Wonky Hip Hop WAV, wav audio samples, Wonky, WAV, Hip Hop, Fantastic

Wonky Hip Hop WAV

FANTASTiC | 02 May 2018 | 351 MB

‘Wonky Hip Hop’ is a distinct collection of imperfect human performances that are on the edge of falling apart, attempting to capture some of the groove and style perfected by the likes of Dilla and Flying Lotus. All the grids were removed on this one to create layers that stumble over each other but lock together where needed. Inside, you’ll find scrappy percussion, lively beats, pushing hi-hat grooves, heavenly textures and lavish chords, with rich melodies that lightly touch on jazz and funk patterns. ‘Wonky Hip Hop’ pushes hip hop into new places, and is certain to add some a more human feel to your tracks!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/v40t
Wonky Hip Hop WAV

SampleTank 3 v3.7.2 and CONTENT WiN MAC R2R, windows vsti plugins vst sampletank presets patches macos ik multimedia audio soft audio samples plugins au for mac aax plugins, WiN, VSTi, VST, Standalone, Sampletank, Rock, R2R, POP, MAC, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Funk, EDM, Dubstep, AU, AAX

SampleTank 3.v3.7.2 WiN MAC

Team R2R | May 03 2018 | WiN: 97 MB | OSX: 110 MB

Content: 16.1 GB | Sound Updater: 1.42 GB


SampleTank — the industry standard sound workstation that’s made historyIn 2001, IK Multimedia made history with SampleTank, the first ever sample-based sound workstation for computer. That release was followed in 2003 by SampleTank 2, which has since become an industry standard with an unparalleled software longevity due to its high-quality sounds, easy-to-use interface and powerful included effects. Considering its versatility and power, it’s no wonder that SampleTank has been featured on thousands of the most iconic productions and compositions of the last decade. Now, over ten years in the making, SampleTank 3 builds on this storied heritage. Like its predecessors, it’s the most advanced sound workstation available on the market today with a whole new world of sounds, advanced playing and editing features and a full suite of studio-quality effects. SampleTank 3 builds on the features that have made it one of the most popular virtual instruments of all time making it an essential piece in the musical toolkit of any serious musician, studio producer or live performer for years to come.

SampleTank 3 v3.7.2 and CONTENT WiN MAC R2R, windows vsti plugins vst sampletank presets patches macos ik multimedia audio soft audio samples plugins au for mac aax plugins, WiN, VSTi, VST, Standalone, Sampletank, Rock, R2R, POP, MAC, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Funk, EDM, Dubstep, AU, AAX

A sound for every song, literally
What makes SampleTank 3 so powerful is its extraordinarily large sound library. SampleTank 3 now comes with over 33 gigabytes of professionally recorded instruments — that’s over 4,000 instruments in 21 instrument categories — far more than most other music workstations out-of-the-box. Plus, SampleTank 3 includes over 2,500 drum, percussion and full groove construction kit loops and over 2,000 MIDI patterns for its brand new MIDI player section.

These sounds are far from ordinary; SampleTank 3’s library has been carefully assembled and recorded by IK’s experienced recording engineers with high-quality instruments played by professional musicians in some of the world’s finest studios. Each instrument has been chosen and recorded to produce the rich depth and vivid realism of live playing. With SampleTank 3, you’ll swear a musician is in the room with you — more importantly, though, is that SampleTank 3’s powerful editing and effects features let you control every aspect of these sounds allowing for an unparalleled creative sonic experience.

Though SampleTank 3 features a massive quantity of quality content — with a variety that far surpasses similar workstations — its real forte is the quality of its sounds which accurately replicate all the qualities of your favorite instruments. Its pianos, drums, basses, guitars, synthesizers, brass, strings, vocals and other more exotic sounds shine brightly in any mix with little adjustment. And all this is available in an easy-to-use workstation that has a workflow that lets you get right into doing what you do best: making great sounding music.

That SampleTank 3 is “Made in Italy” ought to give you an idea of the dedicated craftsmanship and style at the heart of the program. It’s an extensive selection of samples that have been hand-crafted, one-by-one, after countless hours of passionate studio work by IK’s master sound engineers — it’s more than just a collection of sounds, it’s an all-in-one solution and toolbox that can satisfy the needs of even the most demanding of music producers.

