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Evolution KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 10 July 2018 | 4.3 GB

Evolution is a forward-thinking, truly modern Drum Engine powered by a ground-breaking library of 28,000+ electronic drums and sound design tools. Featuring an incredibly slick design and unprecedented creative workflow, Evolution delivers an intuitive Drum Layering Engine and Browser, X+Y Pad, extensive modular Macro System, Parameter-lock Effects Sequencer, extensive sound design parameters per Voice, and over 400 beautifully designed presets. Evolution’s focus is not emulation – It’s about creating new, visionary drum sounds that push the boundaries of what was previously possible… It’s drum programming evolved… Imagine having instant access to the most visionary library of drum sounds and sound design tools ever created. Imagine being able to intuitively layer, dynamically browse and modulate each layer independently with powerful Macro Controls and modular Step-lock Parameter Sequencing. Imagine a new way to create…

World class sound library
Evolution’s sound engine combines beautifully designed analogue / electronic drums and live instruments in a ground-breaking new way. A labour of love with an astonishing level of detail, Evolution’s sound library is our biggest achievement to date, spanning 5 years and thousands of hours of sound design. The sound content that powers Evolution was designed, layered and imagined from the ground up using a collection of impressive sources; sought-after modern / vintage analogue drum machines, powerful modular synths, world-class live rooms and acoustic instruments, sound design layering tools, found sound, processed Foley, prepared percussion, re-amped drums, tape machines, intricately layered abstract sounds, and much more… All captured by mastering-grade conversion via impressive analogue signal chains.

Powerful drum layering engine
Dynamically load any sound from Evolution’s expansive sound library into any of its 12 responsive Drum Voices. Creatively layer up to 3 Drum Sounds, Transients, and Sound Design Tools independently per voice using Evolution’s powerful and forward-thinking Drum Layering Engine. Each Layering Engine being completely responsive, making it easy to efficiently layer, edit, modulate, effect, mangle and mix each layer completely independent of one another / or as whole – the choice is yours!
Blend, transform and morph between layers using Evolution’s impressive visual X+Y Pad screen… “Evolution features deep editing possibilities and an incredibly large and versatile library of production-ready sounds…” Music Tech Mag

Modular macros
Freely assign powerful mix, filter, and FX parameters to any of Evolution’s 8 modular Macro Controls (per voice!) for performance, sound design, or step-lock parameter / FX sequencing… Each of Evolution’s 8 Macro Knobs features 42 available parameter destinations, independent modulation depth sliders for each drum layering engine, and a Macro Amount control.

Evolutionary integration
Evolution integrates seamlessly with your DAW, delivering infinite inspiration and a compelling workflow that will change the way you create… The beautiful user interface has been designed with both the composer and live musician in mind – All sound design parameters are beautifully thought out and accessible through use of clever dynamic graphics. Tempo sync is automatic, and exporting a sequences’ MIDI data to your sequencer is simple via Drag and Drop. A fully NKS-ready instrument, Evolution boasts impressive integration with Komplete Kontrol keyboards and Maschine – giving you the ability to access hundreds of presets and quickly dive into sound design with our custom mapped controls.

Sequence anything, anywhere…
Sequence, randomize and loop with Evolution’s powerful 12 voice fully responsive Note Sequencer, or dive into Evolution’s breath-taking FX Sequencer and sequence 8 Macro Controls per voice – as well as Pitch, Reverb, and Delay – delivering fully modular step-lock parameter sequencing and endless creative possibilities. Want to fine tune your patterns? No problem – Use the Zoom control to expand any lane for higher editing resolution and clarity. Mute and Solo voices directly from the sequencer, add swing / shuffle and accent, or apply random sequencer timing using Evolution’s Slop control.

