Music Business Management TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, P2P, Music Business, Music, Management, Business

Music Business Management TUTORiAL

P2P | 21 March 2018 | 2.82 GB

Artists guide from being self managed to hiring a manager to help build your music career As the artist Manafest I’ve sold over 300,000 albums worldwide, over 1,000,000 singles and toured over 19 different countries. I’ve worked & signed with many different managers in both the USA & Canada. I’ve also had the privilege to travel to music conferences like Midem, Music Matters, NXNE & SXSW to network with managers all around the world. This course will show you exactly what you need to do to get a manager and what you should be focusing on to build your career.

I “take you step by step” showing you:
•Why ever artists should self manage first
•How much a manager should get paid
•What are the roles of a manager
•Negotiating a fair deal
•What to say to a manager

Music Business Management TUTORiAL

Music Business Management TUTORiAL
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Pro Tools Signal Flow Explained TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Signal Flow, Signal, Pro tools, Matrix, Flow, Explained

Pro Tools Signal Flow Explained TUTORiAL

Team MATRiX | March 19 2014 | 474.44 MB

If you’re new to Pro Tools, or want to further your knowledge on the art of routing and signal flow, this title is a must see. Kenny Gioia breaks down everything you need to know about both basic and advanced signal flow and routing in Pro Tools, making your workflow faster and more creative. Kenny starts with the basics of signal flow using diagrams and pictures so you can easily understand the concepts. Next, Kenny reveals the sometimes puzzling I/O Set Up Window and explains each section in detail as well as how to route, name and organize your inputs, outputs, busses, inserts and more.

Track Types is next on the menu and Kenny serves up complete understanding of all the different track types and their uses. Setting up to record is then looked at so you’ll know exactly how to name tracks, prepare inputs, enable tracks to record, setting the right level to avoid clipping and overloads, all the different record modes and how / when to use them, as well as the different monitoring modes.

Kenny now goes deeper showing you all things MIDI, such as MIDI Setup, Input Devices and MIDI Thru, MIDI input Filters, Wait For Note Recording, Click Tracks, MIDI Merge, Real-Time Properties for non-destructive editing, Input Quantize, using Multiple MIDI Tracks, Punching MIDI, and Loop Recording MIDI.

If that wasn’t enough, Kenny goes even further with awesome videos on Mixing techniques utilizing Hardware Inputs, FX Sends & Returns (both Hardware & Software), FX Sharing, Parallel Compression, Master Faders, Submixing, Headphone Mixes and much, much more. Kenny wraps up this detailed series with advanced Insert & Sends videos, Pre and Post Headphone Mixes, Printing Stems and Sidechain Compression techniques.

If you really want to master the ins and outs of Pro Tools, there is no better way than to watch this series… Get “Pro Tools Signal Flow Explained” today.



  • 48 Tutorials / 3hr 9min Total Runtime
  • For all beginner to intermediate Pro Tools 10 & 11 users
  • Tutorials written multi-platinum selling producer / engineer Kenny Gioia
  • Simple to use video control interface for Mac & PC
  • Watch Online, Download, Stream to iPad, iPhone & iPod


Pro Tools Signal Flow Explained TUTORiAL

Understanding the Music Business TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Understanding, Tutorial, Music Business, Music, Business

Understanding the Music Business

P2P | 19 March 2018 | 1.54 GB

This course will examine the music industry in the United States, with the unique perspective gained by Vanderbilt University’s location in Nashville, TN. Nashville is a major center of music in the Uni ted States, and the music created here has a global reach, particularly in the country, rock, pop, singer-songwriter, and Americana genres. However, students will learn that the basic principles of recording, marketing, copyright, licensing, and live performance are the same, regardless of musical style or genre.The music business is one of the most rapidly changing industries in the US today. It is also an industry filled with contradiction, and media headlines and anecdotal stories often add to the confusion.

Here are just a few statements paraphrased from recent news stories:
•The music business has collapsed
•Demand for music is expanding at the greatest rate in history
•Historic recording studios are closing at an alarming rate
•More people are making recordings than ever before
•Musicians usually lose money touring
•Musicians usually make money touring
•Major artist pulls songs off streaming services because they don’t pay fairly
•Major artist makes a fortune from streaming services
•People won’t buy records anymore
•Vinyl record sales are soaring


Understanding the Music Business TUTORiAL

The Place of Music in 21st Century Education TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, Tutorial, Place, P2P, Music, Education, Century, 21st Century, 21st

The Place of Music in 21st Century Education

P2P | 19 March 2018 | 2.72 GB

What do children need from education now, and in the future? How is technology best used in teaching and learning? How can innovative approaches to education be reconciled with established, traditional ones? What does student-centred learning really mean? This five module course is not just for classroom or ensemble music educators. It’s suitable for anyone interested in creativity-infused education, in contemporary education issues, and in the integration and use of digital technology. It’s designed to challenge old paradigms, to inspire innovative and creative pedagogical philosophies, and to develop your ability to critically respond to the latest research.

