V-Metal v1.21 KONTAKT FULL

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V-Metal v1.21 KONTAKT FULL

SYNTHiC4TE | June 11 2018 | v1.21 UPDATE | 57 MB


13 May 2012 – 02 July 2017 | 10.6 GB

Ultra Real-sounding / Dark-Powered Virtual Electric Guitar. The true METAL sound of ESP® Alexi Blacky with EMG®humbucker pickup includes over 19GB*, approx. 26,000 samples. V-METAL enables you to compose and create very realistic Metal guitar tracks that imitate real guitar playing!

Main Features:

  • – Incredible real-time playability . V-METAL SPM (Super Performance Multi)
  • – Fretboard Monitor
  • – Auto Stroke Detection
  • – Cricket
  • – Feedback
  • – Realtime Legato Slide / Hammer-on / Pull-off / Trill / Tremolo
  • – Real sampled chords
  • – Double-tracking
  • – Assignable Key Switch
  • – The lower note samples (low C – low D#) are included.
  • – Direct signal from the guitar*

Update for the ultra real-sounding/dark-powered virtual electric guitar from Prominy. The true Metal sound of ESP Alexi Blacky with EMG humbucker pickup. Also included are the MIDI from the demo tracks.

V-METAL update ver.1.21 (18/May/2018)
-The following issues has been fixed in this version;
– Wrong samples were mapped on the D2 key for Natural Harmonics.
– String Select Key switches don’t work correctly if ‘drop B (-1)’ or lower is selected in the Global Controller.
– Cricket samples are not triggered in some situations

– fixed: Pinch harmonics samples are not triggered in some situations. This has been fixed in this version.

Version 1.20b
– Minor fixes

Version 1.20
– Mute sample length control (palm mute can be tightened/loosened)
– Legato slide and gliss down sample volume can be controlled with MIDI CC# 43
– Minor fixes

Version 1.10
– The Auto Sustain stops when DAW (sequencer) stops
– Samples can be tuned down to -5 semi tones (as low as drop G) via Global Controller or MIDI CC# 27
– Key = top note mode is added to 4th-dyad chord
– Full size (165 mm octave span) Play Key & Instrument Select Key Switch chart
– Minor fixes

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Enjk
V-Metal v1.21 KONTAKT FULL

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