Post Rock Feels WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, Rock, Post, Feels, Fantastic

Post Rock Feels WAV

FANTASTiC | Dec 07 2017 | 312 MB

Flowing through a range of ethereal pads made from looping long grand piano sustains, all the way to delicate and detailed guitar loops created from sampling his signature ’72 telecaster.

These sounds are perfect for adding a lush, glistening ambience to any rock, pop, or hip-hop tracks.

Download ‘Post Rock Feels’ today and access some truly exceptional gems, including: delicate guitars lines, sweet vintage Rhodes melodies, tasty electronic beats and vivid arps.

Let’s recap
•402 Lush Beat loops and samples
•Pristine 24 Bit Wav
•100% Royalty Free Loops & Samples

Post Rock Feels WAV

Liberis Angelic Choir Instrument v2 KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Liberis, Kontakt, Instrument, Fantastic, Choir, Angelic Choir, Angelic

Liberis v2 KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 22 May 2017 | 7.16 GB

Angelic Choir Instrument

LIBERIS – Exquisite Angelic Choir VST – is our new-generation choir library featuring the professional 45-Piece Multi-Award Winning Piedmont’s Children’s Choir lead by choral conductor, Bob Geary. The library represents the most accurate and detailed deep-sampled Symphonic Children’s Choir on the market, including Full Ensemble Choir and 3 Deep-Sampled Soloists. LIBERIS allows you to create realistic-sounding choir by using a variety of next-generation features, including True Layered Legato, which includes both normal and portamento legato based on velocity. The library contains a deep section of over 28 different Multi-Vowels for the Ensemble and 22 different Multi-Vowels for the 3 soloists.

True Layered Legato
LIBERIS contains a gorgeous deep-sampled selection of true layered legato sustains, which are completely smooth and life-like. Layered legato means that different types of legatos are triggered depending on how hard you play the keys. The softer you play – the more slurred and portamento like the legato becomes. The firmer you play – the faster legatos react to your playing styles. The layered legatos come in three main articulation groups: “Ah”, “Mmmm” and “Oh” and with each of them with smooth dynamic x-fade controls. LIBERIS also contains three exclusive true legato portamento articulation groups that include: “Ah”, Mmmm” and “Oh”. The true legatos are also designed to be used in conjunction with the LIBERIS multi-vowels / poly-sustains and used in combination you can create completely realistic choral pieces.

Liberis Multi-Vowels
LIBERIS contains a large selection of Multi-Vowels is one of the most important and unique aspects of the library. We created poly-sustains for both the entire choir and solo singers. The LIBERIS Choir contains no less than n 12 different latin Multi-Vowel variations for slow styles of music and another 16 different Multi-Vowels for faster styles of music. In addition, we also recorded 22 additional Multi-Vowels for the 3 soloists, which are also included in the library. So a total of 50 different BPM-synced phrases, which allows you to create completely life-like choral pieces.

Liberis Soloists
The LIBERIS Choir contains 3 different soloists singers, including 1 boy soloist and 2 girl soloists. All of the soloist’s have identical articulations, so you can create advanced pieces by using them together. The articulations include a deep-sampled set of 18 Sustains and 22 different Multi-Vowels. In addition, the 3rd girl soloist also has unique true layered legato and portamento articulations for additional realism. The LIBERIS soloists are designed to be used together with the main choir.

Phrase-Builder. Staccato and Marcatos.
LIBERIS comes with an easy-to-use phrase-builder, which gives you the ability to create sequenced phrase chains in seconds. Liberis contains a large collection of Staccato and Marcatos that allows you to create advanced words and phrases together. The Staccatos include 9 different vowels, including: “Ah, Doh, Fah, La, Mi, Oooh, Re, So, Tus”. The Marcatos are longer and with a more deliberate and intended force in them, they include 6 different vowels: “Ah, Doh, Fah, Meh, Rey, Soh”. All of the Staccatos and Marcatos come pre-loaded, so you can freely switch between them on your key-switches.

Choral Effects
LIBERIS contains the most comprehensive effects section. The choral effects allows you to do incredible things with the choir, including assorted body percussion (ex. breath sounds, chirps, consonants with quick-select option, doppler, percussion, childrens songs, swoops up, swoops down, talking and additional set of ambiences etc). The idea is give you a large selection of FX that should be used together with the other parts of the library. Whether it be added breathing sounds for naturalism or inserting consonants with other phrases to create new words.

