MidiKit v4.2 macOS TNT, macos software audio apps, TNT, MidiKit, MIDI, macOS, MAC, Kit

MidiKit v4.2 macOS

TNT | 14 May 2017 | 3.94 MB

MidiKit is a MIDI file browser/editor and batch processor. The browser quickly displays the most significant information about MIDI files. The editor allows native SMF editing with unlimited undo/redo capacity. Finally, MidiKit allows you to apply several operations on your MIDI files by batch processing entire disks at a time.

What’s New in Version 4.2
– The text encoding of a MIDI document may now automatically be detected (requires OS X 10.10 o later).
– You can now convert a whole MIDI document text/lyrics to UTF-8.

Bug Fixes:
– Key signature meta event is now correctly handled.
– Fixed a crash which could occur when undoing an edit in a MIDI document.
– Fixed a crash which occurred when pasting data inside an empty MIDI document.
– Other bug fixes.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3h94
MidiKit v4.2 macOS-TNT

Future DJ Pro v1.5.0 WiN P2P, windows audio software dj software audio, Win, Pro, P2P, Future, DJ Pro, DJ, Core

Future DJ Pro v1.5.0 WiN

P2P | 12.05.2017 | 166 MB

Future DJ Pro is our flagship soft, packed with the latest professional DJ features that answer the needs of both professional and aspiring DJs. FutureDecks DJ pro can easily be used by all manner of DJs, from bedroom DJs who enjoy creating their own mashups and mixes in the comfort of their home, to DJs that perform in clubs and other live performance conditions. Thanks to an impressive number of advanced and flexible features, there is nothing limiting your creative flow, other than your own creativity.

Perfectly in-sync tracks/beats
You will find the automatic BPM detection very precise allowing you to instantly sync and change between the 4 decks. The smart-sync function guarantees that no matter what deck is playing (A, B, C or D), when you press the Sync button the other decks will be in perfect sync with it.

Beat-match and Key-match your mixes
For musically perfect mixes you can lock (master tempo) or change the key to your desired one to achieve not only beat-matched but also key-matched performances. The app even detects the key of a song/video to considerably simplify harmonic mixing.

Visually align beats
The waveform graphic display gives you real time audio signal monitoring, information about the audio signal and the beat rhythm. It can be configured to display more or less of the song, using the zoom in and zoom out buttons. Each deck has 3 waveforms: a full waveform, a horizontal zoomable waveform and a vertical waveform. The vertical waveforms are all located above the mixer, next to one another so that you can visually align the beats of all 4 tracks.

Find your tracks with ease
The playlist has evolved into a practical instrument of quickly finding and loading the tracks you want. You can filter your tracks by format, be it audio, video or karaoke by using the Audio, Video and Karaoke buttons. Color markers make it even easier to spot your favorite songs, because you can assign different colors to any track you desire.

Create, send, save and recall loops
You can set up seamless loops instantly, by setting In and Out points. The In and Out points can be manually or automatically set. You can save and recall loops just as you would save and recall cue-points. You can also send a loop to one of the 8 sampler slots. The loops will also be in-sync with the other 4 decks allowing for a seamless experience.

Connect up to 8 MIDI devices at once
We understand the importance of having a hardware device that helps you get a greater control over your mix. This is why we’ve given you the freedom of being able to fully customize your controllers through javascript. You can connect up to 8 hardware MIDI controllers at the same time to control the software without even touching your Mac/PC. There are over 70 zero-configure controllers supported from Akai, Akiyama, American Audio, Beamz, Behringer, Beyond Music, Denon, Faderfox, Gemini, Hercules, M-Audio, Novation, Numark, PCDJ, Pioneer, Reloop, Stanton, Vestax, Zomo. Take a look at the complete list of mapped controllers. You can also use any other MIDI controller that you can visually map using the intuitive LEARN feature.

