Trapp Emo Kit 4 WAV SYNTHiC4TE, wav samples sounds, WAV, Trapp, Trap, SYNTHiC4TE, Kit, Emo

Trapp Emo Kit 4 WAV

SYNTHiC4TE | August 01 2019 | 50 MB

If you have been a fan of all of MaseratiSparks Trappy Emo Kits then you are going to gravitate to this one as well. Trappy Emo 4 is the 4th installation of this series and features more emo trap melodies that are inspired by artist such as lil peep, tracy, xxxtentacion, lil uzi, and many more.

Trapp Emo Kit 4 WAV-SYNTHiC4TE


XO Vol.2 WAV SYNTHiC4TE, wav samples sounds, XO, WAV, SYNTHiC4TE

XO Vol.2 WAV

SYNTHiC4TE | August 01 2019 | 49 MB

XO Vol.2 which is the Darker side to his last release of XO. This one introduces more of the dark melodic side to the series. It is an equal balance between light and dark because you can not have one without the other. So these 20 samples will help to even out the scale, I had to literally cut of all the lights and get into the zone to create these vibes. Enjoy them as much as I did making them.



XO Vol.1 WAV SYNTHiC4TE, wav samples sounds, XO, WAV, SYNTHiC4TE

XO Vol.1 WAV

SYNTHiC4TE | August 01 2019 | 43 MB

20 melodic samples in this new pack. Every sample in here is inspired by the happy Lil Uzi Vert side, we all been waiting for him to drop for far to long so while you wait you can create your own version of what you think Eternal Atake might sound like. These samples are easy to manipulate, so have fun with them and create some hits of your own.



Digital Sound Effects Machines of War CDDA BSOUNDZ, wav cdda samples sounds, War, Sound Effects, Sound, SFX, Machines of War, Machines, FX, Effects, Digital Sound, Digital, CDDA, BSOUNDZ

Digital Sound Effects Machines of War

Team-BSOUNDZ | 10.05.05 | 254.31 MB

101 Digital Sound Effects: The Machines Of War Soundtrack album for sale was released Nov 20, 2003 on the Laserlight label. Also available as part of 5-CD box set 505 DIGITAL SOUND EFFECTS on Laserlight (15921).


