Motion Vol.1 Tech House MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches nn xt logic kontakt exs24 audio samples amxd als alp ableton live, Trax, Tech House, Tech, MULTiFORMAT, Motion, House

Motion Vol.1 Tech House MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 18 April 2018 | MULTiFORMAT: 1.63 GB

Live 9: 2.13 GB | Logic 9: 2.2 GB | Logic X: 2.22 GB

We consider TRAX to be the worlds most advanced, powerful and useful sample packs. This is not just a collection of Loops and samples but a transfer of knowledge, technique and production Tools. Ever wanted to look deep inside a professional Tech house production ? See how it’s all put together, mixed and automated ? Now you can and from the comfort of your own DAW environment.

Motion V1.0 :
5 Complete DAW projects built almost entirely with Midi and multi-sampled instruments
8 Additional Tech House Startup pages pre loaded with Instruments, Beats and Ideas.
Up to 127 Multi-sampled Synths, Sound and FX menus ( EXS + Channel strips for Logic , Live Racks for Ableton )
733 Drum Sounds
Hundreds of additional hi-end Loops

Compatible with Ableton live Suite + standard editions 9 + 10 , Logic 9.1.8 and Logic Pro X. Wav Pack contains 70+ Patches for NNXt and Kontakt 5.0.1+ ( Full version required )

From resampled Tech House basses created using an original SP1200 to Searing Effects from the world’s best hybrid hardware synths. 100’s of unique and inspiring vocal, analog and tech hits alongside carefully processed drums and FX – The instruments in this release are some of our best yet.

Hardware used during this packs’ creation includes :
Elektron Digitakt, Elektron Heat, Elektron Analog Keys, EMU SP1200 (1983), Roland MKS 50, Roland Jupiter 8, Roland TR808, Roland TR 8, Akai MPC 1000, MPC-X, MiniMoog (1972 ), Hartmann Neuron, Nord Lead 3, Nord lead 4, DSI Poly Evolver, Korg Minologue, Coles 4038 Ribbon Mics, Rode NT5 Mic, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Rooster, Neve 1081 EQ+Pre, SSL Xrack Stereo EQ + Dynamics, G series Bus Compressor, VHD preamp, Various Hi Hats, Various Percussion.

Ableton Live 9 / 10 Pack Contains
5 Complete and fully functioning LIVE projects
8 Additional Startup pages pre-loaded with sounds
Works with Live Standard and Suite *
•Built almost entirely from Midi and Sampled instruments
•See all the Mixing and Automation tricks
127 Multi sampled instrument / Sound Menu Live Racks[/b•]
Drum Sounds
140 Additional WAV Loops ( Live encoded )
•1 Additional content page in Session view
Absolutely No 3rd party Plug ins required
•3.6Gb ( Unzipped)

Logic Pro X / Logic 9.1.8 Pack Contains :
5 Complete and fully functioning Logic projects
8 Additional Startup pages pre-loaded with sounds
•Built almost entirely from Midi and Sampled instruments
•See all the Mixing and Automation tricks
127 Multi sampled instruments / Sound Menus each with Logic Channel Strip settings
•Compatible with All versions of Logic X and Logic 9.1.8
733 drum Sounds
140 Additional Apple Loops
Absolutely No 3rd party Plug ins required
•3.8 Gb ( Unzipped)

WAV Sample pack Contains:
241 Drum and FX loops
733 Drum and FX Hits
72 Synths Loops
32 bass loops
77 Tech Vox Loops
79 Kontakt 5.01+ Instruments*
70 NNXT instruments
78 EXS 24 Instruments
•2.6 GB ( Unzipped )

Motion Vol.1 Tech House MULTiFORMAT

Retro Synths 1980s Plus Bundle MULTiFORMAT, wav presets patches kontakt exs24 audio samples alp ableton live, Synths, Retro Synths, Retro, Plus, MULTiFORMAT, Bundle, 1980s

