Presence XT Editor WiN

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Presence XT Editor WiN

P2P | 06.06.2018 | 4.34 MB

Plugin For Studio One 3 v3.5.6 build 45910

Presence XT Editor unlocks the Edit Page of Presence XT, the built-in sample player instrument of Studio One. This add-on turns a great-sounding instrument into a powerful sound design tool for musicians, producers, and sound-designers. With direct support for all major sampler formats, it’s the perfect host for any custom sampler sound library. Import samples via drag & drop, supporting popular formats such as WAV, Kontakt (unprotected}, Giga, SoundFont and EXS24. Edit mappings, layers, and various trigger options. The assign articulations to key switches with just a few clicks. Then add additional realism to sounds with manual or automated sound shaping and sample playback variations using the powerful javascript based script editor and create effects like fret noise, key-clicks, or legato via scripts. In addition 8 assignable knobs and buttons are available as custom script controls.

Finished sounds can be saved as Presence XT presets or exported in a compact sampler file containing all samples, mappings, scripts, and settings for convenient file sharing and exchange.

– Full control over sample zone, layer and program functions
– Intuitive user interface
– Powerful javascript engine
– Full control over articulations and key-switching
– Customizable knobs and buttons

Presence XT Editor WiN

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