Comp LA v1.0.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R| Sept 30 2019 | WiN: 195 MB | OSX: 235 MB


Comp LA is the revolutionary simulation of two legendary optical compressors into a single plug-in. The 2A version is tube-based and delivers a warmer, harmonically rich tone. The 3A version is solid-state based and has a faster attack, cleaner tone.

– Built-in Mid-Side Processing
– Built-in Parallel Compression
– User-controllable harmonic generation amount and metering
– LF sensitivity (R37) control
– User-selectable Ultra Oversampling mode
– Low CPU usage: more than 500 instances on a Macbook Pro Retina
– Multilevel undo-redo
– A/B Comparison
– Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel
– Meter Calibration: calibrate the VU meters at 4 different sensibilities

Comp LA v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R


TBPA Plugins Pack 2019-9 WiN

Team V.R | 01 October 2019 | 56.12 MB


– AB_LM v1.6.5 – AB Loudness Match
– AMM v1.0.7 – Automatic Microphone Mixer
– CS-3301 v1.6.0 – Channel Strip
– CS-5501 v1.2.0 – Extended Channel Strip
– dEQ6 v2.1.6 – Dynamic Equalizer / Multiband Compressor
– dpMeter4 v4.1.2 – Free Multi Channel Meter
– dpMeterXT v1.3.6 – Broadcast Loudness Meter
– DynaRide v1.1.6 – Vocal & Bass Riding Leveller
– Euphonia2 v2.0.5 – Spectrum Balancing
– FinalLoud2 v2.0.3 – Loudness & True Peak Finalizer Tool
– GainRider2 v1.0.12 – Vocal Gain Riding Leveller
– gEQ12 v2.2.3 – 12-Band Graphic Equalizer
– Impress v1.9.17 – Compressor
– ISOL8 v2.0.2 – Free Mix Monitoring Tool
– LA xLimit III v3.0.1 – Enhanced Limiter
– mvMeter2 v1.0.20 – Free Multivariable Meter
– SLM2 v1.3.6 – Smart Loudness Maximizer
– ST1 v1.0.4 – Spatial Tool
– sTilt v1.4.5 – Free Spectrum Tilt Filter

TBPA Plugins Pack 2019-9 WiN CE-V.R


MagicDeathEye v1.0.8 WiN

Team R2R | Oct 01 2019 | 12.8 MB


Everybody who has ever had a chance to listen to a MagicDeathEye compressor has been blown away by its sound. Carefully designed by Mr. Ian Sefchick (mastering engineer at Capitol Records), this tube compressor’s circuit is loosely based on a Fairchild 660. It’s a variable gain compressor that sounds just as great on your mastering bus as on your individual tracks. Nothing is smashed here, everything breathes and shines while the MagicDeathEye will smoothly glue your audio signal together in that warm and almost elegant way only expensive tube compressors can. Already now a legendary piece of hardware, the MagicDeathEye compressor is just to good to be exclusively available only to some of the greatest studios in the world. After almost a year of careful circuit and signal analysis. Staying extremely close to its hardware role model while still keeping the CPU load at a very reasonable level, we sincerely believe that the answer to the ever-old question “Do I really need another compressor plugin” is a resounding yes for this one!

– 2019/08/23: v1.0.8 rare crash in LogicX fixed
– 2019/08/15: v1.0.7 fixed yet another potential CPU consumption issue
– 2019/08/14: v1.0.6 improved CPU consumption for mono plugin instances
– 2019/08/12: v1.0.5 removed threading error + VST3 indexing issue
– 2019/07/12: v1.0.4 added wet-dry-mix, extended outgain to +12 dB
– 2019/06/21: v1.0.3 additional measures against rare CPU issues
– 2019/06/11: v1.0.2 fixed possible cause for occasional high CPU load in some hosts
– 2019/06/03: v1.0.1 graphic optimizations, update info screen, settings reload on iOS
– 2019/06/02: v1.0.0 initial release

We could go on and on here, telling you all about the extremely interesting technical details like the eight(!) tubes that are being used, the handwound transformers and so on, but we think it’s about time you simply give this fantastic tool a spin and hear for yourself what the buzz is all about. We hope you’ll enjoy the ride!