Scratch. Reverse. Brake.
You are free to make real turntable by using the waveform displays, as well as the virtual jogwheels. Depending on the speed of the drag and drop you can create a disk spin effect, scratch, reverse, play, brake, mute, fine-tune cue-points and even ‘reverse spin and play’ effect. Of course, you can use your hardware controller or a turntable to perform/achieve the same feats. The improved timecoded-vinyl engine gives you the precision and sound quality that all pro users are looking for.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3csg
Future DJ Pro v1.5.0 WiN-P2P

Complete v9.6 9 May 2017 MAC, x86 x64 vsti vst3 plugins vst plugins plugins rtas macos software audio plugins au for mac aax plugins, VST3, VST, Standalone, RTAS, PlatenseSoul, MAC, Complete, AU, AAX, 64Bit, 32Bit, 2017

Complete v9.6 9 May 2017 MAC

PlatenseSoul | 10.05.2017 | 2.76 GB


eMotion LV1 is a revolutionary digital mixing console for front-of-house, monitor and broadcast engineers. Based on SoundGrid technology, this software mixer delivers the superior sound quality for which is renowned, as well as the quick and convenient workflow needed in demanding live environments.

Complete v9.6 9 May 2017 MAC, x86 x64 vsti vst3 plugins vst plugins plugins rtas macos software audio plugins au for mac aax plugins, VST3, VST, Standalone, RTAS, PlatenseSoul, MAC, Complete, AU, AAX, 64Bit, 32Bit, 2017

May 9th, 2017/Changues:
– The new Grand Rhapsody Piano available separately.

INFO/DEMO: https://goo.gl/Sm8ybq
Complete v9.6 9 May 2017 MAC

MOTiF Waveform Editor v2.0.0 WiN KAiVAL, windows software audio apps windows, Win, Waveform Editor, Waveform, MOTIF, KAiVAL, editor

MOTiF Waveform Editor v2.0.0 WiN

TEAM KAiVAL | 11-27-2016 | x86: 9.82 MB | x64: 11.15 MB

Motif Waveform Editor for Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS. Motif Waveform Editor is a powerful and easy to use editor that helps you create and edit User Waveforms for the Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS in the most convenient way. Motif Waveform Editor for Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS. Motif Waveform Editor is a powerful and easy to use editor that helps you create and edit User Waveforms for the Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS in the most convenient way. Furthermore it can act as a librarian for Voices and User Waveforms at it imports and converts Voices and User Waveforms among different Motif XF, MOXF and Motif XS files!

Key features include:
– Waveform / Sample Editor
– You can import instruments from several sources as Waveforms: SoundFont (SF2) files, GigaStudio (GIG), AKAI (AKP), AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC and OGG Vorbis files are supported. Metadata information (loop points, velocity ranges etc) inside the files is recognized!
– You can import samples from several audio files: AIFF, WAV, MP3, WMA, FLAC or OGG. Metadata information (loop points, velocity ranges etc) inside the files or even in the filenames (pattern matching) is recognized!
– You can easily assign different samples across the keyboard and edit all parameters of Keybanks including Volume, Pan, Key/Velocity range etc.
– You can audition samples, edit loop points and apply effects like Loop Crossfade, Normalizing and Trimming.
– Voice / Waveform Librarian
– You can import Voices, User Arpeggios and User Waveforms from Motif XF X3V/X3A/X3W/X3G or Motif XS X0V/X0A/X0W/X0G files. You can import Voices and User Waveforms from MOXF X6A/X6V/X6W files.
– When you copy Voices from one file to another, the corresponding User Waveforms that the Voices are using are copied automatically!
– When you reorder Waveforms on one file, all the Voices that are using them are updated automatically!

Waveform Player
– You can use your Motif or any other connected MIDI keyboard to audition your Waveforms by playing music with them!
– Filter Cutoff/Resonance, Envelope Attack/Release, Modulation Wheel, Pitch Bend and Sustain Pedal controls are supported to enhance the auditioning experience!
– ASIO, WASAPI and WDM Kernel Streaming technologies are supported on Windows to ensure minimum playback latency!

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3h8m
MOTiF Waveform Editor v2.0.0 WiN-KAiVAL

DC8C advanced compressor v2.3.0 WiN MAC, x86 x64 windows vst plugins macos software audio plugins au for mac, Win, SYNTHiC4TE, OSX, Klanghelm, DC8C, Compressor, Advanced

DC8C v2.3.0 WiN MAC

SYNTHiC4TE | August 01 2014 | 10.7 MB

Advanced Compressor

DC8C is one of the most flexible compressors around.

