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Colibri v2.0.0 macOS-TNT

Colibri v2.0.1 macOS-TNT

Colibri v2.0.4 macOS

TNT | 25 December 2021 | 18 MB

Native Lossless Audio for macOS

A refreshingly new addition to the audio player scene. Colibri is a native macOS audio player built from scratch on top of the award-winning BASS technology. Colibri supports cristal-clear bit-perfect playback of all popular lossless and lossy audio formats, uses only a tiny amount of computing power and offers a clean and intuitive user experience.



Compatibility: OS X 10.10 or later, 64-bit processor

Colibri v2.0.4 macOS-TNT
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WARBLE v1.0.0 macOS-MORiA

WARBLE v1.0.0 macOS-MORiA

WARBLE v1.0.0 macOS

MORiA | 10 November 2021 | 163 MB

.:AU, VST, VST3:.

Organic Mojo. Welcome to the ultimate vintage tape modulation & lo-fi effect: WARBLE. With ease, it makes everything you throw at it sound special, warm, and analog. Its three main effect engines can be used by themselves or in combination with each other, thus bridging the gap between ease of use and seamless versatility.

New Old
The Modulation Block generates characteristic lush movement layers from wow as well as more irregular and wiggly sounds resulting from flutter. The wide parameter ranges and additional speed controls trigger anything from wide dimensionality to pulsating grit. WARBLE’s Aging Section celebrates all the beautiful goodies of magnetic tape – bandwidth reduction, beautiful harmonics or noise and crinkle textures. With this powerful device, you can quickly achieve a wide variety of inspiring, nostalgic and musical landscapes.

Resonance Peaks
The Filter Stage offers high and low cut controls with individual resonance modifiers. In addition to technical correction, this also allows for dramatic signal shaping that ranges from dark ground swells of low end to thinned out radiophonic sounds.

WARBLE delivers a thrilling sonic journey through the world of tape modulation, flanger & chorus effects, and THD injection. In addition, it offers a great approach towards signal aging, noise floor/crackle generation and filtering with resonance capabilities.

– Authentic tape modulation block with wide-range Wow/Flutter plus individual Speed controls
– Comprehensive tone-shaping block with highly integrated Dirt, Age, and Noise parameters
– Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut filter section with individual resonance controllers
– Fast/Slow tape transport settings for changing global parameter behavior with a single button
– Mix controller to create the perfect blend of clean and warbly

Version 1.0 (Oct 29, 2021)
– Initial released version

WARBLE v1.0.0 macOS-MORiA
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Neural Mix Pro v1.1.1 [FiXED] macOS-TNT

Neural Mix Pro v1.1.1 [FiXED] macOS-TNT

Neural Mix Pro v1.1.1 macOS

TNT | 11 November 2021 | 81 MB

Music Source Separation

Extract beats, instruments, and vocals of any song

Welcome to Neural Mix™ Pro, the AI-powered music player & editor for producers, DJs, and musicians. Created by Algoriddim, winner of multiple Apple Design Awards, Neural Mix™ Pro provides an intuitive interface to isolate beats, instruments, and vocals of any song. You can create beat-precise loops, change tempo, and transpose the key of a song, all while removing vocals, percussive, or harmonic parts in real-time. The advanced offline export allows you to extract acappellas and instrumentals in pristine sound quality, for use in your favorite DJ or music production software. Whether you’re a professional or just someone who loves to play with music, Neural Mix™ Pro allows you to deconstruct songs into its original components providing a unique tool to your creative workflow.

Music Source Separation
– Extract beats, instruments, and vocals of any song
– View multi-track waveforms side by side

AI Music Player
– Isolate beats, instruments, and vocals in real-time
– Mute vocal or instrumental components individually
– High-quality time-stretching: change the tempo of a song without affecting its pitch (up to +-75%)
– Pitch-shifting: transpose a song into a different key (up to +-1 octave)
– Automatic BPM and key detection
– Frequency colored waveforms
– Beat-quantized looping

Offline Export
– Output options: Instrumental, Acappella, Drums, Harmonic, Harmonic+Vocals, Drums+Vocals, Channel Mix
– Optional target BPM and key transformation for exported files
– Multi-track export
– WAV and AAC output file formats

Loop Editor
– Extract beat-matched vocal, percussive or harmonic loops individually
– Trim precisely to an audio region or sample
– Set auto-quantized or manual loop in & out points
– Export loops into different file formats using adjustable target BPM and key

Music Browser
– Music and Finder integration
– Multi-track playlist & folder export of instrumentals, acappellas
– Powerful track sorting and search options

Built for macOS
– Core ML for advanced machine learning
– Multi-core analysis and export
– Support for Touch Bar
– Multi-touch trackpad control
– Accessibility through VoiceOver

In-App Purchases: Full Version – included
Compatibility: OS X 10.14 or later 64-bit

Neural Mix Pro v1.1.1 [FiXED] macOS-TNT
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RetroVibes AU VSTi VST3 x64 WiN MAC-DEUCES

RetroVibes AU VSTi VST3 x64 WiN MAC-DEUCES

RetroVibes WiN MAC

DEUCES | 25 November 2021 | 3.04 GB

RetroVibes is a sample-based virtual instrument plugin (ROMpler) for DAWs and other plugin hosts operating on Windows and macOS. At its base are a series of samples captured from hardware and software sources (synths, emulators, etc). There are 48 instrument presets in total, covering a wide palette of sounds, from brasses to leads, keys to basses, percussion, and so on. All the presets were inspired by the 80s sounds and come with that retro vibe. Each preset is customizable with a set of controls such as ADSR envelope, modulation, filter, reverb, etc. RetroVibes can be used for Pop and EDM styles, including SynthPop, Future Pop, Hip Hop, House, and subgenres alike. All the sounds are 100% royalty-free.