  • 1 Sound Of A Nuclear Explosion
  • 2 Battlefield Ambience (Small Arms Firing)
  • 3 Military Battle – 20th Century (Machine Gun Fire, Tanks, Bomb Exploding)
  • 4 Military Battle – 18th Or 19th Century (Gunshots, Cannons, Cavalry Charge, Men Fighting In Background)
  • 5 Sounds Of Many Explosions (As In A Battle)
  • 6 Sound Of Multiple Explosions
  • 7 Sound Of A Single Explosion
  • 8 Sound Of A Large Dynamite Explosion
  • 9 Explosion With Debris Falling
  • 10 Shell Passing Overhead (Explodes On Impact)
  • 11 Shell From A 75mm Gun Approaches And Explodes
  • 12 The Whistling Sound Of A Falling Projectile (Explosion On Impact)
  • 13 81mm Mortar Fires
  • 14 Hand Grenade Explodes (Light Dirt Falling)
  • 15 Sliding A Ram Rod Into An Old Cannon (3 Times)
  • 16 Firing A Cannon (10 Long Shots)
  • 17 Cannon Being Fired (Orders Shouted)
  • 18 Several Cannons Firing (Some At A Distance)
  • 19 Firing A 16” Navy Gun (6 Shots)
  • 20 Firing A 37mm Anti-Tank Gun (5 Shots)
  • 21 Firing A 40mm Navy Antiaircraft Gun (Continous Firing)
  • 22 Shell From A 105mm Howitzer Approaches And Explodes (2 Times)
  • 23 Firing A Twin 40mm Pom-Pom Gun (Rapid Shots)
  • 24 Sound Of Machine Gun Firing
  • 25 Firing A 50 Caliber Machine Gun (Short Bursts)
  • 26 Firing A World War I Machine Gun (Long Bursts)
  • 27 Firing A M-60 Machine Gun (Long Bursts)
  • 28 Firing A Mounted Machine Gun
  • 29 Firing An Uzi Assault Rifle (Short And Medium Bursts)
  • 30 Firing An AK-47 Assault Rifle (Singles And Shorts Bursts)
  • 31 Firing A World War II German Rifle (7 Shots)
  • 32 Firing A Browning Automatic Rifle Outdoors
  • 33 Firing A 30-30 Rifle Outdoors With Echo (3 Shots)
  • 34 Firing A Rifle (Rifle Fires, Cartridge Ejected, Loaded Again, Rifle Fires Again)
  • 35 Military Rifles Being Shot (Orders Given 3 Times) Military Gun Salutes 3 Times
  • 36 Firing And Cocking A Lever Action Winchester Rifle Outdoors With Echo (Cocking Between Rounds) 5 Shots
  • 37 Firing An M-16 Army Assault Rifle
  • 38 Firing An M-1 Rifle (6 Shots)
  • 39 Several M-1 Rifles Firing
  • 40 Several Browning Automatic Rifles Firing Together
  • 41 Rifle Battle With Several Guns Echoing In A Canyon
  • 42 Sound Of browning Automatic Rifle Bullets
  • 43 Firing A Large Caliber Pistol (Several Shots In Rapid Succession)
  • 44 Firing A Large Caliber Pistol Outdoors (Several Shots As In A Gunfight)
  • 45 Firing A Pistol Outdoors (15 Shots)
  • 46 Firing A Revolver Outdoors With Echo (Cocking Hammer Between Rounds (2 Sets Of 5 Shots)
  • 47 Firing Of A .22 Caliber Handgun (6 Shots)
  • 48 Firing Of A .38 Caliber Semi-Automatic Pistol (Several Shots In Rapid Succession)
  • 49 Comical Ricochets (9 Shots)
  • 50 Ricochets Off Rock (11 Shots)
  • 51 One Long Ricochet 0:04
  • 52 Ricochets From An Automatic Weapon 1
  • 53 Ricochets From An Automatic Weapon 2
  • 54 Ricochets And Gunfire From An Assault Rifle
  • 55 Ricochets And Gunfire From An M-60 Machine Gun
  • 56 Sound Of A Gunflight (Several Pistol Shots) Man Is Hit (Footsteps In Dirt)
  • 57 Laser Gun Shots 1
  • 58 Laser Gun Shots 2
  • 59 Swirling Rocket Phasing (Followed By Laser Shots 1)
  • 60 Swirling Rocket Phasing (Followed By Laser Shots 2)
  • 61 Army Truck Idling
  • 62 Army Jeep Passing By
  • 63 Sound Of Tanks
  • 64 Sound Of Tank Firing
  • 65 Deep Jungle Atmosphere
  • 66 Two Men Fighting (Hitting) Struggling With Each Other
  • 67 The Order Of ”Attention” Shouted (Troops Snap To Attention) Enclosed Armory Atmosphere
  • 68 Troops Marching (Young Cadet Or Woman Shouting Marching Orders In Background)
  • 69 Troops Marching In An Enclosed Armory Of Orders Being Shouted In Background
  • 70 Military Or Marching Band Drum Cadence (Marching Orders Being Shouted In Background)
  • 71 Drum And Fife Brigade (Drum Cadence With Flute-Life Fifes 1)
  • 72 Drum And Fife Brigade (Drum Cadence With Flute-Life Fifes 2)
  • 73 Snare Drum (Cadence 1)
  • 74 Snare Drum (Cadence 2)
  • 75 Snare Drum (Cadence 3)
  • 76 Trumpet Playing ”Reveille”
  • 77 Trumpet Playing ”Taps”
  • 78 Trumpet Playing ”Assembly”
  • 79 Trumpet Playing ”Charge”
  • 80 Trumpet Playing ”To The Colors” Commonly Associated With The Flag Raising Ceremony
  • 81 Bagpipes Playing
  • 82 Helicopter Idiling And Lifting Off
  • 83 Helicopter Flyby
  • 84 Helicopter Landing
  • 85 Single Prop Airplane (Flyby)
  • 86 Twin Prop Airplane (Taking Off)
  • 87 Twin Prop Airplane (Flyby)
  • 88 Military Jet Fighter Passing Overhead
  • 89 Air Raid Siren
  • 90 Sound Of An Air Raid (Sirens, Planes Flying Overhead, Bombs Dropping, Several Explosions)
  • 91 Sound Of An Airplane Crashing And Burning
  • 92 Periscope In Operation
  • 93 Depth Charge Explodes (Water Blows And Falls To The Surface 3 Times)
  • 94 Electronic Beep Of Sonar
  • 95 Sonar As Heard From Inside A Submarine
  • 96 Electronic Beep Of Radar
  • 97 S.O.S. Distress Signal In Morse Code
  • 98.1 Ship’s Engine Room
  • 98.2 Sound Of A Ship’s Horn
  • 98.3 Sound Of A Ship’s Whistle
  • 98.4 Sound Of A Ship’s Bell