MagicDeathEye v1.0.8 WiN-R2R


MetaPlugin 3 v3.3.3 WiN

Team R2R | Oct 01 2019 | 9.4 MB


Metaplugin is a plugin that loads other plugins. As simple as that. Build your own effect networks with this plugin wrapper using any VST/VST3 (and AU, if you’re on Mac) effect you already have on your harddisk. To get you started, a Mid-Side matrix, a fourband crossover filter and a routing plugin are included in the package. This means instant cross-track routing, mid-side, multiband compression/distortion/reverb/… you name it. Of course that’s only the beginning… let your imagination run free, nothing is impossible, from creating your own layered synth sounds to building whole sound generators from scratch using simple modules.

Another favourite use case for Metaplugin is to load VST plugins in Pro Tools (or to load AudioUnits in Pro Tools if you’re on a Mac). Hence, you can use it as a VST to AAX wrapper or an AU to AAX wrapper. While we’re at it: you can also use Metaplugin to load VST plugins in Logic/LogicX (VST to AU wrapper).

Supports up to eight individual channels for, e.g. surround or other multichannel purposes.
– Additional stereo sidechain input
– Convenient plugin organizer: scan your plugins once, then just drag and drop them onto the graph area
– Internal bridge from 32 to 64 bit, with seamless plugin window integration: load 32 bit plugins in ProTools or LogicPro X without the need for a 3rd party bridging solution
– Support for native Apple Audio Unit plugins
– Dry/wet ratio can be adjusted for each loaded plugin.
– Individual bypass for each loaded plugin
– Full plugin delay compensation included.
– Automate up to 100 parameters by mapping them on any parameter of a loaded plugin
– Negligible additional CPU overhead.
– Synths can also be loaded and played with any MIDI control, which means you can create custom synthesizers with existing building blocks.
– Up to 4x oversampling option of the whole signal chain is available.
– Included: mid-side matrix, multiband splitter and cross track send/receive helper plugins.
– Define your own colour palette for the plugin: check!
– Freely resizable plugin window for maximum convenience: check!
– Can be used as a VST to AU wrapper, a VST to RTAS wrapper, an AU to RTAS-wrapper, VST to AAX wrapper or an AU to AAX wrapper.
– VST3 plugins now supported, so VST3 to AU, VST3 to RTAS and VST3 to AAX is possible as well. Plus, of course, VST3 to VST or VST to VST3.

– 2019/09/30: v3.3.3 Fixed crash when not selecting any plugin from dropdown menu
– 2019/09/24: v3.3.2 changed callback locks in audio processor; no bridging when OSX >= 10.15
– 2019/06/19: v3.3.1 small optimization
– 2019/04/20: v3.3.0 fixed new plugin list storage
– 2019/04/03: v3.2.9 restructured settings management, added dry/wet control to mapable parameters
– 2019/02/02: v3.2.8 fix in bridging code
– 2019/01/29: v3.2.7 fixed issue where sidechain buses were not remembered in VST3 plugins
– 2019/01/12: v3.2.6 added fix to prevent hang in Reaper offline rendering
– 2019/01/06: v3.2.5 fixed connection volume handling and PDC label text update
– 2018/12/10: v3.2.4 fixed issue with mono instruments
– 2018/12/07: v3.2.3 copy protection improvements
– 2018/11/27: v3.2.2 improved background scanning of drag-and-dropped plugins
– 2018/11/02: v3.2.1 fixed crossover filter and oversampling issue
– 2018/10/30: v3.2.0 added bypass storage, added double precision processing, removed RTAS, added check whether BridgeApp is actually running in background
– 2018/06/01: v3.1.5 bridging improvements
– 2018/04/16: v3.1.4 improved BridgeApp shutdown
– 2018/03/26: v3.1.3 fixed BridgeApp crash and switched to sending bridged parameter changes asynchronously, proper bus setup for MetapluginSynth

MetaPlugin 3 v3.3.3 WiN-R2R


NoLimits v1.2.0 WiN

Team R2R | Oct 01 2019 | 8.5 MB


At the end of a long day at the mixing desk, when everything has finally fallen into place, comes the best moment (just before pouring that glass of whisky): load an instance of NoLimits at the end of the chain, turn that one knob, lean back and enjoy. This look-ahead limiter completes DDMFs mixing and mastering portfolio and will be your weapon of choice to bring you up to competitive levels. Features: optional auto-gain, optional transient stereo linkage, advanced mode for variable lookahead, attack and release times, and a state-of-the-art dithering algorithm. Last but not least: it sounds smooth, yet powerful… Available in Windows VST, RTAS, AAX and Mac VST, AU, RTAS and AAX formats (32 and 64 bit, Intel, 10.5 and higher, 32/64 bit)

NoLimits v1.2.0 AAX VST RTAS x86 x64 WiN-R2R


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