel2Max (JasonSynth)
  • Receptor (Muse Research)
  • Revitar (Cuttermusic)
  • Rhino (Big Tick)
  • Roagine (Lingplug)
  • Rock (ConcreteFX)
  • SampleTank
  • Satyr-8 (Land of Cockaigne)
  • Sawbox (Ephonic)
  • SC101 (SC)
  • Scorpion (Synapse Audio)
  • SE64 (Oli Larkin)
  • Seeqone (ODO)
  • SH-1001s (Sonic Timeworks)
  • SimSynth (ImagineLine)
  • Slayer (reFX)
  • Snorgan (Contralogic)
  • Sonic Synth2 (Sonic Reality)
  • Space Synth (MHC)
  • SR-202 (Muon)
  • String Theory (Ugo)
  • Sync MOdular (NUSofting)
  • Synth 1 (Daichi Laboratory)
  • Sytrus (Image Line)
  • T-Pulse (TP Works)
  • Tassman (Applied Acoustic Systems)
  • Tau Pro (Muon)
  • Tera (Virsyn)
  • Texture (Ugo)
  • Ticky Clav (Big Tick)
  • Toxic FM Synth (Maxx Claster)
  • Trance-Pro (Superwave)
  • Trancender (Dream Vortex Studio)
  • Triangle 1 (RGC)
  • Triangle 2 (RGC)
  • Tritium (ppd)
  • Ukas (UK-Music)
  • Unison (ConcreteFX)
  • Vanguard (reFX)
  • Vaz2010 (Software Technology)
  • VazModular (Software Technology)
  • VazPlus2 (Software Techonlogy)
  • VB1 (Steinberg)
  • VC55 Clone (Richard Brook)
  • Vega Synth (EVM)
  • Vertigo2 (discoDSP)
  • Viper (ConcreteFX)
  • VivaldiMX (SK Synths)
  • WASP (Synapse)
  • Wavestation Legacy (Korg)
  • Wheel Of Fortune (H.G Fortune)
  • WS 1 (GTG)
  • Wusikstation (Wusik)
  • YM (gwEm)
  • ym (GarethMorris)
  • z3ta
  • ZeroVector (White Noise)
  • Zoyd (Rumblence)
  • ZR3 (Rumpelrausch)


Ultimate Plugins Presets WiN MAC

Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.5 WiN MAC

Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.5 WiN MAC

Team DECiBEL/P2P | 2 October 2020 | 3.80 GB Each


Mark 73 Electric Piano was sampled from a 1976 Rhodes Mark I Stage Piano. The entire keyboard was wrapped in tinfoil, which virtually eliminated EMI noise. The piano was sampled DI through a Radial Pro 48 DI box, and the signal was routed to a Fender Deluxe Reverb amp, recorded relatively clean through an AEA R84 Ribbon Mic and AEA TRP Preamp. Each note of the 73 note of the Rhodes Piano was sampled 3 times at 10 velocity layers. Releases where sampled for the DI signal as well as the amped signal, but the amp release notes sounded a bit out of place, so the decision was made to only include DI releases. The sound of the amp can be heard in the amp samples, as a Fender Reverb Deluxe is a noisy amp, even without a signal. The DI samples are relatively clean by comparison.

– 10 velocity layers, 3 note round-robin.
– DI and amped samples.
– 73 key range from E1 to E7.
– Built-in reverb and distortion.
– Over 6,500 samples (including releases).