Chaos FX
LIBERIS also includes our deep Chaos Effects. We’ve included Phaser and Flangers, Three Band EQ, Bit-Crusher and Distortion. Stereo-Delay made from two Parallel Delays. Two types of convolution reverb. Including a large collection of custom reverb impulses and more experimental convolutions. The Chaos Effects also contains built-in randomizers – letting fate rolls its dice on the instrument. In addition, you also have a variety of other effects called Front-Faced Effects.

New Front-Faced Effects
LIBERIS also contains our new Front-Faced FX, which allows you to control the most fundamental effects from the front panel (ex. Filter, Gate, Delay, Compression, Pitch- and Filter Envelopes and our new Textural Convolution System, Form). You can also go deeper with our new Chaos FX system, which includes Step-Based Filtering, EQ, Bit-Crusher, Distortion, Dual Stereo-Delay and an additional convolution system on top of our custom Textural Convolution Delays

•Full childrens choir ranging from childrens altos to extreme sopranos
•3 Microphone Positions (5.1)
•Multiple (true) legato intervals (P/FF) of sustained notes with childrens choir
•True Layered Legato, including Portamento
•12 Slow Latin Multi-Vowels (BPM-Synced Chants) (MF)
•10 Fast Latin Multi-Vowels (BPM-Synced Chants) (FF)
•6 Fast Latin Multi-Vowels (BPM-Synced Chants) (PP)
•9 (FF) Staccato articulations with round-robin (aka repetition)
•6 (FFF) Marcato articulations w/ sustains
•3 Solo Singers with BPM based poly-sustains
•Monumental FX sections with over one thousand FX based articulations pr. microphone position (x3):
—Long FX Chants
—Short FX Chants
—Tonal and dissonant clusters
—Claps, Snaps, Stomps
—Percussive FX
—Teeth Clack
—Childrens Songs
—Scream / Yells
—Swoops Up
—Swoops down

•Deep documentation
•Hall based release triggers
•Custom Kontakt Scripting
•Extended (artificial) Ranges
•40 .NKI instrument files
•11.832 Samples
•Sample resolution: 44.1Khz / 24Bit stereo .wav format
•Format(s): Kontakt and .NCW (Lossless Compression)

Liberis Angelic Choir Instrument v2 KONTAKT

12 String Guitar Bundle KONTAKT SYNTHiC4TE, windows vsti vst plugins macos kontakt samples audio plugins au for mac aax plugins, SYNTHiC4TE, String Guitar, String, Kontakt, Instant, Guitar, Bundle, 12 String Guitar

12-String Guitar Bundle KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 25 2016 | 4.33 GB

Welcome to Natural Acoustic Series – a studio collection of high-end deep-sampled acoustic instruments. The Instant 12-String Guitar library contains two different libraries, including our 12-String Guitar Solo and 12-String Guitar Strummer. Instant 12-String Guitar Solo VST is a passionate, deep-sampled (+2.660 samples) pristine sounding 12-stringed guitar. We recorded the 12-String Guitar in great detail, including hundreds of natural fret and release noises. In addition we also recorded natural strum samples, so you can play everything in a strummed fashion. 8Dio Instant 12-String Guitar comes with 15 core patches divided into fingered, picked and morphed categories. The fingered contains a natural finger-style 12-String Guitar – whereas the picked category contains the 12-String Guitar with naturally sampled guitar-pick on each note. The morphed category blends with Acoustic Guitar with other instruments (ex. Grand Piano, Steel String Guitar, Mandolin and more exotic type of instruments).

The Instant 12-String Guitar Bundle KONTAKT-SYNTHiC4TE

Exotic Studio Percussion KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Studio Percussion, Studio, Percussion, Kontakt, Exotic

Exotic Studio Percussion KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | June 03 2017 | 7.06 GB

  Aura Tonal Exotic Studio Percussion contains 5 different instruments and 3 microphone positions that are all easy-accessed from our built-in browser. The instruments cover a wide range of auxiliary percussion (ex. Aluphone, Caisa, Scaffaphone, Sixxen & Tubaphone)

Exotic Studio Percussion KONTAKT

Mandolin Solo KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, SYNTHiC4TE, Solo, Mandolin, Kontakt

Mandolin Solo KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | Oct 08 2013 | 1.28 GB

