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UK Hip Hop Grime & Trap Vocals

DiSCOVER | January/27th/2018 | 534 MB

Ruff, rugged and raw. “UK Hip-Hop, Grime & Trap Vocals” is here! Get busy with 11 fully stemmed out songs with that original UK vibe. From aggressive gangster style to laid back hip-hop, this pack is ready to blow the roof off! If you like artists like Ghetts, Jme, Skepta, Stormzy and grime crews such as Boy Better Know, Newham Generals, Roll Deep, and Ruff Sqwad, then this pack is right up your alley. Throw these vocals in any track and hype your beats up to the next level. Use them for grime, trap, hip-hop, dubstep, drill, drum and bass or more. Recorded in a professional studio on the legendary Neumann U87 microphone for maximum clarity, dynamics and quality. Grab UK Hip-Hop, Grime & Trap Vocals NOW!

……:::::: Contents Of The Pack ::::::……
• Kit_01_You_Dont_See_Me_(Key_Cm)_(125BPM)
• Kit_02_The_Tortured_(Key_Am)_(110BPM)
• Kit_03_Waste_(Key_Am)_(120BPM)
• Kit_04_Breathe_(Key_Gm)_(120BPM)
• Kit_05_See_Them_(Key_Em)_(160BPM)
• Kit_06_Lost_(Key_C#m)_(116BPM)
• Kit_07_Sky_Is_The_Limit_(Key_Dm)_(128BPM)
• Kit_08_Never_With_Them_(Key_D#m)_(120BPM)
• Kit_09_Burn_(Key_A#m)_(121BPM)
• Kit_10_The_Contender_(Key_Em)_(155BPM)
• Kit_11_Open_(Key_Fm)_(150BPM)

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs
• 011 x Fully Stemmed Out Acapellas Kit – (Including: Stems/Loops Files)
• 174 x Individual (WAVs) Files In Total
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……

UK Hip Hop Grime And Trap Vocals WAV-DiSCOVER

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Metal Comb Music Boxes WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, P2P, Music Boxes, Music, Metal, Comb, Boxes

Metal Comb Music Boxes WAV

P2P | 02.05.2019 | 48 kHz/24-bit: 2.18 GB | 192 kHz/24-bit: 7.95 GB

A worldwide unique recording of metal comb music boxes for royalty-free use in films, series and other media productions. Over 12 GB HD Quality recordings up to 24Bit/192kHZ in Stereo X/Y and M/S.

In 128 meta-tagged WAV files recorded with Neumann KMR184 and Schoeps CCM as Stereo X/Y and M/S.

From the Symphonion, the Polyphon the little Britain Salon Piano to the tiny hand-operated piano, everything is there!

Open, closed, padded or not. For each use in your project you will find the right source material immediately.

Music boxes – are mechanical musical instruments that play without human influence (disc – music box) and those in which the human being provides the drive (rotating organ) or influences the playing by hand gear (electric piano). A foundation for the later mechanical and mass production of mechanical music equipment was the introduction of the metal comb. The invention is generally attributed to the Geneva watchmaker Antoine Favre, who is said to have created the first musical works with this sound generator specially developed for mechanical musical instruments in 1796. The principle is very simple: a steel plate is cut several times so that tongues of different lengths are produced. The comb is screwed to a solid bridge, which transmits the vibrations of the tongues to a wooden soundboard.

Metal Comb Music Boxes WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, P2P, Music Boxes, Music, Metal, Comb, Boxes

The tongues are hit by the pins of a brass roller that runs directly past the tines.
In the 1880s, the introduction of the disc music boxes “Plattenspieldosen” was the starting point for the mass consumption of automatic music. Here too, the sound is generated by a metal comb, only the trigger command comes from the pins of the rotating disc. The industrial production of record music boxes was concentrated in Leipzig (Germany) with the local companies Symphonion, Kalliope, Adler and Polyphonen Musikwerke, from which the Deutsche Grammophon-Gesellschaft Berlin-Hannover emerged during the First World War.
The length of the song was determined by the size of the record. In general, one melody is stored on one disk. The size of the sound carriers ranges from 11.5 cm to 68.5 cm.
Music boxes with discs were used for performances for children or as coin-operated machines in large cupboards, as wall cabinets or as table tops.

Metal Comb Music Boxes WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, P2P, Music Boxes, Music, Metal, Comb, Boxes

For some time now, interest in these hard-to-find mechanical musical instruments has been growing again. This is mainly due to private collectors who make their holdings available to the public. One of these enthusiasts was the businessman Rolf Jacobi, who together with his wife Heidi Jacobi collected this unique collection over many decades. Beginning with a little polyphony that his mother gave him, he fell in love with these sound marvels.
We are very pleased that we can now offer this unique collection to a wider public, so that these beauties do not fall into oblivion. We thank Heidi Jacobi for the permission to record these devices. Especially Rainer Scharl, who helped us with the production from the beginning. And of course to the rest of the Jacobi team.

