StudioFiles v3.1.09 WiN x86 CE V.R, windows software audio apps windows, x86, Win, V.R, StudioFiles, CE

StudioFiles v3.1.09 WiN x86

Team V.R | 24.05.2012 | 5.6 MB

StudioFiles is a database application suggesting total solution for studios management. It uses Audio studios as a model but can efficiently serve video or other production studio types. It is built to supply answers for three general studio needs: projects and studio activities management, studio resources management, and covering studio’s business aspects. This version of StudioFiles is based on the successful predecessor versions though it includes many more features and abilities (See the features list for more details).

As part of its commercial features, StudioFiles suggests the Invoices section allowing to create studio invoices that include your studio name and details, recipient details, client payments, and more… It is possible to create invoice items manually or use the invoice wizard that automatically collects activities based on your search criteria. The summing table at the bottom includes an automatic calculators that speed up the creation process and help to avoid mistakes. Each invoice can be saved, printed, exported, and restored from the internal database at later times for viewing and copy printing or exporting to text file.

Studio booking
StudioFiles contains booking diary.
The booking tool allows to build a working plan for your studio and avoid time conflicts between sessions. Each book entry includes parameters like date/time, client, engineer, studio room, etc… letting you build a detailed view of upcoming events and sessions in your studio. The various built in filters allow to display events selectively. This option makes it possible to manage few parallel diaries at the same time. Each one relates to different studio room, project, client or even an engineer. Events can be converted into project sessions with only one button click.

Media scanner
The Media libraries section lets you organize all your media resources (WAV files, MP3 files, AVI files, MPEG files, etc..).
An important helper for this section is the Media Scanner. This tool lets you specify a location (folder) to be scanned and with one button click all media files (based on the specified filter) that are found inside (including sub-folders) will be added automatically into current selected library. This automatic tool is excellent in cases you need to manage huge media resources and libraries.

Features list
• Projects management. An extensive section that covers all aspects of studio activities. It includes global project information, songs, tracks, sessions, and more.
• Booking diary. Helps to build a studio working plan, schedule sessions and avoid time conflicts.
• Invoice engine. Create and print professional invoices legitimate under any law requirements.
• Media Libraries. Organize your studio media resources for fast access and auditioning.
• Reports engine. Create, print and export reports that summing various types of activities or data
for internal use or your studio clients.
• Contacts book. Subscribe your clients and bind them with studio activities.
• Gear & Stock section. Create records discribe your studio equipment include maintenance tracking and services definition. Create record for each studio stock related activity. Keep track on stock quantities and prices.
• All application’s lists can be exported to text files.
• Project budget section with automatic calculators.
• Quick jump from all application sections allows you to find contact/client details with one button click.
• Projects include various built in filters for fast navigation.
• Tracks can be copied from one song to the other with one button click.
• Each session record is extended with services section for comprehensive documentation.
• Booking section includes month and week views.
• Create multiple book entries with only one button click.
• Convert book entries into sessions with one button click.
• Allow quick jump to sessions associated with book entries.
• 4 built in booking filters allow managing multiple booking diaries.
• The Reports engine creates RTF reports that are printable and exportable
• More than 20 report types and filters are available.
• Enhanced Contacts section with dedicated services list and communication history
• Contacts are categorized into groups to define them association with your studio
• Custom phone descriptions for each contact.
• Gear section allows in depth documentation of studio equipment.
• Payments section inside each invoice allows to add payments as part of invoice creation process.

StudioFiles v3.1.09 WiN x86 CE-V.R

EZdrummer EZX Indie Folk HYBRiD DVDR AiRiSO, windows presets patches macos ezx2 ezx samples audio, Indie Folk, Indie, HYBRID, Folk, EZX, EZdrummer EZX, EZdrummer, DVDR, AiRISO

EZX Indie Folk HYBRiD

AiRiSO | June 2013 | 906 MB

Indie folk. The wayward son of rock, the black sheep of folk and the flagman of lo-fi. Always in the forefront, blazing trails through uncharted territory, far left from the dense mainstream. Questioning, innovating, constantly one step ahead of the establishment while still rooted in unmistakable tradition. These are drums for indie folk, for music where no given set of rules apply.

