Vintage Spring Reverbs (Impulse Responses)

Vintage Spring Reverbs IR

Impulse Responses | 03 Nov 2020 | 50.03 MB

This impressive collection of impulse responses brings back the famous sound of spring reverb units into Studio One’s “Open Air” Convolution Reverb. Sampled in 6 Different Countries including Britain, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, and the USA. Many pieces of gear listed have been used by major recording artists, including some really historical units, like tube springs that have been used by: The Rascals, Van Morrison, and in James Brown’s famous “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” (K-100 Spring)

General Overview
This library contains 26 different spring reverb units. For many who grew up in the era of plates and springs, most were drawn to plates for very good reasons. After careful consideration and reaching out to studios around the globe for the most interesting vintage springs that could be found and acoustically captured, some of these springs are just absolutely gorgeous with the spring and electronics of the units, really creating some fantastic sounding reverbs–the 3D audio quality that many engineers aim to find.

If you’ve always fancied yourself a plate reverb individual, this library will definitely change your mind.
There are springs of all kinds, and yes, there are some boingy ones—gotta have a few for that vintage guitar, lead vocal, and organ sound, right? There’s also mono and stereo versions, along with a variety of lush and warm-sounding springs that nearly sound like a plate—they deliver the “reflections from magesy download nearby walls” as only a spring can—when light tremor and flutter of the spring occurs.

This spring reverb collection is complete with a wide range of springs, useful for a variety of applications. There are a good number of impulse response files in this library that you wouldn’t hesitate to apply to the lead vocal–they’re that good, and would absolutely compete with some of your favorite – digital or plate reverb presets. A number of leading engineers and producers use springs on a regular basis and some as their main “go-to” for reverb in general.

– Compatible with Studio One 3.2.2 Professional and higher.
– High-quality collection of impulse responses for Open Air
– 26 Different Vintage Reverbs
– 131 Files – 96KHz / 24bit
– File Size ≈ 270MB

Vintage Spring Reverbs (Impulse Responses)

Vintage Plate Reverbs (Impulse Responses)

Vintage Plate Reverbs IR

Impulse Responses | 03 Nov 2020 | 31.76 MB

Full Listing of sampled reverb units:
– Plate Reverb Eco II (8 files) – Appleton, WI
– Plate Reverb Eco III (13 files) – Sweden
– Plate Reverb 140 Tube (16 files) – Nashville, TN
– Plate Reverb 140 (19 files) – Finland
– Plate Reverb 240 (15 files) – Los Angeles, CA
– Plate Reverb Lawson (13 files) – Nashville, TN

Plate Reverb 140
For many, the 140s are viewed as king of the hill for a number of reasons. They were the first and came to market in the late 1950s. They tend to be a little warmer, tend to replicate, as they were originally designed, the sound of a concert hall and with limited EQing can for the most part, more readily replicate a dark, bright or a warm sounding room, etc. There are beautiful sounding files in every 140 model sampled – try them all along with very cool hybrid impulses that really are a solid edition to anyone’s convolution library!

Plate Reverb ECO
Tend to be brighter and a little more metallic sounding. Useful to bringing certain production elements out in the mix when you need it to cut through. These units were a little smaller than the Plate Reverb 140.

Plate Reverb 240
The 240 is darker sounding. Weighing148 lbs with dimensions of 1’ X 2’ X 2’. Some say better on shorter settings and for sound sources like drums. Originally designed as a way to make the original 140 (4’ X 8’) in a smaller and lighter box. It really was a technological feat for its time. They use a gold foil plate and are a hybrid between the original large 140 plate and early analog to digital rack mount and smaller floor units, although the 240 is totally analog.

Lawson – tends to be brighter and a bump in the lower mids tends to warm them up. This unit was designed and built by Gene Lawson who continues to make microphones today at his shop in Nashville, TN. His microphones are well regarded and his tenure in the business is remarkable.

