Movement v1.0.3 AU VST VST3 WiN MAC R2R, windows vst3 plugins plugins vst macos plugins au for mac, VST3, VST, R2R, OSX, Movement, MAC OSX, MAC, Ked, DiGiTAL MACHiNE, AU

Movement v1.0.3 WiN MAC

P2P/R2R | Sept 29 2016 | MAC: 140 MB | WiN: 198.26 MB


Transform any instrument, synth, raw sound or full track in real time. Movement is an exciting FX plugin that adds powerful RHYTHMS to any input in real-time. Built equally for the studio or stage, use the engine to breathe life into any track or live performance. 4 rhythm engines utilizing Sidechains, Output’s proprietary Flux mode, LFO’s, Step Sequencers and Macros, blended seamlessly for a clean experience. Adjust sound on the fly with the XY macro pad, which controls up to 152 parameters at once. Analog modeled fx OPTIMIZED for modulation. Add rhythm with reverb and compressors pumping, filters and EQ’s opening and closing, delays morphing and tube distortion warming and cooling. Drag and drop any number on any of the 76 knobs for modulation made incredibly easy. From the standard sine wave on a filter cutoff to a 32-step triplet on distortion crunch to a drum loop modulating volume.

Movement v1.0.3 AU VST VST3 WiN MAC

Quanta v1.0.8 AAX AU VSTi VST3 x86 x64 WiN MAC RETAiL SYNTHiC4TE, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti vst3 plugins macos audio damage vsti plugins au for mac aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, VSTi, VST3, SYNTHiC4TE, Synthesizer, RETAIL, Quanta, MAC, Granular, AU, AAX

Quanta v1.0.8 WiN MAC RETAiL

SYNTHiC4TE | July 04 2018 | 221 MB

AAX AU VSTi VST3 x86 x64

Quanta, a new Granular Synthesizer plug-in for macOS and Windows (with an iOS version coming soon)

Feature Highlights:
Quanta is a full-featured ten-voice true stereo granular synthesizer, with up to a hundred 1000ms grains per voice, and full control over the grain state, with direct randomization and modulation of most parameters. Drag-and-drop a sample (WAV, AIFF, Ogg, or FLAC) on to the window and go to work.

With two multi-mode filters (with LP, HP, BP and notch in 2-pole and 4-pole topologies), and a “sidecar” virtual-analog oscillator and noise generator that can be used in addition to, or injected into, the grain engine, Quanta is a fully capable subtractive synth in its own right, and will work as a granular or subtractive (or both) synth without any sample at all.

Quanta has mod coming out its ears. First up are four of our new FEGs (Flexible Envelope Generator), a 99-point looping function generator with optional host tempo sync. Then add two arbitrary-waveshape LFOs, a multi-source sample-and-hold module, and fully user-controllable MIDI assignments, with nearly every control on the panel as a destination.

Quanta is customizable to your taste and playing style. With full MPE support, it can take advantage of the extended control set of your Linnstrument, Seaboard, Soundplane, Continuum, or other MPE controller, and support for TUN files lets you use tuning tables. The resizable Hi-DPI GUI lets you adjust the size to match your visual needs, and the cross-platform preset mechanism lets you share your creations with your friends and collaborators, no matter what system they are using.

Quanta v1.0.8 WiN MAC RETAiL-SYNTHiC4TE

iTunes DRM Audio Converter 2.3.8 macOS TNT, macos software apps, TNT, macOS, MAC, iTunes DRM, iTunes, DRM, Converter, Audio Converter, Audio

iTunes DRM Audio Converter 2.3.8 MAC

TNT | 04 July 2018 | 34.49 MB

Apple Music Converter + Audiobook Converter + M4P to MP3 Converter. iTunes DRM Audio Converter is an efficient app that offers a quick method of saving iTunes songs on your Mac. It is very novice-friendly and can convert files to MP3 or AAC.