While making a lot of different compression styles possible, it’s general nature may be described as: clear, smooth, open, distinct.The main goal while designing DC8C was to get a very clean compressor action without unwanted and often almost unevitable artefacts/distortion. This way you can achieve almost invisible compression for your most demanding mastering sessions, when you want to avoid coloration. If you aim for colour you can choose between two saturation models.  From opto style, peak compression, RMS compression, Feedback, Feedforward compression (and everything inbetween) to negative ratios, zero latency brickwall limiting, from snappy transient treatment to smooth transient rounding – everything is possible.

DC8C is available in the following formats:

  • Windows VST (32&64Bit)
  • Windows Standalone (32&64Bit)
  • Mac OSX AU (32&64Bit)
  • Mac OSX VST (32&64Bit)
  • Mac Standalone (32&64Bit)

Feature List
detector network and gain reduction smoothing for extra smooth operation

  • • choose between two different attack and two release curves
  • • clean mode (100% clean compression with no intermodulation, no distortion, no aliasing)
  • • up to 8x oversampling
  • • sidechain filter with high pass & low pass filter plus tilt control, which let’s you shift the frequency response
  • of the detector
  • • customize the program dependency of the compressor seperately for Attack and Release
  • • GR-smoothing control to dertermine, how sensitive the compressor reacts to changes in the computed gain
  • reduction, great to emulate opto style compression
  • • hold control for heavy pumping compression effects
  • • pre comp control to delay the start of the attack to leave transients completely alone or radically shape the attack
  • • calibration control not only to set the reference level for the meters but also for the whole signal path.
  • the higher the value, the softer the compression characteristics and the lower the saturation amount
  • • unique Feedback-Mix-Control, which lets you determine, how much of the compressor’s output is fed back into the detector.
  • This way it is possible to morph between Feedback and Feedforward Compression topologies
  • • zero latency limting mode
  • • true zero attack (0.0 ms)
  • • negative ratios possible
  • • parallel compression, peak-compression, RMS-compression
  • • easy mode which features 4 different compression styles
  • • lots of comprehensive presets to keep you started


  • Klanghelm has updated all its plug-ins and announced that they are all now available as AAX Native for Pro Tools 11. The updates also include various bug fixes, stability and performance improvements, lower latencies and less CPU consumption when oversampling is used.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/1ee

Tremor v1.0.3.0 AU VST VSTi RTAS WiN MAC R2R, windows vsti vst plugins plugins rtas macos fxpansion software audio plugins au for mac, Win, VSTi, VST, Tremor, RTAS, R2R, MAC, AU

Tremor v1.0.3.0 WiN MAC

TEAM R2R | 2015.03.28 | 18.12 MB


Tremor: a software drum machine with powerful synthesis, effects, modulation and step-sequencing. DCAM circuit-modelled sound generation is fused with new ideas to produce original sounds with the punch and extreme sound pressure of old-school analogue. Tremor’s dance drums, funky beatscapes, abstract machines and undiscovered sonic terrain are suited to all kinds of electronic, urban and experimental music. Central to each of Tremor’s 8 synthesis engines is a specialized DCAM oscillator with harmonic partials akin to a drumskin’s modes of vibration. Mixed with a sub-oscillator and tuned noise source, the signal is sculpted by modelled drive/filter/FX sections and razor-sharp envelopes. Tremor’s diverse output includes classic kicks, snares and claps, organic hats and body-shaking subs alongside futuristic zaps, scrapes, textures and sounds that defy classification.

The TransMod modulation system in Tremor is easier and deeper than a mod-matrix. It offers new sound design possibilities and lets you animate sounds with LFOs, step-automation sequences and real-time macro controls while the synthesis engine reacts just like real analogue circuits. Tremor’s sonic potential is showcased in the included suite of presets by a team of elite sound designers.

