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Maschine 2 Factory Library v1.3.2 Update MAC

CASHMERE | 01 August 2018 | 319 MB

MASCHINE comes loaded with a vast 8 GB sound library, created by a wide range of internationally renowned sound designers and artists. Use MASCHINE’s innovative tag-based browser and hardware access to get to the sound you want fast. Included are 8627 samples, made up of 445 full drum kits, 388 multi-sampled instruments, 403 sliced loops, 1200 patterns, and 38 projects. Five sonically-outstanding drum synths let you dial in an infinite range of custom sound from ultra-realistic acoustic hits to the hardest hitting electronic drums.

The included MASCHINE software comes loaded with an 8 GB sound library, created by renowned sound designers and artists. 8627 samples, 445 full drum kits, 388 multi-sampled instruments, 403 sliced loops, 1200 patterns, and 38 projects, plus five outstanding drum synths. A sonic palette as vast as your imagination.

Create your own perfectly-tuned electronic and acoustic drum sounds in truly peerless quality. Five monophonic drum plug-ins built exclusively for MASCHINE 2 give you any percussive sound you need. All fully tweakable, automatable from the hardware, and built with NI’s acclaimed DSP expertise.

Enliven your sounds with MASCHINE 2.5 software’s advanced Perform FX. Designed for spontaneous, tactile control in recording or live performance, these eight complex multi-effects alter motion, space, dynamics, and more for added expression.

New in version 1.3.2
– Added previews for Kits and Sounds


Maschine 2 v2 Factory Library v1.3.2 UPDATE MAC

Double Bass Harmonica KONTAKT SCD SONiTUS, kontakt samples, Sonitus, SCD, Kontakt, Harmonica, Double Bass, Double, Bass

Double Bass Harmonica KONTAKT

Team SONiTUS | 11.2011 | 34.30 MB

The double bass harmonica is not exactly a common instrument. It was more popular several decades ago, when harmonica ensembles were more common. The bass harmonica is a double-deck instrument with two hinged bodies, the lower having all the natural notes, and the upper having all the sharps/flats – so it is fully chromatic covering a range of two octaves, starting with EE (like the lowest note on a bass guitar). Each of the holes of the harmonica has two reeds tuned an octave apart – thus this harmonica has 58 reeds total. The double bass harmonica is an “all blow” instrument.

What We Did :
It was a tough cookie to catch the real timbre and authenticity of this giant harmonica. Thus we tested several recording settings in which we recorded at least every second note in a long sustained and a short variation. We ran with velocity layer and Round Robin variation and came out with three seperate sample sets recorded with different microphone set-ups. Beside this we recorded a typical flutter fx and added some scriptings to provide more opportunities.

What You Get :
Dbl Bass Harmonica Close MW Flutter KEY (very close and intimate sound, key switched, long, short and release notes, flutter FX, additional script)
Dbl Bass Harmonica Double (bright sound, real doubling because of two different sample sets, long looped notes, additional scripts)
Dbl Bass Harmonica KEY (authentic sound, key switched, long, short and release notes, additional script)
Dbl Bass Harmonica Mud (rich and muddy sound because of three different sample sets playing simultaneously, long looped and release notes, additional script)
Dbl Bass Harmonica Triple Texture (pad alike FX sound assembled out of four different sample sets, additional script)

Double Bass Harmonica KONTAKT SCD-SONiTUS

Backwoods Stem Kit WAV, wav samples, WAV, Stem Kit, stem, Kit, Fantastic, Backwoods

Backwoods Stem Kit WAV

FANTASTiC | 01 August 2018 | 354 MB

Chop Gawd and Brandon Chapa team up for the Backwoods (Stem Kit). Filled with 50 Custom Loops w/ Individual Stems inspired by: Big Sean, Travis Scott, The Weeknd, Lil Skies, & More.

– 50 Loops w/ Individual Track Stems
– Labeled by BPM & Key

Backwoods Stem Kit WAV

Vortex v1.00 VSTi x86 WiN, x86 plugins vsti windows vsti homegrown sounds audio samples, x86, WiN, VSTi, Vortex, P2P, Multitimbral, Machine, Groove Machine, Groove

Vortex v1.00 VSTi x86 WiN

P2P | 01.08.2018 | Include Samples: 244.11 MB

Multitimbral Groove Machine

Vortex is a VSTi Multitimbral Sequencer, equally adept as performance player or studio composer. It contains dedicated synths for each of its 12 sequencers … or, if you prefer, you can output any sequencer’s generated midi to your software or hardware instrument of choice … all internal synths, all midi output to your synth or any combination of the two on a sequencer by sequencer basis … it’s up to you!It is a performance instrument with an emphasis on quick and easy music creation and is ideal for creating a dance/RnB/electronic foundation, although it can be used to make almost any style of music. One of it’s most fun and useful features is the series of real-time triggers which allow manipulating the sequences with effects such as Stutter (and programmable stutter), Restart, Half tempo, double step, note ties and mute amongst others. An octave of your keyboard is reserved for the triggers allowing easy sequence transformations. When sync mode is enabled, once all triggers are released the sequence will revert to it’s former playing state.

