Blossom Loop Kit WAV | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Blossom Loop Kit WAV

STRiKE | 21.01.2020 | 168 MB

40 Custom Loops sing analog and vintage synths. All sounds were processed with outboard compressors and EQs to give them a high clarity and warm sound.

Blossom Loop Kit WAV

Prestige Drum Kit WAV | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Prestige Drum Kit WAV

STRiKE | 21.01.2020 | 100 MB

The Prestige drum kit brings a new selection of sounds for producers to breathe new life into their beats.  Inside this pack you’ll find 26 808’s, 12 Claps, 10 Field recordings, 29 Fx, 29 Hi Hats, 14 Kicks, 57 Percs & Rims and 23 Snares.  All of these sounds have been synthesised or recorded to make some never before heard sounds for producers to experiment
with. All of the sounds in this drum kit are royalty free so you can use anything without having to worry about backlash.

Prestige Drum Kit WAV

Melodic Therapy Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Melodic Therapy Vol.2

STRiKE | 21.01.2020 | 148 MB


‘Melodic Therapy 2’ provides you with more melodic loops in the style of your favourite Trap artists and producers like Travis Scott, Juice Wrld, Gunna, Future, Drake and more.  There are 15 melody WAV loops in total created especially for adding to your Trap loops library for inspiration. THey work with any DAW and are, of course, 100% Royalty-Free. If you are looking for the best inspirational sounds to unblock new beat ideas then this is a welcome addition to your weaponry.

• 15 Melody WAV Loops
• Tempos labelled
• 44.1kHz/24-Bit
• Usable In All Daws
• 100% Royalty-Free
• Bonus construction kit

Melodic Therapy Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT

Violin Untamed KONTAKT DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Violin Untamed KONTAKT

Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 3.65 GB

Expressive. Raw. Improvised.

The perfect violin for imperfect scores.

VIOLIN UNTAMED is a solo violin library with the idea that samples should sound like a performance. At the heart of the instrument is our unique Improvised articulation; a series of evolving and improvised notes. This sounds like a musician taking your composition and adding an individual direction and human performance. Performed at 3 different intensities; the quietest layer is subtle and delicate, the medium layer brings more emotion and character, whilst the loudest layer sounds wild, intense and often chaotic. They sound beautiful alone as individual notes or even more compelling when played as chord progressions. With 8 other standard and extended articulations included, all performed with the same philosophy, VIOLIN UNTAMED is a Kontakt library for the composer that wants to sound unpolished, raw and human.

Violin Untamed KONTAKT-DECiBEL

Astral Interludes WAV DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Astral Interludes WAV

Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 255.3 MB

Astral Jazz Loops & Samples

Prepare to take a deep dive into the astral world of Flying Lotus, Thundercat and the whole Brainfeeder collective. With a nod to classic Hip-Hop but firmly placed in the abstract this unique collection of beat tinged jazz loops and samples bring together the finest selections of live performance and beat making wizardry.

Flying Lotus Inspired Beats
Nestled inside this mini sample treasure chest you’ll find jazz tinged Rhodes loops, live hat and snare loops, astral harp crescendos, ethereal vocal loops and abstract live bass samples, all of which are underpinned with classic hip-hop 808’s and subs.

Live Drum Loops & Samples
To help you get off the grid and achieve that LA feel our live hat, tom snare loops are all performed beautifully and looped to easily drop over your beats adding that live human feel and swing. We’ve also included some amazing musical one shots that can be dropped into your samplers to life your tracks and give a nod to the organic world. So if you’re looking to up your hip-hop game then stop looking – it”s right in front of your eyes!

– Pack: 40 Loops & 33 One Shots
– Size: 290mb
– Tempos: 152 Bpm
– Styles – Flying Lotus Inspired, Live Hats, Live Drums, Bass, Rhodes.

