Video Pro X8 v15.0.3.148 x64 WiN, windows multimedia apps windows, X8, x64, Win, Video PRO, Video, Pro, P2P

Video Pro X8 v15.0.3.148 x64 WiN

P2P | 18.04.2017 | 556.5 MB

Video Pro X is the perfect editing software for intuitive and powerful video production. This multi-award-winning video editing suite is geared towards the unique requirements of ambitious and professional users, and offers an unrivaled range of powerful post-production tools.

Professional video editing
Access detailed editing options, outstanding performance and cinematic effects in top image and sound quality.

Video Pro X8 v15.0.3.148 x64 WiN, windows multimedia apps windows, X8, x64, Win, Video PRO, Video, Pro, P2P

Video production
Choose from a wide range of tools to perfect your footage, such as GPU-optimized video effects, precise measurement instruments and multicam editing.

Audio editing
A real-time audio mixer, keyframe control and sample-precise editor as well as a ton of broadcast-quality effects provide everything you need for optimizing sound.

Access all the extras — such as plug-in package NewBlue Looks, which includes impressive color filters and effect transitions, or proDAD Mercalli V2 for perfect image stabilization.

The most important features:
– Professional format support (ProRes, AVC-Intra etc.)
– Scalable proxy editing for smooth editing of 4K videos
– Primary and secondary 3-way color correction
– Multicam editing on up to nine tracks simultaneously
– Comprehensive action cam support
– Surround sound editing in broadcast quality
– Hardware-based decoding for HD and UHD (H.264, H.265)
– NewBlue Looks: Top quality color filters for unforgettable films

What’s New in MAGIX Video Pro X8:
Shot match
Transfer the visual characteristics of one video to another. The program matches the colors and tonal values of two separate videos fully automatically.

360 degree camera editing
Video Pro X provides a wide range of options for editing footage from the latest 360 degree cameras.

4K/Section animation
Use 4K material to create sections and image details in lower-resolution footage.

NewBlue Looks Film Color:
– Modify color and light to give your film a classic look.
– Color Fixer Pro: Adjust the color balance, saturation and brightness of images.
– Gradient Tint: Intensify image colors using a wide range of filters.
– Spotlight: Set an area of an image under a spotlight.
– Glow Pro: Create a warm light by adding highlights to the original image.

Advanced exposure features
Detailed color and tonal value correction enables you to edit luminance and individual RGB channels precisely.

Modern title templates
The over 250 brand new title templates have been completely redesigned and feature a modern look and structure.

OpenFX support
You can now use OpenFX standard plug-ins as a video effect from directly within the Mediapool.

HEVC/H.265 decoding
Video Pro X is the world’s first video editing program to support Intel HEVC/H.265 with ultra-fast hardware acceleration.

Native ProRes support
The latest version includes native support for Apple ProRes video codecs.

Video Pro X8 v15.0.3.148 x64 WiN

Scarbee Funk Guitarist v1.1.0 KONTAKT DVDR DYNAMiCS, windows ni sounds macos kontakt samples audio, Scarbee, Kontakt, Guitarist, Funk, DYNAMiCS, DVDR, 0RGan1c

Scarbee Funk Guitarist v1.1.0 KONTAKT

TEAM DYNAMiCS | May 10, 2011 | 7.55 GB

0RGan1c | 27.04.2014 | UPDATE: 48.67 MB

Imagine the perfect funk guitarist: groove, precision and no solos – please welcome SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST. This innovative instrument gives you instant playability and total control, with the genuine flavor of the funk. Lovingly sampled in uncompromising SCARBEE quality, SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is expressive, articulate and instantly useable – create driving rhythm guitar lines in minutes. Essential for anything from funk and soul to hip hop and R’n’B, but also perfect for adding an organic element to house or pop, this instrument is highly addictive and a true funk phenomenon.

Scarbee Funk Guitarist v1.1.0 KONTAKT DVDR DYNAMiCS, windows ni sounds macos kontakt samples audio, Scarbee, Kontakt, Guitarist, Funk, DYNAMiCS, DVDR, 0RGan1c

Even if you’ve never held a guitar in your hands, SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST lets you channel the funk immediately. Using nothing but two fingers and a MIDI keyboard, you can jam and improvise for hours on end.

Your right hand controls the groove – each groove preset consists of three basic riffs and multiple variations. Your left hand selects chords and velocity, with each key mapped to a specific chord. In each chord map, just hit the white keys, moving upwards from C to play authentic chord progressions, many based on classic funk tracks – this instrument pays its dues to a great funk tradition.

For building your own chord maps, the chord finder is a compendium of funk guitar chords and voicings. Just select the chord you want – regardless of whether you can play it or not.

And if you’re comfortable with the keys, use automatic chord detection to build your own chord maps. Whatever chord you play is instantly added to a chord list, including voicing, top notes and alterations. Play a series of chords to create a mapping in seconds – perfect when you’re working with existing pieces.