– Convert any Apple Music files to MP3/AAC/WAV
– Convert any iTunes M4P audio to MP3/AAC/WAV
– Remove DRM protection from iTunes & Audible audiobooks
– Convert at 20X faster speed with lossless quality

All-in-one Apple Music, Audiobook and M4P Converter
iTunes DRM Audio Converter for Mac is specially designed for Mac users to convert any audio which can be played in iTunes, such as Apple Music files, audiobooks, iTunes music or other downloaded music, to MP3, AAC or WAV format.
– Convert DRM-ed Apple Music files to MP3/AAC/WAV formats;
– Convert iTunes M4A, M4B & Audible AA, AAX audiobooks to MP3/AAC/WAV;
– Convert iTunes music to MP3, AAC and WAV.

Legally Remove DRM from Apple Music, Audiobooks & M4P Music
– Remove DRM from Apple Music files to help you listen them on your iPhone SE, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPad Pro, iPod, Zune, PSP, MP3 player offline.
– Legally remove DRM from iTunes M4P, M4A, M4B & Audible AA audiobooks and convert the audiobooks to DRM-free MP3, AAC or WAV.
– Easily remove DRM protections from iTunes M4P music and convert them to the plain formats you like.

Silently Convert Any Audio at 20X Faster Speed with Lossless Quality
– Convert all audio files at unbeatable fast speed and support batch conversion.
– Support high quality output audio. The quality of the output audio can be as excellent as CD Quality.
– iTunes DRM Audio Converter will mute iTunes while converting to play the DRM-ed music tracks silently in the background and record audio files at 20X faster speed.

Keep ID Tags Information & Ease-to-use
– The ID Tags will be preserved in output MP3 or AAC files while converting. Information including Artwork, Metadata (artist,album, year, track number, genre) can be kept after conversion.
– It is very easy to use, just with the intuitive interface, you can convert iTunes audio quickly with a few clicks.
– No extra hardware or virtual drive needed. The program will encode the iTunes audio to MP3, AAC or WAV while recording.

Requirements: Intel, 64-bit processor, OS X 10.8 or later.

iTunes DRM Audio Converter 2.3.8 macOS-TNT

Music Tag Editor, Audio Metadata v1.8.5 MAC OSX TNT, macos software apps, TNT, Tag Editor, Tag, OSX, Music Tag Editor, Music, Metadata, macOS, MAC OSX, MAC, editor, Audio Metadata, Audio

Music Tag Editor, Audio Metadata v1.8.5 MAC

TNT | 04 July 2018 | 12.24 MB

Meta is a complete tool that helps you manage your digital music collection. It allows for easily editing audio metadata (tags) such as a song’s artist, title, album, artwork, etc…

Music Tag Editor, Audio Metadata v1.8.5 MAC OSX TNT, macos software apps, TNT, Tag Editor, Tag, OSX, Music Tag Editor, Music, Metadata, macOS, MAC OSX, MAC, editor, Audio Metadata, Audio

• Supported Formats:
– Audio files: .mp3 .mp4 .m4a .flac .ogg .oga .opus .speex .wav .aiff
– Metadata: ID3v1, ID3v2.3/v2.4, APE, MP4, Vorbis, INFO Tags.

• Features:
– Straightforward, native user interface that follows macOS’ Standards.
– Batch Editing: Apply changes to a selection of files at once.
– Preview audio and artworks without leaving Meta, using Quick Look.
– Perform string transformations.
– Find and replace text, or regular expressions.
– Rename files, extract tags from file names, or even create directories by specifying metadata patterns.
– Easily set or export album artworks using drag & drop.
– Adjust artworks (scale, crop, compress) either on demand, or automatically upon adding new artwork, to keep your audio files size to a minimum.



