Progressive Psytrance Course TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

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Progressive Psytrance Course TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | 31.01.2013 | 5.58 GB

This course teaches you everything you need to know to create a professional Progressive Psytrance track from beginning to end. If you are having problems with your production then you need this course. It covers everything you need to know and will answer all of your questions about Progressive Psytrance production. The course is over 7 hours long and is made using Ableton Live. It has also been followed successfully using Cubase 5 and Cubase 6.5 so there are no issues translating the course to any other DAWS. There are 9 tutorial videos along with original samples files, patch files, the full Ableton project file, plus individual wav files…

…of the complete mastered and un-mastered track:

  • Kick
  • Kick & Bass
  • Project Set-Up
  • Drums
  • Synths
  • Effects
  • Mixdown
  • Arrangement
  • Mastering
  • Synth Patches
  • Original Sample Files
  • Ableton Project File
  • Mastered & Un-Mastered Wav Files


Progressive Psytrance Course TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

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