– Synthetic drum machine software
– DCAM-modelled synthesis and FX
– Specialised oscillator with drumskin vibration partials
– Filtering and drive with multiple responses
– Deep, intuitive TransMod modulation system
– Polyrhythmic pattern step-sequencer
– VST, AU, RTAS and standalone for Mac and Windows

Tremor v1.0.3.0 AU VST VSTi RTAS WiN MAC R2R, windows vsti vst plugins plugins rtas macos fxpansion software audio plugins au for mac, Win, VSTi, VST, Tremor, RTAS, R2R, MAC, AU


INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/358q
Tremor v1.0.3.0 AU VST VSTi RTAS WiN MAC-R2R

Vinyl Studio v8.6.4 WiN v8.8.3 MAC, windows macos software audio apps windows apps, Win, Vinyl Studio, Vinyl, Studio, MAC

Vinyl Studio v8.6.4 WiN v8.8.3 MAC

P2P | 2017 | MAC: 12.7 MB | WiN: 4.88 MB

VinylStudio is the easy way to convert your records and tapes to CD, MP3 and other digital formats. The powerful sound-cleaning filters can help rescue precious, damaged recordings and VinylStudio’s intuitive user interface makes digitising your music collection a pleasure rather than a chore. Download a copy and see why using a conventional audio editor and CD-burning program for this task is doing it the hard way.

Vinyl Studio v8.6.4 WiN v8.8.3 MAC, windows macos software audio apps windows apps, Win, Vinyl Studio, Vinyl, Studio, MAC

Feature Highlights
• An all-in-one solution for digitizing your record or tape collection
• Easy-to-use track-splitting functions
• Automated click and scratch removal
• Look up track listings and album art over the Internet
• Save your tracks in a wide variety of file formats, fully tagged
• Extensive ‘rollover’ help to guide new users
• Multi-level undo/redo
• Integrates with iTunes on the Mac
• Burns both audio and MP3 CDs

For more advanced users
• Filter out tape hiss, hum and rumble
• Normalisation and graphic equaliser
• Software RIAA equalisation, either during or after recording
• User-editable FFT filters
• Support for high-res file formats and recording DSD more info
• All editing is non-destructive – your original recordings are not changed in any way

MAC: What’s New Version 8.8.3:
– The popup ‘Edit Track Details’ box displayed when you insert a track break is now optional
– Dropdown lists which ‘auto-populate’ now only display matching entries; this cuts down on screen clutter
– Fixed a problem with dropdown lists when entering international characters
– Better handling of medleys in Discogs lookups
– Fix HTTP error 403 retrieving album art from the Amazon databases
– Fix Discogs import
– Fix an occasional crash when printing album art
– Fix non-responsive popup menus on macOS 10.12 Sierra
– Pressing the ‘B’ key to insert a track break while recording now works reliably
– Fixed normalising part of a recording
– Fixed album names / artists containing international characters
– A few other minor bug fixes and tweaks

VinylStudio for Macintosh has the following hardware and software requirements:
– Any Intel-based Macintosh with a 32 or 64 bit processor
– The minimum memory requirement of your particular version of OS X (usually 2GB)
– OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard), 10.7 (Lion), 10.8 (Mountain Lion), 10.9 (Mavericks), 10.10 (Yosemite) or 10.11 (El Capitan), or macOS 10.12 (Sierra)
– A decent amount of disk space for your audio files

WiN: New in Version 8.6:
– You can now specify default filter settings to be automatically applied to each new recording.
– Apply filter settings to multiple albums at once.
– Support for recording Direct Stream Digital (DSD). You will need DSD-capable ADC to use this feature.
– Unlimited audio file sizes (but please note that WAV and AIFF files are inherently limited to 4GB in size).
– You can now import private collections from Discogs.
– Various other improvements and a few bug fixes.

VinylStudio for Windows has the following hardware and software requirements:
– PC running Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (including 64 bit)
– 1 GHz or faster CPU
– 512MB or more RAM (1GB for Windows Vista or later)
– A decent amount of disk space for your audio files

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3h70
Vinyl Studio v8.6.4 WiN v8.8.3 MAC

ACiD Pro 7.0 Build 746 WiN P2P, windows magix software audio apps windows, Sony

ACiD Pro 7.0 Build 746 WiN

P2P | 04 May 2017 | 122 MB

ACID Pro 7 is a DAW powerhouse that combines full multitrack recording and mixing, MIDI sequencing, and looping functionality for a seamless studio production environment. More creative partner than production tool, ACID Pro 7 software inspires like nothing else. With its Transparent Technology design, ACID Pro 7 software removes typical barriers to the creative workflow so you can effortlessly transform ideas into real results.

