DiSCOVER | 07 JANUARY 2013 | 192 MB

We’re happy to present you Dope808. Is it another stock 808 library? Yes and no, but mostly… no. Sure, it is inspired by modern 808 sound and yes, it has all those big & tuned in key kicks, crispy snares & hihats, wide cymbals, snappy toms, cowbells, congas & other misc samples achieved by torture of our tape machines – but it’s not a big allround library of stock sounds. In fact, we think that this little library is a perfect companion for all your 808 and non-808 samples. It’ll defenitely bring some ‘fresh air’ to your drum patterns. Just download the demo and try it yourself!

All samples in this collection are are multiformat and 100% compatible with modern hardware & software samplers.



  • completely royalty free material to use within your commercial compositions
  • 354 drum samples divided in to 9 categories: kick, snare, clap, misc, hats, cymbal, tom kicks, toms & congas
  • 4 formats: 16 bit WAV, 24 bit WAV, 24 bit AIFF, Maschine (tagged wav files, no kits)
  • 100% compatibility with all modern software & hardware samplers


All samples in this library are royalty free…

SERIES: One Shot
FORMATS: WAV • AIFF • Maschine
SUITABLE FOR GENRES: Hip Hop • R&B • Pop • Dubstep
TYPE: Drum Hits • Percussion Hits


Electro House Progressions WAV REX

Team AudioP2P | Date: ???? | 542.64 MB

Over 500 MB of cutting-edge 24-Bit material, expertly produced using a wide range of new and vintage analogue equipment. As well as an excellent standalone in its own right, this library is designed to work as an accompaniment to our hugely successful first release, Electro House Underground. The combined content of Electro House Underground and Electro House Progressions gives you access to a huge and ultimately complete collection of inspirational Royalty-Free electro, progressive and minimal samples, influenced by the current underground dance music scene and its leading producers.

What’s included in the pack?
Blistering analogue basses, essential minimal stabs, crusty vintage synth loops and frantic minimal drum loop bliss. Original Roland TB-303 loops, crispy top loops, live percussion loops, sizzling synth FX and over 200 original drum hits and glitch percussion.

Technical Specifications:

  • • 596 WAV Samples
  • • 108 Minimal/Progressive Drumloops
  • • 75 Blistering Bass Loops
  • • 65 Synth & Stab Parts
  • • 37 Roland TB-303 Loops
  • • 55 Sizzling FX Samples
  • • 46 Live Percussion Loops
  • • 210 Drum Hits & Glitch Samples
  • • 329 Rex2 Files


Electro House Progressions Kit List:

  • • Minimoog
  • • Juno 6
  • • Juno 106
  • • TB-303
  • • Prophet 08
  • • Waldorf Pulse
  • • Nord Lead 2
  • • Nord Lead 3
  • • Sherman Filterbank
  • • Vintage Big Muff Distortion Pedal
  • • SPL Gainstation


Electro House Progressions WAV REX-AudioP2P


Golden Ears Audio Eartraining TUTORiAL

P2P | 26.02.2015 | 2.65 GB

An audio ear-training course for recording engineers, producers and musicians. Moulton started doing such training as an educational exercise for students back in 1969, and has since used it everywhere. In 1992, KIQ Productions asked Moulton to make it commercially available, and the rest is history. I’m personally very proud of these drills, and pleasantly surprised and honored by how widely they’ve been adopted and put into use around the world. Many private individuals, studios, broadcasting organizations, colleges and universities have all adopted Golden Ears. I know of nothing else like them, except for a couple of very specialized and highly developed in-house computer programs for ear-training. Certainly nothing else that is commercially available. If you want to improve your audio hearing acuity and knowledge, these are a great tool!

Vol. 1: Frequencies
Trains you to recognize boosts and cuts in all ten octaves of the frequency spectrum. Progressive drills build from simple boosts in music to more demanding single octave cuts in pink noise.

Vol. 2: Effects & Processing
31 possible signal processing changes, grouped into simple families: amplitude change, gross and subtle distortion, slow and fast release compression, equalization changes, stereophony anomalies and time-delay / reverberation settings.

Vol. 3: Delays and Decays
Delay settings from tenths of a millisecond to whole seconds; panning / slap / spaciousness effects — in mono and stereo, on sustained and transient sounds. Reverb parameters — predelays, decay times, etc. Invaluable when creating programs.

Vol. 4: Master frequencies
Advanced EQ. Identify cuts and boosts to within a third of an octave; and two octave bands simultaneously boosted and/or cut.