– Compatible with Studio One 3.2.2 Professional and higher.
– High-quality collection of impulse responses for Open Air
– 6 Different Vintage Reverbs
– 84 Files – 96KHz / 24bit
– File Size ≈ 166MB

Vintage Plate Reverbs (Impulse Responses)

Mickey Hart Samples WAV-FLARE

Mickey Hart Samples

Team FLARE | 03 November 2020 | 488 MB

Mickey Hart is best known as a drummer in the Grateful Dead, which for three decades channeled the voices and visions of rock’s psychedelic counterculture and blended them with folk, blues, country, jazz, and other American music streams. On the strength of that work, Hart was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and named to Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Drummers of All Time. In addition to his Dead-related work, Hart has a longstanding musical mission to break the rhythm code of the universe and probe its deepest vibrations. That effort, which began in earnest in the 1970s with the Diga Rhythm Band, produced Planet Drum (1991) and Global Drum Project (2008), both of which received Grammys in the World Music category. In his first Magesy® pack, Hart paid meticulous attention to the sonic function of every single sound recorded. He then developed a naming system for the samples, categorizing the textures as different Beams. For example, “Beam Open” is a straight Beam sustain while “Beam Fooger” and “Beam Trans” are different rhythmic functions that Mickey has named.

Today, Hart continues to perform with Bob Weir and Bill Kreutzmann—as well as John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti—in Dead & Company, which has played sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden and elsewhere, and garnered praise from magesy download critics, Deadheads, and new fans alike.

Hart’s latest album, RAMU, reflects that conviction and might be his boldest adventure yet. It fuses Hart’s massive digital database with cutting-edge urban rhythms, social commentary, and contributions from magesy download contemporary masters.

As part of his ongoing research, Hart has recorded vibrations from magesy download the Golden Gate Bridge, which he describes as a giant wind harp, and collected data from magesy download stem cells, heartbeats, and brainwaves to produce compositions. His work with Dr. Adam Gazzaley, a leading neuroscientist, seeks to identify rhythms that can stimulate different parts of diseased and damaged brains, leading to new and innovative approaches to healing. As far back as 1990, Hart testified about rhythm and music therapy before the Senate Subcommittee on Aging. For all its variety, his life’s work can be summed up simply: Having found rhythm everywhere and in everything, he invites us to share its inexhaustible vitality.

· 20 Beam Loops
· 4 Open Beams
· 16 Beam Textures
· 35 Drum Loops
· 25 Drum One Shots
· 20 Long Texture FX
· 20 Short Texture FX
· 40 Tonal Loops
· 20 Tonal One Shots

Mickey Hart Samples WAV-FLARE

Slammin Techno WAV-FLARE

Slammin Techno WAV

Team FLARE | 02 November 2020 | 322 MB

Hectic beats, XXL basslines, and heavy synth stabs for raw Slammin’ techno tracks. Primed for four-to-the-floor, this upbeat and compelling collection contains deep analog riffs, dirty drum machine beats, slammin’ tops, raw stabs, old-school rhythms, and modular synth motifs.

· 15 Atmosphere Loops
· 39 Bass Loops
· 9 Bass One Shots
· 86 Drum Loops
· 86 Drum One Shots (11 Claps, 18 Hats, 23 Kicks, 14 Percussion, 10 Rides, 10 Snares)
· 66 Music Loops
· 20 Percussion & Top Loops
· 41 Synth Loops
· 15 Synth One Shots

Slammin Techno WAV-FLARE

Drill Trap WAV-FLARE

Drill Trap WAV

Team FLARE | 03 November 2020 | 186 MB

Shortly before the pandemic hit, we had the chance to sit down with one of our frequent collaborators while he was in the states, over from magesy download South Africa. We talked about what we had planned for the future, his role in Jetpack 2, but more so what he wanted to do next in his. After a pause, the answer he came back with was a drill pack. After months of reiterating his desire and excitement to make this pack, we shuffled our release slate while the universe shuffled all of our plans, Jon Casey’s Drill Trap (pack) is finally here. Jon Casey’s Drill Trap was inspired by newer artists like Pop Smoke, Fivio Foreign & AXL BEATS. This pack isn’t about recreating the drill style in a paint by numbers cash grab, it’s about keeping the integrity of the format while adding our own special ingredients and Jon’s style. For an added bonus, we brought in SVGAR to round out some stylistic elements to nail some key Trappings.