Welcome to Natural Acoustic Series – a studio collection of high-end deep-sampled acoustic instruments. Mandolin is a deep-sampled (1600+ samples) pristine sounding studio Mandolin. We included both normal and morphed Mandolin patches to cover all dimensions of the instrument, including hundreds of natural fret and release noises. The morphed patches blend the Mandolin with a wide selection of other instruments (including high-pitched Double Basses, Bulbul Tarang, Steel String Guitars, Plucked and Regular Grand Piano, a large variety of custom Tonal Percussions, etc). The diversity of the morphed patches expands the sonic palette of the Mandolin – allowing it to fit perfectly in different styles of music.

We also integrated FX (ex. Delay, Verb, Screamer, Lofi, Dual Convolution), allowing you to trigger live FX on top of the patches by using key-switches. In addition, we created a flexible Tremolo Control system that allows you to get your inner Godfather going.

Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later required 1.5GB harddrive space (compressed from 3.4GB)

Mandolin Solo KONTAKT

Zeus Drum KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Zeus, Toms, snares, MAGNETRiXX, Kontakt, Kick Drum, Hi Hats, Drum, Cymbals


Team MAGNETRiXX | 07 March 2014 | 5.31 GB

ZEUS is one of the most comprehensive drum kits ever sampled and contains over 38.000 samples. ZEUS Contains 10 individual microphone positions for ultimate mixing flexibility. You have individual microphones for kick drum, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, toms and dedicated overhead, room and custom distortion. The user-interface is highly intuitive and flexible, so both beginners and experts can have fun from the get-go ZEUS is the first library to utilize our new flow-note technology. One of the challenges with normal drum sampling is that elements like hats and cymbals artificially stack upon each other. In reality a cymbal doesn’t stack. It partially mutes when its hit again, while also carrying some sound from the previous hit. We call this concept Flow Note. ZEUS contains over 38.000 samples and 25.000 lines of custom code taking the playability and realism to the next level.

ZEUS is powered by the powerful Kontakt engine allowing for ultimate flexibility and effective streaming. ZEUS also contains features for advanced users, including ability to choose individual FX pr. microphone position. Ability to send each channel to separate output and remapping tools. The entire user-interface was designed in 3D and is incredible intuitive to use.

But most importantly ZEUS just works. It sounds completely real out of the box and doesn’t take a drum scientist or rocket engineer to operate. The flow-note technology makes everything connect. The mixer allows you to dial in your desired sound in seconds. ZEUS is all about hyper-realistic sound – playability and ease of use.

Hyper Realism & 3D UI
ZEUS is all about hyper realistic drumming. The library contains over 38.000 samples and 10 individual microphones. But we also wanted the visual and functional side of the library to rock your world. The ZEUS user-interface (UI) was all designed in 3D and built around functionality. The front part of the interface allows you to instantly choose any drum of your choice and adjust its volume, pan, tuning, attack and release just with a few clicks. We also built in all the presets, so you can go through them with just one click. In addition the front page also allows you to remap the drums, so you can assign the individual drums to any key of your choice – this is great for people with drum controllers. Its all click and go!

Mixer & Microphones
ZEUS contains a highly intuitive and flexible mixer page. The mixer allows you to control all the microphone positions (Kick, Snare Top, Snare Bottom , Hats, Rack, Floor, Cymbals, Overheads, Room & Trsh). Each microphone position can be routed to an individual output and each position has its own pan and reverb amount setting. In addition you can adjust FX elements (Spread, EQ, Compression, LOFI) individually for EACH microphone. Its super easy, but really allows you to sculpt your kit to perfection. In addition you can load/unload (purge) any microphone position at any time. ZEUS also comes with a bunch of custom convolution reverbs, which allows you color your kit even more and it all just works. Whether you are a beginner or an expert – you have it all at your finger tips.