Retro Synths 1980s Plus Bundle

KONTAKT: 4.9 GB | LiVE: 5.07 GB | LOGiC: 5.1 GB

Nine Iconic Synthesizers

Retro Synths 1980s +Plus teleports your studio back to the days of big hair, neon spandex, catchy lead riffs and of course… huge, epic synthesizers. Loaded with 9 packs and over 4 Gigabytes of resurrected classic instruments, Retro Synths 1980s +Plus puts the greatest sounds of the ‘80s right into your session. Retro Synths 1980s +Plus includes DeeEx, Jax, Juniper Part One, Juniper Part Two, Phazeform Vol 1, Phazeform Vol 2, SixVoice, Synbotik and Vespine in Live, Kontakt and Logic formats.

Step into 1983 FM synthesis with Puremagnetik’s DeeEx! This collection of sounds includes pads, leads, basses, percussion and more, all captured from the legendary Yamaha DX7 synthesizer.

Experience a collection of epic sounds that defined an era in synthesis and pop music alike. Jax brings one of the coolest things about 1985 right to your desktop with a sound set recorded exclusively from a vintage JX-8P and re-programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Apple Logic library. Used by Depeche Mode, Europe, The Cure and more, the JX-8P DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillator) synthesizer defined a milestone era in pop music history. Now, Puremagnetik has condensed these sounds into an easy to use collection of programs for Ableton Live, Kontakt and Logic.

Juniper Part 1
Juniper Part One is a collection of expertly crafted instruments based on the legendary Jupiter series analog synthesizers. Acclaimed for their huge polyphonic sound, pristine filters and oscillators, the Jupiter series can now be experienced right from your desktop. Puremagnetik’s Juniper has been sampled using the Jupiter’s voicing structure and dynamic filter responses to create a playable, multi-sampled collection of instruments – all of this in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic library formats.

Juniper Part 2
Juniper Part Two is a collection of expertly crafted instruments based on the legendary Jupiter 6, 8 and MKS analog synthesizers. It adds over 700 high quality multi-samples to your library in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic library formats.

Phazeform Vol 1
This is a library loaded with a captivating collection of instruments and phrases based on Casio’s classic Phase Distortion technology. Phazeform also includes a comprehensive sound set from the VL-Tone pocket synth/calculator guaranteed to pack your session with that classic Casio electronic sound.

Phazeform Vol 2
Phazeform Vol 2 contains a mega collection of CZ-1 phase distortion patches, the complete tonal bank from the original SK-1 and a ton of percussion elements.

SixVoice includes over 30 multisample patches from the legendary Korg PolySix synthesizer. The PolySix is famous for its huge analog basses and leads while defining its own unique sounds with Curtis chip filters, a bucket-brigade style ensemble effect and six voice unison mode.

Synbotik brings the famous old-school, early digital flavor of the DK Synergy into this decade. With only an estimated 100 units still functioning in the world, this is a rarity that should not be missed. It is now available as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic Library.

Vespine includes over 30 expertly tailored programs that fully capture the characteristic charm of the legendary EDP Wasp synthesizer. The original analog synth’s parameters have been faithfully recorded and programmed in Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic library formats.

Retro Synths 1980s Plus Bundle MULTiFORMAT

Music Store Einstein AKAi, audio samples akai audio samples, Vintage, Techno, Retro, P2P, Dance, Analog

Music Store Einstein AKAi

P2P | 19.04.2018 | 87.10 MB

Here comes EiNSTEiN, A compilation Of techno/Ambient related Samples and loops wich could be considerated as “Vintage Piece”… Including alot of vintage synths Sounds like: SE-1, OBX-1, Farfisa, Hammond B3, TB303, MC505, JPX, Matrix…,Looped or filtered. Drum Computers like TR909, 808, 606 Loops and Hits… This CD also include alot of Bass loops, Drum loops and Percussions loops… This cd listing wouldnt be complete if we forget to mention Stacks, Ethnic stuffz, Voices FX, Breaks, Hits, Ambient FX and Athmospheres, Brief, all you could need if you’re into Techno/Trance/Ambiant kind of music… A must to have …!

