Sounds of Life SAMPLES

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | 326.5MB

Sounds of Life is our biggest and most unique pack yet. Sounds of life is a sample pack with over 500 raw and processed samples, recorded in different common areas, using everyday objects. We recorded hundreds of sounds in bathrooms, kitchens, streets, woods, cars, offices, and more. The raw sounds have been kept very raw and true to their recording, but the processed folder of sounds ranges from magesy download heavily mixed to absolutely mangled. You may find a cork pop turned into an alien laser riser, or a wine glass into a glassy synth one shot. On top of the raw and processed samples, we also included 100 different loops across 5 different tempos. We have 20 loops each at 100, 120, 140, 160, and 180 bpm so no matter what project you are working on, you will have some custom loops readily available. This pack can add such a unique flavor and character to your recordings by using it for ear candy, replacing generic samples with some more organic and unique sounds, and adding insanely creative noises to your track. If you can only get one pack from magesy download us, this is THE pack.

– 500+ Raw and Processed Samples
– 100 Custom Loops
– Instructional PDF


Pop Progressions WAV MiDi-DECiBEL

Pop Progressions WAV MiDi

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | 161.2MB

We are excited to introduce our new tool, Pop Progressions Midi Pack. This is a pack of MIDI files that were handcrafted by 5 industry professionals to help give you inspiration, ideas, and a different perspective when you’re creating. These MIDI files range from magesy download simple chords, to complex progressions with left hand and right hand patterns that are very intricate. This is THE MIDI pack for making pop music.

What’s Inside?
150 MIDI Progresions spanning across 5 genres.

Acoustic Pop
Inspired by artists such as Adele, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, etc. This pack features chord progressions that evoke emotion and they are a solid foundation for a ballad or acoustic pop song.
Tempos vary, so if something sounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

Dark Pop
Inspired by artists such as The Weeknd, Halsey, Billie Eilish, etc. This pack features dark, and often somber chord progressions that work for creating a moody pop track.
Tempos vary, so if something sounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

Electronic Pop
Inspired by artists such as The Chainsmokers, Zedd, and Marshmello. These progressions contain leads and chords so you can create an electronic pop banger.
Tempos vary, so if something sounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

Funk Pop
Inspired by artists such as Charlie Puth, DNCE, and Bruno Mars. This pack has jazzy chord progressions that will make you want to dance. These are amazing for getting that retro sound in a modern pop record.
Tempos included for reference, but can be adjusted in your DAW.

Indie Pop
Inspired by artists such as Lauv, Troye Sivan, Chelsea Cutler, etc. These progressions are light and airy and are a perfect fit for the indie pop wave that is taking over the mainstream right now. Tempos vary, so if something sounds off, play around with the tempo in your DAW.

– Just create a MIDI track or Instrument track in your DAW, and drag a MIDI file into the track. It will create the MIDI and a piano roll will appear.

MIDI files automatically conform to your project tempo.
– You can open the piano roll and drag MIDI files to a new key, rearrange the notes or chords, and make it completely your own!

Pop Progressions WAV MiDi-DECiBEL

Harmonic Songbird KONTAKT SAMPLES

Harmonic Songbird KONTAKT

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | 152 MB

We set out to build a synthesiser, within Kontakt, where deeply sampled electric guitar harmonics act as the oscillators and a powerful engine with a beautiful GUI allows you to modulate your sounds and create interesting textures. We present to you… the Harmonic Songbird. This synth features deeply-sampled Fender Telecasters and a Les Paul electric guitars, which you can layer up and stack with a host of synth sounds, including marimbas, plucks, analog synths and sine waves.

– Deeply sampled harmonics from magesy download a Fender Telecaster and Les Paul.
– Synth sounds to layer the harmonics with – think plucks, marimbas, analog etc.
– Beautiful GUI and powerful effects engine.
– Loads of presets – basses, pads, leads etc.
– 4x round robins (plus borrowed round robins).
– 0.4GB download


Take the preset tour:

Harmonic Songbird KONTAKT SAMPLES


Fourth Quarter WAV

FANTASTiC | 03 October 2019 | 33.1 MB

Its crunch time and those beats gotta get placed! Forth Quarter is a pack of 25 melodies, synth lines, synth bass lines and melodies all designed to make your tracks stand out! Keep banging!

Fourth Quarter WAV


Glass Hand Drums KONTAKT

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | 42.5MB

Halfway between percussion and melodic instrument sits these glass hand drums. Sonically they are reminiscent of hand drums and halo drums. To capture beauty and quirky nature of these instruments 5x round robins and 3 velocity layers were utilised. What you hear is the sound of the drums being patted, clapped and slapped to unearth their haunting tones. A sound design patch also comes with the instrument, which produces a pad-like sound that would probably work well in a horror movie.

Kontakt instrument sampling melodic glass drums played with hands.
– 5x round robin and 3 velocity layers.
– Instantly playable.
– 28 MB download (75 MB when expanded).


Eerie Ambience Sound Effects FLAC

Eerie Ambience Sound Effects

TEAM DjYOPMiX | 29.11.2020 | FLAC:51.84MB

Total Length: 22:16

Horror Ambient Background Effects

Eerie Ambience Sound Effects FLAC


G-House WAV MiDi

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | 511.4MB

Kick-start your next G-House or Future House project with this expertly-crafted collection inspired by the likes of Tchami, Malaa and Brohug! ‘G-House’ is packed with five fully mixed & mastered Construction Kits and is loaded with heavy-set of sub and woobling bass loops, shuffling beats, a wide variety of percussive grooves, an epic injection of hooky leads & chords, flowing pads, dynamic drum fills, tempo-synced risers, processed vocal chops, MIDI and so much more. Each Construction Kit offers club-ready full mix and all components broken out into constituent parts for maximum programming ease. Totaling over 780 Mb of loops and samples which are set and ready to be loaded into any DAW, this collection is ready to take your productions into the next level.

