Complete v9.6 1 March 2017 WiN MAC-P2P

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Complete v9.6 1 March 2017 WiN MAC

P2P | 02 MARCH 2017 | WiN: 2.84 GB | MAC: 2.91 GB


eMotion LV1 is a revolutionary digital mixing console for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers. Based on  SoundGrid technology, this software mixer delivers the superior sound quality for which  is renowned, as well as the quick and convenient workflow needed in demanding live environments.

March 1st, 2017
eMotion LV1 Mixer (v9.14.0.31):
– Dugan Speech – New version of the Dugan automixer plugin for auto-mixing multiple mics in real time, designed for use inside eMotion LV1.
– Custom layers – You can now create your own custom layers – up to eight per mixer window – for super-quick workflow.
– DCA spill – You can now consolidate all the channels in a link group in order to view and control everything that’s linked together, no matter the layer. The group’s DCA fader is shown in the spill display.
– Two mix engine modes: low latency vs. low DSP consumption – You can now choose from two DSP modes, one prioritizing low latency, the other prioritizing DSP efficiency, based on the needs of your session.
– Mono Busses option – EFX and MON aux busses and matrixes can now be flipped between mono and stereo.
– New User-Assigned Shortcut Keys – Next/Previous Scene, Custom Layer, Spill.
– Update All Scenes – Store specific channel parameters in all the scenes in your session.
– Clear connections – Clear all visible patches with a click of a button.
– Delay Units display – Input/output and delay group values are now displayed in feet/meters /milliseconds/samples.
– Improved channel naming workflow – Press Tab to open the next channel name text box for editing in the Mixer window.
– No default route for aux busses – EFX and Mon will not be assigned to LR by default.
– Bigger Mute Group buttons.
– Mode per Layer – Each type of layer will retain its selected layer mode when you toggle between layers


Complete v9.6 1 March 2017 WiN MAC-P2P

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