KV331 SynthMaster v2.8.10 WiN MAC, windows vsti vst plugins macos plugins au for mac aax plugins, Win, VSTi, VST, Synthmaster, P2P, MAC, KV331, AU, AAX

SynthMaster v2.8.10 WiN MAC

P2P | 15.08.2017 | MAC: 318 MB | WiN: 344.41 MB


SynthMaster is an ‘all-around’ semi-modular software synthesizer and effect plug-in that features many different synthesis methods including VA, Additive, Wavetable, Wavescanning, Phase Modulation, Frequency Modulation, Pulse Width Modulation, Ring Modulation, Amplitude Modulation, Physical Modeling and SFZ Sample Playback synthesis. With its multi-algorithm oscillators, analog modelled/digital filters, flexible effects routing with 11 types of high quality effects and a massive modulation architecture with 95 separate modulation sources and 650+ modulation targets; SynthMaster is a ‘must-have’ for all synthesizer enthusiasts!

Cross-platform VST, AU and AAX: SynthMaster runs as a VST, AAX instrument on both Windows and Mac OSX, and also as an Audio Unit instrument on Mac OSX.
1300 Factory Presets: SynthMaster comes with 1300 factory presets from a world class team of sound designers: Arksun, BigTone, Michael Kastrup, Rob Lee, Umit ‘Insigna’ Uy, Ufuk Kevser, Aiyn Zahev, Frank ‘Xenox’ Neumann, Teoman Pasinlioglu, Nori Ubukata, Gercek Dorman, Vorpal Sound, Vandalism and Brian ‘Xenos’ Lee.

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INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/x0a3
KV331 SynthMaster v2.8.10 WiN MAC

ABL3 v3.1.0 AU VST VSTi WiN MAC R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti vst plugins macos plugins au for mac, Win, VSTi, VST, R2R, MAC, AU, ABL3

ABL3 v3.1.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R | August 13 2017 | WiN 17.5 MB | OSX 20.4 MB


(ABL3) is the next generation of our critically acclaimed 303 emulation plug-in. ABL3 is a complete redesign from scratch and has been in development for several years with the goal of creating the most authentic emulation possible. With an intuitive and streamlined workflow we hope ABL3 will set a new benchmark in software 303 emulation.

– Massively improved 303 emulation engine
– Host hard sync
– Resizable GUI
– Classic edit view
– Pattern edit view
– Real time randomizer
– Wave analyzer (for automatically transcribing your 303 patterns)
– Setup screen with several emulation tweakables
– Step record function (via Midi)
– Vibrato effect by setting Up+Down on a step ​technoBox2 Pattern Import

Changes 3.1.0:
New features / changes:

  • TB-03 Pattern Import. ABL3 can now read back-up patterns from the TB-03.
    – Triplet mode setting per pattern (works now with the MIDI Trigger and Host Sync mode).
    – Sound engine tweaks (improved emulation, less aliasing and noise).
    – Audition Notes – It is now possible to hear the current note played when entering pitches in Classic Edit mode.
    – Expanded hit zones for Custom Display (Classic Edit mode).
    – Added Skin Select option to the menu (ABL3 remembers the skin settings globally, not per instance).
    – One included user made Skin (Silverbox by Lars-Erik).

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/Aw4U

Complete v9.6 7 August 2017 MAC, x86 x64 vsti vst3 plugins vst plugins plugins rtas macos software audio plugins au for mac aax plugins, VST3, VST, Standalone, RTAS, PlatenseSoul, MAC, Complete, AU, AAX, 64Bit, 32Bit, 2017