The Indie Folk EZX was recorded at the Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, home to bands such as Fleet Foxes, The Shins and Band Of Horses. It comes with three complete vintage kits: a 1960s Gretsch Round Badge sampled with both sticks and mallets, a Ludwig from the 1950s as well as a Slingerland Rolling Bomber kit dating back to the 1940s. Also included are two tambourines, a hi-hat mounted tambourine jingle, an extra kick and snare as well as a 28″ floor tom.

Organic, warm, intimate or ambient – the Indie Folk EZX gives you handpicked drums with an incredible range, sampled in painstaking detail, Toontrack style.


  • Three (3) complete kits
  • Two EZXs in one! Each kit come in two variations: a standard multi-mic mix and a classic four-mic mix
  • Custom drums from the 1940s to the 1960s
  • Default kit sampled with both drumsticks and mallets
  • Recorded at Avast! Recording Co. in Seattle, WA
  • Included MIDI performed by sampling drummer Stephen Belans

EZdrummer EZX Indie Folk HYBRiD DVDR-AiRiSO

EZX Metalheads HYBRiD DVDR AiRiSO, windows presets patches macos ezx2 ezx samples audio, Metalheads, HYBRID, EZX, DVDR, AiRISO

EZX Metalheads HYBRiD

Team AiRiSO | 12/2010 | 358 MB

One world-renowned drummer, Tomas Haake, member of the extreme metal band Meshuggah. One in demand producer, Daniel Bergstrand, whose mixing and producing credits include the likes of In Flames, Strapping Young Lad, Soilwork and Meshuggah, just to name a few. Two incredible drum kits, assembled and recorded to metal perfection, ready to bring your metal productions to the next level. And, for the first time in Toontrack history, we’ve included Separate mix channels in the EZdrummer mixer, containing kick and snare drum samples designed by Daniel Bergstrand, that augment these already amazingly recorded drums. Twelve classic Meshuggah songs, captured flawlessly via MIDI by Tomas Haake himself, organized both as full songs as well as song parts so you can customize, dissect and use his grooves and drumming brilliance to inspire or create your next grand metal composition. This is the next step in the evolution of metal drum production tools.

• Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand at Dugout Studios, Uppsala, Sweden
• Two full kits
• 12 Meshuggah songs in MIDI format, performed by Tomas Haake of Meshuggah


Ezdrummer EZX Claustrophobic HYBRiD DVDR AiRiSO, windows presets patches midi patterns macos ezx samples audio, Toontrack, RNB, POP, HYBRID, Hip Hop, EZX, EZdrummer, DVDR, Claustrophobic, AiRISO

Ezdrummer EZX Claustrophobic HYBRiD

Team AiRiSO | 07/2007 | 892.48 MB

The Claustrophobic EZX marks a new step for Toontrack in driving the development of percussive samples. The audio team at Toontrack has utilized drumhead selection, room and microphone configurations to fuse the qualities of a high end drum recording and the cutting edge of the radical beats of today’s top RnB, Hip Hop and Pop producers. Add to that samples run through the best outboard effects and made accessible in the EZmixer to build your own mixer presets for on the fly sound design and you’ve got all the ingredients to produce, write and play music that takes you and your beats one step further, C for Cutting edge, C for Contemporary, C for Claustrophobic.

Oh, and did we mention that the Claustrophobic EZX was recorded in a very small room?

The Claustrophobic EZX was sampled through the very best of outboard with distortion, reverb, compression and attack effects included in the internal mixer. This enables you to access a large number of mixer presets by STS 9, Richard Devine, DJ Amplive, sub-ID and Count Bass D. And you can save your own custom mixer presets (with EZdrummer 1.1).

