P2P | 05 November 2020 | 104 MB



Low End Fury Vol.2 WAV

Low End Fury Vol.2

P2P | 05 November 2020 | 355 MB

This is a sample pack of royalty-free bass sounds I made out of recordings I took at home. It’s a combination of bass one-shots and multisample basses in a wide range of styles. I used wavetable synthesis and a variety of effects to thicken up the original recordings and give them the ample low end they deserve…

Contents of sample pack:
•67 unique 808 one-shots (some with variations; 80 sounds total)
•12 bass synth one-shots
•5 multisample 808s
•6 multisample acoustic basses
•14 multisample electric basses
•2 multisample bassoons
•4 multisample Reese basses
•6 multisample synth basses

Low End Fury Vol.2 WAV

Red Hot Hip Hop Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV

Red Hot Hip Hop Samples

P2P | 05 November 2020 | 47 MB

This is my first sample pack. It’s a royalty-free hip-hop sample pack comprised mostly of drum sounds, with a handful of loops and 808s included as well.

Contents of sample pack:
•41 kicks
•40 snares
•52 hi-hats
•32 shakers
•8 rimshots
•37 percs
•24 808s
•14 loops (some w/variations)

Red Hot Hip Hop Sample Pack Vol.1 WAV

Seductive Keys 3 WAV MiDi-AUDiOSTRiKE

Seductive Keys 3

Team AUDiOSTRiKE | 03 June 2014 | 168 MB

‘Seductive Keys 3’ is the third collection of romantic, smooth and relaxing old school R&B grooves from magesy download the 80’s. These sexy grooves are inspired by artists such as The Isley Brothers, Patti Labelle, Bobby Brown, Marvin Gaye, Atlantic Starr, and more. These five R&B styled Construction Kits will take you back to the days of soulful, good R&B music. The kind of music that made couples want to cuddle up together. These sounds and samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in personal and commercial productions. All parts are separated including keys, bass, kick, rim, claps, and more. You’ll find all the essential elements of those romantic 80’s grooves.


  • 24-Bit WAV & MIDI Files
  • 5 Multi-tracked Construction Kits (MP3s)
  • All tracks are separated
  • Keys & tempos are included


Seductive Keys 3 WAV MiDi

ABJ v3.2.0 WiN MAC

ABJ v3.1.0 WiN MAC

P2P | 5 November 2020 | WiN+MAC: 4.83 GB

…::: STANDALONE, AU, VSTi, VST3, AAX, x64 :::…

ABJ aim to bring the Fender Jazz Bass sound to your studio.

Sampling: 2709 Samples, Size: 3.71 GB, 24bit 44.1khz, DFD(Direct from magesy download disk), Rich Fingering Noise – more vivid and realistic, Each Cycle & Rhombic Sampling structure – Separate sample cycle for each note and vel layer to improve sample utilization, Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Slapping, Popping, Tapping, Accentuated, Staccato, Dead Note 14 articulations, Legato at random length & pitch & poly.

– Supports AU, VSTi, RTAS, AAX, AAX 64bit, Mac and Win, 32bit and 64bit
– New technology: Auto Buzz system
– Groovy Single-Note bass line
– Alternate Tuner & lowest to B
– Slap & Sustain in one MIDI track
– CPC(Customized Parameters Control), any button knob etc can be controlled by MIDI CC or Automation
– Poly Legato
– Slide Smoother
– Combined Keyswitches – combine 2 articulations via pressing 2 keyswitches at the same time
– Open String First Function
– Manual vibrato wheel designed specifically for string instruments
– Capo Logic – Intelligent play according to guitar rules.

Tab Player:
The Tab Player can load and play several prevalent guitarbass tablature file formats. Users can load, display and playback any specific track inside a tablature file. When used in DAWs, the Tab Player also allows users to export the tablature as an audio file. The Tab Player supports all the fingering, looping, chords, articulations and other markers in the loaded tablature. Supported articulations include: Strum, Natural Harmonic, Artificial Harmonic, Hammer On/Pull Off, Trill, Bend, Tremolo Bar, Legato Slide, Slide In, Slide Out, Vibrato, Tremolo Picking, Palm Mute, Slapping, Popping, Tapping, Let Ring, Staccato, Dead Note, – Grace Note, Ghost Note, Accentuated Note, Fade In, etc. As a built-in function, the Tab Player works seamlessly with the Ample Sound instrument engine, which has extremely customized guitar playing logic so as to model a real world guitar being played. The Tab Player can even judge on its own to automatically add some refining articulations when it thinks it is appropriate, such as slapping on strings or body, or other realistic and indispensable noises.

ABJ v3.2.0 WiN MAC

Track Fragments WAV

Track Fragments WAV

FANTASTiC | 05 November 2020 | 638 KB

Track Fragments includes kick, snares, hi-hats, shakers and corky one-shots. DJ Journey gives you everything you need to make a dope beat. “Creativity sold separately.” All sounds are SUBPAC optimized for maximum frequency.

Track Fragments WAV

Rhythm Pathways WAV

Rhythm Pathways WAV

FANTASTiC | 05 November 2020 | 5 MB

What better way to start an adventure than with Witewolf’s epic Rhythm Pathways. Raw Bass Samples will guide every step of your Journey. This pack is bursting at the seams with 33 different riffs, hits, runs, bass chords, driving runs, and so much more. Don’t get lost on that path… put some thump in your beat and let it guide your feet. Let this be your all terrain walking stick. This is Rhythm Pathways.

Rhythm Pathways WAV


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