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Fight Moves WAV

FANTASTiC | 06 May 2019 | 108 MB

Whooshes are a key component for energy and drama in a fight scene, but can sometimes be over the top. So I recorded a simple but very useful library of cloth moves specifically for fights. They work like whooshes but sound a lot more natural. Three different fabrics: jeans, nylon shorts and a cotton pillow case. All with the same coverage: grabs, single moves (varying intensities), sequenced moves for more variation, and struggling moves for when your character is pinned.

Fight Moves WAV

Waterharp v2.0 KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, WaterHarp, P2P, Kontakt

Waterharp v2.0 KONTAKT

P2P | 06.05.2019 | 4.73 GB

Waterharp is a deeply multi-sampled percussion and effects instrument library that captures the heart and soul of the waterphone. This unique instrument concept was originally developed by Richard Waters in the late 1960s. Waterphones — also commonly known as Water Harps — are found in all shapes and sizes, but they generally follow the same basic design: a brass vessel with a hollow brass water chamber and a long neck. The top side of the chamber is adorned with vertical brass tines or bars. It is played by strumming, striking and bowing these tines, which resonate together creating darkly harmonic or dissonant tones and textures. The tines are cut to specific lengths and arranged to create scales as they wind around the body of the waterphone. Adding water to the chamber and changing the position of the waterphone drastically changes the pitch and harmonics that are produced when the instrument is played. The water chamber itself can also be played as a percussion instrument. Overall, the waterphone can be considered as both a tuned and un-tuned percussion instrument, but is most often used in suspense and horror soundtracks and sound design as a dramatic sound effect tool.

Waterharp v2.0 KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, WaterHarp, P2P, Kontakt

– Bowing (no water) Slow, Medium, Fast FX
– Bowing sweep (water) Slow, Medium, Fast FX
– Bowing 2-note legato
– Bowing Sustain (with and without water)
– Bowing Staccato
– Bowing FX grinding w/ tine buzz (with and without water)
– Bowing FX w/ magnets
– Bowing FX w/ hydrophone (underwater mic)
– Bowing FX w/vocals
– Bowing FX boiling at four different temperature levels
– Mallet Rubber (6-7 velocity layers – 6 round robin) at +16 tines
– Mallet Metal (6-7 velocity layers – 6 round robin) at +8 tines
– Hand Played “Metal Tabla” (10 velocity layers – 10 round robin) bottom and top
– Wooden Mallet (6-7 velocity layers – 6 round robin) at +20 tines
– Hydro Mallets (6 round robin) at +20 tines
– Rubber, Metal and Wooden Mallet Sweeps (Slow, Medium, Fast)
– Hydro-Vocal drones, phrases and more…
– Custom ambiences, including patches by Steven Tavaglione (Ambient music on Wall-E, American Beauty and more)

Requires FULL Kontakt 5.1 or higher!

Waterharp v2.0 KONTAKT


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