Ezdrummer EZX Claustrophobic HYBRID DVDR-AiRISO

Number 1 Hits EZX EZDrummer Expasion v1.5.0 WiN MAC R2R, windows presets patches macos ezx2 ezx samples audio, Win, R2R, POP, Number 1, Number, MAC, House, Hits, Hip Hop, EZX, EZdrummer, Expasion, Dance

Number 1 Hits EZX 1.5.0 WiN MAC

Krock/R2R | 17.05.2014 | 99.44 MB

EZDrummer Expasion / Full Krock & Update R2R

The mission was as simple as it was bold; create a fusion between organic, electronic, high-tech and vintage – a sound library that covers classic sounds but carry them into the new decade, a collection a drums that would sit right away in any contemporary pop, dance, house or hip hop mix. We ended up with Number 1 Hits, which is not only an EZX expansion for EZdrummer, it’s a bonafide hit-machine in itself. When sound designer Niklas Flyckt played the finished product for us, even we were amazed at how organic, pumping and throbbing it sounded.

Number 1 Hits EZX 1.5.0 WiN MAC-R2R

TNTCK EXPANSiONS UPDATES 2014.05.17 WiN MAC R2R, windows presets patches macos ezx2 ezx samples audio, Win, TNTCK, R2R, Plugins Pack, Plugins, Pack, MAC


TEAM R2R | 2014.05.17 | 983.87 MB

– EZX.Americana.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Claustrophobic.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Cocktail.v1.4.0.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Drumkit.From.Hell.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Electronic.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.FunkMasters.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Indie.Folk.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Jazz.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Latin.Percussion.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Metal.Machine.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Metal.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.MetalHeads.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Nashville.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Pop.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Number1.Hits.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Rock.Solid.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Rock.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.The.Blues.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.The.Classic.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX.Vintage.Rock.v1.5.0.Update.WIN.OSX-R2R
– EZX2.Pop.Rock.v1.5.1.WIN.OSX-R2R


BreakTweaker v1.02 VST VST3 RTAS STANDALONE WiN R2R, windows vst3 plugins vst plugins plugins rtas software audio, Win, VST3, VST, Standalone, RTAS, R2R, iZ, Incl., Emulator, BreakTweaker

BreakTweaker v1.02 WiN

TEAM R2R | 14.12.2015 | 487.60 MB


BreakTweaker is the beat machine of the future. Powered by three distinct modules, the Sequencer, the Generator, and the MicroEdit Engine, it’s a wildly creative rhythmic instrument that can be used with any DAW and MIDI controller. For instant gratification, get started with the diverse presets and content in the Factory Library, a showcase of BreakTweaker’s breadth and sonic capabilities. When you want to get deeper, forge new sonic weaponry with BreakTweaker’s paradise of tweaky controls and settings.

BreakTweaker v1.02 VST VST3 RTAS STANDALONE Incl Emulator WiN-R2R

Kaleidoscope v1.1.0 AU VST AAX WiN MAC R2R, x86 x64 windows vst plugins presets patches macos ir impulse response plugins au for mac aax plugins, Win, VST, Resource, R2R, MAC, Library, Kaleidoscope, AU, AAX

Kaleidoscope v1.1.0 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 17 Jul 2016 | WiN: 21.9 MB | OSX: 27.1 MB

WiN32/64 – VST/AAX / MacOSX – AU/VST/AAX

ADDED TODAY Kaleidoscope Resource Library  | 635 MB

Kaleidoscope is the ultimate sound-design tool and creative effects toy! It is an entirely new class of visual audio effects processors and is one of the most unique generative signal processing tools to come to market in recent history. Technically speaking, Kaleidoscope is a massively parallel bank of physically modeled resonators that can be tuned completely arbitrarily with scientific precision and dynamically modulated over time by over two million points of automation. In simplistic terms, Kaleidoscope uses pictures to control sound!

