INTENSITY v1.2.0 WiN REPACK R2R, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins plugins vst plugins rtas aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, VST3, VST, RTAS, R2R, Mastering, Loudness, Intensity, Detail, Density, Clarity, AAX


Team R2R | Jan 03 2028 | 26 MB


Detail | Clarity | Density | Loudness

INTENSITY is a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms, INTENSITY brings out a sound’s inherent detail, increases its perceived loudness and density, and adds insane amounts of clarity. The unique algorithm carves out important signal features – making sounds sound more like themselves – and is operated with essentially one control. Between the proprietary algorithm and an optional soft-knee saturating limiter in the plugin’s output stage, INTENSITY also excels at attaining maximum loudness and creating a beautifully aggressive tone.

The key INTENSITY features at a glance:
– Mastering-grade processing for more detail, clarity, density and loudness.
– Intuitive and fast workflow using a streamlined set of controls.
– Proprietary INTENSITY circuit with optional frequency-dependent BIAS function.
– Additional precision soft-knee saturating limiter at the output stage.


Singularities v1.0 for Ableton 10, alp ableton live, Singularities, ALP, Ableton 10, Ableton

Singularities v1.0 for Ableton 10

P2P | 22 Dec 2018 | 76.5 MB

Singularities makes use of single samples and finely tuned, expressive parameters to capture the sound and feel of classic synths and samplers. Included are 40 Instrument Racks, plus MIDI clips and drum kits – all the parts you need for a complete track. The Pack is a project of Ableton’s lead sound designer, Huston Singletary, the brain behind a lot of the tweakable instruments, clips and other sounds in Live 10. He put the same attention to detail into making Singularities something that’s both true to a musical aesthetic and easily malleable.

Sampling the classic way
You’ll find the usual synth suspects in the gear list for this Pack, those that defined that brilliant 80s sound – Juno 106, Minimoog, Oberheim OB-X and Korg Polysix among them. There are 40 Simpler-based Instrument Racks built from the above, with bass, pads, leads and keys, each with eight Macros that give diverse options for sound-shaping. But the approach to capturing these classics went beyond the norm. All 40 Simpler/Sampler instruments were made using a single sample – the same approach as classic samplers, which offered a signature sound based on single-sample playback. The effect is a somewhat rawer and more digital sound that cuts through the mix quite nicely.

Playable and authentic
Aside from the audible impact, the presets are very lightweight in terms of load time and CPU usage. Yet they still feel very satisfying and realistic to play. It’s thanks to the care and expertise that’s gone into recreating the playability of all those vintage synths and samplers – fine-tuning parameters like velocity, keytracking and filter envelopes to respond in a similar way to classic hardware.

Built on experience
Huston has 25 years of experience as sound designer and musician with the industry’s leading synth manufacturers – so a deep understanding of what makes synths tick has gone into the development. It’s subtle and often-overlooked interactions with filters, envelopes and other fundamental effects that so often define sonic characteristics – Huston has worked with just about every synth you can name, and knows how to recreate their essence in the software domain.

Pack contents:
– 40 Simpler-based Instrument Rack presets – bass, pad, lead and keys
– 2 Drum Kits
– 150 Drum and Music MIDI clips
– -3 Demo songs

Singularities v1.0 for Ableton 10

Riddim Dubstep Weapons WAV ABLETON LiVE TEMPLATE DiSCOVER, wav presets patches samples als ableton live, Weapons, WAV, Template, Riddim, Dubstep, DISCOVER, Ableton Live Template, Ableton Live, Ableton

Riddim Dubstep Weapons

TM DiSCOVER | December/28th/2017 | 257 MB


Imagine an arsenal of unstoppable armor piercing dubstep samples and presets. Relentless riddim dubstep beats, drums and sounds. Meticulously crafted by top producers for maximum impact! On top of this, we have created a top notch riddim dubstep template for Ableton Live to inspire your future productions and help you learn how the pros construct their songs. Complete with royalty-free samples, presets and MIDI data. Enter the battlefield armed with Riddim Dubstep Weapons! – Grab it now!

……:::::: Specifications ::::::……
Format: WAVs/DAW Project
• 090 x Fresh Slamming Drum (One-Shots) Samples:
• 010 x Claps
• 025 x Cymbals: (15 x Hi-Hats – 10 x Rides)
• 020 x Kicks
• 010 x Percussion Loops
• 010 x Snare Rolls
• 015 x Snares
• 100 x Meticulously Crafted Bass Hits
• 030 x Original Bass Loops
• 025 x Killer Melodic Loops
• 060 x Vocal Shouts To Spice Up Your Tracks
• 035 x Dazzling Effects
• 003 x Riddim Dubstep Vox
• 001 x Ableton Live Template
• Key And Tempo-Labelled
• 44.1kHz 24-Bit High Quality
• Compatible With All DAWs
• PC & Mac Compatible
• Royalty-Free

……:::::: DEMO/PREViEW ::::::……


Best Riddim Presets For Ni MASSiVE NMSV DISCOVER, presets patches nmsv massive, Riddim, Presets, NMSV, NI Massive, NI, Massive, for NI Massive, DISCOVER, Best

Best Riddim Presets MASSiVE

DISCOVER | 07 MARCH 2015 | 4 MB

…::: 41 NI Massive Presets! :::…

Introducing “Best Riddim Presets”. The NEWEST and without a doubt the BEST preset pack for Riddim Dubstep out right now. This high quality preset pack comes with: 41 very intense presets covering not only Bass but Leads, Fx and more.  If you are wanting to take your Dubstep or any bass music genre then this will probably be your break through… Also included in this is: 4 Drumloops + 1 Vocal sample!