Complete v9.6 7 August 2017 MAC

PlatenseSoul | 8 August 2017 | 2.88 GB


New Clavinet Virtual Instrument Plugin

August 7th, 2017
– The new Clavinet available separately as well as in the new Pianos & Keys.
– The new Pianos & Keys containing Electric 88, Electric 200, Electric Grand 80, Grand Rhapsody and Clavinet.
– Element, Codex and Pianos & Keys are now NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine.
– All pianos & keys:
– General Tune control (-100 – 100 cents).
– Velocity Curve (load with preset) checkbox to allow browsing through presets without affecting the velocity behavior.
– High-definition (HD) and Standard (SD) sample libraries available for download
– Element, Codex and Pianos & Keys applications:
– Support for 4K monitors
– Various bug fixes and improvements

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/Kf01
Complete v9.6 8 August 2017 MAC

Novation Bass Station v2.2 WiN MAC R2R, windows vsti novation vsti macos plugins au for mac, Win, Station, R2R, Novation Bass Station, Novation, MAC, Bass Station, Bass

Bass Station v2.1 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 06 Aug 2017 | WIN: 3.4MB | OSX: 2.5MB

Novation launched the original Bass Station in 1993 and it became an instant favourite. Its digital oscillators and analogue filter defined countless dance and electronic hits of the 1990s. Now a classic, its available as a software plug-in that has been carefully modelled to recreate the distinctive analogue-digital character of the original.

Two Oscillators that have been carefully modelled to preserve the precise tonal character of the classic sawtooth and square waveforms of the original instruments.
– 12/24 dB Low-pass filter with all the warmth and resonance often lacking in today’s modern digital synthesis methods.
– Intuitive ADSR envelopes.
– Low Frequency Oscillation which can directly control the harmonic content of the sound by pulse width modulation or filter cut-off.
– Oscillator Sync for the most complex and expressive timbres.
– Enhanced Classic panel for greater tweakability:
– The original front panel has been 3D modelled and additional controls have been added for ease of use. The Filter envelope has its own set of ADSR controls and OSC1 and OSC2 have their own section for pitch modulation and PWM control.
– All controls receive MIDI controller numbers for the recording and replay of tweaks during a performance.
– 100 “Stunning” Sounds carefully crafted from the Novation factory.
– The Bass Station Plug-In is shipped with the classic originals along with many more totaling 100 sounds for immediate gratification. The patches cover a huge sonic range from screaming leads to phatt funky basses.
– Sounds created in original Bass Stations can be uploaded into Plug In or vice-versa.
– On screen dynamic velocity responsive keyboard. (Mouse position determines velocity).

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/5Td4
Novation Bass Station v2.2 WiN MAC-R2R

Novation V Station v2.4 AU VSTi VST VST3 RTAS WiN MAC R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti vst3 plugins vst plugins plugins rtas novation vsti macos plugins au for mac, Win, V Station, R2R, Novation, MAC

V-Station v2.4 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 06 Aug 2017 | WiN: 5.8 MB | OSX: 4.4 MB


The V-Station is a polyphonic soft-synth for Mac and PC. It has the same real 3-oscillator flexibility as the award winning K-Station, with powerful filters, 8-voice polyphony, simultaneous Novation FX. Programming V-Station is simple. All the primary controls are on the main screen. Recall a named factory preset, tweak it and instantly save it in any of the 400 program locations. You’ll find additional functions and controls on three further tabs.

Novation Virtual Synthesis

Industry-standard VSTi and Mac OSX Audio Unit plug-in format.

Analogue Sound Modelling
Digital-analogue sound based on K-Station sound engine.

Arpeggiator with Sync-Lock
Play rhythmical patterns in sync with an incoming MIDI clock.

Simultaneous Effects
Including reverb, chorus, phaser, delay, panning, distortion and EQ.

Novation Synth Engine
Powerful 3-oscillator sound engine with noise and FM capability.