Music Tag Editor, Audio Metadata v1.8.5 MAC OSX-TNT

Reaktor 6 v6.2.2 AU VST STANDALONE 64Bit UNLOCKED MAC, x64 plugins vsti vsti plugins vst native instruments audio software macos software plugins au for mac, VST, Standalone, Reaktor 6, Reaktor, OSX, MAC OSX, MAC, AU

Reaktor v6.2.2 UNLOCKED MAC

TEAM vkDanilov 2018 | 01.07.2018 | 233.3 MB

Modular DSP Lab

Build custom synths, samplers, effects, and sound design tools Experiment with rack-style modular patching using Blocks Discover 70+ included instruments plus thousands of sounds in the User Library TRUE SONIC PLAYGROUND REAKTOR 6 is the ultimate creative toolkit for deep sound exploration, featuring cutting-edge DSP and high-fidelity sound. WHAT’S NEW: REAKTOR 6 makes advanced sonic experimentation more accessible than ever. Primary and Core Macro libraries are refined for ease of use with new categories and intuitive folder structure. Workflows are now more efficient thanks to a modernized interface, improved structure editing, and a revised property and navigation. Plus, new features like Table Framework, Bundles, and Scoped Buses unlock a new level of power to REAKTOR builders.

Blocks is a new framework that turns REAKTOR 6 into a fully-equipped, rack-style modular synth. Over 30 Blocks – including oscillators, filters, effects, modulators, and sequencers – come with REAKTOR 6. Among these Blocks are components from acclaimed NI synths such as ROUNDS and MONARK – all you need to start creating elaborate modular synth patches.

REAKTOR’s trademark sound quality is unmistakable. From anti-aliased oscillators and ZDF (zero delay feedback) filters to granular synthesis engines, a team of leading developers build every component in REAKTOR from the core level up using the most elegant algorithms. Their relentless pursuit of DSP excellence keeps this sonic toolkit at the head of its class. And everything inside is organized for immediate use in REAKTOR’s macro libraries for fast, creative building sessions.

Newcomers can quickly start playing with over 70 REAKTOR Factory instruments, each loaded with presets to get you started. Or download one of over 4,000 free instruments created by the REAKTOR user community. Once the REAKTOR environment becomes familiar, patching with Blocks unlocks a world of on-the-fly sonic experimentation. And for those who want to dig deeper into the creative process, REAKTOR lets you build complete instruments from the ground up.

The REAKTOR community unites thousands of artists, sound designers, and instrument builders at all skill levels passionate about sound and instrument design. Discover the latest additions to the user library, upload your own creations, discuss new tips and tricks in the learning section, and be a part of a highly innovative and dedicated community of builders committed to advancing the future of sound.

Control REAKTOR directly from a KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series keyboard or MASCHINE. With the REAKTOR API, you can design fully-integrated performance setups. Create your own touch strip integration, custom displays, parameter mappings, light guide configurations, and more. Hybrid software/hardware instruments that are a true evolution in instrument design.

REAKTOR is the technology platform behind some of NI’s most acclaimed instruments and effects like RAZOR and MONARK, TRAKTOR’s built-in effects, and the MASCHINE 2 Drum Synths. Discover the full extent of REAKTOR’s capabilities with these advanced products – all powered by REAKTOR.

What’s New?
6.2.2 — 2018-06-20
– The REAKTOR Core macro library has received a significant update, with many highlights.
– ADDED Non-transposed nonlinear Sallen–Key filter
– IMPROVED Cleaned up the internal structure of the transposed Sallen–Key filters. The TSK NLA filter sound is slightly changed
– ADDED 8-pole ladder filters
– ADDED A completely reworked set of shelving filters
– ADDED 6- and 8-pole bandpass Butterworth filters
– ADDED 2nd kind (resonating) Butterworth filters
– ADDED A completely reworked set of crossover macros
– ADDED Configurable notch count for phasers
– ADDED Thru-zero phaser and flanger, barberpole phaser and flanger, harmonic phaser
– ADDED Asymmetric overdrive. Antialiased versions of symmetric and asymmetric overdrives
– ADDED Bit and sample rate reduction effects
– ADDED Compressor
– ADDED Tempo and transport position synced LFO
– ADDED LFO toolkit
– ADDED Zero-crossing detector event processing macro
– IMPROVED CPU consumption of the Delay and ZDF Delay macros (slightly)
– FIXED Wrong phase deviation value at the output of the Phase Splitter macro inside the Freq Shift macro
– FIXED Some of the Math macros were sending initialization even in cases where they shouldn’t have
– FIXED xy2polar and toPolar macros now handle zero input
– FIXED OSX 10.13 – APFS formatted drives now show up in the browser

