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KGD Everything Bundle macOS

MORiA | 19 April 2021 | 1.2 GB

(AU, VST3, VST, 64Bit)

UPD @ 19.04.2021:added [Korvpressor] & fixed [Hillman]. MORiA

Since 2014, KGD has been a rapidly growing player on the audio music plug-in scene, known for its affordable, high-quality and easy-to-use effects and instruments. KGD goal is to encourage the creative process of users on any expertise level. Klevgrand is an audio plugin company and creative studio based in Stockholm (Sweden) run by musicians, software developers, music producers and sound designers.


  • baervaag.v1.1.1
  • brusfri.v1.2.0
  • dawcassette.1.1.4
  • dawlp.1.0.5
  • degrader.1.0.3
  • enkl.v1.0.3
  • esspresso.1.0.3
  • gaffel.1.0.4
  • gotoeq.1.0.3
  • grandfinale.1.0.4
  • haaze.2.0.3
  • hillman.1.0.1
  • jussi.v1.0.4
  • kleverb.1.0.3
  • knorr.1.0.2
  • korvpressor.2.0.3
  • kuvert.1.0.3
  • luxe.1.1.1
  • modley.1.1.2
  • pads.v1.0.4
  • pipa.1.0.1
  • pressIt.v1.0.3
  • reamp.1.1.1
  • r0Verb.v1.0.2
  • skaka.1.0.4
  • slammer.1.0.0
  • spinn.1.0.1
  • squashit.v1.0.2
  • stark.1.0.3
  • syndt.v1.0.1
  • tines.1.0.5
  • ting.1.0.2

REQ: Operating System
Mac OS 10.10+10.11+10.12 or higher

KGD Everything Bundle macOS-MORiA

Dubstation 2 v2.1.2 RETAiL WiN MAC LiNUX-SYNTHiC4TE

Dubstation 2 v2.1.2 WiN MAC LiNUX

SYNTHiC4TE | August 20 2020 | 14 MB


The original dub delay plugin and still the best! Dubstation 2 takes our most popular product and adds a whole raft of new features, including a dual mode for separate control over the left and right delay times, ping-pong, a new feedback saturation algorithm, and an LFO. Along with an all-new procedural and Retina-friendly user interface and (FINALLY!) ProTools compatibility, this represents a major leap forward for one of our signature products.  All those bells and whistles aside, the heart of Dubstation is our painstaking bucket-brigade delay model. Often imitated, but never duplicated, Dubstation has been the go-to plugin for that sound for over a decade, used in thousands of commercial productions, and with good reason. With the addition of the LFO and saturation controls, Dubstation has moved in to the realm of tape delay emulation as well, and is a sonic Swiss Army knife for delay.

Changes in v2.1.2:
> The user presets were not being saved to the correct location. This has been fixed.
> Linux VST3 added to payload.

Dubstation 2 v2.1.2 RETAiL WiN MAC LiNUX-SYNTHiC4TE


Axon 2 v2.1.3 WiN MAC LiNUX

SYNTHiC4TE | August 20 2020 | 25 MB


Axon 2 is a drum synth driven by artificial intelligence. (Well, “intelligence” might be a strong word. Artificial something-or-other.) An experimental instrument, Axon uses a modified artificial neural network as a sequencer, and features seven FM-based percussion voices, that are really a single 18-operator FM voice. If that sounds weird, you ain’t seen nothing yet. It is surprisingly intuitive once you get the knack of it, and is capable of all-new, complex rhythms that repeat in surprising ways. It often gets referenced as a “random sequence generator,” but there is nothing random in Axon; it is entirely determinative. The sequencer features seven “neurons” that trigger a voice and send a pulse when they have received a predetermined number of pulses. You can wire the output of any neuron to the input of any other (with built-in loop detection to prevent runaway feedback), and in this manner pre-program the artificial neural network without having to go through a “learning” phase.

The seven individual drum voices, each triggered by its attendant neuron, are 2-operator FM voices in a configuration to best make percussion sounds, with additional FM and AM busses that all voices send to and receive from. Each voice has a HPF, distortion circuit, and white noise generator to provide a full range of percussion-oriented voicing individually, while interacting with each other in new and unique ways.

• Artificial Neural Network sequencer features seven neurons, and is easily programmed to create strange new repeating rhythms.
• Seven FM percussion voices that also buss together to create a single monolithic complex percussion synthesizer.
• Full mixer with pan, level, mute, and solo on each voice.
• Built-in stereo delay with X/Y pad control over feedback and filter frequency, for live playability.
• MIDI in and out, for driving Axon from DAW and hardware sequencers, or driving your drum rack or other samples from Axon.
• Internal transport for non-synchronized playback.
• Resizable vector-based user interface.
• Drawn reciprocation dingle arm to reduce sinusoidal depleneration.
• XML-based cross-platform, human-readable preset system, with copy/paste, for easy transferring of your own presets and third-party offerings.

Axon 2 Changelog:
>>> Linux VST3 added to payload.
>>> The empty “Default” preset the plugin loaded on instance was, according to extensive user feedback, “terrible” and “a horrible racket” and it was variously wondered if it could “you know, die in a fire or whatever.” In response to these helpful comments, we have changed it so that, on instance, Axon now loads factory preset 15 – Braindance. If you would like some other state as the default, save a preset named “Default” in the User folder and Axon will load that on instance instead.
Fixes And Changes:
>>> New hotness preset manager added. Old and busted preset dropdown removed.
>>> Several small bug fixes you won’t notice now if you didn’t notice before.

The Axon 2 download includes 32/64-bit VST and VST3, and 64-bit AAX for Windows 8 or greater, and as a 32/64-bit AU/VST/VST3/AAX for OSX (10.8 or greater).



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