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Idyllic WAV MP3

FANTASTiC | 03 January 2019 | 2.75 GB

Deliberately Simple: The tracks in Idyllic are beautifully restrained and intentionally subtle. Easily dial them back to sit beneath a voice over, or use them to carry your story forward in a simpler way than a full-blown score. Made for Emotion: Each melody is meant to bring out certain feelings in your scene. Some are introspective and reverent… others are blissful and pure joy. Because the melodies are recorded in multiple variations, you can create your own unique mixes for your wedding films, narrative projects, or commercials.

Tutorial: Getting Started with Idyllic
A step-by-step walkthrough of how to build the underscore from the Idyllic trailer.

20 Original Melodies
We started with 20 original melodies, each designed to evoke a specific feeling in your viewer.

5 Unique Variations
We recorded each melody in 5 different ways. Use variations on their own or combined with others to create your own micro-score.

Professional Grade
Inspiring sound design is now attainable for filmmakers at every level of the game.

The sounds are professionally mastered and compatible with all major editing platforms, including Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X.

•20 Original Melodies
•5 Useful Variations: 01 Full Mix, 02 Air, 03 Melody, 04 Strings, 05 Undertones
•100 Tracks Total
•Most tracks 1-2 minutes long
•Mastered for professional use
•Royalty Free

Idyllic WAV MP3

The Big Bad Beatmachine AKAi CDDA DViSO, cdda samples akai audio samples, Yamaha, Vintage, Simmons, Sequential, Oberheim, Linn, KORG, E MU, DViSO, Drum Machines, Drum Machine, CDDA, Big, Beatmachine, Bad, Alesis, Akai, 70s

The Big Bad Beatmachine

Team DViSO | 02/07/2004 | 175.16 MB

Here it is! The only complete collection of Drum Machines on CD ROM! Mapped to General MIDI with an Audio CD version on the same CD. Every crucial drum machine since the early 70’s is mapped out and ready to use and swap out. You get 39 classic Drum Machines, all of the Roland classics, Sequential, Korg, Simmons, Yamaha, Alesis, E-MU, Oberheim, Linn and AKAI machines. These drums kick, shout and breath life into every project!

The Big Bad Beatmachine AKAi CDDA-DViSO

The Keyless Piano Body KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Piano, P2P, Kontakt, Keyless, Body

The Keyless Piano Body KONTAKT

P2P | 02.01.2019 | 1.46 GB

The Keyless Piano Body is a Kontakt Patch library that features an abandoned upright piano without keyboard. It combines the sounds of 3 extensive recording sessions that took place for the Rolfing series which was originally available as Live Pack only. For session 1 and 2 the body was brought to a studio and literally laid back so that various things like plastic balls, felt balls, glasses and much more could be thrown in to excite the strings. At the end of both sessions tons of samples were ready to edit. They now form 13 Kontakt instruments that encompass several precisely tuned pianos plus many prepared piano sets. Session 3 was kind of a field recording gig as the piano remains were meanwhile moved to a rural garden area. The nightly recordings were done 6-channel so that several sample sets from 2 acoustic mics and 4 contact pick ups could be created. Again, the Kontakt instruments from this session feature the sounds of a rotten piano that is lovely and impressive at the same time. In a second pass the piano strings were treated with a stell jazz brush to bring up 3 multi-channel sets with prepared piano-like sounds.

The Keyless Piano Body KONTAKT

Rolfing Laid Back Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt sfz presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples alp ableton live, SXT, sfz, Rolfing, P2P, NKI, Laid, Fxp, Exs, Back, ALP

Rolfing Laid Back Vol.1

P2P | 02.01.2019 | ALP: 303 MB | MULTi: 538 MB

A really rotten upright piano, totally out of tune, with all the keys disappeared. But the chassis was still complete and made such a fantastic reverb, it seemed to be everlasting. Slapping the lowest string it took almost three minutes until the sound had gone. With Volume 1 you get the original piano sound picked up at two distances plus five other sound sets using different prepared piano techniques. The audio demos are made without additional reverb.