It doesn’t matter what style of music you’re into: Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, EDM, Hip-Hop, Dubstep, House—SampleTank 3 can do it all.

SampleTank 3 v3.7.2 and CONTENT WiN MAC R2R, windows vsti plugins vst sampletank presets patches macos ik multimedia audio soft audio samples plugins au for mac aax plugins, WiN, VSTi, VST, Standalone, Sampletank, Rock, R2R, POP, MAC, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Hip Hop, Funk, EDM, Dubstep, AU, AAX

SampleTank’s secret weapon:
the engine
SampleTank has long been considered the undisputed king when it comes to resampling. Its 3 engines go beyond traditional resampling (which you can find in any sampler). It offers advanced pitch-shifting/time-stretching for loops and grooves. And its unique formant preserving STRETCH™ engine provides an unparalleled level of realism when dealing with vocals, woodwinds, brass, and other organic sounds. When used together these features allow for a virtually unlimited assortment of creative sample effect combinations.

Completely retooled and remade, SampleTank 3’s new software engine has been greatly enhanced while maintaining its traditional quick sample load times and light CPU usage.
Experience enhanced playability with SampleTank 3’s new “round robin” sample switching — it’s there to lend an organic “live” feeling to your playing by cycling through different samples of the same instrument. Coupled with SampleTank 3’s new multiple articulations — triggerable via key switch, modulation wheel or velocity — this provides maximum realism on highly expressive instruments like guitars, woodwinds, percussion, brass, and more. When used correctly these new features can make SampleTank 3’s sound indistinguishable from the real thing.

SampleTank 3 now also includes 10 new types of filter effects, many of which are spot-on emulations of some of the most historically significant analog ladder and phaser filters.
SampleTank 3 also enhances your editing workflow by centralizing all control in one easy to use interface. Whatever your creative audio needs may be, SampleTank 3 delivers with stunning precision, accuracy and ease.

And if you are not particularly technologically minded (or an advanced producer), no problem! Now SampleTank 3 offers 8 macro control knobs for every sound. IK Multimedia’s sound designers have already pre-programmed complex parameters chains so you have all the controls you need arranged in a way that lets you quickly and effortlessly create the sounds you need.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/pq6B

SampleTank 3 Sound Content HYBRiD + Sound Updater v3.5 WiN MAC-R2R

Vita Sound Content v2.4.0 R2R, magix librarys audio samples, Vita, Sound Content, Sound, R2R, Content

Vita Sound Content v2.4.0

Team R2R | 03 May 2018 | 4.17 GB

If there’s one thing you need when manufacturing instruments it’s patience. Vita Solo Instruments are no different. Every sound is carefully modeled and recorded using various microphone settings. This lets you authentically reproduce the unmistakable sounds of gently plucked nylon guitar strings, epic string instruments or harsh, powerful synthesizers and then adapt them.

This is retail content, working or not depends on your host application.
Tested under :

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/1PdY
Vita Sound Content v2.4.0-R2R

GHXST Kit Vol. V WAV, wav audio samples, WAV, P2P, Kit, GHXST


P2P | May 03 2018 | 56 MB

The basis for all my productions from mid to late 2017

individual 24 bit WAV files ready to drag and drop into any DAW / sampler / audio workspace
~ 2 *original vocal loops*
~ 9 *original melodic loops*
~ 17 808s / basses
~ 16 snares / rims
~ 12 kicks
~ 12 percs / sounds / fx
~ 11 hats / cymbals
~ 3 ambient noise cuts

sounds from ~
– hate me
– wind
– majid interlude
– anxiety
– down to sleep
– drug fog
– end
– not tonight
– windows
– vicodin summer
– cypher
– & more

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/yZzG

Digital Ambience WAV, wav audio samples, WAV, Fantastic, Digital, Ambience

Digital Ambience WAV

FANTASTiC | 04 May 2018 | 656 MB

‘Digital Ambience’ is the futuristic brainchild of Russian producer Pixelord. Known for his multi-faceted, fearless approach, Pixelord holds nothing back with this diverse collection of twinkling arps, expansive pads, martian foley, atmospheric synths and alien FX. Great for creating deep and rich ambient soundscapes from scratch, or for enhancing your current productions, this pack is particularly well suited to vaporwave and dark ambient, as well as most other ambient electronic genres.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/D7GS
Digital Ambience WAV

Concrete Ocean Digitakt Sample Pack WAV, wav audio samples, WAV, Sample Pack, Sample, Pack, P2P, Ocean, Digitakt, Concrete

Concrete Ocean Digitakt Sample Pack

P2P | 04.05.2018 | 21.48 MB

The undulating dance of an ocean and the rigid, textured, slab of concrete may seem like opposites. But somehow Japanese producer Lemna evokes both of these aspects in this Sound Pack. The pack consists of 222 samples ranging from playful toy pianos and chopsticks used as a percussion instrument, via ominous basses and stabs, to atmospheric drones evoking a sense of Neuromanceresque dread.