  • Deep-Sampled Drum Kit w/ Flow Note Technology
  • 10 Microphone Positions
  • 38.150 Samples / 6GB (lossless compression 20GB)

Core Specifications

  • Deep-Sampled Drum Kit w/ Flow Note Technology
  • 10 Microphone Positions and superb mixing controls
  • Custom Flow-Note Tech for completely realistic drumming
  • Intuitive and Flexible UI – you don’t have to be an engineer
  • Built-in FX (Spread, EQ, Comp, LOFI & Compression)
  • + 35.000 lines of code and highly intuitive mixing tools

Core Requirements

  • Full Retail version of Kontakt 4.2 or later required
  • 6GB harddrive space (lossless compression from 20GB)
  • Ability to download
  • PC 2.4GZ+, 4GB ram
  • MAC 2.6Ghz, 4GB ram


CineHarps KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Kontakt, Harps, Fantastic, Cine


FANTASTiC | Dec 08 2017 | 10.9 GB

CineHarps is a collection of deeply sampled orchestral harps that’s easy to use and is loaded with techniques and features that will make this a classic in any composer’s template. Recorded with wide variety of perspectives at the MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, CineHarps will fit nicely into any mix.

CineHarps KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Kontakt, Harps, Fantastic, Cine

The Perspective Fader
CineHarps includes the addition of a new Perspective Mode. When Perspective Mode is turned on, a slider appears that performs a smooth crossfade between the Close, Room, and Surround microphone perspectives. This slider is automatically mapped to the mod wheel, giving you the ability to instantly control the relative depth of the instrument.

Gliss Mode
Gliss Mode transposes all of the white keys according to the selected notes and pedal diagram. This allows for easy playing of glissandi on the white keys. When the Gliss Mode button is active, note attacks in faster phrases are gently softened. The faster you play, the softer the attack.
Tip/Trick: Turning on Gliss Mode and leaving the pedals set to C major allows you to play chromatically, but still softens the onset of each note in faster phrases, which can result in more realistic trills, bisbigliandi and other types of playing.

Close Delay Button
Above the Close microphone perspective is small yellow button marked with a “D”. Activating this button delays the sound of the Close perspective by approximately 15ms, which time aligns the Close with the Room and Surround Perspectives, resulting in a tighter sound. Turning off the Close Delay gives the instrument more depth and definition, which can be useful for featuring it in the mix.

Velocity Curve
The Velocity Curve control can be used to dial in exactly the dynamic you are looking for. Bias Forte makes it easier to play louder dynamics, and Bias Piano makes it easier to play soft dynamics. Linear allows the velocities to pass through unaffected. The Velocity Curve control can also be used to compensate for a MIDI keyboard with an undesirably hard or soft action. You can custom-draw a velocity curve by clicking and dragging with the mouse.

Release Mode
The Release Mode knob changes the way releases are played. “Muted” simulates the harpist immediately dampening the string at the note release, and “Let Vib.” allows the string to ring out for its full duration ignoring any note releases. “Normale” provides a moderate decay to the release. This control along with the Release Volume control can be used to dial in the exact type of release behavior you are looking for.

Round Robin Borrowing
The RR Borrowing knob employes surrounding notes as additional round robins. A value of 6 results in up to +/- a tritone of borrowing providing up to an additional 12 round robins per note. A value of zero only plays two round robins per dynamic level. Higher values result in more round robins and more tonal variation.

Dynamic Range
The Dynamic Range knob can increase or decrease the overall dynamic range of the instrument. With the knob turned all the way up, low dynamics are almost completely inaudible and higher dynamics are very loud. With the knob turned all the way down the instrument plays all of the recorded dynamic layers, but at the same perceived volume.

Requires Kontakt 5.6.8 and above (Works with both the free Kontakt Player and the paid, full version of Kontakt)

Main Patches
•01 Concert Harp
•02 Harp Glissandi
•03 Harp Glissandi Ad Lib
•04 Harp Harmonics
•05 Harp Xylophonics
•06 Harp Pedal Buzz FX
•07 Harp Bisbigliandi FX
•08 Harp Scrape FX
•09 Harp Slide FX
•10 Harp Thunder Crash + Palm Slaps
•11 Harp 2
•12 Harp 3

Split Patches
•01 Harp Major Glissandi
•02 Harp Harmonic Minor Glissandi
•03 Harp Major Pentatonic Glissandi
•04 Harp Octatonic Glissandi
•05 Harp Half Diminished Glissandi
•06 Harp Full Diminished Glissandi
•07 Harp Whole Tone Glissandi

Extra Patches
•01 Harp Pad
•02 Bass Harp
•03 Sub Pluck
•04 Cable Snaps
•05 Harp Dubstep (MOD)
•06 Sitar
•07 Banjo


Voice WAV MAGNETRiXX, wav samples audio, WAV, Voice Collection, Voice, MAGNETRiXX

