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Steinberg Padshop 2

Steinberg Padshop 2 v2.1.0 macOS-V.R

Padshop 2 v2.1.0 macOS

Team V.R | 18 May 2022 | 138 MB

Explore a whole new microcosmos of sound

At the heart of this synth are two co-existing sound engines — granular and spectral oscillator — which could not be more different, but united in allowing you to work with samples at a new microcosmic level. You can edit the smallest bits, grains and building blocks, morphing them into completely new, previously unheard synth sounds. They will change how you work with samples forever. More than 570 outstanding presets. Import, redesign and synthesize your own samples. Get creative with 570 pre-produced samples. Plug-in works with VST, AU and AAX

Steinberg Padshop 2 v2.1.0 macOS-V.R
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FX Collection 3 v16.06.2022 WiN MAC

FX Collection 3 v16.06.2022 WiN MAC

FX Collection 3 WiN MAC

V.R/P2P | 16 June 2022 | WiN (Rev.2): 2.GB | MAC: 7.21GB

..:: AU, VST, VST3, 64Bit ::..

Treat your sound right

The result of decades of dedicated research, analysis, and modelling, these 15 superb effects will totally transform the way you record and mix your music. Combining history’s finest outboard effects, console components, and pedals with fresh, contemporary features and abilities, FX Collection is an essential tool for the modern producer. We have spent years searching the globe for the finest hardware effects and studio gear around. This is the fruit of our labor.

The perfect choice
We researched the most influential, iconic gear, and painstakingly recreated their unique sound to the finest detail.

We’ve also developed some totally original, creative effects that offer a fresh, new approach and sound.

Exciting new abilities
We breathed new life into timeless classics, adding optional parameters and functions to suit the modern studio.

User-friendly features
Hundreds of presets, notes from the engineers, and useful in-app tutorials let you hit the ground running with each effect.

Everything you need
FX Collection puts 15 totally unique, incredibly usable effects at your command. Each one has been carefully chosen for this anthology for its distinctive tone and sound-shaping abilities.


MAC Includes:
– Dist.OPAMP-21.v1.
– Bus.FORCE.v1.2.0.4061
– Chorus.DIMENSION-D.v1.3.0.4061
– Chorus.JUN-6.v1.3.0.4061
– Comp.DIODE-609.v1.2.0.4061
– Comp.FET-76.v1.5.0.4061
– Comp.TUBE-STA.v1.5.0.4061
– Comp.VCA-65.v1.5.0.4061
– Delay.ETERNITY.v1.5.0.4061
– Delay.BRIGADE.v1.5.0.4061
– Delay.TAPE-201.v1.5.0.4061
– Efx.FRAGMENTS.v1.1.0.4061
– EQ.SITRAL-295.v1.2.0.4061
– Filter.M12.v1.6.0.4061
– Filter.MINI.v1.7.0.4061
– Filter.SEM.v1.6.0.4061
– Flanger.BL-20.v1.3.0.4061
– Phaser.BI-TRON.v1.3.0.4061
– Pre.1973.v1.6.0.4061
– Pre.TridA.v1.6.0.4061
– Pre.V76.v1.6.0.4061
– Rev.INTENSITY.v1.4.0.4061
– Rev.PLATE-140.v1.5.0.4061
– Rev.SPRING-636.v1.4.0.4061
– Tape.MELLO-FI.v1.2.0.4061

WiN Rev.2 (Added New Plugins) Includes:
– Bus FORCE v1.2
– Chorus DIMENSION-D v1.3
– Chorus JUN-6 v1.3
– Comp DIODE-609 v1.2
– Comp FET-76 v1.5
– Comp TUBE-STA v1.5
– Comp VCA-65 v1.5
– Delay ETERNITY v1.5
– Delay TAPE-201 v1.5
– Dist OPAMP-21 v1.0
– Dist TUBE-CULTURE v1.0
– Edx FRAGMENTS v1.1
– EQ SITRAL-295 v1.2
– Filter M12 v1.6
– Filter MINI v1.7
– Filter SEM v1.6
– Flanger BL-20 v1.3
– Phaser BI-TRON v1.3
– Pre 1973 v1.6
– Pre TridA v1.6
– Pre V76 v1.6
– Rev INTENSITY v1.4
– Rev PLATE-140 v1.5
– Rev SPRING-636 v1.4
– Tape MELLO-Fi v1.2

