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Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE-DiSCOVER

Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE-DiSCOVER

Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE

DiSCOVER | February 23 2016 | 7 MB

‘Pop Fusion Synths’ contains 70 premium quality presets for Massive, fusing various elements of urban and house music together like many of today’s commercial pop hits. Influences include Ty Dolla $ign, Rihanna, Chris Brown, Drake and more. This stylistically versatile sonic workhorse will find frequent use in a wide variety of your projects.  This collection is similar in concept to ‘Blazing Club Synths’, but with more emphasis on the urban side of things, with uptempo plucks, singing leads, heavy subs, snappy bass plucks and soulful pads.

……:::::: This Pack Contains ::::::……
• 70 NI Massive Presets
Requirements: Massive 1.5.1 or higher.
• Both KSD and NMSV formats are included.
• All 8 Macros assigned on each patch for added expression and variation.
• Expressive velocity settings on each patch for dynamic playing.

……:::::: Patch List ::::::……
• AR Alpha Centauri
• BA Bass Plucks 1
• BA Bass Plucks 2
• BA Bass Plucks 3
• BA Bass Plucks 4
• BA Bright Red
• BA Computer Science
• BA Dark Saw Sub
• BA Dark Square Sub
• BA Digital Sub
• BA Essential Bass
• BA Hard Bass Hits 1
• BA Hard Bass Hits 2
• BA Phat Subz
• BA Pop Bass
• BA Spiked Attack
• BA Sub Bass
• BA Swell Bass
• BA Tekno Phatty
• BA Vocaloid Rage
• BA Wah Bass
• BL Ethnic Bells
• BL Soft Synth Mallets
• BL Synth Bells
• CH Chord Stabs 1
• CH Chord Stabs 2
• FX Riser 1
• FX Riser 2
• FX Spin-a-roonie
• KB DX Keys
• KB Organ Or Bass
• KB Synth Elec Piano
• KB Synth Piano
• KB Tremolo Organ
• LD Beauty Saw
• LD Fruit Punch
• LD Funky Duck
• LD Funky Lead
• LD Gray Tone
• LD House Lead
• LD Pop Fusion
• LD Rusty 5ths
• LD Vibro Glider
• LD Warm Square Lead
• PD Bell Pad
• PD Old Favorite
• PD Polished Sheen
• PD Simple Pad
• PD Soulmate
• PD Starlight
• PD String Pad
• PD Vocal Sweeps
• PD Winter Wasteland
• PL Bender
• PL Buzzy Overtone
• PL Fisher Price
• PL Folk Remedy
• PL PPG-ish
• PL Plucksynth
• PL Save It
• PL Spiked
• PL Synpizzi
• PL Unison Plucks
• PL Uptempo Plucks

…::: DEMO/PREViEW :::…

Pop Fusion Synths For MASSiVE-DiSCOVER
♪ Download ♪

Audio Damage Fluid v1.x VST AU UB WiN MAC

Audio Damage Fluid v1.x VST AU UB WiN MAC

Fluid v1.x WiN MAC

Teams AiR-PDS | xx.xx.2007 | WiN+MAC 4.62 MB

Why do most software chorus plug-ins sound like crap? We can’t answer that question, but we did the next best thing: we created one that doesn’t. Fluid is an analog-modeled chorus that, if we may be so bold, cleans the floor with the typical chorus that comes with your DAW. For subtle phasey widening and full-on modulation mayhem, it makes chorus a usable effect again, from giving pads a wide stereo stage to livening up stiff and static guitar parts.


  • True stereo analog-modeled chorus effect.
  • Feedback control for extreme special effects.
  • Optimized for low CPU usage.
  • Full MIDI learn on every parameter for hardware control (VST version only).


NOTE: The OS X versions of this product require 10.4.1 or later.

Audio Damage Fluid v1.x VST AU UB WiN MAC
♪ Download ♪


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