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Places WAV

FANTASTiC | 10 June 2019 | 1.97 GB

Places Ambience Library supplies you with 111 common or familiar locations from Airport to Zoo. Placing focus on locations with human involved or created environments such as public spaces, event gatherings, and public service infrastructures. Ambiences last from 1-2 minutes in length for use in any place to create a setting or local. 44k/24bit Soundminer enabled.

What’s in the Pack?
•113 Field Recordings

Places WAV

Rave Techno 1 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Techno, Rave Techno, Rave, P2P, 140 BPM

Rave Techno 1 WAV

P2P | 10.06.2019 | 490.96 MB

The year 2019 brought back a huge Rave and Acid revival mixed with Techno influences, on the forefront of this movement there have been DJs like Dax J, 999999999, Regal, Amelie Lens, Boston 168 and Ellen Allien just to name a few.  All Acid lines are produced with real 303 machines or analog modular synthesizers in the Berlin based Studios. The synth lines and bass lines have been created by a well known belgian producer, who is responsible for over 100 Rave and Hardcore records, in the original way with the original analog hardware. The break beats in the beat loop folder are also made with the real 12bit samplers for 100% authentic and original sound in best studio quality. The synth lines are not just short loops, they are mostly whole synth takes over 16 bars so you can chop them, loop them or leave them running.

Download Contains:
– 190 x 24-bit WAV files (695MB)

What’s Inside:
– 10 Acid Loops
– 10 Background Loops
– 20 Bass Loops
– 40 Beat Loops
– 15 Fx Loops
– 10 Hihat Loops
– 15 Kick Loops
– 10 Percussion Loops
– 10 Snare Loops
– 30 Synth Loops
– 10 Top Loops
– 10 Vox fx Loops

Rave Techno 1 WAV

Rezonator v1.1 KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, Tribal House, Tribal, House, Electronic, Downtempo, Deep House, Big Room

Rezonator v1.1 KONTAKT

P2P | 10.06.2019 | 436 MB


Building on the strengths of the previous two hybrid drum designers and kit builders, Konstruktor and Fabrikator, and keeping with the ethos of raw, unpolished percussive sound, Rezonator explores the beauty of contradiction between deep electronic kits and noisy cluster percussion, colored with convolution. Focused electronic kit design is the foundation for a radically new kind of acoustic percussion palette. The simplicity of electronic drums paired with custom cluster instruments—organic, metal, and plastic hand percussion—designed to maximize mayhem and offer practically endless combinations. Discrete sound treatments were used to produce 122 multi-sampled synthetic drum instruments, including pultech filter, tape profile, tube/valve, and wah pedal, and 250 multi-sampled percussion instruments, including custom shakers, rattles, clackers, clappers, drums, ankle bells…and noise sources never seen or heard before.

A total of almost 400 convolution impulses include vinyl/radio/tape/digital noise and static, particulate and granular effects, digital and acoustic sound effects, frequency modeling, mic effects and chorusing, stereo imaging, and new, pitch-based impulses for adding harmonic interest to rhythms. With Rezonator’s totally new sample content, the aim was to pair strong electronic drum sounds with noisy, messy hand percussion, shaped and augmented with convolution impulses. The rhythmic possibilities explode: beats infused with ordered noise jump out of the speakers; delicious rattles and soul-stirring syncopations shake up stale rhythms and give them new dimension. Packed with this kit builder are 54 essential kits, ranging from big, deep house/downtempo kits to dirty, hyperactive electronic/tribal kits. Now with multi-out capability. Get crazy.

Rezonator’s all-new sample content blends custom electronic kits with acoustic cluster percussion. Comprising PulTech, Tape, Tube, and Wah pedal kits, tone-based Modular and New Wave synthesis kits, and a swarm of custom hand percussion, striking percussive combinations emerge.

Sculpt each kit slot with convolution: almost 400 custom-designed impulses that thicken, echo, warp, and spatialize every nuance. Create rippling thuds, buzzing strikes, scintillating shakers, noisy rattles, and resonant drums. Aquatronic, Glitchbomb, Kludgebase, Chordscape…

Control the amount of randomization that is applied to velocity and quantization—separately for each kit slot. Make those snares and hi-hats extra trashy. And with 6 round-robin layers for every articulation, even fully synthetic kits can find a new groove. Let those kits run loose.

Adjustments to tuning, sample start points, decay envelopes, and sample width can be used to control how different convolution impulses color an instrument. Rezonator is multi-out capable: kit slots can be routed to separate output channels for automation control and 3rd party plugins.

Each of the 7 kit slots has three dedicated, independently selectable lowpass, bandpass, and highpass filters, each with dedicated cutoff and resonance knobs for on-the-fly switching. Filtering offers another way to control how convolution impulses color the sound.

A powerful kit-building tool, this feature preserves the kit’s performance controls and offers three randomization modes: sample banks only, convo choices only, or both. With two temporary memory slots for comparing new combos, tailor settings then save a snapshot of your new kit.

Requires the full version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or later!

Rezonator v1.1 KONTAKT

Boom Bap Essentials Vol II WAV DRUMKiDS, wav samples sounds, WAV, Essentials, DRUMKiDS, Boom Bap

Boom Bap Essentials Vol II

Team DRUMKiDS | 09 Jun 2019 | 10.4 MB

It’s finally here. The next installment in the Mad Drums series. This time Confidence has upped his game. You’re getting 20 kits total, plush hats, punchy kicks and gritty snares) mixed with world-class plug ins all ready to go to start creating that boom bap music.