FX Collection 3 v16.06.2022 WiN MAC
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Steinberg HALion Sonic SE 3

Steinberg HALion Sonic SE 3 v3.5.10 64Bit macOS-V.R

HALion Sonic SE 3 v3.5.10 MAC

Team V.R | 18 May 2022 | 806MB


HALion Sonic SE 3 is a stripped-down version of HALion Sonic 3 without giving up on sound quality and accessibility. The streamlined VST workstation lets you load and play a plethora of sound content: the SE libraries shipping with Steinberg’s digital audio workstations, VST Sound Instrument Sets for HALion and the custom user libraries created within the HALion 6 sampler and sound creation system HALion Sonic SE 3 is available for free as a plug-in for any VST3, VST2, AU and AAX compatible host and as a stand-alone application for macOS and Windows.

Alto Glockenspiel Essential
The free Alto Glockenspiel by Cinematique Instruments for HALion provides you with the original sound of the legendary Glockenspiel, but adds some fresh effects to turn the sound into something new.

Guitar Harmonics Essential
The free VST guitar created by Cinematique Instruments focuses on so-called flageolet notes or harmonics and creates very pure and clear sounds of an electric guitar.

LoFi Piano
The free LoFi Piano has such a beautiful low fidelity that it will relax your audience and mesmerize everybody who hears it.

Novel Piano
The free Novel Piano for HALion, created by Sonic Atoms, will bring joy to your

Steinberg HALion Sonic SE 3 v3.5.10 64Bit macOS-V.R
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ARP ODYSSEY v1.1.3 macOS


ARP ODYSSEY v1.4.0 macOS

MORiA | 26 April 2022 | 121.1 MB


Combining the know-how of analog reproduction and elaborate modeling technology. The ARP ODYSSEY synthesizer, perfectly reproduced in software. Since the birth of the ARP Odyssey in 1972, it has been a renowned analog synthesizer used on many artists’ records. However, for a number of years it was quite difficult to come by. In 2015, KORG welcomed ARP Instruments’ co-founder David Friend as an advisor and began production of the hardware once again.

The KORG Collection ARP ODYSSEY is the software version of the 2015 ARP ODYSSEY reproduction. We used KORG’s proprietary CMT (Component Modeling Technology) to emulate the analog feeling and sound of the original as closely as possible. We’ve also given it numerous enhancements that are possible only with software, like high polyphony and built-in effects. It’s the most vintage and most modern ARP ODYSSEY that only KORG, with analog know-how and digital technology, could create. Be sure to get it.

Faithfully models the circuits of the ARP ODYSSEY.
– Completely reproduced ARP ODYSSEY with ARP Instruments’ co-founder as the adviser
– Proudly digitized using KORG’s Component Modeling Technology (CMT)

New functions to create ARP sounds that have never been heard before.
– All three generations of filters with different characteristics
– DRIVE switch that generates extreme and wild sounds
– Various voice assign modes including polyphonic
– An arpeggiator with detailed parameter programming capacity
– Six powerful effects, essential to the modern music scene
– Expanded to include VCF/VCA modulation via velocity
– Arpeggiator and LFO can sync the tempo via external MIDI
– Every parameter is controllable via MIDI CC
200 presets to make any sound you can imagine.
Skins for the designs of all three generations.

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U17 v1.0.0

U17 v1.0.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR

U17 v1.0.0 U2B macOS

TRAZOR | 15 July 2022 | 22.6 MB

Analog Heritage

In 1954, a truly unique compressor appeared on the scene: the U17. Built by Allgemeine Telefon-Fabrik in Hamburg for the NWDR broadcasting network, only a few dozen units of this exemplary analog masterpiece were manufactured, making this gem one of the rarest compressors ever built.