400 user programs and 200 factory presets provide a huge array of instant sounds.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/bAP5
Novation V-Station v2.4 AU VSTi VST VST3 RTAS WiN MAC-R2R

reTune v1.2.0 AAX VST WiN x86 x64 CE V.R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vst plugins aax plugins, x86, x64, Win, VST, V.R, reTune, CE, AAX

reTune v1.2.0 WiN

Team V.R | July 31 2017 | 16.1 MB

AAX VST WiN x86 x64

reTune gives you full access to the pitch content of your audio samples and enables you to map each input pitch to any other pitch of the chromatic scale – all in realtime. This allows you to re-tune your audio to any target key (e.g. from D major to C# minor), or to use it as a creative tool to modify the pitch content in any way you like. If you are unsure about the key of your input audio, you can let reTune estimate the key for you. In addition, reTune can act as a pitch correction tool that quantizes pitches to the nearest semitone. Additional controls include the sensitivity of the pitch corrections, the treatment of transients as well as a smoothing of the pitch contours.

Key Features:
– Real-time processing
– Automatic input key detection using TONART V2
– Fully configurable input-to-output pitch mapping
– Presets for major/minor scales, church modes, gypsy and chromatic scales
– Controls for pitch detection sensitivity, transient levels and pitch contour smoothing
– Automatic pitch correction to the nearest semitone

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/aOO5
reTune v1.2.0 AAX VST WiN x86 x64 CE-V.R

Kaivo v1.3.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti, x86, x64, Win, VSTi, P2P, Kaivo

Kaivo v1.3.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN

P2P | 30.07.2017 | 108 MB

Kaivo is a semi-modular software synthesizer that combines two powerful ways of making sound: granular synthesis and physical modeling. Kaivo brings some of the latest academic research in physical modeling to a patchable package for the first time. Mathematically speaking, its finite difference time domain (FDTD) models let the player reach inside the instrument and affect the internal vibrations at any point. This allows for a fine degree of realistic detail, like the bridge rattles on a “gut string” model, for example. And while Kaivo is capable of making very realistic sounds, it is also designed to apply this subtlety to abstract creations.

Like a picture is sometimes worth 1000 words, a physical model is worth 1000 samples. Every time a model is triggered, it makes a slightly different sound due to the initial conditions when the sound starts. This subtle variety can quickly give a very lifelike quality to sounds that would be tedious to recreate with sampling. Kaivo has eight different types of tuned resonators, including strings, chimes and springs, each with its own complex response to sound. As for instrument bodies, there are four, including two wooden body models, a metal plate, and a frame drum—all true 2D models.

Expansive spatial sounds are possible in Kaivo, with independent panning available on grains, resonator, and body. Kaivo’s granulator feeds the models from a 2D map of sound with up to four channels. The body is a true 2D vibrating model of a physical object with left and right pickups that create a spatialized mix of all the frequencies flowing through it. Great for deep environments and filmic spaces.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/4SaZ
Kaivo v1.3.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN

Aalto v1.8.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti, x86, x64, Win, VSTi, Synth, P2P, Aalto

Aalto v1.8.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN

P2P | 30.07.2017 | 12.01 MB

Aalto is a semi-modular software synthesizer with an innovative, patchable UI, distinctive sounds, and a charming personality. Aalto’s sound engine lets you create sounds that have been difficult or impossible to make with softsynths before now. The heart of Aalto is a Buchla-inspired complex oscillator, with FM, timbre and waveshape controls that enable a wide range of expressive sounds. These sounds are uniquely malleable and alive, in part because they are made with dynamic calculation, not static wavetables. Aalto is designed as much for sequencing patterns as for playing individual notes. Each voice has a separate, built-in sequencer with a patchable, independently controllable rate and offset that make it easy to achieve evolving, chaotic textures.

Each voice also includes a lowpass gate module with a vactrol emulation in the control path. The vactrol equation slows down the response to incoming control signals through a complex nonlinear filter. You can turn the vactrol response down to instantaneous, or up to a pronounced ring. Following the lowpass gate is a patchable waveguide / delay module with a waveshaper and a peaking EQ built into the feedback loop. Because it has such short and controllable delay times, unlike a typical analog delay, it can be used as an additional oscillator or waveguide.