➡2/burn or mount:
➡it’s an Akai Format
➡(compatible with S1000, S3000, S5000, S6000, Z4, Z8 and MPC4000)
➡plus software samplers: Kontakt, Emagic EXS24, Steinberg Halion, PropellerHeads Reason 2.0, and Mach 5.)

Music Store Einstein AKAi

Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals WAV, wav audio samples, WAV, Vocals, House, Halloween, Glitch Hop, Freaky, Electro House, Electro, Dubstep, Drum & Bass, DNB, Devil, Dance

Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals WAV

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 11 December 2013 | 241 MB

“Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals” is a creepy and yet funny collection of over 300MB Halloween dedicated samples, including devilish, demonic, dirty voices ready to be dropped in any kind of production. Rising from the darkness of the Silverlining Studios, produced and recorded by the devil himself – Brian Sonneman! Inside the package you will find Full Intros , Vocal Snippets and a couple of instumental ideas like Pianos and Guitars as an extra. In total you will receive 35 different ideas in Dry/Wet versions (65 files). So get these Freaky Vocals right now and get ready for fun during the Holiday season!


  • 65 files in total
  • 330MB of content


* Other Genres that this package may be useful in:

  • Drum & Bass
  • Dubstep
  • Electro House
  • Glitch Hop
  • House


Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals WAV

Urban ELASTiK, elastik audio samples, Urban, RNB, KRock, Elastik, Crunk


Team Krock | 26 September 2012 | 1.04 GB

„Elastik Inspire Series“ – Urban Urban, from the Elastik Inspire Series, is the ultimate tool for urban producers. A complete package with fat drumloops, bouncing synth bass lines, tight strings, piano licks, harps, organs and many more. Perfect for all styles from RnB to Crunk. The final trump in this game is the „Inspire“ concept. Ueberschall presents the new „Inspire Series“! This innovative concept offers new ideas and complete arrangements „on the fly“. Endless searching for matching key and BPM is a thing of the past. With the help of the Elastik 2 Player each inspiration is transformed into a new, unique track. Loop to Inspire!

Library Features:

  • – 1.9 GB, 1727 Loops and Samples
  • – authentic content for each genre
  • – Random Button for new inspiration
  • – automatic speed adjustment to existing projects
  • – infinite possibilities of new tracks and inspiration / ideas
  • – concerted tonality within the samples


Player Features:

  • – innovative loopeye functions
  • – fast browser features (multiple filter search, tagging)
  • – prelisten in sync
  • – sequence mode (loads of edtiting features per slice)
  • – random sound replacement
  • – parameter automation
  • – realtime sync to host
  • – bounce of original and modified loops
  • – resizeable window format
  • – mutiple soundbank management
  • – timestretch and pitchshift in best quality



Dubstep Skillz ELASTiK, elastik audio samples, web applications, Tribal, Techno, Skillz, Rock, Reggae, POP, P2P, Jingles, Hip Hop, Heavy Metal, Games, Electro House, Elastik, Dubstep, dubbing, Drum & Bass, DNB, Dance, advertisements, 147 BPM, 139 BPM