– 05 Construction Kits (MIDI files included)
– All loops are WAV format, tempo & key-labelled.


Tech And Afro House Session SAMPLES

Tech & Afro House Session

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | WAV:88.1MB

‘Tech & Afro House Session’ an Afro and Tech-House sound-injection for instant Tech & Tribal beat inspiration. Packed to the brim with heavy-hitting beat & drum loops, pounding collection of drum hits, top & percussive elements, low-end bass loops, smooth vocal chops, synth & FX loops – this collection is set and ready to bring some serious groove to your productions. All loops are served as 24-Bit WAV files and are ready for instant drag and drop action into any DAW.

– 37 Bass Loops
– 100 Drum Hits
– 13 Stripped Drum Loops (57 Loops in Total)
– 10 FX Loops
– 28 Synth Loops
– 30 Top & Percussion Loops
– 30 Vocal Loops
– All loops WAV Format & Tempo/Key Synced

Tech And Afro House Session SAMPLES

Structure Techno Kicks SAMPLES

Structure Techno Kicks SAMPLES

DECiBEL | 29 Nov 2020 | 27.5MB


‘Compact Series: Structure Techno Kicks’ features 301 heavy-processed kick drums and two Ableton Live racks. Huge variety of kicks, from magesy download intense & heavy transients, analogue warmth to sharp distortion, all killer no filler. Totaling 240 one-shot kicks, 61 tools to layer your own kick drum sounds and an Ableton Live Set containing presets to design kick drums with simpler and sampler. ‘Compact Series: Structure Techno Kicks’ has been produced by using Ableton Live, Mixbus, Elektron Analog Four & Rythm as well as modules such as 4ms, Make Noise, Doepfer, Pittsburgh Modular, Ladik, RYO, Frequency Central and Ginko Synthese. Modular kicks were produced from magesy download scratch with Cortech’s personal Modular System. Distorted Kicks, boast an analogue and digital processing chain. FM kicks were created with FM synthesis in a digital way. Sharp and heavy transients are also suitable for layering kicks. Processed kicks were made with analog & digital saturation and finally, layering tool box, sub, mid and transient tools are included to design your own kick drum sound.

Please Note:
– You need Ableton Live 9.5 or higher to open Live Rack projects.

– 50 Distorted Kicks
– 50 FM Kicks
– 50 Modular Kicks
– 40 Processed Kicks
– 50 Pitched Kicks
– 61 Sub/Mid/Transient Clicks & Kicks
– 2 Ableton Live Racks

Structure Techno Kicks SAMPLES

Sound Effects: From the Workshop And Tool Shed

From the Workshop & Tool Shed FX

TEAM DjYOPMiX |♣ 28.11.2020 | 40.11 MB

Total Length: 8:02


  • Power Drill Rev,01,00:08
  • Power Drill Soft Rev,02,00:08
  • Power Drill Double Rev,03,00:08
  • Power Drill in Motion – Slow to Fast,04,00:16
  • Power Drill in Steady Motion,05,00:16
  • Power Drill into Wood – Stop,06,00:14
  • Power Drill Through Wood – Stop 1,07,00:08
  • Power Drill Through Wood – Stop 2,08,00:11
  • “Sawing Through Wood, Slow Pace 1”,09,00:25
  • “Sawing Through Wood, Slow Pace 2”,10,00:19
  • “Sawing Through Wood, Medium Pace 1”,11,00:17
  • “Sawing Through Wood, Medium Pace 2”,12,00:19
  • “Sawing Through Wood, Fast Pace 1”,13,00:13
  • “Sawing Through Wood, Fast Pace 2”,14,00:18
  • Saw on Wood Scrape 1,15,00:08
  • Saw on Wood Scrape 2,16,00:08
  • Saw on Wood Scrape 3,17,00:08
  • Saw on Wood Scrape 4,18,00:08
  • Saw on Wood Scrape 5,19,00:08
  • Sawing Through Wood – Slow to Fast Pace 1,20,00:16
  • Sawing Through Wood – Slow to Fast Pace 2,21,00:13
  • Saw on Metal Scrape,22,00:08
  • “Sawing Through Sheet Metal, Slow Pace”,23,00:20
  • “Sawing Through Sheet Metal, Medium Pace”,24,00:14
  • “Sawing Through Sheet Metal, Fast Pace”,25,00:10
  • “Hammer Nail into Wood, Single Hit 1”,26,00:08
  • “Hammer Nail into Wood, Single Hit 2”,27,00:08
  • Hammer Nail into Wood – Soft to Hard 1,28,00:08
  • Hammer Nail into Wood – Soft to Hard 2,29,00:08
  • Hammer Nail into Wood – Soft to Hard 3,30,00:08
  • Remove / Pull out Nail,31,00:08
  • Hammer Nail into Door,32,00:08
  • Chisel Single Hit,33,00:08
  • “Chiseling, Slow Pace”,34,00:11
  • “Chiseling, Medium Pace”,35,00:11
  • “Chiseling, Fast Pace”,36,00:13
  • Strike a Match,37,00:08
  • Take out Match from magesy download Box – Strike,38,00:09
  • Blow Torch,39,00:08
  • Coffee Break – Coffee Machine,40,00:25
  • Coffee Break – Milk Frothing,41,00:17


Sound Effects: From the Workshop And Tool Shed


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