Trance Melody Pads and Breakdown TUTORiAL

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Trance Melody Pads & Breakdown

Team DECiBEL | 09 June 2018 | 1.34 GB

This Trance Melody / Pads & Breakdown Video Tutorial [2 hours] will show you how to approach a breakdown and how to approach writing melodies and pads without having much musical knowledge.

The video covers:
– How to create a professional sounding trance melody.
– melody composition and writing.
– Creating pads that work with your melody.
– Layer and picking sounds that work with each other.
– Understanding what sounds right and wrong.
– Use of automation to create tension and impact.
– Taking different routes to get the right sound & knowing when to delete a sound.
– Mixing FX & EQ.
& much, much more!

I don’t use Logic Pro X I use a different DAW. Can I still use this video?
Yes, all the technique you will learn in this video you can implement into your own DAW.

What software synths or plugins are used in this video?
The tutorial is done using only Logic Pro X plugins, LFO tool but you can use any of your preferred plugins to re-create your own Piano & Vocal Adlibs.

Trance Melody Pads and Breakdown TUTORiAL

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