Digital Sound Effects Machines of War CDDA-BSOUNDZ


Wizoo Kit Connection Acoustic Drums AiFF LM4 AI, lm4 samples sounds aiff, Wizoo, LM4, Kit, Drums, Connection, Aiff, AI, Acoustic Drums, Acoustic

Wizoo Kit Connection Acoustic Drums

Team AI | 07-06-2003 | 424.35 MB

This LM4 content CD turbo-charges your LM4 with additional high class acoustic Drum Kits like Funk and Rock plus special Wizoo Chromatic Kits featuring up to 20 dynamic levels and variations per instrument. All sounds were recorded digitally in 24-bit stereo and processed with high-end equipment to assure maximum punch and transparency.

Wizoo Kit Connection Acoustic Drums AiFF LM4-AI


Wizoo Cologne Cyclez CDDA WAV ALFiSO, wav cdda samples sounds, Wizoo, WAV, Cyclez, Cologne, CDDA

Wizoo Cologne Cyclez CDDA WAV

Team ALFiSO | 26.07.02 | 366.10 MB

This CD-ROM brings the legendary infinite 133 bpm loopz of Cologne Cyclez I and II double vinyl to the digital world. No less than nearly 700 exclusive original bonus loopz, courtesy of cologne underground artists.

Wizoo Cologne Cyclez CDDA WAV-ALFiSO


Wizoo LoFi Junkiez Vol.2 CDDA WAV ALFiSO, wav cdda samples sounds, Wizoo, WAV, LoFi, Junkiez, CDDA, ALFiSO, 97 BPM, 95 120 BPM, 95 BPM, 120 BPM

Wizoo LoFi Junkiez Vol.2 CDDA WAV

Team ALFiSO | 26.07.02 | 294.79 MB

LoFi Junkiez is the first of Wizoo’s ‘TrashCan’ loops series. Based on lower bit sample, old drum machines and hard compression, they make a great starting point. I picked this disc up from the manufacturer several months ago hoping to be ecstatic about it, but ultimately becoming bored with most of the offerings. There just isn’t enough to keep one occupied. Described as Big Beat and Break Beat drum loops ‘Totally phucked up but phunk.eee’. LoFi Junkiez is mixed Wav/AIFF disc with both Stereo and Mono variations focusing on the Cologne techno stylings. The loops have a lot of energy and are pretty authentic, but you have your work cut out for you if ya don’t want to sound like everyone else. This disc is rather limited in scope. This may be both a godsend with all the discs trying to be everything for everyone, or a disappointment because there just isn’t enough here. The loops are presented in several formats, but ultimately, you will be looking at about 50 megs of information total with 90 loops for the most part, grouped into 24 variations on a theme with 18 free standing loops.

Wizoo LoFi Junkiez Vol.2 CDDA WAV ALFiSO, wav cdda samples sounds, Wizoo, WAV, LoFi, Junkiez, CDDA, ALFiSO, 97 BPM, 95 120 BPM, 95 BPM, 120 BPM

This is the main problem with this disc. If you really want to use this to its fullest potential, you will need additional sound material in the same vein as this soundware. The disc is relatively inexpensive, so there is no reason not to buy the second in the series Lo Fi Junkiez Vol. II, but that betrays the logic of ‘cheap’ sound discs. The sounds are so idiosyncratic that this is probably the only source of ‘same sounding’ sounds around. Your other alternative is to break out ReCycle and have a go at it, building custom kits and either thinning the loops when ya need them thinned or randomizing the order when you need to mix things up. There are other cheaper alternatives to ReCycle, such as Beat Creator or Tuareg, both only available for Windows, but making this sort of thing a breeze.

What do I like about this? While the different versions artificially inflate the size of this disc, I was able to copy the Stereo AIFFs over to Zip and read these directly into my sampler with no additional processing. The loop points were perfect, although I prefer to simply retrigger in most circumstances, and everything synced. The loops are short and to the point, usually just single bar, so this means I could load all the variations, even in stereo, without taking up too much memory. Converting the loops for usage with the softsynths I use was even easier.

Wizoo LoFi Junkiez Vol.2 CDDA WAV-ALFiSO



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