Applications and Uses
Kaleidoscope is a tool for intrepid sonic explorers who seek to help tell humanity’s biggest narratives. It is designed with one goal in mind: to inspire and invigorate composers, sound-designers, and artists to push the boundaries of what is possible in cutting edge sound-design. Many products claim to offer never-before heard sounds. Kaleidoscope actually delivers them – in unfathomable abundance and ultimate fidelity. If you work in any of the following areas you owe it to yourself to check out Kaleidoscope!

• Sound-Design for Film, Television & Games • Scoring for Film, Television & Games • Ambient Music • Electronic Music • Academic & Scientific Research into Sound and New Music

Kaleidoscope represents literally an entire universe of sonic possibilities and is limited only by your imagination and willingness to think differently. Some of its most common applications are:

• Custom Sound Design • Special Effects Processing & Generation • Algorithmic Composition & Inspiration • Ambient Music Generation • Dynamic Filter Effects • Extreme Nano Textural Effects • Rhythmic Filtering & Synth Patterns • Dynamic Resonator Effects • Additive Synthesis • Vocoder-like Effects • Morphing Delay Effects • Extreme Spatialization & FIRs • Automated Volume & Panning • Harmonic & Tonal Reverb • Granular Effects

The Numbers
There are two different sets of content for Kaleidoscope, plus two additional optional add-ons. Let’s run the stats:
– The Kaleidoscope Demo contains: • 747 Total Files • 250 Presets • 347 Images • 115 Scales • 35 Waveforms
– Kaleidoscope Retail contains: • 2,477 Total Files • 1,166 Presets • 945 Images • 254 Scales • 92 Waveforms
– Architecture Volume 01 KS contains: • 14,059 Total Files • 7,696 Images • 4,545 Scales • 1,818 Waveforms
– Architecture Waveforms 2010 contains: • 25,724 Waveforms

Kaleidoscope v1.1.0 AU VST AAX WiN MAC-R2R

Computer Music May 2017 DVD CONTENT, windows wav vst plugins audio tutorials presets patches midi patterns news macos kontakt samples audio als ableton live, Music, May 2017, May, DVD, Content, Computer Music, Computer, 2017

Computer Music May 2017 DVD

P2P | 02 APRiL 2017 | 4.90 GB


Computer Music’s goal is to help its readers create great music with a PC or Mac. Each month find easy-to-follow tutorials for all sorts of music software, unbiased reviews of the latest products and answers to technical questions.

1. Software
– Maximal 2 CM

2. Samples
– Shimmer & Sparkle
– Loopmasters 1GB Pack
– Bonus CM Pop Pack

3. The Drop!
– The Drop – Videos
– The Drop – Files
– Drop Recipes – Live Project

4. Tutorials
– Tutorial Videos CM242
– Tutorial Files CM242

Computer Music May 2017 DVD CONTENT

MakeMusic Finale v25.3.0.276 WiN MAC R2R, windows macos software audio apps windows apps, Win, UPDATE, R2R, P2P, MakeMusic, MAC, Finale

MakeMusic Finale v25.3.0.276 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 02.04.2017 | WiN: 299 MB | OSX: 101 MB


To notate music is to look forward – to the performance, and beyond. Whether you’re creating a simple lead sheet, making worksheets for your students, or composing your magnum opus, Finale helps you easily capture your musical ideas, produce beautiful notation, and quickly share the results. For 25 years, Finale’s unique ability to create anything on the printed page has remained undisputed while other music notation software has come and gone. Finale 2014 is the forward-looking choice with new innovations, making Finale’s trademark freedom and flexibility easy for everyone to use.

