ReAxis v1.0.5 AAX VST x86 x64 WiN CE-V.R

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ReAxis v1.0.5 WiN

TEAM V.R | 05 May 2018 | 150.17 MB

AAX VST x86 x64

ReAxis is a VST/AU/AAX plugin that models MESA/Boogie® Triaxis™ (rev. TX5A) preamp. It includes tube power amps, four guitar cabinets and three microphones, a Wah-Wah based on Dunlop® 535Q, several overdrive pedals and a set of the most common spatial effects.

Key Features:
•Electronic circuits of amps and pedals are modeled with our custom technology using Neural Networks
•Pedals, preamp and power amp are working within the same oversampling cycle. Thus, there is no latency build-up and no additional losses when using several anti-aliasing filters
•Realistic and smooth positioning of up to two microphones simultaneously
•Stereo-mode: right and left channels are modeled independently. This mode is useful for processing stereo signals. For example, a panned double tracked guitar
•Delay and reverb can be used in parallel to get a more expressive effect without extra routing
•Plugin supports CPU multi-threading

ReAxis v1.0.5 AAX VST x86 x64 WiN CE-V.R

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