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CineStrings CORE v1.3.2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, Strings, Orquestra, KONTAKT, Core, CineStrings, Cinematic

CineStrings CORE v1.3.2 KONTAKT

P2P | 22 June 2019 | FULL: 44.7 GB | UPDATE: 165 MB

The CineStrings CORE Library is orchestral string sample library for Kontakt. Recorded at the world famous SONY Pictures Scoring Stage in Los Angeles, and mixed by veteran legend Dennis Sands (Spiderman, Argo, Avengers, Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Shawshank Redemption, American Beauty, and 250+ more). The CineStrings CORE Library covers the essentials of the orchestral string section, and functions as a foundation in any scoring pallette

CineStrings is revolutionary in its power and simplicity for recreating the sound of the orchestral string section. The library was designed by composers, for composers, with direct feedback from the film music community during its development. The result is a string library that is easy to use, composer-friendly, with unparalleled recording quality. CineStrings library does not require you to purchase any additional sample playback software, and is licensed to work with the Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player. All you need is a sequencer like Logic, Cubase, Digital Performer, LIVE, Protools, Cakewalk, or even Apple GarageBand and you’ll be up and running. You can also use CineStrings with your favorite notation software such as Sibelius or Finale.

CineStrings CORE offers many amazing features that distinguishes it from other libraries.

Our newest feature is the “Hairpin Creator”. This amazing setting allows for you to automatically get very natural “swells” without having to program a series of controller changes. Based on time or synced to your DAW, the strings can crescendo and decrescendo as you play, including linking a non-vib to espressivo state – this allows for amazing and expressive playing without having to touch any other controller!

Kontakt Player 5.3 or higher

– CineStrings CORE v1.3 contains a variety of improvements. It has been rebuilt from the ground up to include the Cinesamples Adaptive Legato Engine featured in CineStrings SOLO and CineWinds CORE and PRO. It also features a new Mapping page, improved voice count for better CPU performance, and a number of bug fixes.
– The new Mapping Tab offers the same level of flexibility as CineStrings SOLO and includes the option to link dynamics and vibrato. As dynamics increase, so does the vibrato level.
– The Settings Tab offers full dynamic range control. Velocity can control the attack time.
– The hairpin creator can link vibrato and crescendo.

   Password/Encryption Key:

CineStrings CORE v1.3.2 KONTAKT

Sonata Melodies WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Sonata, Melodies, Fantastic

Sonata Melodies WAV

FANTASTiC | 23 June 2019 | 229 MB

40 key / piano compositions in .wav format for your production use.

Sonata Melodies WAV

Techno Kickdrums 3 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Techno Kicks, Techno Drums, Techno, P2P, Kicks, Kickdrums, Drums, 128 BPM

Techno Kickdrums 3 WAV

P2P | 23.06.2019 | 43.12 MB

Back with yet another bomb release ;

This is the third issue of Techno Kickdrums, which is a unique collection of 50 kickdrum loops (mostly 128bpm) & 50 single (oneshot) kick drums for rough underground Techno, inspired by the early 90s producers like Jeff Mills, Ben Sims or Oscar Mulero. Painstakingly crafted from scratch on analog hardware.

Pack Content:
• Full (zipped) collection size is 62Mb.
• Contains 50 x 24-bit one-shot kick drums and 50 kick loops at various tempos plus 5 Top Loops.

Download contains:
– 105 x 24-bit Wav files (62MB)

Techno Kickdrums 3 WAV

Cinematic Sound FX WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Sound FX, Sound Effects, Sound, SFX, FX, Fantastic, Cinematic

Cinematic Sound FX WAV

FANTASTiC | 23 June 2019 | 1.46 GB

•100+ Cinematic Sound FX
•High fidelity uncompressed WAV files
•Includes Risers / Hits / Moments / Glitches / Whooshes / Atmospheres / Elements
•Build beautiful cinematic soundscapes with our bold library

Cinematic Sound FX WAV

FRIDAY Vol.1 DRUM KiT WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Friday, Fantastic, Drum Kit


FANTASTiC | 22 June 2019 | 124 MB

It’s Time ! Brand New Kit By SEEZY “FRIDAY VOL.1” Boost your BEATS with this KIT !

In this KIT you’ll have :
– 12 808
– 5 Claps
– 9 FX
– 19 Open&Closed Hats
– 15 Kicks
– 10 Fills
– 18 Percs
– 24 Samples Loops
– 13 Snares
– 11 Vox

Lots of new KITS coming!, Thanks.


Beginnings WAV MP3, wav mp3 samples sounds, WAV, UNDERSCORE, Mp3, Melodic, Library, Beginnings

Beginnings WAV MP3

FANTASTiC | 22 June 2019 | 1.76 GB

Melodic Underscore Library

– 15 Original Melodies
– 5 Useful Variations: 01 Original, 02 Melody, 03 Bass/Percussion, 04 Strings, 05 Undertones
– 75 Tracks Total
– Most tracks 1-2 minutes long
– Mastered for professional use
– WAV – 96000hz (3.4 GB)
– MP3 – 48000hz (271 MB)
– Royalty Free

Beginnings WAV MP3

Psychedelic Techno 1 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Techno, Psychedelic, P2P

Psychedelic Techno 1 WAV

P2P | 24.06.2019 | 478.75 MB

Back with another instant-classic. This is a new series of Berlin based sounddesign called “Psychedelic Techno” which focuses on psychoacoustic harmonies and soundscapes, but nicely woven into the grid of four to the floor modern Techno. Carefully crafted from scratch, the primarily analog sounds host that so much apprechiated organic feel, which results from the unpredictable noises and small errors of analog gear. This exotic pack contains 701MB of high end 24bit WAV recordings which captured every nouance of the heavy analog synths like the Oberheim OB-6, Juno-106, Eurorack Modularsystem, Minilogue or different Moog models and their analog effect chains. The Drones and background noises are a secret weapon in Techno production as well as he synth hooks and sequences, which also contain some evolving recordings which can be chopped and processed furtheraccording to your taste. The Bass Loops, HiHiat Loops, Fx Loops, Kickdrum Loops etc. are the basic tools to build up your own beats from scratch as these are already perfect sounding source materials. You can find everything you need for a deep and elegant Techno track within this package!

Download contains:
605MB / 270 x 24-bit Wav files
• 10 Background Loops
• 20 Bass Loops
• 20 Beat Loops
• 15 Drone Loops
• 20 Fx Loops
• 10 Hihat Loops
• 10 Kickdrum Loops
• 15 Perc Loops
• 10 Ride Loops
• 10 Snare Loops
• 30 Synth Sequences
• 10 Top Loops
• 90 Oneshots

Psychedelic Techno 1 WAV


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