Beautiful effects
Evolution features a world class suite of high-end effects, filters, LFOs, delays and dynamics processors. Add separation to your drums with Evolution’s beautiful sounding dual Reverb Module – Packed with 190 custom high-end impulses from iconic reverb units such as the Lexicon 300L, EMT-250 Plate, AKG BX20 Spring, Fender Spring AMS RMX16 and many others; alongside lush acoustic drum rooms from world class studios, captured in high resolution. Evolve your drum sound with Evolution’s unique analogue style filters, envelopes, and analogue simulation controls. Enhance character with transient shapers, EQs, compressors and tape saturation – each available independently, per drum voice…

Evolution Features:
•Available in Standalone, VST, AU and AAX instrument formats. Evolution is powered by FREE Kontakt Player from Native Instruments. Full version of Kontakt is NOT required
•Forward-thinking, truly modern Drum Engine powered by a ground-breaking library of electronic drums and sound design tools
•400+ beautifully crafted, forward-thinking presets covering all modern genres – designed by world-class sound designers
•3 Powerful Drum Layering Engines per Voice, each fully responsive
•4 Instruments – Clean, Tape 1, Tape 2, and Tape 3. The latter 3 delivering true analogue tape saturated versions of Evolution’s powerful sound library, at varying saturation levels. Recorded to a vintage Studer A80 tape machine
•Blend, transform and morph between Layers using the impressive visual X+Y Pad screen
•Graphically dynamic sound browser and visual display
•Seamless integration with your DAW
•Extensive modular Macro System with 42 destinations
•Expressive 32-step multi-track Note Sequencer with individual Zoom lanes
•Modular step-lock Parameter / FX Sequencing, per Voice
•Dynamic Analog Simulation control – Faithfully simulate the random behavior and character inherent of analogue equipment. Available, per Layer, per Voice
•Play and sequence any sound over a 2-octave range of pitch to create musical percussive rhythms, 808 sub bass-lines or anything in-between…
•MIDI drag and drop patterns directly to your DAW
•World class effects and 190 high-end custom reverb impulses recorded from sough-after gear
•Breath-taking suite of high quality filters, EQs and transient shapers – each available independently, per Drum Voice, with dynamic routing
•Individual Drum Accent and Global Accent per step
•Timing slop per Sequence Step – Apply subtle (or intense) random timing to your drum groove
•Host Sync play and on-screen transport control
•Multi Output support
•Realistic, stunning, and dynamic 3D GUI
•Advanced key commands and time-saving editing shortcuts
•NKS Ready – Total integration with Komplete S-Series keyboards and Maschine Hardware
•Dedicated 12-track Mixer with individual processing and dynamics, volume control, pan and effects sends for each Drum Voice
•Master processing module featuring high-end compression, master EQ and tape simulation
•DAW presets for Ableton Live and Logic
•Supports Mac OS X 10.10, 10.11, 10.12 (or higher) and Windows 7 or higher
•Mac OS X (64-bit only)
•Windows (32/64-bit)
•5 GB in size after unpacking

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/d3b9
Evolution KONTAKT

Deeper Dubstep Expressions WAV, wav samples, WAV, P2P, Expressions, Dubstep, Deeper, 140 BPM, 134 BPM, 130 BPM, 128 BPM

Deeper Dubstep Expressions WAV

P2P | 08.07.2018 | 149.57 MB

Welcome to Deeper Dubstep Expressions. This pack is the go to pack for any producer delving into the deeper areas of bass music production. Cram packed with useful dubbed out one shots and highly usable vocal samples, this pack will act as the essential glue to enable you to build your weighty production. Focusing on spacey sounds and vibrant atmospherics there is something in this pack for everyone to run riot with. The samples are in multiple keys and four bpms 128, 130, 134 and of course – 140. This pack takes a lot of reference from producers such as Lee Scratch Perry, Tappa Zukie, Mad Professor, DJ Madd, Kryptic Minds, Glume and more.

– 24 Bit Quality
– 30 Vocal phrases
– 17 Bass loops
– 21 Clap loops
– 20 Atmos and Fx loops
– 27 Music loops
– 41 Percussion loops
– 21 Kick loops
– 21 Snare loops
– 21 Clap one shots
– 21 Kick one shots
– 40 Percussion one shots
– 21 Snare one shots (crunchy)
– 21 Snare one shots (dubstyle)

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/z9Pi
Deeper Dubstep Expressions WAV

Yamaha Motif ES KONTAKT, kontakt samples, Yamaha Motif ES, Yamaha, MOTIF, Kontakt, Fantastic, ES

Yamaha Motif ES KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 07 July 2018 | 5.13 GB

Yamaha Motif ES NKI is a library of sounds of the most powerful workstation Yamaha Motif ES. Here included the best sound presets from hardware model Yamaha Motif ES. Yamaha Motif ES it is one their most popular workstations. The given library allows to have sounds of this instrument at you on a computer. Sounds multisampled. You can use this sounds for professional purposes.