Dubstep Skillz ELASTiK

P2P | Jul 26, 2012 | 730 MB

You’ll find ten professionally mixed and arranged tracks split into massive punchy beats and breaks, ultra deep wobbles and distorted basses, pulsating synths, hitting space tones, robotic and glitch vocals, SFX and warped textures. Dubstep Skillz’ is a cutting-edge library that is inspired by various styles in Dubstep like Wobble, Post-Dubstep, Brostep, Tribal Step, Wonky and Dank Dub. These styles integrate elements from Techno, Electro House, Drum & Bass, Tribal and Reggae. This pack can also be combined with various music genres. Merge ‘Dubstep Skillz’ with Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Rock and Heavy Metal for the ultimate punch! This collection contains 1.6 GB of sounds and loops in 10 Construction Kits, offering a multitude of ultra deep wobbles and distorted basses, punchy beats and breaks, pulsating synths, atmospheric spaces, SFX, robotic and glitch vocals. All beats are available as multi-tracks, separated into bass drum, snare drum, hi-hats and percussion loops for efficient mixing. The1058 loops cover a range between 139 and 147 BPM with lengths between one and eight bars. This library is essential for every modern producer, songwriter and sound-designer and is perfectly suited for music production, advertisements, jingles, games, dubbing, web applications, and more.

Each Construction Kit contains up to five subfolders.

Folders Included:

  • No 1: Intro
  • No 2: Hook
  • No 3: Break Part
  • No 4: Hook-Variation
  • No 5: Outro

Dubstep Skillz ELASTiK

Rock Ballads ELASTiK, elastik audio samples, Rock, POP, KRock, Elastik, Ballads

Rock Ballads ELASTiK

Team KRock | September 21 2012 | 4.17 GB

7 GB, 20 Construction kits, 2.123 loops

Grab your guitar and let your feelings flow. Many ballads in rock music have turned into modern classics. From now on and thanks to Rock Ballads, every musician can produce emotional songs with powerful rock sound in his studio. We proudly preset Rock Ballads, the intense result of a production lasting a few months. This library offers timeless song starters, being extensively produced on the highest possible level. Rock Ballads consists of 20 construction kits, recorded by versed studio musicians. A broad bandwidth of sensitive and emotional songs to lay the foundation for your ambitious compositions. Rock Ballads targets demanding musicians and producers. This library is an excellent source of inspiration for songwriters as well as an ideal solution for dubbing and advertisement. It adds the right twist to music productions and is, at the same time, of great use for singers‘ applications and demo tracks.

Genre: Rock, Pop, Ballads
Rock Ballads ELASTiK

Indie Rock 3 ELASTiK MAGNETRiXX, elastik audio samples, Rock, MAGNETRiXX, Indie Rock, Indie, Elastik, 86 210 BPM, 86 BPM, 210 BPM

Indie Rock 3 ELASTiK

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 12 January 2015 | 2.15 GB

Indie Rock 3 brings you 10 more fully loaded rock construction kits ranging from emotive indie rock ballads through to high-tempo, in your face, rock-meets-metal meltdown. With multiple musical sections within each construction kit, you have everything you need to produce a complete track – intros, verses, chorus, breaks and outros – just create your arrangement and add your vocals. Each construction kit features full drum kit recordings with both pre-mixed stereo loops plus individually mic’ed loops for kick, snare, hihat, overheads, room and cymbals so you can create your own drum mix to perfectly match your project needs. These are complemented by big, characterful bass loops and then multiple guitar parts. As well as fully produced guitar loops with great rock tones, DI’ed versions are also included; apply your favourite guitar amp sim plugin to dial in whatever tonal variation you require.

Indie Rock 3 contains 3.84 GB of material with 10 construction kits and 1263 loops. Each kit offers between five and eight parts. The tempo ranges from 86 to 210 BPM.

The following instruments are included in the construction kits: electric bass, synth bass, electric and distortion guitar, pads, synths and SFX sounds. Additionally, all guitars and basses offer a line version.

The drums are available as single tracks. These include: acoustic and electric bassdrum, snare top and bottom, snare trigger, hihat, ride, toms, cymbals, overheads and room mics. A mixed version of the drums for immediate use is also available for each part. The drum section is rounded out by several percussion loops.