Boom Bap Essentials Vol II WAV-DRUMKiDS

Immersion: Electronic Chill 2 WAV REX, wav rex2 samples sounds, Trap, Synths, Plucks, Pianos, Hip Hop, Flutes, Electronica, Downtempo, Classic Electric Piano, Chillout, 140 BPM

Immersion: Electronic Chill 2

FANTASTiC | 10 June 2019 | 756 MB

‘Immersion: Electronic Chill 2’ is a deeply immersive selection of lush harmonic melodies, windswept atmospheres and rich rhythms to slow the frenetic pace of life down to a steady heart beat. Dive in and dive deep with Loopmsters.  ‘Immersion: Electronic Chill 2’ features over 900 MB of content with a profound selection of loops, one-shots, sampler patches and MIDI files recorded and enriched and for the perfect mix. 182 loops are included with sub heavy synth bass-lines, chunky drums and a myriad of lush music loops, featuring synths, pianos, Classic Electric Piano, flutes, plucks and more. A sleek selection of glitched-up, pitched-up vocals elevates the earthly sounds into another world. 180 one-shots are included and come in pre-formatted sampler patches to get you making magic. A dazzling collection of impressive FX awaits you, as well as all the kicks, hats, percs and snares you’ll need to bring up the beats. Also created are multi-sampled synths, multi-sampled bass synths and pre-sequenced MIDI files to the mix and you’re ready to push the boundaries of expression well into the deep.

‘Immersion Electronic Chill 2’ comes at a smooth 140 BPM, making it ideal for Downtempo, Electronica, Hip Hop, Trap and Chillout music. All melodic content is key labelled for immediate deployment in the mix.

• 946 MB
• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• 27 Vocal Loops
• 26 Hat Loops
• 26 Kick Loops
• 23 Snare Loops
• 21 Synth Loops
• 20 Full Drum Loops
• 11 Bass Loops
• 11 Keys Loops
• 8 Clap Loops
• 8 Perc Loops
• 39 Drum Hits
• 21 FX
• 5 Bass Multis
• 5 Synth Multis
• 199 REX2 Files

Immersion: Electronic Chill 2 WAV REX

Industrial Techno 3 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Techno, P2P, industrial techno, Industrial

Industrial Techno 3 WAV

P2P | 08.06.2019 | 310.30 MB

The third edition of Industrial Techno Sounds is again for all producers who like it harder and darker. This pack is focussed on Beat Elements, Drones and Effects, however it contains also 15 Bass Loops and 20 Synth Loops. Inside the Beat Loops folder you can find different patterns so you can build up your track with an intro, breaks, main part and outro. For the Drones we used this time our modular synth and built and effect chain consisting of distotion stomp boxes and a combination of different reverbs.

Download Contains:
– 254 x 24-bit WAV files (464MB)

What’s Inside:
– 10 Background Noise Loops
– 15 Basslines
– 59 Beat Loops
– 10 Drone Loops
– 20 Fx Loops
– 10 Hihat Loops
– 20 Kickdrum Loops
– 10 Percussion Loops
– 10 Snare Loops
– 20 Synth Sequences
– 20 Top Loops
– 10 Fx Oneshots
– 10 HiHat Oneshots
– 20 Kickdrum Oneshots
– 10 Snaredrum Oneshots

Industrial Techno 3 WAV

TRAPWAY 2 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, TRAPWAY, Fantastic


FANTASTiC | 09 June 2019 | 46 MB

Super exclusive pack. Within this pack you will find 70 high-quality sounds. Inspired by Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Drake, Gunna, ect. This pack is ready for producers to jump right in and start working on any genre ranging from Trap, RnB, Hip-Hop, and many other genres of todays music. Each sample is in WAV format. All sounds have been professionally Mixed and Mastered and Everything is 100% royalty-free!


READY FOR FAME WAV SYNTHiC4TE, wav samples sounds, WAV, SYNTHiC4TE, Ready, for, Fame


SYNTHiC4TE | June 09 2019 | 57 MB

“READY FOR FRAME”. This pack holds 178 hard hitting drums and loops ready to be used in your production. Stve has worked with major artist and companies like Roc Nation, Def Jam, DTP, and more. Also this pack is 100% Royalty Free. Go get your placement


Ignium Library Vol.1 WAV SYNTHiC4TE, wav samples sounds, WAV, Urban Pop, Urban, SYNTHiC4TE, POP, Library, Ignium, EDM

Ignium Library Vol.1 WAV

SYNTHiC4TE | June 09 2019 | 169.83 MB

“Ignium”. This collection has 17 samples which encompass the style of EDM, Pop, and Urban Pop. You definitely will have a time exploring and thinking of different ways you can flip and manipulate these sounds. Enjoy and happy creating

Ignium Library Vol.1 WAV-SYNTHiC4TE

Trap Galaxy Vol.2 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Trap, Galaxy, Fantastic

Trap Galaxy Vol.2 WAV

FANTASTiC | 09 June 2019 | 7 MB

The long awaited sequel to my original drum kit, Trap Galaxy Vol. 1.

– 12 808s
– 4 Claps
– 5 Hi Hats
– 4 Kicks
– 5 Open Hats
– 8 Percs
– 7 Snares

Trap Galaxy Vol.2 WAV


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