Polaris v1.5.0 AU VST AAX WiN FiXED MAC R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST, Reverb, R2R, Polaris, Multitap Delay, Multitap, MAC, Fixed, Echo tap, ECHO, Digital Reverb, Delay, AU, AAX

Polaris v1.5.0 AU VST AAX WiN MAC

Team R2R | 19 Apr 2017 | WiN: (FiXED): 4.7 MB | OSX: 10.3 MB

Polaris is an echo/reverb plugin inspired by early hardware digital reverbs of the late 1970s and able to provide echo, ambience and reverb out of a single multitap delay line. When hardware digital reverbs came out to the market they were really expensive. Most manufacturers were already exploiting chains of comb and allpass filters (smoother reverbs, but expensive in both resources and chips), there were other techniques involving the use of a single multitap delay line to create a reasonable reverb while keeping the cost affordable. That idea is so simple yet powerful: you mix a bunch of unmodulated taps (Early Reflections) with the remaining modulated taps (Diffusion) to create a cheap but convincing reverb.

We extended this technique by making the Echo tap recirculating with the Diffusion section, allowing longer reverb tails. Furthermore you can easily edit all taps to create your own room responses, resonant combs, Karplus-like tuned delay lines, Chorus, Flanging, Vibrato and much more.


  • Single Multitap Delay Line
  • Early Reflections (8 Programmable Taps)
  • Diffusion (16 Programmable Modulated Taps)
  • Echo (Ms, Sync, Tuned)
  • Echo Modulation
  • LFO (Sin/Tri/Rnd – Hz, Sync)

v1.5 (February 2017)
– FIX: Unexpected signal when any delay time is set to 0
– FIX: Rare noise burst
– FIX: Noisy ER and Diffusion tap knobs
– NEW: Performance boost
– NEW: Pre-Delay
– NEW: Echo Edit section
– NEW: 3 Band Feedback Equalizer
– NEW: Modulation Booster (x10 button)
– NEW: New presets menu
– NEW: More presets
– NEW: Global Random
– NEW: Global Reset
– NEW: All knobs can be locked

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3cfm
Polaris v1.5.0 AU VST AAX WiN MAC-R2R

SideFilter v1.2.1 VST2 AAX WiN MAC R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, Win, VST2, SideFilter, MAC, AAX

SideFilter v1.2.1 VST2 AAX WiN MAC

Team R2R | 19 Apr 2017 | OSX: 15.6MB | WiN: 4.6MB

Side Filter is special High Pass filter focused on removing bass frequencies from the Side portion of a stereo mix. This filter is very useful to tighten up the low end of your mix or to help you prepare a vinyl ready master.

v1.2.1 (April 2017)
– FIX: Licenser invalidating legit license file

v1.2 (April 2017)
– FIX: Menu getting keyboard focus
– NEW: Low Filter

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/34d6
SideFilter v1.2.1 VST2 AAX WiN MAC-R2R

AD Restoration Suite v1.8.0 WiN MAC R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, Win, Suite, Restoration, R2R, P2P, MAC, AD

AD Restoration Suite v1.8.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 19 Apr 2017 | OSX: 88.5 MB | WiN: 19.7 MB

Restoration Suite consists of four audio restoration and noise reduction plug-ins that are the result of several years of research within the field of noise reduction and audio restoration algorithms…


  • DeNoise is a plug-in designed to reduce stationary noise, such as broadband noise, hiss, wind noise, buzz and camera noise. Great efforts have been put into preserving as much of the original signal as possible during the noise reduction process. As a result, DeNoise can reduce or in many cases completely remove the noise in a very transparent manner without loss of transients, attacks or “air” in the recording.
  • DeHum targets hum and buzz typically introduced by poorly grounded electrical equipment, but also other tonal noise sources like electrical motor noise.
  • DeClick is designed to remove impulsive noise such as clicks, crackle, plosives and thumps. These distortions are frequently encountered on LP and 78 RPM records, but also occur in digital recordings when recording voice without pop shield or due to drop-outs or distorted data packets.
  • DeClip restores audio recordings distorted by analog or digital clipping.

We have released an update of our Restoration Suite. The update is free for all current Restoration Suite owners. The focus in version 1.8 is DeNoise which has received several quality improvements. A new soft knee parameter allows for more natural transitions between noise and the wanted signal. It is in most situations desirable to leave a certain noise floor in the restored signal and it is easier to achieve a natural sounding residual noise with the new update.

Furthermore, the attack and release times are now adaptive and automatically adjusted according to the input material. The controls are still there, but these are now representing the maximum attack and release times. The noise profile estimation in the adaptive broadband noise mode is now capable of a better discrimination between noise and the wanted signal.