Live Pack:
– requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
– 5 pianos, 1 percussion unit, 1 cluster box
– Keyrange C-1 to G7 (chromatic)
– 386 Samples, 665 MB

– SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
– 5×7 Instruments, 392 samples, 670 MB

Rolfing Laid Back Vol.1 MULTiFORMAT

Rolfing Laid Back Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt sfz presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples alp ableton live, Rolfing, P2P, MULTiFORMAT, Laid, Back

Rolfing Laid Back Vol.2

P2P | 02.01.2019 | ALP: 244 MB | MULTi: 403 MB

More sounds from the rotten Rolfing Piano that once was saved from a savaged backyard. Rolfing Laid Back Vol. 2 contains 6 new multisampled instruments that introduce a nice variety of prepared piano techniques. All kinds of objects like glasses, a ball of felt, printer paper, a curtains bracket and also my thumbnail (which really hurts!) were used to excite the strings and the body of the Rolfing.

Live Pack:
– requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
– 6 Instruments
– 217 Samples, 500 MB

Universal Format:
– SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
– 5×6 Instruments, 217 Samples, 500 MB

Rolfing Laid Back Vol.2 MULTiFORMAT

Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples, P2P, Orchestra, Kontakt, InSPIRE, BERLIN

Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 KONTAKT

P2P | Jan 02 2019 | 8.08 GB

When inspiration hits you, time matters.

Being as fast as the ideas are flowing – that’s what we created Berlin Orchestra Inspire for. After our huge success with the first installment of this series, we are proud to announce Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2. With Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 you get access to a whole new world of selected orchestral colors from the Berlin Series and our Metropolis Ark range. The collection is specifically designed for atmospheric and emotional writing. It consists of two main types of instruments: First, we have a sections folder with individual orchestral sections and solo instruments. Here you can find different Flautando String Sections, Solo Strings, Solo Woodwinds, a Horn Ensemble as well as Percussion, Keys and a Harp Ensemble. As a highlight you will find a beautiful High Choir consisting of Women and Children. In the Orchestrations folder, you have access to carefully mixed orchestral sections, which give you beautiful melodic and harmonic colors right out of the box.

Berlin Orchestra Inspire 2 KONTAKT

Rolfing 3 MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt sfz presets patches kontakt fxp exs24 samples, SXT, sfz, Rolfing, P2P, NKI, MULTiFORMAT, Fxp, Exs, ALP


P2P | 02.01.2019 | ALP: 1.03 GB | MULTiFORMAT: 1.48 GB

Since 2009, when the recording sessions for Volume 1 & 2 took place, the piano was exposed to weather nearly unprotected. The black laquer got brittle, the strings are covered with rust and dirt. Nevertheless, these piano remains still emit a wonderfull and reverberant sound that is definitely worth capturing. The sounds for Rolfing 3 were recorded chromatically, with an advanced setup of acoustic stereo mics and two pairs of piezo pickups. All samples have been meticulously edited by hand to form a comprehensive palette of versatile Instrument Racks. Inspired by the acoustic field surroundings during the nightly recording sessions a set of independently adjustable nature ambiences is included in the Instrument Racks. They are tightly integrated into the Rack structure and have convenient Macro assignments. Additionaly, all ambience sounds are contained as separate clips to use in different context if desired.

In a second pass the entire piano was treated by a Jazz Brush. Scraping and hitting the strings and body revealed tons of interesting sounds at the borderline between tonal and acousmatic. They are compiled to 12 additional Racks.

Live Pack:
– requires Live 8.4 / 9 / 10
– 17 Instrument Racks
– 255 Piano Samples
– 312 Brush Samples
– 25 Ambience Samples / Clips
– 1.8 GB

Universal Format:
– SFZ, NKI, SXT, EXS, FXP included
– 5 x 13 Patches, 570 Samples, 1.8 GB


Natural Selection MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches samples, P2P, LA Beat, Hip Hop, Downtempo, Cinematic, Chillout, Ambient, 90 110 BPM, 90 Bpm, 110 BPM

Natural Selection MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 02 January 2019 | 1.01 GB

Natural Selection – an evolving soundscape of brightly coloured beats, lush textured pads and warm organic melodies. This lucid collection of dusty, soulful sounds will create an instant backdrop of vibrant colour and depth for your music. Natural Selection is the sound of the distant future in the past – with vivid, airy atmospheres, subtly processed live bass, crisp drums, pianos, choral pads and bright synth elements. The included instruments ooze with attention to detail – generating a lo-fi, soul feel, with subtly bit-crushed elements and expansive reverbs. Over 50 fresh drum loops are included, with a swung vibe complete with syncopated layers and organic pops for extra texture. The diverse percussive loops favour traditional instruments, but come enriched with modern effects – the sounds of xylophones, shakers, hats, cymbals, tambourines, triangles and many more as you’ve never heard them before!