This impressive collection can be used in many ways. Often you need background music in a scene or as main music in a playful media production. Not to mention holiday greetings. As a sound effect in feature films, authentic sound cannot be used often enough to adapt the scenery to the time. These machines were mainly used in the 18th century. For this reason it can be that sometimes an instrument starts to grind down a little. We have deliberately refrained from elaborate sound processing in order not to destroy this very charm. But that doesn’t mean that we kept the footage in its raw state. Every track was carefully inspected, the volume was adjusted and unavoidable sound improvement with equalizers and compressors were made in a gentle way.
Recorded in 192 kHz with a stereo X/Y and a stereo M/S setup. In addition to this high quality download, each customer also receives a 48 kHZ download for fast use in common projects. Don’t hesitate to ask us for additional sample rates, we are happy to offer other download versions upon request.
All these songs are royalty free and can be used in all your projects without GEMA registration or reporting to other collecting society, like all our other sound effects. Detailed information about the license terms can be found in the End User License Agreement.

– X/Y Stereo – 2 x Neumann KMR81
– M/S Stereo – 1 x Schoeps CCM 4 , 1 x Schoeps CCM 8

1 x Sounddevices MixPre-6

Metal Comb Music Boxes WAV

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Dumpster Door WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Sound Effects, SFX, FX, Fantastic, Dumpster, Door

Dumpster Door WAV

FANTASTiC | 01 May 2019 | 71 MB

This is a metal dumpster door with a really emotive creak. It’s pretty heavy sounding on it’s own but you’ll notice in the demo, as each sound plays, a one octave lower version of the same sound plays immediately after to show how well these pitch. The last slam is two octaves below the original.

Awesome source material for designing larger doors, creepy atmospheres and dramatic booms.
•Categories: Foley.
•Type: Heavy door sound effects / recordings
•Specs: 43 files • 43 sounds • 24 bit / 96 kHz

Dumpster Door WAV

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The Kount WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, P2P, Kount

The Kount WAV

P2P | 01 May 2019 | 287 MB

The Kount commands a distinctive sound that combines funky melodies with irresistible beats. Explore everything from slick synth riffs to swung percussive loops in his debut sample pack.

The Kount WAV

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Sonic Mayhem REX Noize Loops REFiLL TNC, refills, TNC, Sonic Mayhem, Sonic, REX, Refill, Noize, Mayhem, Loops

REX Noize Loops REFiLL

Team TNC | 21/04/02 | 565.59 MB

The essential REFill pack, jammed with dramatic, dynamic and totally original sounds, from crisp future beats to jaw dropping mad loops to startling new substractor patches.

This cd includes:
– over 270 Rex2 loops, in full stereo with custom detailed stereo effects.
– over 80 all original and unique Substractor patches.
– over 150 single nwe drum sounds for your sampler of choice.
– over 10 complete new Redrum kits, from icy clean to ultra damaged.
– over 30 custom patch configurations, secret tweaks, and professional set-up files.
– all files also provided in complete .wav and .aiff formats.
– full support and hassle-free import into Acid, Cubase and Nuendo.

Sonic Mayhem REX Noize Loops REFiLL-TNC

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Acoustic Vocals Vol.9 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples sounds, WAV, Vocals, POP, MIDI, Fantastic, EDM, Acoustic, 135 BPM, 110 135 BPM, 110 BPM

Acoustic Vocals Vol.9 WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 01 May 2019 | 214 MB

Acoustic Vocals Vol 9 with 3 acoustic construction kits to let you sta rt your next vocal production track!  Two male and one female a-capella files in wet, dry and raw and as always the stems of each demo in wav and midi format!  Crystal clear guitars, sweet pianos, bass, pads and basic drum patterns that will allow you to build on your next vocal smash hit.  With BPM of 110 and 135 makes it, a more than one genre, choice for a number of EDM and POP styles.  Over all this new addition follows the know and succesful receipe, simple and clean as always it lets your imagination and production skill shine!  Imagine getting the basic for a song that you have to produce or remix!  That’s the challenge here and that’s what will help you stick out from the rest!  A blank canvas to your next vocal hit production.  Just simply drag and drop all the elements of any project to your favorite DAW you are good to go!  Simply drag and drop all the elements of any project to your favourite DAW you are good to go.  This pack includes two male and one female vocal project.

• 3 Projects (110 and 135 BPM)
• 46 Acapella Files (wet/dry/raw)
• 14 Instrument Stems
Piano, Guitar, Drums, Pads, Bass
• 11 MIDI Files
• 314 MB Zipped / 709 MB Unzipped

Acoustic Vocals Vol.9 WAV MiDi

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Fantasy Elements WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, fantasy, Fantastic, Elements

Fantasy Elements WAV

FANTASTiC | 01 May 2019 | 51 MB

Our team of sound designers have composed sounds used in several major motion picture advertising campaigns including “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, “Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension” and “Snow White and the Huntsman”.

