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Team DECiBEL | 27 Dec 2019 | 4.78 GB

…::: MERRY XMAS :::…

The “LO.VE. Piano” is not “just another piano sample library”. This is something special – a piano that’s been created specifically for soft and intimate playing. It sounds beautiful, rich and intimate, while retaining its clarity and character, even at low velocities, making it perfect for film/TV/underscore/drama and so much more.


The “LO.VE.” Piano – LOw VElocity Performance:
– The Love Piano was an experiment – what would happen if we recorded a grand piano to be used specifically for soft playing?
– The result was more beautiful than we imagined – a beautiful, rich and intimate sound, full of character and nuance, that retains is clarity even at low velocities.
– With up to 12 velocity layers, the library is is 6GB in size and retains a very well defined sound while remaining in the dynamic range of “p” to “mf” without getting “muddy” or “washy”.
– It’s absolutely perfect for Newman-esque playing, film/TV/game underscore, drama, ambient music and so much more.
– This is a very unique library that we believe will become your main tool for writing beautiful, intimate piano music.


12 Velocity Layers & Player Noises for Added Realism
The Love Piano was recorded using a Yamaha C7 grand piano with 12 velocity layers. Because we designed it for writing “soft” and “delicate” piano lines, it goes only from “p” to “mf” but no further.

In addition to the standard recording, we also recorded some natural “player” sounds that are heard when performing to give a more organic and realistic sound:
– hammer “back” sounds (release) – the sound of the hammer mechanic when releasing a note. This adds a lot of intimacy to the instrument.
– pedal sounds – both pedal up and pedal down samples are included and triggered automatically
– Want a cleaner sound? No problem – just use the “Noise” volume knob to reduce or completely turn off the additional “noise” samples.

18 beautiful reverb IR choices are also included – ranging from rooms and studios to halls, arenas and more. These were all chosen specifically to offer the most beautiful and lush sounds.

Why its awesome:
– Designed specifically for soft, emotional, intimate playing
– 18 beautiful reverb IR samples to chooe from including rooms, studios, halls, arenas and more.
– 6GB of samples
– Incredibly simple to use with a minimal interface
– Dial in or out the additional “noises” for more/less of an intimate sound
– Full of character and emotion
– Remains clear and crisp even at very low velocities without getting muddy
– Perfect for any style of music including film, tv, game underscore, drama, ambient music and more
– Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5.0 or higher required – not compatible with Kontakt Player



Power Move KONTAKT

Team DECiBEL | 27 Dec 2019 | 1.81 GB

…::: MERRY XMAS :::…

Power Move 2 is a 2GB “synthwave” inspired sample library jam packed with over 200 Kontakt instruments (187 presets and 36 multis) perfect for re-creating those 80’s or synthwave style tracks. With a range of instruments including bells, leads, organs, arps, plucks, strings, drums and more, its got everything you need to unlock the cheese! Classic 80’s & Synthwave Instruments for Kontakt. Power Move was created with one goal in mind: to re-create that warm, vintage, retro futuristic sound we remember from the 80’s (nowadays called “Synthwave”). The entire library has a distinct analog sound and feel and every patch you play instantly transports you back in time. The inspiration for this library was drawn from multiple sources in both Synthwave and 80’s styles including modern films like Drive, Stranger Things, The Guest and Kung Fury to classics like Big Trouble in Little China, Knightrider and Bladerunner. We also were influenced by the work of Synthwave artists including Futurecop!, Gunship, Perturbator, Miami Nights 1984 to 80’s composers & producers such as John Carpenter, Vangelis, Depeche Mode and more! With pulsing arpeggios, crystalised keys, warm pads, classic drums and so much more, the library is guaranteed to inspire, while being so much fun to play!


Power Move contains over 2,000 samples delicately re-created to reproduce that classic sound. Included in the library are a range of 187 presets and 36 multis including:
– Keys
– Bells
– Brass
– Leads
– Basses
– Pads
– Arps
– Organs
– Strings
– Plucks
– Drums

Technical Specifications and Requirements:
– Full version of Kontakt 5.8.0 or higher required – not compatible with Kontakt Player
– 4GB of space required (2GB for download & 2GB for extraction)
– 2GB of RAM minimum advised
– 187 Kontakt instruments
– 36 Kontakt multis
– Simple arp creator for every patch
– 2,000 WAV files
– Completely royalty free and can be used for anything (music, sound design etc.)
– Perfect for Synthwave, EDM, 80’s, Retro, Synth Pop and more!