3.84 GB, 10 Construction Kits, 1263 Loops & Samples


Down Low Trap and Twerk MULTiFORMAT MAGNETRiXX, wav sfz rex2 presets patches nn xt kontakt audio samples, Twerk, Trap, Ratchet Rap, Rap, MULTiFORMAT, MAGNETRiXX, Low, House, Hip Hop, Future RnB, Future Beats, EDM, Dubstep, Down, DNB, Chill Trap

Down Low Trap & Twerk MULTiFORMAT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 15 January 2015 | 832 MB

As always, it starts with the Drums & Bass so 4 All New Drum Sets totalling 64 Huge Hits are included plus 58 custom designed Drum Loops, split and ready to layer and chop. Ground Shaking 808 Bass Loops & Hits and Synth Bass Hooks take care of the bottom end. Inspirational Melodic Captures and Crystal Arpeggios will spark your creativity. Add Chopped Vox, Twisting Synths & Percussive Top Lines and polish it all off with Genre Defining Risers, Reverse FX, Atmospherics and Evolving Pads. A huge selection of loops are available in Rex2 format and every One Shot sound is programmed into it’s own custom Sampler Patch in formats including Kontakt, NN-XT and Sfz.

Influence has been drawn from big hitting bass producers such as Diplo, RL Grime, DJ Snake, Dillon Francis and the club infused trap and rap of Mike Will Made It, DJ Mustard, Lex Luger, SALVA and Hit Boy. Also encompassing the more experimental future sounds of What So Not, Bauuer and Jack U all the way to the atmospheric soundscapes of Clams Casino. This makes this expansive collection ideal for Trap, Twerk, Chill Trap, Future RnB, Ratchet Rap, Hip-Hop, Future Beats and perfect for experimenting in forward thinking EDM, House, DnB and Dubstep.

• 24-Bit Quality
• 1.12 GB
• 58 Drum Loops
• 64 Drum One-Shots
• 4 Drum Kit Patches for Reason Kong & Ableton Drum Rack
• 20 808 Sub Bass Loops
• 16 808 Sub Bass One-Shots
• 20 Arpeggio Loops
• 10 Atmospheric Loops
• 20 FX One-Shots
• 40 Synth Bass Loops
• 27 Synth Bass One-Shots
• 60 Music Loops
• 45 Music One-Shots
• 10 Pad Loops
• 10 Pad One-Shots
• 10 Percussion Loops
• 10 Reverse Loops
• 10 Risers
• 20 Synth Loops
• 30 Synth One Shots
• 20 Vox Loops
• 17 Vox One-Shots
• 255 REX2 Loops
• 159 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, NN-XT and SFZ

Down Low Trap and Twerk MULTiFORMAT-MAGNETRiXX

Loop Theory: Trip Hop MULTiFORMAT, wav rex2 reason presets patches nn xt battery audio samples aiff acid, Trip Hop, Theory, P2P, MULTiFORMAT, Loop Theory, Loop


P2P | 26 October 2012 | 639 MB

The most complete loop library of Trip hop yet. Smart fragmented drums kits, trip out style keys, and mellow horns compliment each others rhythmic substance. Inspired by Massive Attack, Tricky, Goldie, and other artists from Bristol, UK. Loop Theory Trip Hop is good for producing Trip Hop, Downtempo, Chill Out, and Glitch Hop. There are 6 construction kits, 82 loops, 6 mixed tracks, and 58 drum one-shots. Construction kit folders contain harps, basses, pads, Rhodes, electric piano, acoustic piano, bells, hi hats, kicks, snares, percussion, and more. Each file name is labeled with tempo and key info. The one-shots are loose in a folder and in three sampler formats; NN-XT format for Propellerheads Reason users, Native Instruments Battery format, AND EXS24 format for Logic Pro users. Apple loop files also contain mapped out drum samples for the Logic EXS24 sampler. 24bit 44.1kHz Stereo

• Apple-looped • ACIDized • WAV • AIFF • Recycle • REX • Ableton Live • NanoStudio • TRG-16 • NI Battery • NN-XT • EXS24 • Reason • Looptastic • 24 bit 44.1 kHz Stereo

Loop Theory Trip Hop MULTiFORMAT


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