• 48 presets
• brasses, basses, leads, keys, synths & percs
• royalty-free
• ADSR section
• filter section with cutoff
• modulation section
• voice mode & glide
• reverb module
• VST/VST3 & AU for Windows & macOS

RetroVibes is a virtual instrument plugin. Please note, this is not a standalone app software, in order to operate it requires a DAW (digital audio workstation) or other plugin host software.

System requirements:
• 2 GB RAM & 1.41 GB hard disk space. VST/VST3 host 64-bit (Windows); VST/VST3 or AU host (macOS).

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ZENOLOGY Pro v1.6.4 U2B macOS

TRAZOR | 24 December 2021 | 1.57 GB

Design your sound

Harness the vast power of the ZEN-Core Synthesis System and dive deep into the world of custom sound design with ZENOLOGY Pro. You get the amazing sound quality and efficiency of ZENOLOGY, plus an expansive interface to craft all-new sounds that inspire your music.

• ZEN-Core Synthesis System with full editing capabilities.
• Over 3500 patches and drum kits, easily expandable to over 7000.
• Powerful synth architecture with up to four partials per tone.
• 4 oscillators with 9 virtual analog waveforms, Supersaw, noise, PCM, and PCM SYNC.
• 1840 PCM waveforms, easily expandable to over 7000.
• 10 filter types, including JUPITER and other iconic models.
• 11 LFO shapes, including tempo-synced Step LFOs with 37 curves per step.
• 90 effects, including vintage Magesy® processors like the JUNO-106 chorus.
• Edit in software and export to ZEN-Core hardware like FANTOM, JUPITER-X, and more.

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SRX Series v2021.12 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

SRX Series v2021.12 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

SRX Series v2021.12 U2B macOS

TRAZOR | 24 December 2021 | 2.3 GB

Virtual recreations of the seminal hardware boards.

Software Synthesizer
An exquisite stereo-sampled concert piano for composition, recording, and performance.

Software Synthesizer
A single, stunning 88-note acoustic grand, ideal for virtually all musical styles.

Software Synthesizer
Bring a string quartet or full orchestra into your home studio.

Software Synthesizer
Elegant horn sounds from our SRX series.

Software Synthesizer
Become an aural aficionado with SRX STUDIO’s arsenal of refined sounds.

Software Synthesizer
One of the most complete Orchestral synths in history now available for your DAW.

Software Synthesizer
Soul-infused electronic piano sounds!

Software Synthesizer
Created in the spirit of seminal hardware board, SRX WORLD is packed with sounds from around the world to enhance your compositions.

Software Synthesizer
SRX DANCE TRAX, created in the spirit of seminal hardware board with reimagined versatility.

Software Synthesizer
This DCB adaptation of the popular expansion card produces realistic rhythm section sounds and contemporary music tones.

SRX Series v2021.12 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
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Neutron 3 Advanced v3.8.1 macOS-MORiA

Neutron 3 Advanced v3.8.1 macOS-MORiA

Neutron 3 Advanced v3.8.1 macOS

MORiA | 24 December 2021 | 518 MB


The modern way to mix

From the makers of Ozone and RX, Neutron 3 will bring your mixes into the 21st century. Work faster than ever with better performance, new interactive visualizations, and Mix Assistant, which automatically sets levels across your session.


Finish your tracks, start your mix
Brand new to Neutron 3, Mix Assistant studies your song and provides track level suggestions in seconds. View a complete list of your tracks containing iZotope IPC plug-ins, select a Focus element for your mix, then let Mix Assistant listen to your song to achieve an optimal starting point for your mix in less time than ever before.


Sculpt your sound
The powerful new Sculptor effect uses spectral shaping tech to color the your tracks. Add fullness, polish, and punch with All-Purpose shaping, or use the included instrument profiles to enhance the natural tone of your tracks—or mix and match instrument profiles for unexpected, creative effects.


New interactive visuals
Resizeable, beautiful, and significantly faster. Dive into analysis tools that enhance your mixing experience and get results with plug-in controls made for humans, not machines.


Communicate across your session
Use the included Visual Mixer plug-in to adjust the gain, pan, and width of any Neutron or Relay in your session. In Neutron 3 Advanced, you can use the Mix Assistant button and get to a great starting point even faster.


EQ with Masking Meter
With a convenient one-window display and smoother metering, Masking Meter is now even better at helping you find and fix competing elements of your mix to create space for your instruments.

Neutron 3 Advanced v3.8.1 macOS-MORiA
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