Restoration Suite is available in 32 and 64 bit versions, as VST or AAX for both Windows and OS X or as AU plug-ins for OS X.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3d53
AD Restoration Suite v1.8.0 WiN MAC-R2R

EasyViolinTuner v1.7 macOS RETAiL CORE, macos software audio apps, Violin, Tuner, RETAIL, macOS, EasyViolinTuner, Easy, Core

EasyViolinTuner v1.7 macOS

TEAM CORE | 19 April 2017 | 18.36 MB

Simple and powerful, this tuner is both in one! You can listen the sound of each tuning string as well check & fine-tune the strings with the help of the chromatic tuner, placed in the middle of the app window!

* Chromatic tuner with audio-input and microphone support,
* Authentic violin sound,
* Automatic repeating of the playing sounds,
* 11 pitches modes:
+ Baroque,
+ Scientific,
+ France1859,
+ New Philharmonic,
+ Concert Pitch,
+ Boston Symphony Orchestra,
+ New Berliner Philarmoniker,
+ Moscow Theater,
+ Old Berliner Philharmoniker,
+ Old Philharmonic,
+ Renaissance
* Wikipedia information and buying hints,
* Retina display support.

INFO/DEMO: http://apple.co/2oM4ON4
EasyViolinTuner v1.7 macOS RETAiL-CORE

Avenue v4.6.4 WiN P2P, windows audio software dj software audio apps windows, Win, P2P, Avenue

Avenue v4.6.4 WiN

P2P | 19 April 2017 | 961 MB

Avenue 4 is an instrument for VJs, AV performers and video artists. It puts all your media and effects right at your fingertips so you can quickly improvise your live visuals

Avenue 4 Enhancements
— Smaller composition files for quicker loading of decks.
— Great reduction of memory usage.
— Effect presets are stored in separate files, this makes it easier to import and share user presets.
— Improved recording performance.
— Preview panel checkerboard backdrop for better transparency viewing.
— Faster OSC input.
— Flash text field transparency fix on Windows.
— Better FFGL Syphon support.
— Much faster thumbnailing and analysis of audio clips.
— ArtNet DMX fixes.
— Improved rendering of odd sized files.

INFO/DEMO: http://goo.gl/fde5mI
Avenue v4.6.4 WiN-P2P

Zodiak MULTiFORMAT DECiBEL, presets patches logic kontakt exs24 samples audio ableton live, Zodiak, MULTiFORMAT, DECiBEL


Team DECiBEL | 19 Apr 2017 | 1.21 GB

Zodiak | 100% Moog Bass

Ableton Live: 406.3 MB | Logic: 402.2 MB | KONTAKT: 402.1 MB

Zodiak is bass-heavy set of instruments with extra growl and bite recorded from a Moog Taurus II, equipped with a range expansion retrofit kit and recorded through multiple guitar and bass amplifiers. For bass driven productions this sound set comes packed with options for both sub and complex overtone voices. Zodiak contains over 20 detailed, analog, bass infused instruments and over 800 high quality 24 bit samples. It is available as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Logic sound library.

Zodiak Features:
– A library of over 20 multisampled programs.
– Over 800 High Quality 24 bit samples.
– Advanced Ableton Live Macro Controls.
– Completely integrated KSP user interface for Kontakt.

– Ableton Live 8 and higher or Kontakt 3.5 or higher or Logic 8 and higher
– 600 MB of free disk space

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3h33

House Construction WAV MiDi, wav midi patterns samples audio, WAV, MIDI, House, Construction

House Construction WAV MiDi

FANTASTiC | 19 April 2017 | 625 MB

House Construction by MD, an expertly crafted sample pack containing 10 quality construction kits, that gives you the producer, a solid foundation for composing quality melodic Deep House. Each construction kit contains all the elements to build stomping and evolving House Music from the ground up. All construction kits contains, loops, one-shots and MIDI files, giving you the opportunity to dissect, re-engineer and construct new ideas. The loops include bass, individual drum stems, top loops, melodic loops, FX and main mix. All samples in this pack are tagged by key and BPM, making it easy for you as a producer, to try out new ideas and arrangements with ease.

Compatible with all DAWs, Over 800mb of content 100% Royalty Free 24Bit 44.1Khz samples tagged by key and BPM. Expect 354 Samples in total, 251 Loops, 103 One Shots, 10 beautifully crafted construction kits, 10 Short final mixes and 69 MIDI files.

