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Samples Engine

Make your Sound with no limits!


Ampbox v1.1.2 WiN-MOCHA

Ampbox v1.1.2 WiN

MOCHA | 22 September 2022 | 240.77MB


It’s an ever-evolving platform for all* our products, current and future. You will get Ampbox for free when purchasing one of the supported plugins*. The platform has everything you need to create perfect tones with just one plugin. It’s simple, elegant and versatile. Powered by Mercuriall Neural Hybrid Engine v1.5 technology.

* Ampbox supports the following products at this point: Euphoria, ReAxis, U530. More products will be added to the platform in future.

Ampbox free modules list:
• Tuner
Studio-grade tuner with Dim and Mute features.
• Noise gate
Highly adjustable studio-grade guitar noise gate.
• Graphic EQ
9-band Graphic EQ to sculpt your initial tone.
• Wah 535Q
Classic Wah based on Dunlop® CryBaby® 535Q.
• Overdrive: TS 808
Classic overdrive based on Ibanez® TS-808.
• Overdrive: Greed Smasher
Modern overdrive based on MESA/BOOGIE® Grid Slammer.
• Overdrive: SD-1
Classic overdrive based on Boss® Super Overdrive.
• Metal Area and DS-1
Based on Boss® Metal Zone MT-2™ and Boss® DS-1.
• Poweramp
EL34B tube poweramp with multiple additional features.
• Cabinet
Multi-mic 2D cab based on Redwirez© IRs.
• Parametric EQ
8-band studio-grade Parametric EQ for finalizing your tone.
• Chorus
Stereo-chorus for spicing up things.
• Delay
Highly adjustable delay from subtle to over the top.
• Reverb
Simple, but powerful reverb to add the feeling of space.

Ampbox features:
• Freely movable module windows inside the plugin
Keep open only those modules that you need.
• Preamp/poweramp can be switched off independently
More options, more flexibility.
• Same oversampling cycle for pedals/preamp/poweramp
No latency build-up and no additional sound quality losses.
• Stereo-mode
When used, right/left channels are modeled independently.
• Delay and reverb can be used in parallel
No extra routing!
• Plugin supports CPU multi-threading
More cores = better plugin performance.
• Standalone version
No DAW? No problem, you can still use Ampbox.
• Factory and user presets
Robust preset system and manual preset sharing options.

Ampbox v1.1.2 WiN-MOCHA
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Devious Machines Plugins Bundle

Devious Machines Bundle v2022.01 macOS-MORiA

DMS Plugins Bundle MAC

MORiA | 22 September 2022 | 45.4MB

..:: AU/VST/VST3/64Bit ::..

A New Breed Of Effect
Part FX plug-in, part-synth; Texture synthesises new layers which track the dynamics of your sound. Want to “glue” your hi-hat’s transients by adding dynamic filtered noise? Or how about beefing up that kick drum by automatically adding a low sine wave? Texture makes this easy, intuitive, and fast.

Extreme Pitch Shifting
Underneath Pitch Monster’s streamlined exterior lurks an absolute beast, capable of 64 voices of sound-warping insanity. Transform a solo vocal into a beautiful choir or robotic melody; turn a mono synth into an orchestra, or your own familiar speaking voice into the rumbling vibrations of Thor, God of Thunder.

The multi-effect, evolved.
Jaw-dropping effects, expressive control.
Infiltrator could be your new secret weapon.

Perfect Sidechain Ducking
Ducking, or sidechain compression, is one of the defining effects of modern music. From classic house to modern EDM, tracks by Daft Punk, Noisia and Eric Prydz ooze that pumping, ducking effect.

Pro Dynamics With An Upward Focus Boost is an ultra-low distortion, upwards limiter from UrsaDSP. Its revolutionary design gives you new ways to control dynamics without forcing you to accept distortion.

Devious Machines Bundle v2022.09 macOS-MORiA
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Complete v14 22.09.22 WiN MAC

Complete v14 21.09.22 WiN MAC

Complete v14 21.09.22 WiN MAC

P2P | NEW! 21 September 2022 | MAC:11.8 GB | WiN: 12.4GB

The world’s leading developer of audio plugins and signal processors for the professional and consumer electronics audio markets.

