Ilio World Winds AKAi KONTAKT

Team CHiC | 2003/07/18 | AKAi: 447 MB | KONTAKT: 356 MB

Ilio World Winds AKAi is a must-have for film, TV and media composers, World Music, Rock, Pop and contemporary Classical composers and performers, creative keyboardists and programmers, and anyone with an ear for great instrumental sounds! An amazingly extensive and high-quality collection of wind instruments from all over the world! In world winds you get the evocative sounds of many rarities like… The flutes range from sweet and delicate to eerie, breathy and complex. In contrast, there are the wild, strange and stirring timbres of ethnic reed instruments, bagpipes and African horns. Psart of the World Winds library’s strength lies in its articulations as well as straight notes. There are up and down bends, various types of grace notes, and authentic phrases and performances. These can be combined easily to provide a very realistic delivery, sounding just like a real player. To avoid tuning clashes, all samples are presented at concert pitch; alternatively, if you prefer to hear the instruments in their purest form, ‘raw’ programs have been supplied which demonstrate the native tuning, scales and ranges. There are also atmospheric programs which work well for pads and textures.


  • Bansuri (Indian flute)
  • Turkish and Persian Ney flutes
  • Kaval (Southeast European flute)
  • African flute
  • Suling Slendro and Suling Pelog (Javanese flutes)
  • Fujara (Slovakian Contrabass Whistle)
  • Japanese Shakuhachi
  • Andean Panpipes
  • Armenian Duduk
  • Indian Shenai
  • Egyptian Zummara
  • Turkish Zourna
  • Gaida Bagpipes (Greek and Bulgarian, three types)
  • Irish Uilleann pipes (three types)
  • Scots Highland pipes
  • Medieval Praetorius Bagpipes
  • Turkish Tulum
  • Arabian Mezoued
  • Cretan Askomandura
  • Czech Dudy
  • Nafir (Moroccan trumpet)
  • African Kudu Horn
  • …and many more!


Ilio World Winds AKAi KONTAKT-CHiC


Sony Pictures Sound Effects Vol.1-10

Team DYNAMiCS | 04.29.05 | 1.68 GB

10 CDs | CD1-5 – 1.70 GB | CD6-10

2,326 Sound Effects

Sony Pictures Sound Effects Library Volumes 1-5:

1,200 Royalty Free Sound Effects
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol 1-5 represents the first time that Sony Pictures Entertainment has opened its vaults to make some of its massive archive of audio material available to producers everywhere. This collection, now on a DVD, is packed with 1,200 royalty free sound effects: from roller coasters, room tones and rocket launchers, to biplanes, Bengal tigers, and bar room brawls. This release includes a wide range of essential sound effects categories, distributed generously across five volumes of exciting, exclusive material. Select, layer and transform even the most elemental effects into expertly crafted sound design creations to compliment all your projects with Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol 1-5.

– 1,200 royalty free sound effects
– 16 / 44.1 WAV files
– Available on a DVD
– Created by Sony Pictures

Essential Sound Effects:
– Animal Sounds and Natural Elements
– Backgrounds and Ambiences
– Home and Office Sounds
– Impacts, Weapons and Explosions
– Vintage Comedy Sounds
– Sports & Recreation
– Vocals and Wallas
– Vehicles


Sony Pictures Sound Effects Library Volumes 6-10:

More than 1,100 Royalty Free Sound Effects
Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol 6-10 provides more than 1,100 royalty free audio files in 16 bit 44.1 kHz digital format, now on a DVD. The sound designed effects in this collection explore the outer limits of science fiction, provide a variety of nail-biting horror soundscapes, and can catapult your mind into the realm of the fantastic or back to the Civil War battlefield. Also included is a series of layerable, 5.1 surround sound explosions. You can adjust each channel to your own satisfaction, boost the sub, or remove elements to get a stripped down quadraphonic sound. The accompanying booklet includes interviews with five of the industry’s most prominent, influential sound design professionals with their tricks of the trade. Sonic elements from some of cinema’s most imaginative films – Sony Pictures Sound Effects Vol 6-10.

– 1,100 royalty free sound effects
– 16 / 44.1 WAV files
– Available on a DVD
– Created by Sony Pictures

Designed Sound Effects:
– Science fiction
– Horror Soundscapes
– Civil War Battles
– Antique Automobiles
– Layerable 5.1 surround sound explosions
– Booklet of tips and tricks of the trade from sound design pros


Sony Pictures Sound Effects Series Vol.1-10 WAV ACiD-DYNAMiCS


Africa To Hollywood WAV MiDi

AUDiOSTRiKE | 07/03/2015 | 447 MB

‘Africa To Hollywood’  is a pack filled with a wonderful blend of orchestral music and african music elements. Inspired by the finest movie score composers, this pack delivers you over 1GB of professionally arranged compositions. THese tracks are a great fit for a wide variety of styles, it’s up to you to decide which is best for you!

1- 5 construction kits between 80bpm to 140bpm
2- All tracks are tempo and key labeled
3- Wav files and Midi files
4- Over 1 GB of content
5- 100% Royalty Free

Africa To Hollywood WAV MiDi-AUDIOSTRiKE


African Trap WAV MiDi

DiSCOVERSYNTHiC4TE | 03.11.2014 | 191.9 MB

The Brotherhood Release

‘African Trap’ contain nothing but the hottest elements of Trap and African music. Containing over 420 MB of top quality content, this pack is sure to deliver you everything you need to create your next hit. These five Construction Kits feature 24-Bit WAV loops and include MIDI files. All loops are 100% Royalty-Free.

• 5 Construction Kits at 83-120 BPM
• Over 420 MB of content
• 100% Royalty-Free
• MIDI included
• 24-Bit WAV Loops



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