Single Hits are included to paint your own pictures of sound – with over 100 individual drum hits, as well as bass, atmosphere, synth and music one hit samples. In addition, over 80 sampler patches are included for your favourite daw – pre-formatted and ready to play.

At tempos between 90-110BPM, this pack is your Natural Selection for genres including Hip Hop, Downtempo, Chillout, Ambient, Cinematic and LA Beat. Every single musical element is key-labelled for instant use in your tracks, and sound great from the start!

Natural Selection MULTiFORMAT

Berlin Orchestral Inspire KONTAKT, kontakt samples, P2P, Orchestral, Kontakt, InSPIRE, BERLIN

Berlin Orchestral Inspire KONTAKT

P2P | 02.01.2019 | 9.38 GB

When musical ideas flow, being quick is crucial. That’s why we designed a virtual orchestra that combines a phenomenal sound with the capabilities of a fast writing tool. Berlin Orchestra Inspire is based on the Berlin Series, which was developed over the last 5 years. Today it is one of the largest and most detailed orchestral sample collections in the world, which is used by many composers around the world and in countless Hollywood productions. Recorded with world-class musicians from Berlin in the beautiful-sounding Teldex Scoring Stage, this collection of virtual orchestral instruments allows for the most believable-sounding MIDI productions. With Berlin Orchestra Inspire we bring the sound and power of the Berlin Orchestra to smaller and mobile systems.

– A Symphonic Orchestra
– Adaptive Legato
– Specifically Balanced Mix Mic Position
– Full Orchestra Patches
– Pre-Orchestrated Ensembles
– Solo Instruments
– Percussion Essentials Patch
– Grand Piano
– Symphonic Harp
– Recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage
– Based on CAPSULE, the most powerful articulation management system for Kontakt
– Works with the free Kontakt Player or Kontakt 5.8.1 full

All instruments of Berlin Orchestra Inspire are recorded at their natural seating positions; articulations and instruments are in natural balance to each other. This is the best basic requirement to achieve a sonic impression where all the instruments are blending together to a fully orchestral body. Not too wet, not too dry – the perfect acoustics of the Teldex Scoring Stage allow to stay flexible for any kind of production. The carefully merged microphone blend convinces with a powerful and shimmering sound.
Simple to use – right out of the box.

Berlin Orchestra lnspire is a layout orchestra for quick and stunning results. Use Berlin Orchestra Inspire where ever you want to be creative – All you need is a single machine with 8GB of RAM and the free Kontakt Player.

Berlin Orchestral Inspire KONTAKT

Chilled Glitch MULTiFORMAT, wav sfz presets patches nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples, World Music, Psychedelic, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Glitch, Chillout, Chilled, Ambient, 90 Bpm, 70 90 BPM, 70 BPM

Chilled Glitch MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 02.01.2019 | 1.73 GB

Chilled Glitch comes with over 2GB of glitch goodness including Loops, One Hits, MIDI and Sampler Patches to build powerful downtempo productions. 299 Loops are included with mystical Atmospheres, epic Soundscapes, as well as Solid Basslines, Granular Leads and morphing Vocal Atmospheres. Each element is rich with deep sample manipulation, expert layering and a refined sonic morphing to bring your productions a new level of polish. This playground for experimental producers comes with over 500 One Shot samples – with Bass, Drums, SFX and Synth Hits, combined with 14 beautifully crafted Multi-Sampled Instruments pre-made Sampler Patches to use immediately upon download plus 49 MIDI Loops are also included to spark your melodic creativity,

At tempos from 70-90BPM Chilled Glitch is ideal for Glitch, Ambient, Hip Hop, Glitch Hop, Chillout, Psychedelic and World Music.

In detail expect to find 2.27 GB of content with 800 individual 24 Bit WAV samples. 299 Loops are included with 52 Atmosphere Loops, 56 Music Loops, 43 Glitch Top Loops, 35 Bass Loops, 32 Perc Loops, 28 Kick Snare Loops, 20 Vocal Atmos Loops. 501 One Hits are included with 24 Bass Hits, 5 Multi Sampled Basses [45 Samples], 133 Drum Hits [10 Claps, 31 Hats, 47 Percussions, 28 Kicks and 17 Snares], 136 SFX Hits [40 Glitch Fx, 23 Granular FX, 23 Impacts, 34 Transitions and 16 Foley FX], 10 Synth Hits and 9 Multi Sampled Synth instruments. 373 Rex2 Loops are included with 68 Sampler Patches for NNXT, Halion, EXS24, SFZ and Kontakt. 48 Midi Files

Chilled Glitch MULTiFORMAT


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