A great feature is a series of global knobs for subtracting or adding to the internal synth parameters, amongst them Filter Cutoff, Resonance, Filter Decay, VCA (Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release), Filter (Attack, Decay, Sustain), Noise Level, FM, Oscillator Mix, and LFO (Speed, Amount, Sustain). These knobs affect all synths simultaneously and so the entire output of Vortex becomes a single morphing and dynamic instrument capable of epic journeys into the unknown. All of these knobs have CCs and it’s strongly advised to set them up on your controller to get the most out of Vortex.

– 12 Step Sequencers triggered by midi Notes with a huge range of options.
– Two assignable CC Sequencers per Sequencer which can be used in various modes including Step and Envelope modes.
– Can be used with external midi or the internal sound engine, or a mix of the two.
– 12 real time performance triggers including stutter, programmable stutter, Retrigger, half tempo, Double Step, Tie all Notes.
– Each sequence can be set to respond to any combination of triggers.
– Squash to Scale for each sequencer, allowing notes to be squashed into a desired chord/scale.
– Internal Sound Engine based on 12 adapted Ammonites. Capable of synth sounds as well as over 1200 drum kits.
– TerraNova FX Engine which includes SoundScaper, Delay and three Modulators (capable of modulation effects such as flangers, phasers, filters and pitch shifters).
– A series of performance -+ knobs for the internal synth designed for assigning to knobs on your controller so that the overall Cutoff, Resonance, Release, Filter Release can be altered in real-time.
– Multi-Sequencer which can group combinations of the sequences to a single key which can also be transposed.
– 16 Channel Midi Mixer, each strip controls Volume, Pan, 2 assignable CCs, and Program Change Information.
– CC Mixer which allows selecting up to 8 CC numbers to knobs for real-time manipulation.
– Internal WAV Recorder for recording directly to WAV file straight from the plugin.

Vortex v1.00 VSTi x86 WiN

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Organic, Kontakt, Guitars, Cinematic, Atmospheres

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | August 04 2016 | 4.54 GB

CINEMATIC GUITARS ORGANIC ATMOSPHERES is your all-in-one cinematic atmosphere solution. Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt Player, this definitive collection advances the legacy of the CINEMATIC GUITARS family by delivering samples and presets aimed squarely at organic atmospheres and soundscape creation. Derived entirely from recording real acoustic guitars of all shapes, sizes, and styles, CINEMATIC GUITARS ORGANIC ATMOSPHERES allows for an astronomical array of diverse, organic sounds in inventive ways emphasizing both the natural and earthy tones of realism and the imaginative world of cinema.

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, kontakt samples, SYNTHiC4TE, Organic, Kontakt, Guitars, Cinematic, Atmospheres

All are a perfect fit for its inspired nomenclature. Needless to say, an inspiring individual was tasked with creating all the original samples from a suitably sizeable guitar collection — composer, performer, and producer extraordinaire Steve Ouimette, namely… famed for his Guitar Hero exploits.

Exploiting his extensive knowledge and adventurous performance styles, Steve Ouimette rose to the occasion, creatively crisscrossing countries and continents with a diversity of unprocessed recordings ranging from Southern, Southwest, Bluegrass, and Old Western to the Pacific Islands and traditional varioys Asian genres using unique instruments such as the 4-string Cigar Box guitar, Baritone guitars, bowed and traditional Ukuleles, Puerto Rican Cuatro, Marx-O-Chime, Dobro, Purgatory Hill Harp, Silvertone Archtop, and much more. Beyond that, this truly magical material was duly developed by the team to create a wide range of all things organic and acoustic-sounding, bringing breathtaking soundscapes to the discerning DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) user — Standalone mode operation notwithstanding, of course! From blissful and lush, dark and mysterious, bombastic and edgy, to bowed, plucked, and strummed, those 850-plus presets — produced from 5GB sample content — collectively cover much musical ground, ranging from simple and stationary textures through to complex tempo-synched sonic animations. All are but a click away, while those seeking an adventurous atmospheric experience like no other with a more personalized touch can craft their own original soundscapes in a mere matter of seconds!

Kontakt 5 Version 5.5 or higher

Cinematic Guitars Organic Atmospheres KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

Belaire Stem Kit WAV MiDi, wav patterns midi samples, WAV, Stem Kit, stem, MIDI, Kit, Fantastic, Belaire

Belaire WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 01 August 2018 | 114 MB

Highfonics is back with the Belaire (Stem Kit). Filled with 25 Custom Loops w/ Stems inspired by: 24hrs, 6lack, Partynexdoor, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, Zaytoven, & More.

– 25 Loops w/ Individual Track Stems
– Labeled by BPM & Key

Belaire Stem Kit WAV MiDi

Ambrosia V4 Stem Kit WAV, wav samples, WAV, v4, Stem Kit, stem, Kit, Ambrosia

Ambrosia V4 WAV

FANTASTiC | 31 July 2018 | 563 MB

The World famous flagship Kit Series from Music Producer Chop Gawd has a new big brother. Ambrosia 4 is the most recent release in the series of Stem Kits that provides Endless Inspiration for Projects, Alleviates you from Beat-Block & is crafted to almost any genre or style of music. From Classical Pianos, Cinematic Pads, Ambient Bells, Futuristic Synths, & More. You have our promise that there are countless and endless gems for your projects.

– 54 Loops w/ Individual Track Stems
– Labeled by BPM & Key

Ambrosia V4 WAV


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