These sounds are ideal for:
• Item Pickup / Drop
• Unlock
• UI
• Spells
• Weapon

Fantasy Elements WAV

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Horns KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, TALOS, P2P, Kontakt, Horns


P2P | 02.05.2019 | 3.7 GB

Recorded on the same stage as our flagship libraries Jaeger and Cerberus, the TALOS series is the next addition to our ever-expanding range of orchestral sample libraries. All TALOS libraries are about big ensemble sizes that can go from soft and subtle to earth-shatteringly epic. One of the main goals and challenges for the series was to create libraries that can go the full sonic range in a larger than life ensemble size but still retain all of their realism. We’ve ensured that the TALOS libraries not only blend perfectly with our other libraries (Jaeger, Cerberus, etc.) but truly sit well in a mix and enhance your writing experience. For Volume One, we recorded a rich sounding 12 player horn ensemble. In addition to a wide range of standard articulations, we recorded real legato transitions, which in combination with our critically acclaimed legato script will allow you to play fantastically realistic melodic lines.

Horns KONTAKT, kontakt samples sounds, TALOS, P2P, Kontakt, Horns

Legato articulations:
– Legato (3 DYN, 1 RR)

Long articulations:
– Sustained (3 DYN, 1 RR)

Short articulations:
– Marcato Long (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Marcato Short (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Staccato (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Staccatissimo (3 DYN, 5 RR)
– Rip (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Bend (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Double Tongue (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Triple Tongue (1 DYN, 2 RR)
– Quadruple Tongue (1 DYN, 2 RR)

The traditional orchestral sections in Talos – Horns are complemented by an extensive and incredibly flexible sound design section. All of the sound design comes from the original orchestral recordings and it is really easy to create your own, customized sounds in very few steps.

– Hard Braaams
– Soft Braaams
– Low Pads
– Tonal Atmos
– Atonal Atmos



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CARS V8 WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, V8, Sound Effects, SFX, FX, Cars, Car


P2P | 02.05.2019 | 9.51 GB

9 CARS worth of untamed, mind-blowing SFX

We present to you V8 CARS — the unleashed giant brother of “EVERYDAY CARS” and “CARS – SUVS AND VANS” as our third installment in the CARS series. The legendary sound of classics like the 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle, Ford Mustang, 1968 Plymouth Satellite and the sheer fury of a 750 horse-power Ford Shelby GT500, among others, are now available in astonishing definition and sublime detail.

CARS V8 – Onboard + Exterior
All onboard engine recordings include slow, medium, fast, steady and other sounds from the engine, exhaust and interior perspective. The exterior features approaches, turning corners, distant sounds, passes, reverses, starts and rev-ups. Additional sounds like handling, horns and more round off the package.

For Films, Games & Beyond
V8 CARS stands prepared to master any linear or interactive challenge that gets thrown your way as a sound designer. With the vast variety of sounds available, you will have the perfect audio to match at your disposal, whether authentic real-time engine ramps or heavily edited film scenes are on the table. Pay close attention to the changes in perspective in the announcement trailer.

V8 Cars:
– Buick Regal (1976)
– Chevrolet Chevelle Big Block (1966)
– Chevrolet Chevelle Small Block (1966)
– Chevrolet Express 1500 (1997)
– Dodge Durango (2007)
– Ford Galaxie XL (1968)
– Ford Mustang (1966)
– Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 (2007)
– Plymouth Satellite (1968)



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Organ Pipe Music Boxes WAV, wav samples sounds, WAV, Pipe, Organ Pipe, Organ, Music Boxes, Music, Boxes

Organ Pipe Music Boxes WAV

P2P | 02.05.2019 | 2.32 GB

Second part of the lovingly assembled Jacobi Collection. Organs of the 17th and 18th century! Everyone knows them but here are the originals!

In 186 meta-tagged WAV files recorded with Neumann KMR184 and Schoeps CCM as Stereo X/Y and M/S.

From the Harmonipan, the Ignaz Brueder & Soehne, Astor, Empire to the french cabinet, everything is there!

Super rare instruments beautifully recorded. This collection charms and is unique worldwide!

Pipes included:
Harmonipan, German Drehorgel, Ignaz Brueder, Astor, British salon organ Empire – British float cabinet, french cabinet and more…

– X/Y Stereo – 2 x Neumann KMR81 M/S Stereo – 1 x Schoeps CCM 4 , 1 x Schoeps CCM 8
– 1 x Sounddevices MixPre-6

Organ Pipe Music Boxes WAV

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