Crossing Bridges
The U17 combines a solid state diode bridge using Germanium crystal semiconductors with all-tube and massive transformer-coupled amplification – a most sophisticated hybrid design. The best of both worlds! The original hardware was intended to provide gentle and unobtrusive compression, and the plugin offers just that in the most beautiful way… but it also adds a couple of serious setscrews, mutating the gentleman into a veritable two-face.

Dignified Power
A preceding soft clipper adds pleasant coloration while taming heavy transients before entering the actual compressor, which can blend from gentle and transparent to straight and aggressive operation with its powerful Torque control. In fact, the U17 combines everything we love about the golden era of analog design with a very modern and experienced approach to dynamics processing.

• Painstakingly modeled on legendary, extremely rare, analog studio hardware from 1954.
• Unique combination of a solid-state diode bridge with all-tube transformer-coupled amplification.
• Flexible and easy-to-use soft clipper combined with a vintage compressor.
• Torque control for blending from gentle and transparent to straight and aggressive.
• Auto modes for attack and release.
• Sidechain monitoring button.

U17 v1.0.0 U2B macOS-TRAZOR
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Steinberg Retrologue 2

Steinberg Retrologue 2 v2.3.0 64Bit macOS-V.R

Retrologue 2 v2.3.0 macOS

Team V.R | 18 May 2022 | 147MB

Virtual Analog Synthesizer – Retrologue

The flexible, intuitive Retrologue emulates the warmth and fatness of classic analog synthesizers. Three virtual analog oscillators and a first-class set of filters produce a wealth of rich, inspring sounds; its adaptable arpeggiator, powerful modulation system and FX rack help make Retrologue the first choice for producers everywhere.

– Over 700 outstanding presets
– 3 oscillators with up to 8 de-tunable voices
– 16-stage drag and drop modulation matrix
– 24 first-class filter types

Steinberg Retrologue 2 v2.3.0 64Bit macOS-V.R
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Steinberg Dorico Pro 4

Dorico Pro v4.2.0 macOS-V.R

Dorico v4.2.0 macOS

Team V.R | 15 July 2022 | 464 MB

Composing, arranging — or just writing and printing out music — is made much quicker and more efficient with Dorico. Thanks to its intelligent design, it automatically adjusts the notation as you write. With nearly 1,500 sounds included, arrangements can be played back with exceptional realism and, with no workarounds needed for advanced notation, Dorico produces excellent results much more quickly than has been possible before.

With its streamlined, natural user interface, students and those with less experience in scoring can compose and arrange straight into Dorico, making learning the language of music notation much faster and more intuitive. Editing and making changes — such as instrument, time signature or key — are straightforward, with the notation instantly and correctly adapting to include them, reinforcing the learning outcome. For teachers, producing teaching materials and hand-outs that mix music and text is easy, and it’s never been quicker to adapt arrangements for your band, orchestra or other school ensemble.

Dorico is the perfect tool for music engraving, publishing and copying. It automatically lays out pages of balance and beauty, with comprehensive collision avoidance and advanced algorithms that handle almost any musical context with ease. Music made with Dorico has the look of the finest traditionally engraved music, and the software provides tweaking tools to satisfy the most demanding professional. Producing high-quality, crystal-clear scores for selling or performance has never been faster or easier.

– Best automatic engraving of any software
– Easy note input
– Intelligently adjusts notation as you write
– Any number of movements or pieces in a single project
– Automatic layout of instrumental parts, including unique linked cues
– Stunning playback — nearly 1,500 sounds included
– Supports VST 3 virtual instruments and effects processors (30 included)
– Sequencer-style piano roll MIDI editor
– DTP page layout
– Sophisticated chord symbols, unpitched percussion and drum set notation
– Unbarred music, tuplets across barlines, microtonality, etc. all handled correctly — no workarounds
– Transfer to and from other programs via MusicXML, MIDI, PDF, etc.

Dorico Pro v4.2.0 macOS-V.R
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