Shimmer & Shake KONTAKT

Team DECiBEL | 27 Dec 2019 | 2.91 GB

…::: MERRY XMAS :::…

Shimmer & Shake is a re-release of the original Nine Volt Audio sample library – updated and improved for 2019. It contains 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms (over 2300 loops) covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures and individual hits and rolls for each instrument. 25 Percussion Instruments with Thousands of Loops and One shots (Multi-Format) Shimmer & Shake contains over 2300 loops from 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms. Individual one shot hits and rolls for each instrument are included too so you can create your own patterns as you’d like. The loops cover a range of time signatures including 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time. Its not just boring old quarters, eights and sixteenths either! You also get triplet / shuffle beats, variations with different on-/off-beat accents, and a number of patterns with strategically inserted rests and a choice of downbeat and backbeat options too.


What’s even more useful is that each of the instruments loops are musically interchangeable, so once you find a pattern that suits your track, you can easily switch instruments or layer several different sounds together. With 3.72GB of content (300MB of one shots and 3.4GB of loops) you’ve got all your “high” or “light” shaken hand percussion needs sorted!

Why its awesome:
– 3.72GB of content (300MB of one shots and 3.4GB of loops)
– 25 instruments with 89 different rhythms
– 2300+ loops covering 4/4, 3/4, 7/8 and 5/4 time signatures
– Individual hits and rolls for each are offered for endings and breaks
– Highly organized and rhythmically consistent from suite to suite making it extremely easy to audition different sounds while keeping the same rhythm.
– Ease-of-use, consistency, organization and professional grade sounds, rhythms and programming make Shimmer & Shake a resource that you will use time-and-time again.
– Kontakt version includes a selection of custom impulse responses and useful rhythm designer
– Perfect for any style of music including Indie, Rock, Underscore and more
– Completely royalty free and can be used for anything, even in isolation (music, sound design etc.)
– Full version of Kontakt or higher required for Kontakt version – not compatible with Kontakt Player



Resonate REFiLL

P2P | 27 December 2019 | 25.7 MB

400 pristine Analog Drum Samples, each harvested from multiple sessions with vintage hardware, edited to perfection and processed with a hint of saturation, no exceptions. This is the deeply vibrant sound we’ve captured in our biggest drum sample pack yet, Resonate – Analog Drum Samples! Containing every percussive element necessary to create big, bold and beautiful drum patterns, this expansive array of analog Kick Samples, Snares, Claps, Hi Hats, Shakers and assorted Percussion is steeped in vintage warmth, classic character and mountains of harmonics both low and high! Each set of samples features a range of different hit types, perfect for matching the sounds to a whole host of different genres. Kicks span ultra low, powerfully resonant 808-style samples ideal for Trap and Hip Hop to punchy, full-bodied 909-style sounds perfect for House, Techno and EDM.

Crisp drum machine Snares mix with tight to richly reverberant Claps, sharp closed and open Hi Hat samples shimmer with driven upper harmonics, Toms pop with classic pitch decay and Crashes explode with astonishing clarity – this release really is a one-stop-shop of pure analog drum magic. Alongside the samples you’ll find 10 expertly matched Analog Drum Kit Presets, panned and mixed for instant use in your DAW. 5 Tuned Kick Presets deliver window-shattering low-end, playable across your keyboard and 4 Channel Strips offer professional effects processing options, straight after download.

Resonate REFiLL


Jazz Notes WAV REX


Jazz Notes – a sonic homage to the American Blue Note sound, inspiring Jazz fans and musicians from as far back as the 1930s. All content here is 100% Royalty Free for your music, with a formidable selection of over 5GB of pure Jazz! The sound of Blue Note dates back to the 1930s and the flagship label of Blue Note Records – based in 5th Avenue, New York. Focusing on Jazz, the label built a seminal catalogue of traditional jazz and swing recordings through the 1940s and beyond. A `blue note’ is identified by having a slightly different pitch than standard – altered between a quartertone and a semitone of the norm, giving it an oddly free, ethereal quality. Blue Note Records has gone from strength to strength, with many of its releases now hailed as classics.

Jazz Notes comprises of 19 song construction kits with 5.55GB of content! You’ll find a refined collection of classic instruments with Double Basses, Live Drums, Pianos and Saxophones – played by key session musicians on the Jazz circuit today and recorded in crystal clear 24 Bit. Each track is divided into multiple sections including intros, head, chord beds and solos, with all instruments isolated into their own loops – with all musical content key-labelled to integrate immediately with your music. 1,233 Rex2 Loops are also included, with pre-made slices for extra sonic explorations!

At tempos from 70-160BPM, jazz Notes is ideal for Jazz, Funk, Soul, Breaks, House, Hip Hop and many other genres. In detail expect to find 5.55GB with 1,225 individual 24 Bit Wav Loops – made up of 346 Double Bass Loops, 335 Live Drum Loops, 338 Piano Loops, 206 Saxophone Loops and 1233 Rex2 Files.

•5.55 GB
•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•19 Jazz Song Kits
•346 Double Bass Loops
•335 Live Drum Loops
•338 Piano Loops
•206 Saxophone Loops
•1233 Rex2 Files



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