· 15 808 Loops
· 30 Drum Loops
· 37 Hat Loops
· 24 Melodic Loops
· 15 808s
· 14 Claps
· 31 Hats
· 20 Kicks
· 23 Melodic One Shots
· 20 Percussion
· 20 Snares

Drill Trap WAV-FLARE

Vintage Digital Reverbs (Impulse Responses)

Vintage Digital Reverbs IR

Impulse Responses | 03 Nov 2020 | 53.6 MB

This powerful collection of impulse responses brings back the sound of the early 80s reverb units into Studio One’s “Open Air” Convolution Reverb.

Full Listing of sampled reverb units:
– Digital Reverb 245 – (10 files) New York and Switzerland
– Digital Reverb 246 – (20 files) Austria and Switzerland
– Digital Reverb 248 – (16 files) Nashville, TN, and Denver, CO
– Digital Reverb 250 – (26 files) Nashville, TN

Digital Reverb 245
The 245 was the 244 with the addition of pre-delay and a reflections settings. While the other German units incorporated some of these same reflection settings in algorithms, the 245 gave you the flexibility to really dial in those settings. When you look at these files, under the microscope, it’s interesting to see the early reflections (spikes) in the audio files. There was a great deal of audio engineering science that went into the reflections, how far or close together they would be, to emulate different rooms, halls, etc. The 245’s longest reverb time is around 5 seconds.

Digital Reverb 246
uses the algorithms from magesy download the 250 as does the 248, with a great deal of user control and flexibility. It also encompasses a slot for expanded memory similar to the 248. It has 6 program modes with a programmable low pass filter, reflections, and decay.

Digital Reverb 248
The 248 was the last unit made in this series and is treasured by many as being solid and quite nice sounding. The 248 was loaded with all kinds of presets and adjustable algorithms including, Baroque Church, Cathedral, Romanesque Church with numerous size rooms, halls and even stairwells, bathrooms and a preset called “Tiny Room.” The 248 is a very able processor and is used even today, like so many of these vintage units, by major recording artists around the world. One of our units was used by leading country artists such as Reba, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan…

Digital Reverb 250
The first true DSP manufactured. The 250 uses 12-bit, 24k converters, low passed around 11Khz. This unit has large levers on top, weighs around 100 lbs and looks like it is from magesy download outer space – nicknamed the “R2D2.” No doubt, this is one of the finest DSPs from magesy download the era, with the few who own one of these remaining pieces of vintage outboard gear, still using them frequently and unabashedly. There is a 251 and 252 unit that are offshoots of this model. There were only around 250 of the original units made and then were adapted to the newer 251 interface and 252 upgrades with the 252 being a rack mounted version.

– Compatible with Studio One 3.2.2 Professional and higher.
– High-quality collection of impulse responses for Open Air
– 4 Different Vintage Reverbs
– 72 Files, 96KHz / 24bit
– File Size ≈ 128MB

Vintage Digital Reverbs (Impulse Responses)–Impulse-Responses-/



Team DECIBEL | 02 Nov 2020 | …

Ableton: 578.1 MB | Logic: 784.3 MB | KONTAKT: 541.6 MB

(Ableton Live, Logic, KONTAKT)

Console Z completes Puremagnetik’s ASR-X series with an expertly programmed library of the classic sounds that made the ASR-X a legend. The Ensoniq ASR series was years of ahead of its time and included a ROM of programs that still sound amazing today! With an expertly re-created collection of basses, leads, stabs and drum kits, Console Z puts the classic ASR-X right on your desktop for instant access to 1998. It includes 40 expertly programmed multi-sampled patches and over 900 Megabytes of samples.

The Console Z Ableton Live Pack comes loaded with multi-sample instruments and two multi-octave drum kits, all programmed with pre-assigned, Push-Ready Macro controls.

Console Z for Kontakt was designed with a custom KSP easy edit interface. It has been developed with filters, effects controls and modulations.

Console Z for Logic includes a collection of instruments that install directly into your Logic library. All sounds and drum kits have been pre-programmed with Smart Controls allowing instant access to sound sculpting and performance features.

Console Z features:
– Over 900 MB of content
– Over 1000 individual samples
– Ableton Live Pack with Push-ready Macros
– Customized Kontakt KSP easy-edit interface
– Logic Smart Controls and channel strips
– Two 5-octave drum kits

Minimum Requirements:
– Ableton Live 9.7, Kontakt 5, Logic X



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