Voice WAV

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 02 August 2013 | 711 MB

Voice is a exclusive bundle that features two female voices Sasha & Karin. This hi octane pack is geared up for Dubstep, Dance, Techno Electro, Tech House, Progressive and Trance. The pack also comes with loads of Midi files that contain melodies, bass lines, and grooves so you can nail down a track in no time flat. Voice features over 11 kits complied from Function Loop’s hit packs Sasha & Karin. So if you own either of these packs you might want to pass this wicked bundle up. If you don’t have them. Then get ready for a double blast of sonic goodness. These kits were hand picked by Twisted Reaction and Lenny Dee to insure a solid bundle of samples for your production needs.

Put your mic away and just drop in one of these dope vocal kits in your next session and let Voice do the work!

Tech Specs:

  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 1.5GB


Voice 2 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Voice Collection, Voice, MIDI, AUDIOSTRiKE

Voice 2 WAV MiDi

Team AUDIOSTRiKE | 26 November 2013 | 888 MB

A set of smooth Vocal Production Kits for any modern electronic music producer. Looking for a singer with pipes of gold? Voice 2 answers the call with a massive array of male and female vocal samples. Especially primed for full-on EDM, this follow-up pack is loaded with the tools you need to create vocal additions in any style. Voice 2 pushes the collection forward with 12 Studio Production Kits. Each kit contains both mixed and unmixed Vocal stems, MIDI files, Drum loops, and Music loops. These 24-bit, 44.1 KHz sounds are delivered in Wav format. All samples are clearly labeled and tempo-keyed for instant easy use in any Daw or sampler.

These license-free kits are ready to twist and mash up, so you can create straight from your imagination and boost new tracks through the roof.

Voice 2 features a total of 10 Female and 2 Male Vocal Production Kits in the main pack; or choose the kits you like individually. We don’t mess around when it comes to options—mix-n-match kits enable you to build limitless vocal possibilities.

This monster pack is ready for any production skill set. For anyone fresh on the scene, these kits provide a great source to improve your production work by handling Vocals, MIDI files, Mixing and Arranging. For you vets, each kit offers what you need to get down to business in the studio.

Voice 2 WAV MiDi

Voice Vol.3 WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, Voice Collection, Voice, MIDI, MAGNETRiXX

Voice Vol.3 WAV MiDi

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 08 April 2014 | 817 MB

Each new kit features a smooth as silk Female voice, perfect for Big Room tracks, Techno Complextro, and any modern style of EDM you think you can drop these amazing vocals into. The pack was compiled with wet and dry vocal stems, back grounds, vocal layers, midi files, drum loops and music audio. Each kit varies with each song so please check the contains list. Each audio file and vocal stem included in Voice Vol.3 was recorded and mixed in 24 Bit 44.1Khz wav format for a super tight sound. Voice 3 boast over a gig of content and can be purchased as one big mega vocal sample pack with all the trimmings, a version with vocals only, or you can just grab the track you like and start rocking.

Enough Kit :

  • 3 Midi Files
  • 12 Music Files
  • 10 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Demo Track

Falling Kit :

  • 2 Midi Files
  • 4 Music Files
  • 9 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Backing Track
  • 1 Demo Track

Frozen Kit :

  • 2 Midi Files
  • 6 Music Files
  • 12 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Backing Track
  • 1 Demo Track

Go Away Kit :

  • 2x Midi Files
  • 4 Music Files
  • 9 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Backing Track
  • 1 Demo Track

Home Kit :

  • 2 Midi Files
  • 10 Music Files
  • 8 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Demo Track

I Wish Kit :

  • 1 Midi File
  • 6 Music Stems
  • 1 Backing Track
  • 11 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Demo Track

Nothing Kit :

  • 1 Midi File
  • 4 Music Files
  • 17 Vocal Stems
  • 1 Backing Track
  • 1 Demo Track

Stronger Kit :

  • 10 Vocal Stems
  • 10 Music Files
  • 2 Midi Files
  • 1 Demo Track

Waiting Kit :

  • 10 Vocal Stems
  • 2 Midi Files
  • 10 Music Files
  • 1 Demo Track
  • All Kits 128BPM

+Vocals Only Pack

  • 87 Vocal Stems
  • 10 Demo Tracks

Voice Vol.3 WAV MiDi


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