Begin creating your musical legacy today.
Focus on your art, not the details When inspiration strikes, Finale takes care of the details so you can focus on your music. Capture ideas as fast as you can – with no obstacles to slow you down.
Your music, your way

In an instant you can move measures, change keys, or perform dozens of edits to capture, arrange, perfect, and print anything you can imagine. Finale even offers creative and editorial input, from automatically harmonizing your melody to indicating when an instrument is out of range.
Enter notes your way

The choice is yours. Play in your notes with a MIDI keyboard, mouse, or computer keyboard. Scan sheet music or import a wide variety of file types, such as MIDI and MusicXML™. You can even capture a brass or woodwind performance with Finale’s MicNotator®.

What’s New in MakeMusic Finale 25:
Create Your Way
– Whatever music you imagine, the new Finale can bring it to life, more quickly and easily than ever before.
– Now a full 64-bit application, the new Finale includes many under-the-hood enhancements resulting in improved performance. But that’s only half of the equation.
– While Finale has always been recognized as the software that can create ANYTHING, the new Finale also streamlines your workflow so that you can create in a more intuitive and efficient manner.
– Plus there are new ways to sync with other apps, new sounds, and better ways to share your music with others.
– Take control of your music, your creative process, and your legacy.

Get more done in less time
Finale has always been recognized as the music notation software that can create anything. The new Finale simplifies the creation process in multiple ways.
– While previous versions of Finale could create tall time signatures, like those seen at left, it admittedly took a few steps. Today it’s easy.
– When entering notes into transposing staves, the new Finale plays the correctly transposed pitch both upon entry and playback.
– An all new Aria Player greatly simplifies and expedites the selection of instruments from the ever-growing library of stellar Garritan sounds.
– We’ve also made new looks possible (including contoured dashed slurs) and eliminated dozens of bugs.

Connect with ReWire support
– The new Finale includes ReWire support making it possible to use Finale simultaneously with top digital audio software including Digital Performer, ProTools and Logic.
– Imagine you’ve created a pop tune in Logic and want to add a live horn section. With ReWire you can create the charts in Finale, press play in Logic, and hear both programs playback simultaneously – and remain in sync. You’ll hear how your horn parts work against the existing audio tracks – before the performers come into the studio to play them.
– ReWire will also benefit anyone writing for film as it also allows you to synchronize with the video support found in programs like Digital Performer, ProTools and Logic.
– Connecting with other programs is one more way Finale helps you create your way.

64-Bit Support and More
– Finale is now a full 64-bit application. This means that you can take best advantage of the processing powers of modern computers.
– It also ensures that Finale can maintain compatibility with future operating systems and makes it easier for Finale developers to improve your user experience more quickly.
– Finale users utilizing high-end sound libraries know that many of these are 64-bit only. The new Finale will allow them to use these libraries directly in Finale, without any intervening 3rd party software AND allow them to load more samples into memory than ever before.
– While a major undertaking, this 64-bit compatibility is just part of the forward-looking enhancements found in the new Finale. We’ve also overhauled Human Playback (today it responds instantly when you press playback) and expanded Finale’s MusicXML import and export so you can share music (back and forth) with users of other software more accurately than ever before. And of course you can share files with Finale 2014 without any conversion at all!

New Garritan Sounds
Great playback sounds inspire not only our listeners, the inspire the creative process. When you hit play and the results exceed your expectations, you push harder, too. The library of premium Garritan sounds included with Finale has been significantly augmented with more than 100 new additions, including a stunning Concert D grand piano from the award-winning Personal Orchestra 5, dozens of exotic world instruments, plus new keyboards, brass, woodwinds, choirs, strings, mixtures, percussion, and more.

System Requirements:
– Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit required)
– Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor or AMD Athlon™ processor (Intel® i3 or AMD Athlon™ II X2 and above recommended)
– 600MB hard drive space required for software

– OS X® 10.10-10.12
– Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor or better (Intel® i3 processor and above recommended)
– 700MB hard drive space required for software

Own the future today with Finale.

MakeMusic Finale v25.3.0.276 WiN MAC-R2R


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