Every aspect of SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is editable. The groove editor lets you manipulate the individual elements of a groove, so you can remodel existing grooves or create your own phrases out of different articulations.

Clever algorithms handle the transitions between up and down strokes, mutes, hammer-ons and slides, to ensure that every groove sounds startlingly realistic. The same algorithms apply when you build grooves in the Groove Editor, providing a natural flow to your own custom riffs.

Over a year in the making, SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST is a breakthrough in guitar sampling. The construction process was incredibly detailed – 3411 chords, recorded in multiple velocities, up to 11 articulations, different playing positions and pickup settings, resulting in up to 152 samples per chord. The finished instrument sounds organic and genuinely funky – it’s almost impossible to hear the difference to the ‘real thing’.


Italian Combo Organs KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Organs, Kontakt, Italian, FARFISA, Crumar, Combo

Italian Combo Organs KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 18 April 2017 | 33.9 MB

There are raw patches and patches with added vibrato. Kontakt scripts also added for basic ADSR control. 29 different patches are available in total, with different presets form the original organs…

•Farfisa Bravo
•Farfisa Compact Duo
•Crumar Organizer
•Crumar Trilogy

Italian Combo Organs for Kontakt (Requires Kontakt 5.5.0 Full – won’t work in Kontakt Player)

Italian Combo Organs KONTAKT

Chopworx Vol.4 WAV, wav samples audio, WAV, P2P, Chopworx

Chopworx Vol.4 WAV

P2P | 18.04.2017 | 77.64 MB

4th installment of the Chopworx series 50 brand new chops ready to drag into your daw. Enjoy!

Chopworx Vol.4 WAV

Jax MULTiFORMAT DECiBEL, presets patches logic kontakt exs24 samples audio alp ableton live, Roland JX 8P, ROLAND, MULTiFORMAT, Logic, Kontakt, JX 8P, Jax, DECiBEL, Ableton Live, Ableton


Team DECiBEL | 18 Apr 2017 | 2.16 GB

Ableton Live: 728.7 MB | Logic: 720.4 MB | KONTAKT: 720.4 MB

Jax | The Epic Sounds of the Roland JX-8P

Experience a collection of epic sounds that defined an era in synthesis and pop music alike. Jax brings one of the coolest things about 1985 right to your desktop with a sound set recorded exclusively from a vintage Roland JX-8P and re-programmed as an Ableton Live Pack, Kontakt Instrument and Apple Logic library. Used by Depeche Mode, Europe, The Cure and more, the Roland JX-8P DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillator) synthesizer defined a milestone era in pop music history.

This Pack features:
• Over 470 (700MB) high quality, expertly recorded samples
• An assortment of classic synth, bass, pad and lead sounds
• Ableton Live macro programmings for Push-ready production
• Kontakt KSP custom programmed, easy edit interface
• Ready to use Channel Strips for Logic X browser integration

System Requirements
• Requires Ableton Live 9.2 and higher, Logic X and higher or Kontakt 5 and higher
• 800 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space


Opus MULTiFORMAT DECiBEL, kontakt exs24 samples audio, String Machine, String, Organ, Opus, MULTiFORMAT, Moog brass, Moog, Machine, DECiBEL, Brass


Team DECiBEL | 18 Apr 2017 | LOGiC: 517.2 MB | KONTAKT: 516.1 MB

Opus | Classical Voices à la Moog

Opus is a highly detailed re-creation of the celebrated Moog brass, organ and string machine. Just like on the original, each layer is programmed separately, bringing a unique, lifelike emulation of the Opus in Kontakt Instrument and Logic library formats. Beyond the 3 part stereo mixer of the original, Deeply programmed combinations and stacks. This collection includes twisting, evolving textures, analog techno basses, science fiction effects and more. The Opus sounds can be used as synth brass and string sections, plus they have a rich analog texture that complements a variety of musical styles.

Opus Features:
• Over 30 multi-sampled programs, each with multiple layers to blend
• Logic EXS version includes channel settings with Logic effects.
• Kontakt Instruments include custom KSP interface and fully loaded effect chains.

System Requirements
• Ableton Live 9 or higher, Kontakt 5 or higher or Logic X or higher
• 600 Megabytes (MB) of free hard disk space


OSCar KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, OSCar, Kontakt, Fantastic


FANTASTiC | 18 April 2017 | 51 MB

OSCar is a recreation of the famous OSC (Oxford Synthesizer Company) OSCar for Kontakt (FULL version of Kontakt 5.6 needed, it will not work on the free Kontakt player), based on samples from an actual OSCar The original OSCar comes from Autodafe’s collection of analogue synths. 35 Soundsets have been sampled from the original presets in the OSCar memory. There are 91 total patches in the Kontakt Instrument.

The aim is not to 100% replicate the OSCar but to capture its sounds, its controls and its characteristics adding unique features that are only possible in the digital world.

Autodafe OSCar features an advanced Arpeggiator, which was quite simple on the original OSCar
Autodafe OSCar
also features a Chord Mode, Glide, Mono Mode and Unison section. The original OSCar had the option to play “Duo” (duophonic) and had glide controls, with different types and times.