•24Bit 44.1Khz
•354 Samples in total
•251 Loops
•103 One Shots
•10 Beautifully crafted construction kits
•10 Short final mixes
•69 MIDI files

INFO/DEMO: http://bit.ly/2pfDOHp
House Construction WAV MiDi

RnB Flava MULTiFORMAT P2P, wav rex2 refills midi patterns samples audio aiff acid, RNB, Rihanna, R Kelly, POP, Ne Yo, MULTiFORMAT, Hip Hop, Flava, Drake, Dirty South, Chris Brown, Akon


P2P | Oct 27, 2012 | 807,89 MB


‘RnB Flava’  is a collection of five Construction Kits inspired by top artists such as R-Kelly, Drake, Ne-Yo, Chris Brown, Akon, and Rihanna. Inside you’ll find over 90 royalty-free, high quality multi- format loops. These phrases are best suited to RnB, Dirty South, Pop, Hip Hop and other similar styles.

‘RnB Flava’ features over 1.0 GB of high quality Construction Kits in the 72 to 799 BPM range. Available formats include WAV 24-Bit & 16-Bit, ACID WAV, Apple Loops, Reason ReFill (4.0) and REX2.

About MIDI:
MIDI files allow you to assign these melodic phrases to your favourite synth or sampler, allowing them to slot perfectly into your productions.

This pack is royalty-free, so you can use it for commercial and non-commercial purposes without incurring additional fees.

Included Kits:

  • 1. Like I Love You (72 BPM)
  • 2. Slow Motion (77 BPM)
  • 3. I Luv It (75 BPM)
  • 4. None In A Million (75 BPM)
  • 5. Try (79 BPM)

Detailed Contents Kits:
• ACID Loops/WAV 24-Bit (91 files)
• Apple Loops (91 files)
• Reason ReFill (188 WAV/RX2/MIDI files)
• REX Loops (91 files)
• WAV 16-Bit (91 files)
• MIDI (5 files)

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3d0z

Korg Triton Studio MULTiFORMAT, wav sxt presets patches kontakt exs24 samples audio, WAV, Triton, SXT, Studio, NKI, MULTiFORMAT, Korg Triton, KORG, Intrinsic, Fxp, Exs

Korg Triton Studio MULTiFORMAT

Intrinsic | 25-03-2015 | 6 GB

(.NKI, .EXS, . FXP, .WAV, .SXT)

The Triton is Korg’s latest flagship workstation synthesizer for professional music production! It looks and sounds beautiful, and hiding under the hood is an extremely souped-up synth-engine ready to tear up your tracks! Literally! It is a digital 62-voice synthesizer with built-in sequencing and arpeggiators and an ultra-large touch-screen control panel at the center of its face-plate. 2002 saw the introduction of the Triton Studio. This model made the 16 MB paino ROM waveforms standard on all of its 61, 76 and 88 key models. Polyphony was essentially doubled to 120 voices (2 banks of 60 voices). The Triton Studio also added built-in S/PDIF input and output and could be fitted with an optional hard drive, CD-R/W drive or a “Digital Interface” board providing ADAT output and Word Clock.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3570
Korg Triton Studio MULTiFORMAT

Nightmare Drum Kit V2 WAV VST PRESETS FLP, wav presets patches flp samples audio, WAV, VST PRESETS, v2, snares, Nightmare, FXs, FLP, Drum Kit, claps, 808s

Nightmare Drum Kit V2

P2P | April 19 2017 | 342 MB


This drum kit we are giving you has rare samples like his Voxs and all that other weird shit. We also added some custom made wav files that we think you will enjoy such as new custom sounds like 808s, Snares, Claps, FXs and 9 EXP. Today we give you the tools to create beats exactly TM %100.

– 01 Drum Kit
– TM 808’s
– TM Clap’s
– TM Crashe’s
– TM HiHat’s
– TM Kick’s
– TM Perc’s
– TM Rappers Vocal Effect
– TM Snare’s
– TM Tag’s
– TM TGOD Samples
– TM Vox’s
– TM Weird Shit

02 Expansion (Custom Made + With Names)
NMV2 [Dune2]
– 51 presets

NMV2 [ElectraX]
– 208 Presets

NMV2 [GrossBeat]
– 2 Presets

NMV2 [Icarus]
– 78 Presets

NMV2 [Loom]
– 13 Presets

NMV2 [Nemesis]
– 81 Presets

NMV2 [Nexus PADS]
– 32 Presets

NVM2 [Nexus 2]
– 223 Presets

NVM2 [RayBlaster]
– 33 Presets
– 03 Mafia Template
– KillBill Startup
– Orange Startup
– Transformers Startup
– Install
– Beat Mixing VST
– Vocal Mixing VST
– NMV2 Drumset VST

INFO/DEMO: https://goo.gl/VJhFZn
Nightmare Drum Kit V2 WAV VST PRESETS FLP


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