Astral Interludes WAV-DECiBEL

Odds and Ends WAV DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Odds & Ends WAV

Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 353.4 MB

4 main categories:
– “404 Drumsanity” are samples of live drums through the SP404 effects
– “Omni Experiments” are samples from my circuit bent Omnichord
– “UCreations” are samples from my hacked UCreate
– “Pop Crackle Hiss” is an extensive collection of vinyl, tape hiss, and field recording to layer into your beats

Odds and Ends WAV-DECiBEL

Drink the Sea Sample Pack WAV DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Drink the Sea WAV

Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 752.5 MB

The Glitch Mob—the Los Angeles-based trio comprising Justin Boreta, Ed Ma, and Joshua Mayer—collage their unique skills to craft boundary-pushing electronic sounds that appeal to a wide variety of dance music fans and producers alike. One of the most beloved live electronic acts and distinctive recording artists working today, The Glitch Mob are lending signature sounds from their acclaimed first studio album, Drink the Sea to your productions. Having peaked at number 15 on the Billboard Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart, these sounds will add some serious movement to your tracks.

Drink the Sea Sample Pack WAV-DECiBEL

Moonscapes KONTAKT DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Moonscapes KONTAKT

Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 1.69 GB

Moonscapes is a collection of 200+ patches of ever-evolving deep atmospheres, soundscapes and pads made from various analog & digital sound sources and field recordings. Its perfect for creating dark, atmospheric, gritty, moody and desolate pads, soundscapes and atmospheres that have an organic, human feel to them. Constantly Evolving Deep and Lush Atmospheres, Pads & Soundscapes. Moonscapes is a collection 200 + patches (2GB) of ever-evolving and subtle dark atmospheres, soundscapes, and pads, created from a collection of synth samples, field recordings, all tuned, mapped and seamlessly looping. Each patch has up to 3 layers playing simulataneously which combine to create rich and full sounds. Each layer can be easily muted, lowered or solo’d offering more control over the overall sound. These sounds are lush, organic, atmospheric and very long making this perfect for creating slow moving and organic sounding pads, soundscapes and atmospheres.

In total there are 64 Instruments, 62 “Individual Files” (playable samples), 70 Multis and 20 Field Recording patches – offering a selection of keys, textures, atmospheres, pads and soundscapes. Moonscapes is perfect for film/TV/game underscore, ambient music and sound design. The library can be used to create gritty, moody and desolate moods to light, lush and beautiful sounds (and everything in between!)

Why its awesome:
– Approx 2GB of content
– Constantly evolving pads, soundscapes and atmospheres
– No “static” sounds – everything always evolves and moves subtly
– Incredibly unique and unusual sounds with a “human” sound to them
– 200+ patches
– Incredibly long sounds with subtle and interesting changes
– Perfect for ambient music, sound design or underscore
– Original field recordings included for your creating own sound design
– Built in FX engine and rhythm designer to shape your sound and add additional movement
– NB. Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher required – not compatible with the Kontakt Player


Senfine KONTAKT DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™


Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 5.41 GB

Meet Senfine — a handmade extensive toolkit that features a collection of truly atmospheric and emotive sounds which will inject elusive magical atmosphere into your productions. Senfine is extensive soundtool aimed primarily for writing tracks in the styles of cinematic ambient and post-rock. At the same time, it perfectly fits any kind of deep emotional atmospheric projects in a wide variety of genres. It helps to add depth and to provide a gentle atmosphere to your productions. There is everything you might need for making atmospheric and deep sound inside Senfine library: from guitars and orchestral ambient instruments to drums and synths. Palette of Senfine instruments allows you to get the desired result quickly and easily right from the scratch. No need to use any third-party tools or plugins. Save your time and immerse into fully inspiration workflow with ready to use instruments. Modern cinematic ambient music is a very unique genre, it contains several styles at once. For a year and a half, our goal was to create an audio tool that allows you to control all aspects of writing such kind of music.

Requires Full version of Kontakt 5.8.0 as the minimum.
– lossless .NCW format, 48kHz / 24bit.
– 5,94 GB of hard drive space (9,92 GB of original sample material).
– More than 130 instruments
– 3600+ samples.


Low Key Guitars WAV DECiBEL | Images From Magesy® R Evolution™

Low Key Guitars WAV

Team DECiBEL | 21 Jan 2020 | 293.1MB

Unique pack of live loops, chords, and one shots, all processed with Kenny’s collection of gear to give it that extra warm and fuzzy feeling. Chords are all labeled by Key with Major/Minor and extensions.

Low Key Guitars WAV-DECiBEL


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