– 32 or 64 Bit Windows Vista or higher/OS X  10.8+ (64 Bit Windows 7/8/10 or OS X 10.9+ recommended)4 Gigabytes of Ram (8 Gigabytes recommended)
– Intel Core 2 DUO @ 3GHZ or higher recommended.
– Firewire or PCI-based Audio Interface recommended
* Plugin may work with older hardware, but performance will be affected
* Plugin currently designed to work at a sample rate of 44.1kHz
– Windows 7, 8, 10 (latest Service Pack, 32/64-bit), Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 X2, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)Mac
– Mac OS X 10.9 or higher, Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
– Will work with Kontakt 5 player, but only in 15 minute demonstration mode.
– AU 32 or 64 Bit MAC OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later (little endian CPU)
– 4 Gigabytes of Ram (8 Gigabytes recommended)
– Intel Core 2 DUO @ 3GHZ or higher recommended.
– Firewire or PCI-based Audio Interface recommended
*Plugin may work with older hardware, but performance will be affected
* Plugin currently designed to work at a sample rate of 44.1Khz
– AAX 64 Bit MAC OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) or later/64 Bit Windows 7/8/10
– Protools 11/12
– 4 Gigabytes of Ram (8 Gigabytes recommended)
– Intel Core 2 DUO @ 3GHZ or higher recommended.
– Firewire or PCI-based Audio Interface recommended
*Plugin may work with older hardware, but performance will be affected
* Plugin currently designed to work at a sample rate of 44.1Khz

The new version includes the following updates:
– 6 Amplifiers built on SPICE Vacuum Tube simulations.
– 43 Convolution Reverbs with adjustable length, size, dry, and we parameters.
– 30 Cabinet Impulse responses with dry/wet controls.
– 28 Speaker Eq Curves.
– Expanded controls for the built-in Tremolo, Delay, and Phaser.
– 70 Presets, many based around famous Rhodes sounds.
– In-plugin Preset Menu.
– A built-In Leslie Simulation controllable by Note Velocity or through Key-Switching.
– Reverb High-Pass Filter.


INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Op4Z
Mark 73 Electric Piano v2.5 KONTAKT VSTi AU AAX WiN MAC

Syntronik v1.2.0 WiN MAC-R2R

Syntronik v1.2.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 19.10.2019 | WiN: 1.11 GB | OSX: 1.34 GB | CONTENT: 28.05 GB



Syntronik is a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer that raises the bar in sound quality and flexibility thanks to the most advanced sampling techniques combined with a new hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine. Syntronik includes 17 amazing instruments, available as a collection or separately, with over 2,000 preset sounds covering a wide selection from 38 of the most iconic to ultra-rare and painstakingly multi-sampled vintage synthesizers. Syntronik’s synthesis engine goes well beyond traditional sampling thanks to a brand new analog modeled filter section created with the utmost expertise from IK, the pioneer in virtual circuit modeling. This is coupled with exclusive DRIFT™ technology to accurately reproduce the behavior of oscillators from real hardware synths. All of this combined with an effects section that is unrivaled in the world of virtual instruments along with advanced features like 4-part layers, splits and arpeggiators make Syntronik the ultimate source of inspiration with the widest palette of synthesizer sounds ranging from exact reproductions of the originals to sounds never heard before that will stand out from the crowd in productions covering any genre and style.

– 17 powerful instruments with familiar panel designs and easy to use controls
– A collection of 38 iconic synthesizers and string machines
– Multi-sampled oscillators for ultimate authenticity
– 4 classic types of circuit-modeled filters to shape sounds
– DRIFT™ technology for realism of subtle oscillator variations
– Mix and match oscillators with filters for new original sounds
– True 4-part synth to create rich sounds with layers and splits
– 4 dynamic arpeggiators for complex rhythmic textures
– 38 high-quality effects derived from AmpliTube and T-RackS
– More than 50GB of sounds and over 2,000 presets
– Browser search by category or keyword to find sounds in seconds
– Optimized resizable interface
– Load Syntronik sounds into SampleTank 3 for more expandability
– Works as a 64-bit plug-in or standalone instrument for Mac/PC
– Fully functional free version also available

An Array of Synthesizers
Syntronik includes the following 38 amazing synths and string machines offering more than 2,000 instrument presets:

  • Alesis Andromeda
  • ARP 2600
  • ARP String Ensemble (Solina)
  • Elka Rhapsody 490
  • Hohner String Performer
  • Micromoog
  • Minimoog Model D
  • Modular Moog
  • Moog Opus 3
  • Moog Prodigy
  • Moog Rogue
  • Moog Taurus I
  • Moog Taurus II
  • Moog Taurus 3
  • Moog Voyager
  • Multimoog
  • Oberheim OB-X
  • Oberheim OB-Xa
  • Oberheim SEM (Synthesizer Expander Module)
  • Polymoog
  • PPG Wave 2.3
  • Realistic Concertmate MG-1
  • Magesy® Juno-60
  • Magesy® Jupiter-4
  • Magesy® Jupiter-6
  • Magesy® Jupiter-8
  • Magesy® JX-10
  • Magesy® JX-3P
  • Magesy® JX-8P
  • Magesy® RS-09 Organ/Strings
  • Magesy® RS-505 Paraphonic
  • Magesy® TB-303 Bassline
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-10
  • Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
  • Yamaha CS-01II
  • Yamaha CS-80
  • Yamaha GX-1
  • Yamaha SY99


INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/0ufe
Syntronik v1.2.0 WiN MAC-R2R

Linplug Relectro v1.0.3 AU VST RTAS WiN MAC-R2R

Linplug Relectro v1.0.3 WiN MAC

TEAM R2R | 2014.03.06 | WiN: 5.85 MB | MAC: 4.95 MB


It’s no delay, no eq, no compressor, no filter, and no pitch shifter. But it does all that, on a per wave cycle basis. Don’t try to grasp that intellectually, play it. Fire up some of the most boring, overused, outdated drums you have and relectro them into something completely different. Don’t beleive it, do it.

Relectro Features:

  • Main processing section with effects similar to
  • – Compressor / expander alike section
  • – Cut-filter with infinite edge steepeness
  • – Comprehensive pitch sections for relative pitch changing of the input pitch fixing of the input (inverted) pitch following of the input signal
  • – Variable wave repeat
  • – Variable waveform replacement
  • – EQ-alike section with 2 bands
  • Main modulation section with
  • – Two conventional LFO
  • – Two modulation step sequencer
  • – Modulation matrix with pitch- and volume-follow
  • Output section with HP and LP filters and chorus.
  • Two wheels for dry/wet blending and morphing.
  • MIDI program change supported.
  • MIDI learn. Settings can be saved / restored.


Linplug Relectro v1.0.3 AU VST RTAS VST WiN MAC-R2R

Elastik Player 3 v3.1.1 AU VSTi STANDALONE RTAS WiN MAC-R2R

Elastik Player v3.x.x WiN MAC

Team R2R | 04.11.2019 | v3.1.1: WiN: 55 MB | v3.0.0: OSX: 60 MB

..:: AU, STANDALONE, VSTi, RTAS, x86, x64 ::..

Elastik 3, developed in cooperation with zplane.development, is the most powerful sample player that we have ever created. It provides a complete toolkit for modern music producers working with audio loops. Loops can be an essential part of many musicians creative process and, with Elastik, you get a fast, efficient and flexible set of tools.

New features include:
Retune: The ReTune tab in the Loopeye editor gives you complete control over the scale and key of any tonal loop and can even work with polyphonic material. The ReTune algorithm, developed by zplane.development, analyzes polyphonic and monophonic sound material in realtime and transform it to the desired key and scale while retaining high audio quality.

New Interface: Elastik’s central Loopeye forms a detailed loop-editing tool. A large number of parameters can be adjusted, including volume and pan, reverse, formant, filter and resample. Each parameter can be altered on a per-slice basis. Browser and Loopeye can now be viewed side by side.

Inspire: Elastik includes a random sound replacement function called Inspire. One click on the Inspire button and Elastik will select a random loop from the same instrument group. You can define which soundbanks will be used in the Inspire tool with the new Inspire browser.

Elastik’s key Features:
– Innovative Loopeye functions.
– Retune: polyphonic scale and key shifting.
– Timestretch and pitchshift in best quality.
– Fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging).
– Prelisten in BPM, key and scale sync.
– Sequence mode (loads of editing features per slice).
– Random sound replacement via Inspire.
– Parameter automation.
– Realtime sync to host.
– Multiple outs.
– Bounce of original and modified loops.
– Resizable window format.
– Multiple soundbank management.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/3L70
Elastik Player 3 v3.x.x WiN MAC-R2R


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