What’s New In V14
•New: Mix and Trim knobs added to our most popular compressors
Get better dynamic control, fast, in API 2500, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, R-Comp & SSL G-Master Buss Compressor
•New: Faster load times
Improved loading times for plugins, presets, and sessions in your DAW
•New: Quick drag-and-drop preset workflow
Load presets faster with the new drag-and-drop workflow
•New: HiDPI graphics for select plugins
Abbey Road TG Mastering, API Collection, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, F6, OVox and PuigTec EQs now with ultra-sharp HiDPI GUIs
•New: Standalone application for the CR8 Creative Sampler
Shape, manipulate and play your samples without a DAW
•New: Additional improvements
•New presets, improvements & additional updates. See full list of updates.

Speed Up Your Workflow With New Mix And Trim Knobs
Fine tune your dynamics faster than ever, with brand new Trim and Mix knobs for the API 2500, CLA-2A, CLA-3A, CLA-76, R-Comp and SSL G-Master compressors. Now you can stay creative, quickly balancing volume and creating parallel compression in seconds directly from your plugin.

Changelog v14:
Complete v14 21.09.22 WiN MAC
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Wet Reverberator v1.0.4 [OFFLiNE] WiN-MOCHA

Wet Reverberator v1.0.4 [OFFLiNE] WiN-MOCHA

Wet Reverberator v1.0.4 WiN

MOCHA | 21 September 2022 | 4.82MB


The Wet™ Reverb is a patented algorithm that has been refined over the span of 10 years. The Wet Reverb has the unique ability to add spaciousness while maintaining unparalleled clarity — enhancing your mix without covering it up. The Wet Reverberator Plug-In was personally designed and coded by the algorithm’s creator to ensure fidelity and consistency with the algorithm’s core sound. This version of the effect is based on the algorithm in the Immerse™ Reverberator Mk II pedal, with expanded features that offer maximum versatility for mix engineers and producers.

– Visually-stunning and informative cascading frequency plot
– Size & shape controls for Mix, Pre-Delay, Attack and Decay
– Simple and powerful EQ controls for Tilt, HPF and LPF
– Damping controls for frequency-dependent decay
– Modulation controls for Pitch, Rate and LFO Configuration
– Fidelity contols for Bit Depth and Stereo Width
– Platform-independent program storage
– Stereo In > Stereo Out and Mono In > Stereo Out channel configurations

Wet Reverberator v1.0.4 [OFFLiNE] WiN-MOCHA
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VStomp Amp v1.2.1 WiN-R2R

VStomp Amp v1.2.1 WiN-R2R

VStomp Amp v1.2.1 WiN

Team R2R | 31 March 2022 | 129.99MB


Heart Pounding Amplifiers

VStomp Amp is a new breakthrough in virtual amp software. Following the development powerful and versatile XTOMP pedal and based on our proprietary CDCM system, VStomp Amp delivers organic, studio-grade sound quality and the exact character of legendary amplifiers.

Unlike mainstream modeling methods based on the characteristics of a certain “state” of the circuitry, which just “comes close” to the modeled sound, VStomp Amp employs a complex system based on dynamic feature modeling. In this matrix, every single circuit component is ALIVE and performs like its original. The realness of the amp and effects tones has amazed XTOMP users worldwide, and now you can experience it on your computer!

Behind VStomp Amp is Hotone’s CDCM (Comprehensive Dynamic Circuit Modeling) system. CDCM is built on an extremely complex dynamic variation matrix, able to realistically express every detailed change that occurs during the operational process of actual circuitry. This matrix will adjust its own modeling parameters and even framework based on the instrument input signal range, signal frequency, knob position, the instrument’s own impedance, and other variable parameters, all to achieve the closest possible characteristics of actual modeled circuitry.