The ugly (but lovely), knob-stuffed and cluttered interface of the original OSCar has also been reproduced.

DRM32 Analog Drum Machine KONTAKT, kontakt samples audio, Machine, Kontakt, Drum Machine, Drum, DRM32, Analog

DRM32 Analog Drum Machine KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 18 April 2017 | 16 MB

DRM32 Analog Drum Machine is a Drum Machine for Kontakt (FULL version of Kontakt 5.6 needed, it will not work on the free Kontakt player) based on samples of Analog Drum Machines and synths, such as: Doepfer A-100, Roland System 100M, OSCar, Arturia DrumBrute, Elektron Analog RYTM and Analog Four, Korg Volca Beats, Acetone Rhythm Ace, Eko Dream Box, a Cicruit Bent Bontempi Keyboard, Korg KPR77, Roland X0X series and various other stuff .

The Main Instrument has 5 vertical Slots:
•Hats (Closed, Open, Pedal)
•Toms (Hi, Mid, Low) for a total of 12 sounds.

DRM32 Analog Drum Machine KONTAKT

Intergalactic Beats MULTiFORMAT, wav sylenth1 presets patches midi patterns massive fm8 samples audio ableton live, Melodic Dubstep, Future RnB, Future Beats, Future Bass, Experimental, Electronica, Downtempo, Cinematic, Chillwave, Chill, abstract hip hop, 90 Bpm, 808s, 140 BPM

Intergalactic Beats MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 18 April 2017 | 626 MB

We are proud to present our latest release “Intergalactic Beats” fusing future beats and cosmic RnB with electronica production aesthetics brings a new perspective to your productions and gives futuristic edge needed! This future beats sample pack contains all the necessary elements you need – from mellow basses to evolving lush pads, crunchy lo-fi plucks to spacey synths, smooth and complex drum loops to warm and organic textures, soulful keys to dreamy melodies, eclectic percussions to warm and subby kicks, futuristic leads to atmospheric Fxs, ethereal arps to speaker busting 808s, heavenly chords to punchy snares, ear-slamming stabs to delicate keys and much more – all files ready to drop into your masterpiece!

In detail this pack includes 224 Loops range from 90bpm to 140bpm + 143 Oneshots + 64 MIDI files + 5 Inspiration Kits (includes 5 full mix and 24 stems) and 22 Presets (contains 9 Sylenth Presets, 6 Ableton Racks, 6 FM8 Presets and 1 Massive Preset) – you’ll have endless possibilities and combinations within your next treasure. Loops folder contains 153 Drums, 20 Pads, 19 Basses, 15 Plucks & Keys, 10 Melodies and 7 Arps. Oneshots folder comes with 10 FX Hits and 143 Drum Hits consist of 52 Percussions, 31 Snares & Claps, 24 Kicks, 20 Hihats and 16 Stabs to create your own sequenced beat – All loops & samples are key and tempo-labelled for flexibility.

This immense product will work in many genres, including Future RnB, Future Bass, Chillwave, Abstract Hip Hop, Melodic Dubstep, Electronica, Chill, Future Beats, Downtempo, Experimental, Cinematic and beyond.. This pack puts everything you need at your fingertips to create tracks in the style of future RnB pioneers.

You will find wide range of ideas for your future production needs, so what are you waiting for? Refresh your library with “Intergalactic Beats”

•24 Bit Quality
•492 Files
•153 Drums
•020 Pads
•019 Basses
•015 Plucks & Keys
•010 Melodies
•007 Arps
•143 Drum Hits
•052 Percussions
•031 Snares & Claps
•024 Kicks
•020 Hihats
•016 Stabs
•010 Fx Hits
•064 Midi Files
•009 Sylenth Presets
•006 Ableton Racks
•006 FM8 Presets
•001 Massive Presets
•005 Inspiration Kits (incl. 24 Stems + 5 Full Mix)

Intergalactic Beats MULTiFORMAT

MAGiX MP3 Deluxe v19.0.1.48 WiN, windows magix software audio apps windows, Win, MP3 Deluxe, Mp3, Magix, Deluxe, AMPED

MP3 Deluxe v19.0.1.48 WiN

P2P | 17 April 2017 | 180 MB

The all-in-one organizer. Thousands of artists in one location. But it’s not one bit chaotic. Perfectly organize your digital music collections with MP3 deluxe 19. Play music, create playlists, listen to internet radio, convert audio files and then transfer everything to smartphone: Experience a unique range of unlimited functions that are incredibly easy to use!

The most important features:
– Organize your music easily
– Transfer playlists to smartphones and tablets (Windows & Android)
– Over 6,000 current internet radio stations
– Import and export audio files
– Rip CDs: Automatic retrieval of covers & title information
– MP3 converter: Quick & effective
– Find & delete duplicate tracks
– Design CD covers – with quick print feature

MAGiX MP3 Deluxe v19.0.1.48 WiN


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