Aalto’s filter is a state-variable topology with mixable simultaneous outputs, tuned to have a similar range to an Oberheim SEM filter. (Though I couldn’t resist turning up the resonance just a little more.)

Subjectively speaking, Aalto can make a wide range of sounds, from lush to edgy, including some very complicated ones, without sounding too thick in a mix. Aalto’s sounds are not hyped or confined, they are wide-range, open and natural. We hope our approach will appeal to experienced sound designers who have their own favorite EQs and limiters. And for those just getting into synthesis, Aalto is an accurate and honest tool for learning. We have tried to make Aalto a deep instrument that will reward lasting engagement.

Aalto’s manual (included) has over 50 pages full of Aalto lore, tips and tricks, and a complete introduction to patching synthesis!

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/LQ0k
Aalto v1.8.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN

Virta v1.3.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti, x86, x64, Win, VSTi, Virta, Synth, P2P

Virta v1.3.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN

P2P | 30.07.2017 | 9.99 MB

Virta is a patchable toolbox for turning your voice or other instrument into wild new synth sounds. Virta turns voices and instruments into all kinds of wild synth sounds. By combining a low-latency sound analysis module with high-quality synthesis modules in a patchable package, Virta brings something truly new to the world of software synthesizers.

Virta can also be a very useful toolbox for more simple effects. Its processing modules, including an input compressor and a pitch shifter with feedback delay, are very open and transparent at low volumes, coloring the sound more when pushed. Because it’s so easily programmable, drawing on the patcher UI that we’ve obsessively refining for five years, Virta is a quick and gratifying way to dial in that channel effect you want.

Though the audio analyzer is designed to capture the nuances of the human voice, other monophonic instruments will work just fine, producing very musical results. And go ahead and feed a drum loop into it if you like—what comes out will definitely be surprising, and might be just your thing.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/60zO
Virta v1.3.2 VSTi x86 x64 WiN

Vielklang Instant Harmony v2.4.0 WiN CE V.R, zplane vsti x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti plugins rtas aax plugins, x86, x64, Win, VSTi, Vielklang, V.R, RTAS, Instant, Harmony, CE, AAX

Vielklang Instant Harmony v2.4.0 WiN

Team V.R | July 31 2017 | 19.5 MB

(Win32/64; VSTi, AAX, RTAS**)

vielklang Instant Harmony generates harmonies with 2-4 voices. It is packed with musical intelligence and music theory: it detects the best fitting harmonies for each individual input melody, and automatically synthesizes up to four voices with the voices not merely running in parallel but with their voicings selected to sound most natural (voice leading). The advanced pitch editing controls (full version only!) give you fast and easy access to pitch, timing, vibrato control, formant shift, and to many more editing options…

– 2/3/4-voice harmony
– voice leading rules
– chord menu
– Audio and MIDI file harmonization
– MIDI input harmonization
– Mixer (pan, volume)
– simple note adjustment (pitch/length)
– advanced pitch editing
– vibrato/tremolo editing
– View: Arranger
– View: Piano Roll
– View: Hybrid Score
– Export mixdown (audio, MIDI)
– Export single voices (audio, MIDI)
– Import multiple files
– Multitrack output
– Snapshots and MIDI triggers

Technical Specifications:
– Audio format: single voiced, 1-2 channels
– File format: wav, aif, aiff, mid
– Plugin format: RTAS, AAX, AU (32/64bit), VST (32/64bit)
– Min. system CPU: 2GHz
– OS: Mac OS min 10.6, Windows min. XP
– Host: Pro Tools > V9

(Win32/64; VSTi, AAX, RTAS**)
* – work only @ AudioUTOPiA release ProTools
** – latest version 2.3.2 because now discontinued
just install
Team V.R

INFO/DEMO/BUY: https://mage.si/46T5
Vielklang Instant Harmony v2.4.0 WiN CE-V.R


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