Open the VStomp Amp package and you’ll find the whole spectrum of rock’n’roll legends. The flavor, the feel, the character, the response — all the real sounds of rock heroes past and present.
– Growing amp/cab library with vintage and modern classics
– 23 CDCM powered legendary amplifier models
– 20 CDCM powered cabinet models

No complex signal chain. No confusing customization or combinations.
You pick an amp model, then pick a cab model — it’s that simple!
The less you tweak, the more you enjoy: just pick out your rig and ROCK!

Creative people are never satisfied with limits. Hotone is always challenging limits, and we’re set to share our newest innovations in VStomp Amp updates. That means you get an expanding library with FREE new amp and cab models!

The VStomp Amp comes with some extra trick features: an impulse response (IR) loader and a noise gate. With the IR loader, you can load your favorite cab “images” for further tone shaping. The noise gate helps you keep your sound pristine, which makes it great for studio production.

VStomp Amp v1.2.1 WiN-R2R
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VREV-140 v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R

VREV-140 v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R

VREV-140 v1.0.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 2022.03.31 | WiN:4.24 MB | MAC:12.76 MB

.: AU, VST2, VST3, AAX, x64 :.

The VREV-140 is a vibrant reverb inspired by the holy grail of plates. Developed in the 1950s, this technological premiere with just 170 kg / 375 lb of weight finally offered a ‘portable’ reverb solution which was more flexible than the echo chambers used at the time. The Fuse incarnation of this studio icon delivers the rich and complex response the 140 is known and loved for.

With its smooth timbre and plate-specific density, the VREV-140 performs exceptionally well on vocals, guitars and drums. With more extreme settings applied, the synthetic aspect of the plate imposes truly inspiring reverb effects on any source. Also, the unique sound of the 140 is just perfect for adding spatial width and air to all of your signals.

The VREV-140 provides the ultimate plate experience by offering a fully gain compensated preamp section and extending the decay from originally 5 to a whopping 32 seconds. An additional 3-band EQ is the key for intuitively embedding the processed signals into any mix. The width and balance parameters and a pre-delay of up to 500 ms allow for more control and special effects.

You want to enchant your mixes by introducing unique plate-style space and dimension, apply lush reverberation tails to instruments or vocals, create otherworldly sounds or just want to sound a little bit more like the Beatles or Pink Floyd? The VREV-140 is the answer. And even if you end up plate galore, the mix control will help to dose heavy goodness within reason.


VREV-140 v1.0.0 WiN MAC-R2R
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TBPA Plugins Pack 2022.09 WiN CE-V.R

TBPA Plugins Pack 2022.09 WiN CE-V.R

TBPA Plugins Pack 2022.09 WiN

Team V.R | 21 September2022 | 59.24 MB



  • ABLM v2.1.14 – AB Loudness Match
  • AMM v2.0.15 – Automatic Microphone Mixer
  • CS-5501 v2.5.5 – Extended Channel Strip
  • dEQ6 v4.1.6 – Dynamic Equalizer / Multiband Compressor
  • dpMeter v5.2.2 – Free Multi Channel Meter
  • dpMeterXT v3.0.12 – Broadcast Loudness Meter
  • DSEQ v3.6.10 – Dynamic Spectral Equalizer
  • DynaRide v2.0.11 – Vocal & Bass Riding Leveller
  • Euphonia3 v3.0.12 – Spectrum Balancing
  • FinalLoud v3.0.17 – Loudness & True Peak Finalizer Tool
  • GainRider v3.0.14 – Vocal Gain Riding Leveller
  • gEQ12V4 v4.2.6 – 12-Band Graphic Equalizer
  • GSat+ v1.2.5 – Free Saturator
  • Impress v2.0.10 – Compressor
  • ISOL8 v2.7.0 – Free Mix Monitoring Tool
  • LA xLimit IV v4.0.13 – Enhanced Limiter
  • mvMeter2 v2.5.2 – Free Multivariable Meter
  • SLM2 v2.1.7 – Smart Loudness Maximizer
  • ST1 v2.0.11 – Spatial Tool
  • sTilt v2.3.1 – Free Spectrum Tilt Filter


TBPA Plugins Pack 2022.09 WiN CE-V.R
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