Instrument List:
– Acoustic Pianos
– Acoustic Pianos
– Electric Pianos
– Keyboards
– Pipe Organ
– Acoustic Guitars
– Electric Guitars
– Overdriven Guitars
– Plucked
– Bells
– Mallets
– Synth Bass
– Soft Lead
– Hard Lead
– Dance Lead
– Orchestral Strings
– Ensemble Strings
– Synth Strings
– Flutes
– Choir
– Acoustic Brass
– Synth Brass
– Pads
– Synth Fx
– Hits Stabs
– Sound Effects
– Percussions
– Percussions Kits
– Drum Kits

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/kT2a
Yamaha Motif ES KONTAKT

Basses Vol.2 Agressive Basses WAV, wav samples, WAV, P2P, Basses, Agressive

Agressive Basses WAV

P2P | 08 Jul 2018 | 70 MB

“Have a think about neuro-bass sound design for a second. Now put the gun away… don’t shoot your d*ck… BAD BOY – it’s fine, I have all the neuro basses right here for you, you don’t have to go through the tyrannous b*llshit to make them yourself. This pack contains 133, 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files of str8 notch filter, assery (plus may or may not contain secret anti-d*ck shooting formula – which you’re likely gonna’ need anyway if you try to make neuro basses yourself, so just get the pack either way to be safe).”

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/3x6F
Basses Vol.2 Agressive Basses WAV

Basses Vol.6 Experimental Basses WAV, wav samples, WAV, P2P, Experimental, Basses

Experimental Basses WAV

P2P | 08 Jul 2018 | 19 MB

Creative artistic experimentation… Sounds good, doesn’t work. JK, it works. I am living proof that you can be a weird, middle-aged man & be fine. I’m fine… OK. Anyway, if you’ve ever thought “Damn child, this electronic audio music piece I am producing is sounding very dope & I cannot wait to play it at the concert, but I really wish that it had the sound of a robot shitting itself in there somewhere” then look no further. This particular pack comes with 112 24-bit, 44.1kHz, WAV files named after & influenced by artists such as Tipper & other artists that sound like Tipper.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/ZhqE
Basses Vol.6 Experimental Basses WAV

Grainery Farm WAV, wav samples, WAV, P2P, Grainery, Farm

Grainery Farm WAV

P2P | 08 Jul 2018 | 51.99 MB

This pack is heavily influenced by sound-designers such as Richard Devine, Qebrus & the Enigmatik Records alumni, so grab these 144, 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV files, get your vape-pen loaded, slip a fedora on your dome & go to town on some sonic boundary pushing IDM that makes you feel like you’re more advanced than creators who make simple songs to express their stupid feelings & don’t really appreciate the sound-design aspect of music in the same ways that you (and likely your friends into the same specific-ass things as you are) do.

Oh, and the pack is also a farm if you use your imagination.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/S64E
Grainery Farm WAV

Dark Tech House WAV, wav samples, WAV, Vox, Tech House Drums, Tech House, Synths, Percussions, P2P, FX, Dark Tech House, Dark, Basslines

Dark Tech House WAV

P2P | 08 Jul 2018 | 110 MB

Dark Tech House, a sample collection essential for all Tech House producers.  This sample pack is the ultimate tool-kit for producing tracks in the style of underground labels such as Emerald City Music, Relief, Mother Recordings, DIRTYBIRD, Material, Stil Vor Talent, 8Bit, Wow! Recordings, Snatch! Records, Exploited, Repopulate Mars, Diynamic.  Inside are 10 construction kits, each with its own style and tech house groove. Loops from all kits can be easily fused and mixed to create your very own loops and ideas. Tech House Drums, Synths, Vox, FX, Percussions, Basslines and pads are all included.

Pack breakdown:
• 10 Dark Tech House Construction Kits
• 110 WAV Files
• Drums, Synths, Vox, FX, Percussions, Basslines, pads
• 100% Royalty Free

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/4BEN
Dark Tech House WAV


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