While formatted for Digitakt, the sound files of this Sound Pack is also compatible with Octatrack, Analog Rytm, and any other sampler that handles WAV files.

Key features:
– 222 samples
– Format: 16 bit / 48 kHz / mono WAV files

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/5MrW
Concrete Ocean Digitakt Sample Pack WAV

TRAP XII Sound Kits MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches patterns midi fxp fxb, WAV, Trap, Soul Trap, MIDI, Hip Hop, Fxp, FXB, Cloud Rap

TRAP XII Sound Kits

P2P | 05.05.2018 | 136.99 MB


TRAP XII’ brings you 5 high-quality construction kits, with banging 808s, clean sound s, tuned electronic sounds & hard-hitting drums, to boost your productions to the heart of the trap sound.SHOBEATS carefully crafted the sounds you need to achieve this sought-after sound in the style of Lil Pump, Lil Uzi Vert, XXXTentacion, Kendrick Lamar, 21 Savage, Future, Migos, Young Thug, Travis Scott, Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, Meek Mill, Play Picasso, Big Sean, Wondagurl, Metro Boomin’ and more.Now it is time for you to take over and use these sounds to cook up epic trap bangers!

All Sounds and Samples are licensed as Royalty-Free for you to use in your commercial productions or even for DJ/Remix purposes. This pack comes as high-quality WAV one-shots. That means you have no restrictions and full control over your beats.

– 5 Constructions Kits
– 92 WAV Loops
– 85 MIDI Files
– Tempo & Keys Labeled
– 55 One-Shot Drums
– 25 Presets
– All Files are 44 KHz / 24 Bit
– Mixed & Mastered WAV Loops
– Over 363 MB of content (Unzipped)
– 100% Royalty-Free

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/3j3L

Plugg v2.0 Drum Kit WAV, wav audio samples, WAV, Plugg, Kit, Drum Kit, Drum

Plugg v2.0 Drum Kit WAV

P2P | 05 May 2018 | 33 MB

“Plugg 2.0 Drum Kit”. This kit includes over 50+ Brand New Rare Sounds, made to take your production to the next level.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/6r2B
Plugg v2.0 Drum Kit WAV

Hazel Loop Kit WAV, wav audio samples, WAV, Loop Kit, Loop, Kit, Hazel, Fantastic

Hazel Loop Kit WAV

FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 12 MB

If you want some Post Malone guitar samples or Lil Peep guitar samples then the Hazel loop pack is perfect for you…

•14 Real Guitar Loops
•Bpm and Key labeled
•100% Royalty-Free

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/aG97
Hazel Loop Kit WAV

808 Pill WAV MiDi, wav patterns midi audio samples, WAV, Pill, MIDI, 808

808 Pill WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 05 May 2018 | 80 MB

Introducing “808 Pill” – a powerful collection of hard hitting 808 drum samples for producers of all genres! If you want an 808 kit with high-quality sounds – the 808 Pill was designed for you. These aren’t your ordinary sounds… In this 808 sample pack, you’ll find 25 distorted, grungy, punchy, and unique 808 samples all of which have been tuned to the key of C – allowing you to easily incorporate them into your mix without the hassle of re-tuning or pitch correcting. Each 808 has been designed from the ground up so you won’t hear these anywhere else. Not only do you get exclusively designed 808s, you also get 30 royalty-free wav and midi loops to go along with those 808s. This 808 sample pack is all about quality, not quantity – every single sound has been carefully and uniquely designed from scratch for maximum originality and creativity. The 808 Pill will be a great addition to your studio.

•25 Tuned 808s
•30 808 Loops
•Midi & Wav

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/3PVC
808 Pill WAV MiDi


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