We’ll visit schools with vastly different approaches to learning and teaching, and meet inspiring teachers and principals. We’ll venture inside the classroom to closely observe how technology is integrated with music education – or how it’s decidedly not!

We’ll talk to international leaders and experts about innovative and traditional approaches to music education, and I’ll provide insights from my own practice as well as from some of my students.

I’ll be provoking you to think critically and creatively, to develop your own ideas and theories around students’ educational needs and the impact of digital technologies, now and into the future.

Place of Music in 21st Century Education TUTORiAL

Learning Music Licensing TUTORiAL, audio tutorials, XQZT, Tutorial, Music, Licensing, Learning

Learning Music Licensing TUTORiAL

TEAM XQZT | 18 March 2018 | 318.94 MB

Licensing your music for use in video games, film, advertisements and other audio-visual contexts is one of the best ways for you to monetize your songwriting efforts. In this course, learn how to license your music. Instructor Jake Versluis helps to acquaint you with the basics of music licensing, explaining what licensing is, exactly, how income is generated in music licensing, and what you own when writing and recording. He also steps through how to strategically prepare and pitch your songs, work with quote requests and master use and sync licenses, broadcast your successes, and more.

Topics include:
•Licensing players and gatekeepers
•How income is generated in music licensing
•What does one own when writing and recording?
•Researching buyers
•How to present yourself
•Pitching your songs
•Proper song edits, coding, and resolution
•Quote requests

Learning Music Licensing TUTORiAL

The Complete DJ Gear Guide To CDJs And A Mixer, audio tutorials, The Complete, P2P, Mixer, Guide to, Guide, Gear, DJs, DJ Gear, DJ, Complete, CDJs, A Mixer

DJ Gear: CDJs & A Mixer

P2P | 03.07.2016 | 781 MB

MP4 | 10 Tutorials

In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee shows you all the gear you need for a basic DJ setup using CDJs and a mixer. She explains how to assemble the equipment and how to integrate it with digital audio interfaces for both Serato and Traktor DJ-related software platforms. DJ Shortee walks you through each piece of gear step by step, explaining every feature in detail. These lessons are taught in a clear and concise way that’s easy for anyone to understand. This information-packed course is the first in the CDJ Series of Shortee’s Complete DJ Method and is essential for building a strong foundation to take your skills to the next level.

The Complete DJ Gear Guide To CDJs And A Mixer

How To Use Ableton Live 10 Drum Buss TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, Use, Tutorial, SYNTHiC4TE, How To use, How To, How, Drum Buss, Drum, Buss, Ableton Live 10, Ableton Live

How To Use Ableton Live 10 Drum Buss

SYNTHiC4TE | March 18 2018 | 406 MB

Following the release of Ableton Live 10, welcomes brand new tutor and Ableton certified trainer for an in-depth look at How To Use Ableton Live 10 Drum Buss.This brand new addition to Ableto n 10 is a saturator, compressor, transient emphasizer, resonator, and drum tuner all in one small package. It can add warmth a nd distortion with drive and crunch, take control of dynamics with compression and transient shaping, dial in and tune boom and control bass decay with a dedicated low end section.In this two part course P-LASK firstly runs through the user interface and controls, before showing us what Drum Buss is capable of in real world settings, adding it to not only drums, but a bass and pad line too.

Go check it out and see how this one-stop workstation can enhance your sounds!

How To Use Ableton Live 10 Drum Buss TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE

Patrice Bäumel Interview TUTORiAL SYNTHiC4TE, audio tutorials, Tutorial, SYNTHiC4TE, Patrice Bäumel, Patrice, Interview, Bäumel

Patrice Bäumel Interview TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | March 18 2018 | 671 MB

This week Chris catches up with internationally renowned dj and producer Patrice Bäumel for a relaxed chat about where it all started right through to where he’s heading next. Following his 2017 critically acclaimed ‘Balance’ album and awesome remixes of Depeche Mode, Cubicolor and Underworld, we find out what initially got Patrice into the electronic dance scene, his minimalist stripped back production techniques in Ableton, along what his un-regimented and improvised philosophy when arriving at a new club to play live. A genuinely inspirational guy who has a natural gift for taking his listeners on a journey down the rabbit hole, this is an open and honest insight into one of the world’s best.

Go check it out!
Patrice Bäumel Interview TUTORiAL-SYNTHiC4TE


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