Golden Ears Audio Eartraining TUTORiAL


Obsidian DeathTrap WAV

P2P | 08 April 2019 | 52.9 MB

113 Samples of modular synthesizer chaos, data glitches, harsh noise, and granular effects. 48k/16bit Wav.

Obsidian DeathTrap Sample Pack WAV


Rockstar Dreams Drumkit WAV

DiSCOVER | 29 SEPTEMBER 2013 | 23 MB

Rockstar dreams come true with this drumkit. This sound collection come with over +115 rock, metal and hiphop inspired sounds and effects. Rockstars stand up!

Drumkit contains:

  • 10 Claps
  • 10 Cymbals
  • 15 FXs
  • 15 Hats
  • 20 Kicks
  • 10 Loops
  • 20 Snares
  • 15 Toms

Rockstar Dreams Drumkit WAV


Back Hoe WAV

FANTASTiC | 07 April 2019 | 206 MB

A collection of sounds from a typical backhoe construction vehicle. Big metal bucket slams and creaks, hydraulic legs extending and retracting, big dirt scrapes and of course working away digging a hole.

Type: Construction sound effects / recordings
Specs: 34 files • 34 sounds • 16 & 24 bit / 48kHz

Back Hoe WAV


Extra Tech & Deep House

FANTASTiC | 07 April 2019 | 530 MB

Flagman Extra Tech & Deep House is 3 construction kits at 123 BPM. Tech & deep style with extra kicks, deep basses and underground synth. Based on experience for more than 10 years, we decided to start creating samples to inspire other producers.

• 3 Construction Kits
• 54 Loops WAV 44.1 kHz, 24-bit.
• Genre: Tech House, Deep House
• Size: 618 MB Zipped – 1.49Gb Unzipped
• Instrument types: Bass, Drums, FX, Synths and Demo Song

Extra Tech and Deep House WAV


Battle Trap WAV

FANTASTiC | 07 April 2019 | 259 MB

Battle Trap, is a brand new set of trap bangers inspired by artists like 2 Chainz, Drake, Future, Travis Scott, Migos, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Metro Boomin, and many more.  This pack has the sounds you need if you are trying to get TV placements, create a club banger or get serious radio airplay. Create your masterpiece from all the inspirational content just waiting to be chopped up, filtered and customized with your special musical touch.

• 5 Construction kits
• 24bit, 44.1khz WAV
• 385.6 MB Unzipped
• Key and tempo labeled

Battle Trap WAV



P2P | 08.04.2019 | 1.89 GB

Oceania is a choir library for thematic writing. It’s built from a variety of performance-sourced assets which cater to spontaneity, energy, and syllable cohesion. Part and parcel is the ability to handle variation in phrase length and playing speed.

– 48 singers (24 women and 24 men, recorded separately)
– Ten syllables
– True repetition sampling
– Two types of releases with multiple control options
– Recorded in a hall with 2 mic positions (close and far)
– 48 kHz / 24-bit

Full retail version of Kontakt 5.5.1 required



Berlin Influence WAV

FANTASTiC | 03 April 2019 | 255 MB

In this pack you will find everything to create a new, unique sound of Melodic House & Techno music This pack inspired by the best Superstars labels of House and Techno music like Drum Code, Suara, Cocoon, Kompakt , Diynamic, Noir Music, Turbo Recordings and more!  Our Loops and Sounds are coming from analogue Synthesizers like Korg ARP Odyssey, Moog Sub Phatty, Elektron Analog Keys, Elektron Analog Four, Novation Peak, Roland System-8, Roland System-8, Moog Sub 37, Access Virus TI2, Dave Smith Pro 2, Minimoog Model D, Roland Jupiter-80, Dave Smith Prophet-6, Dave Smith Prophet 12, Dave Smith OB-6, Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Octatrack MKII.

They are recorded in a professional studio with high end equipments like SSL, Neve, Universal audio, SPL, Antelope, Avalon, Tube-Tech and more.

All samples are tempo-tagged, meaning they will slot right into your arrangement and match to the tempo of your project.

All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free (including the vocal loops).

Pack Details:
• 29 Arps Loops
• 20 Bass Loops
• 10 Chord Synths Loops
• 20 Full Drums Loops
• 10 Fx Texture Loops
• 10 HiHat Loops
• 20 Percs Loops
• 26 Synths Loops
• 145 WAV Files at 120
• Download size: 335 MB (unzipped)
• Loops sync to BPM
• 44.1 kHz/24-Bit
• BPM and Key available

Berlin Influence WAV


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