Reaktor 6 v6.2.2 AU VST STANDALONE 64Bit MAC OSX

ILok OSX Bundle of Mayhem MAC, plugins vst macos software plugins au for mac, Plugins MAC, Plugins, OSX, Mayhem, MAC, ILok, C0sm1cSqu1d, Bundle, 0RGan1c

ILok OSX Bundle of Mayhem

C0sm1cSqu1d | 13 March 2016 | 5.1 GB

Here it is children. Feast upon the meal prepared for you that is the OSX ilok work around bundle. This method was crafted, tested and provided to you by Squ4d and 0RGan1c under a new collaborative name, C0sm1cSqu1d. It shows that many may take themselves and their egos seriously, but we dont. We are here to play, enjoy, befriend and provide to the community some of our knowledge.

ILok OSX Bundle of Mayhem MAC

PS22 v9.1.0.9 (Build 1361) WiN MAC, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins plugins vst plugins rtas macos plugins au for mac, Xdb, WiN, Stereo Maker, Stereo, PS22, P2P, Maker, MAC

PS22 v9.1.0.9 WiN MAC

XDB/P2P | 19.08.2012 | WiN: 7.9 MB | MAC: 18.9 MB

AU VST VST3 RTAS – 32bit/64bit

Stereo Maker

Ideal for revitalizing old recordings as well as sound effects, guitar leads, and more, the PS22 is unsurpassed for Mono-to-Stereo emulation, enhancing individual tracks, and rebalancing the spatial imaging of stereo mixes.

PS22 v9.1.0.9 (Build 1361) WiN MAC, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins plugins vst plugins rtas macos plugins au for mac, Xdb, WiN, Stereo Maker, Stereo, PS22, P2P, Maker, MAC


  • 3 components: PS22-Spread, PS22-Split, and PS22-XSplit
  • Psycho-acoustic spatial enhancement and phase-compensation
  • Retains mono compatibility
  • Preserves original frequency response
  • Left/right or MS meter monitoring
  • Up to 24bit 192kHz resolution
  • Mono-to-Stereo and Stereo components


PS22 v9.1.0.9 (Build 1361) WiN MAC

DrumSpillage v2.0.7 AU 32Bit 64Bit MAC HEXWARS, macos plugins au for mac, Spillage, MAC, HEXWARS, Drum, AU, 64Bit, 32Bit

DrumSpillage v2.0.7 MAC

TEAM HEXWARS | 23.06.18 | 1.8 MB

DrumSpillage is a model based drum synthesizer plugin for Mac OS X featuring 12 exclusive drum models capable of synthesizing a diverse range of electronic percussion sounds.
The models implement a variety of synthesis techniques including classic analog, physical modelling and FM synthesis.

Sound Design
DrumSpillage 2 gives you everything you need to sculpt original drum sounds that fit perfectly with your tracks. Each drum model has been carefully designed and tuned to create a specific type of drum sound, for example, kick, hi-hat and snare. The models offer extensive editing potential to create unique drum sounds that defy standard classification. The new unified interface in V2 makes it easier than ever to get the right drum sounds into your music. Kick drums may be tuned to specific MIDI notes and pads can be played across the entire keyboard. 16 individual outputs allow you to manipulate sounds further in your sequencer or DAW.

Integrated Effects
DrumSpillage 2 features a dedicated distortion unit, multi-mode filter, resonator and frequency shifter unit on every pad. Distortions range from analog style saturation to all out digital destruction. The multi-mode filter features a new analog modelled low pass along with high pass, band pass and band reject filters allowing you to sculpt the top and low end to perfection. A 3-band resonator unit provides simple spatialisation effects along with classic comb filtering that adds an extra dimension to your sound design. Finally the frequency shifter offers subtle shifting modulations or more extreme sound mangling effects.