Please Note:
• Require Massive V. 1.3+ and up.

Best Riddim Presets For Ni MASSiVE NMSV-DISCOVER

RIDDIM WAV Ni Massive AUDIOSTRiKE, presets patches nmsv massive samples, WAV, Riddim, NI Massive, NI, Massive, AUDIOSTRiKE


AUDiOSTRiKE | 14/01/2015 | 110 MB

Riddim, Swamp, Trench, Wonk. All these words mean the same thing: The time has come for Dubstep to return to the roots and get more bouncy and savage than it has ever been before. RIDDIM. A collection of Massive presets and audio samples to give your next dubplate that…

Dirty UK-style vibe:
– 8 Original drum kits filled with agressive kicks, snappy snares and full loops.
– 50 Brand new Massive presets specially designed for Riddim Dubstep.
– 92 Brutal bass loops and wet wobbles all key labeled.
– 12 One shots of ultra-sharp synths.
– 28 Futuristic and alarming sounds to use as atmospheric FXs.
– All these sounds are at a top notch 24-bit audio quality and the loops at 140bpm. Every Massive patches come with 8 macro controls to tweak the sound to your liking. Just drag and drop these samples in your favourite DAW and you will immediately get a potential Riddim banger. So listen to the demo and get ready to skank out!

Download contains:
– 92 bass loops, 12 one shot synths, 8 drum kits (19 wav loops and 33 one shot drums), 28 atmospheric FXs. Total of 184 24-bit wav samples. 50 presets for NI Massive. Download size: 148MB unzipped.


Glitch Funk Toolkits WAV MiDi NMSV, presets patches patterns midi nmsv massive samples, WAV, Toolkits, NMSV, Neuro Hop, MIDI, Glitch Hop, Glitch, Funk, Electro, Bass Music, 115 BPM, 105 115 BPM, 105 BPM

Glitch Funk Toolkits WAV MiDi NMSV

P2P | 30.12.2018 | 188 MB

Glitch Hop, Neuro Hop, Electro or Bass Music

‘Glitch Funk Toolkits’ is a must-have collection compiling more than 300 MB of unusual and fresh samples. This is an essential pack for any Glitch Hop, Neuro Hop, Electro or Bass Music enthusiast, or even if you’re a producer looking for a highly inventive and funky sound suite. Professionally created and mixed with high-end processors and plugins and state-of-the-art processing techniques, this pack has been designed to help you get that polished and crispy sound with ease. All the drums, basses, synths and loops, ranging from 105 to 115 BPM, have been flawlessly layered and processed, so all you need to do is fire them in your tracks, adjust to your taste and watch them go! This pack features 10 comprehensive ready-to-drop drum kits, each sorted in five groups (Layered Kicks, Layered Snares, Hats, Percussions & Other) to use directly for instant results. They also included the separate drum hits to split and mix them differently and recreate your own drum pattern. It also features 25 heavy modulated WAV kits with unique basses, neuro Reeces and growls sorted by key. Use these to instantly add life to your basslines with no fuss! The pack would be missing something if Tunecraft hadn’t added seven funky and key-labelled Kits, as well as 96 synths shots to add funk and spice, or help you find inspiration! Finally you’ll get the carefully crafted Massive presets used to create the raw bass materials as a bonus if you want to create your own.


  • • 50 Huge-sounding drum loops to start your track or slice and dice for extra flexibility
  • • 144 Drum hits finely layered and sculpted to mix and match your own kits, broken down into hard-hitting kicks, snappy snares, hats, fills, percussions, & more
  • • 210 Shattering bass shots with cutting Reeces, heavy filtered basses and distorted neuro filth – all key-labelled & ready to use
  • • 82 Mashed funky loops, all tempo and key-labelled, excellent song starters and great tools for chopping up
  • • 96 Synths shots with funky stabs, phasing chords, talking leads, synced saws and chunky hits to spice up your tracks
  • • 10 Massive presets for heavy modulated, fat-sounding basses and Reeces, macro mapped for extra tweaking



Glitch Funk Toolkits WAV MiDi NMSV

Imperial WAV ALP, wav presets patches samples alp adg ableton live, WAV, P2P, Imperial, Grime

Imperial WAV

P2P | 31.12.2018 | 467.96 MB

‘Imperial’ brings you sounds all the way from East Ukraine, this heavyweight sample train carries a truly imperial load of sounds & loops for all the Grime heads out there. ‘Imperial’ is a whacking load of grimiest sonic material aimed to fuel your production to the highest standards of the game. Inside this pack you’re going to find everything the scene preaches, grave & murky atmospheres, noisy FX shots, arppeggiated and 8-Bit synth lines alongside wretched bass cuts and of course, thudding & piercing rhythmic solutions to keep it all moving.

