NewBlue Legacy Audio FX Bundle v1.3.140529 x64 WiN CE V.R, x64 windows vst plugins multimedia, x64, Win, V.R, NewBlue, Legacy, FX, CE, Bundle, Audio FX, Audio

Legacy Audio FX Bundle v1.3 x64 WiN

Team V.R | 18 May 2017 | 3.8 MB

Simple audio plug-ins bundle for video editors…

– Audio Equalizers include: Adjust Highs, Adjust Lows, Filter Sweep, Graphic EQ, Parametric EQ, Remove Highs, Remove Lows, Swirl, Tone Eliminator
– Audio Essentials include: Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Echo, Flange, Phaser, Reverb, Slap Back
– Audio Production Production Tools include: Bass Boost, Compactor, Crisper, Dual Compressor, Dual Expander, Expander, Monofier, Sharpener, Stereoizer, Tone Compressor, Tone Expander
– Audio Scrubbers include: Audio Polish, Auto Mute, Cleaner, Hum Remover, Noise Fader, Noise Reducer
– Sound Benders include: Buzzurgle, Insectoid, Phone, Radio, Resonator, Robot Fog, Under Water, Wah, Wind.

NewBlue Legacy Audio FX Bundle v1.3.140529 x64 WiN CE-V.R

Audio Recording For Beginners In ProTools TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Recording, ProTools, Beginners, audio recording, Audio

Audio Recording For Beginners In ProTools

P2P | 18.05.2017 | 515 MB

Welcome to our Pro Tools Audio Recording And Music Production For Beginners Course! You can expect to learn the audio recording software Pro Tools from the very beginning of creating a new project all the way to exporting a finished music track. This course is structured in a way that you can begin learning audio recording with Pro Tools without prior knowledge of audio production or the software. You will receive to the point lectures without unnecessary introductions.

Once this course has been completed, you’ll have the skill set and knowledge to:
– Create new Pro Tools projects
– Record audio
– Work with midi
– Utilize different virtual instruments within your audio projects
– Apply insert audio plugins such as reverb, EQ and compression
– Complete basic mixing and mastering.

We hope to see you in there!

Audio Recording For Beginners In ProTools TUTORiAL

How Music Producers Collaborate with Artists TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Music Producers, How, Collaborate, Artists

How Music Producers Collaborate with Artists

P2P | 18.05.2017 | 601 MB

With over two decades of experience in the recording studio, Grammy Award-winning music producer Focus… (Aftermath) has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, including Beyonce, Dr. Dre, and Kendrick Lamar. Over the years, he has learned all sorts of techniques for getting the best performance out of artists when recording. Now, in this 30-minute class, he passes along insights and gems to aspiring producers everywhere. This class is meant for producers looking to level up their careers through professional insights and practices. Whether you are working with an artist in a studio or remotely, these lessons will help refine your process, coach the best from the artists round you, and ultimately lead to better productions.

Key lessons include:
– Controlling the studio session
– Building constructive communication with the artist
– Creating stripped-down tracks for artists to lay vocals
– Focus…’s favorite plug-ins when producing

How Music Producers Collaborate with Artists TUTORiAL


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