In DrumSpillage 2 we’ve significantly expanded the modulation capabilities. With new LFO waveforms and extra envelope sources your drum sounds are now even more dynamic. In addition LFOs feature a cross-modulation feature allowing LFOs and envelopes to modulate the LFO frequency. Great for evolving and complex modulations. Almost every control in DrumSpillage 2 can now be controlled via MIDI velocity delivering extremely expressive rhythmic sequences.

High Resolution 64-bit DSP
DrumSpillage 2 is based upon a high resolution 64-bit DSP engine. The extra resolution from 64-bit DSP brings a smoother more detailed sound with deep bass, snappy envelopes, fluid modulations, precision filtering and punchy low end. Anti aliasing oscillators in the hi-hats, cymbals and bass drums keep the top end clean and the low end solid.

DrumSpillage v2.0.7 AU 32Bit 64Bit MAC-HEXWARS

Elecktroid v1.0.3 AU 32Bit 64Bit MAC HEXWARS, macos plugins au for mac, MAC, HEXWARS, Elecktroid, AU, 64Bit, 32Bit

Elecktroid v1.0.3 MAC

TEAM HEXWARS | 23.06.18 | 41.4 MB

Elecktroid is a high-quality sample based instrument with a fully integrated 8 track rhythm sequencer. 4 original drum synthesis algorithms round out the package.

Rhythm Sequencer
Elecktroid features an original rhythm oriented step sequencer. Track lengths can be adjusted independently and a probability value can be assigned to any step in a sequence. Patterns can be played live or from the DAW via MIDI note messages. Note resolution is switchable from 8th to 64th note precision using a resolution independent design. Each track features 2 control graphs for varying the sample/synth playback controls in realtime.

Sample Playback
Elecktroid’s sample playback engine is a high quality low noise oversampling design that produces clean results when re-pitching samples up and down. Load your existing sample collections via the simple drag-and-drop interface. Enhance with the pitch envelope, modulation, distortion, filter and loop editing capabilities. Elecktroid will velocity cross-fade between 2 sample layers and accepts WAV, AIFF and CAF format files.

Drum Synthesis
In Elecktroid you’ll find a subset of our exclusive drum synthesis models: bass drum, wood drum, hi-hat and snare. The drum synths are 100% algorithmic and utilise high-quality DSP code for a deep, powerful and punchy sound. The synthesis algorithms could be used as the foundation for an entire rhythm track or layered with samples to add weight, depth and character to your existing sound sets.

FX + Realtime Control
Elecktroid provides powerful MIDI controller and velocity mapping abilities to help you create the dynamics you need in a live performance or composition. To finish your drum sounds take advantage of the onboard frequencer shifter, lo-fi reduction processor and modulation effects.

Elecktroid v1.0.3 AU 32Bit 64Bit MAC-HEXWARS

Nora v2.56 AU VST MAC HEXWARS, plugins vst macos plugins au for mac, VST, Nora, MAC, HEXWARS, AU

Nora v2.56 MAC

Team HEXWARS | 23 June 2018 | 36.9 MB

Nora is a groundbreaking arpeggiator with DAW technology that employs advanced editing tools to create phrases with ease. It allows the creation of quality solo melodies, rhythmic bass lines or stabs, instantly.

Create extremely malleable, unique harmonies and bass lines. Thanks to its polyphonic pianoroll technology and its real-time effects, Nora gives you complete control over the arpeggiator pattern (note-length, overlapping notes/chords, velocities, spaces between notes, etc.).

The engine has been re-designed from scratch to offer precision at sample-level. This way, we obtain output that is loyal to the input, without any kind of latency.

We employed the workflow of a cutting-edge DAW for a creative, simple and quick edition with a complete integration among the modules. Nora can be sequenced by either a linear manner or by patterns triggered by MIDI.

· 8 tracks, 8 independent arpeggiators and 64 patterns per track
· Real-time quantizer with user-defined patterns
· Hundreds of presets
· Complete real-time edition
· Simple and fast workflow
· 2 random phrase generators & 2 mutators
· Very low cpu usage
· Highly customizable interface with over 400 parameters



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