Don’t be afraid to get lost in this sonic dungeon, as all the samples are neatly organised & key labelled.

• 24-Bit/44.1kHz
• 140 BPM
• 12 Pad Loops
• 59 Bass Loops
• 22 Drum Loops
• 22 Hat Loops
• 22 Top Loops
• 15 Percussion Loops
• 22 Kick & Snare/Clap Loops
• 74 Synth Loops
• 18 FX Loops
• 30 Bass One-Shots
• 31 Synth One-Shots
• 24 Kicks
• 29 Snares
• 9 Claps
• 10 Gun Clicks
• 32 Percussion Hits
• 38 Hats
• Ableton Live 10 Drum Rack
• Ableton Live 9 808 Bass Sampler Rack
• 5 Ableton FX Racks

Imperial WAV

Composite Keys MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt sfz refills presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples, SXT, sfz, P2P, NKI, MULTiFORMAT, Keys, Fxp, Exs, Composite, ALP

Composite Keys MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 31.12.2018 | ALP: 524 MB | UNiVERSAL: 623 MB

Composite Keys features sounds from the WSA1, the one and only synthesizer ever made by a world-famous turntable manufacturer. With its coolish and digital acoustic modeling sound the WSA1 didn´t make it to everyone´s heart so today it definately has found its place in the Top 10 of the most underrated synthesizers ever. The Live Pack includes 20 full-blown Instrument Racks with velocity-layered stereo samples. The samples also contain a proper portion of the WSA1´s internal effect engine and thus provide a realistic feel and sound of this lovely piece of vintage gear.

Live Pack:
– requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
– 20 Instr. Racks, 629 velocity-layered stereo samples, 990 MB

Universal Format:
– SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
– 20 x 5 Patches, 629 velocity-layered stereo samples, 990 MB

Composite Keys MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt sfz refills presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples, SXT, sfz, P2P, NKI, MULTiFORMAT, Keys, Fxp, Exs, Composite, ALP

Composite Keys MULTiFORMAT

Binaries MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt sfz presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples alp ableton live, SXT, sfz, P2P, NKI, MULTiFORMAT, Fxp, Exs, Binaries, ALP


P2P | 31.12.2018 | ALP: 320 MB | UNiVERSAL: 431 MB

Binaries is a collection of FM sounds that where captured from a 90ies ISA soundcard. Almost every soundcard of this time contained an OPL3 chip that was capable of producing 4-Operator FM sounds from 8 different waveforms and several tricky algorithms. According to these becnhmarks Binaries delivers a stunning collection of classical FM patches like Rhodes, Clavinet, Bells and Basses but also delivers several non-classified sound design patches. Each patch in the library is made of several velocity layers that reproduce the authentic sound of this time as it was heard in hundreds of computer games. Sampled from the soundboard´s noisy 16bit output all sounds introduce an unique mixture of pristine FM clarity and dusty digital to analog conversion.

Live Pack:
– requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
– 35 Instrument Racks w/ velocity layers
– 1692 Samples, 480 MB

Universal Format:
– SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
– 35 x 5 Patches w/ velocity layers
– 1692 Samples, 470 MB


Reverb Machine TAL U NO LX Presets, tal u no lx presets patches, TAL U NO LX, Reverb, Presets, P2P, Machine

Reverb Machine For TAL U-NO-LX

P2P | 31.12.2018 | 433.94 KB

Nostalgic eighties synth goodness.

An instant classic, the Roland Juno synths have a flair for bringing warmth to any track they touch. With the killer combo of digital oscillators and that legendary chorus sound, the Juno synths are a true beast. With these 138 patches for TAL U-NO-LX, you’ll have the recognizable full range of classic Juno sounds at your fingertips.

That Juno Chorus
The Juno-60 came equipped with an arpeggiator function. You’ll find a variety of arpeggiator patches, including Chiptune Chords, Stranger Things Arps and Synthwave Basslines, that trigger DAW-synced 8th note basslines, perfect for synthwave music and driving basslines!

Although usually associated with chorused chords and leads, the Juno synths could also provide some monster bass. The patches are divided into Brassy, Long and Plucked, letting you easily find a bass patch for your production. The sounds run the gamut from thin, soulful basses to huge, powerful tones, and also included are some rumbling basses perfect for soundtrack work.

The combination of digital oscillators and an analog chorus is a great combination for ambient pads. Some of my favourite presets are the Drifting Keys patches, reminiscent of Boards of Canada, the self-explanatory Ambient Eno patches, and the Ethereal patches that take U-NO-LX into strange places.

The patches are perfect for use in psychedelic, indie, ambient and synthwave music, and were designed to inspire new compositions. The original Juno specialises in chorused-leads, swirling pads and huge bass sounds, and you’ll find all the Tame Impala, Mac DeMarco, Pond, Homeshake and Timecop1983 patches from my tutorials in this preset bank alongside patches that push the Juno sound to new limits.

Reverb Machine TAL U-NO-LX Presets


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