ACiD Pro 7.0 Build 746 WiN P2P, windows magix software audio apps windows, Sony

Drop the Bass
ACIDized loops are more than just audio files. They contain information on length, transients and even key of the samples. ACID analyses the file and uses the information to manipulate the sound and pitch with ease.

Innovative loop-based music creation
Version 7 retains all the classic ACID Pro features including real-time pitch/tempo transposition during playback and preview, unlimited tracks, and our signature pick/paint/play interface. ACID Pro 7 software also includes 90 virtual instruments so you can start creating music right out of the box.

Comprehensive MIDI support
Experience unparalleled MIDI sequencing in ACID Pro 7 software, with real time MIDI processing and precise control over MIDI events. Use track envelopes to automate and modify modulation, expression, or other types of MIDI controller data.

Professional effects and synth support
Expand your palette with native support for VST instruments and plug-ins. Create resonant sweeps, EQ changes, and add effects with parameter automation. ReWire and ASIO support help you smoothly integrate ACID Pro 7 software with your existing studio.

Superior mixing
ACID Pro 7 software has a dedicated mixing console for a flexible and efficient recording environment. Specify routing, assign audio effects, and use external effects processors with tracks and busses. ACID Pro 7 software also supports control surface automation and channel tracking for devices such as the Mackie Control and Frontier Design TranzPort.

INFO/DEMO: http://bit.ly/2p0o0IF
ACiD Pro 7.0 Build 746 WiN-P2P

Myriad 4.0.6 MAC OSX TNT, macos software audio apps, TNT, OSX, Myriad, MAC OSX, MAC

Myriad 4.0.6 MAC

TNT | 03 May 2017 | 8,5 MB

Myriad is, simply put, one of the best audio batch processors. Totally redesigned, it looks beautiful and delivers incredible performance. Let Myriad do the heavy lifting while you get back to doing what you do best: creating great sounds and music.

– One powerful productivity tool – Myriad packs a serious punch in a beautiful interface. With more than 100 Actions and many other great features, Myriad helps you work more efficiently, saving you countless hours that you can spend creating.
– Goodhertz SRC – The Goodhertz Sample Rate Converter has the ideal balance between frequency response and transient response – two of the most important characteristics of any sample rate converter. This means that it does its job with the least possible sonic impact, preserving crystal-clear high end while also maintaining sharp transients. The Goodhertz SRC has virtually zero aliasing with performance better than -192 dB, meaning it is error-free at lowest amplitudes.
– Good Dither – When reducing the bit depth for the destination format, the application of dither noise prevents distortion and quantization error. Compared to some long-standing dither algorithms, Goodhertz Good Dither produces better noise reduction without excessive noise shaping. Good Dither also has a wider, flatter noise reduction region which contributes to higher performance in the most critical areas.
– AppleScript – Robust support for AppleScript ensures that Myriad plays well with others.
– Notifications – Now that Myriad fully supports Notification Center, you can let it work behind the scenes.
– Commands – All keyboard commands in Myriad can be customized, saved and shared.
– File Naming – Rename files with ease with Myriad’s new drag-and-drop file naming tokens.

What’s New Version 4.0.6:
– Improves the performance and reliability of the Goodhertz Sample Rate Converter and Good Dither
– Myriad is now localized in German
– Normalizing to an LUFS value is now more straightforward
– Support for iXML 2.0
– Resolves a persistent crash that might occur when changing sample rate and/or applying dither
– Resolves an issue where the track number property would not be retained when converting FLAC files to AAC
– Using the Trim, Fade, and Extend Actions in the same workflow now works reliably
– AIFF files with the .aiff extension now retain that extension on output

Myriad 4.0.6 MAC OSX-TNT
INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/3dwu

Iris 2 v2.02 VST VST3 RTAS STANDALONE Incl Emulator WiN R2R, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins vst plugins plugins rtas software audio, Win, R2R, iZ Iris, iZ, Iris 2, Iris, Incl., Incl Emulator, Emulator

Iris 2 v2.02 WiN

TEAM R2R | 14.12.2015 | 347.80 MB


Create and discover musical sounds that have never been heard before. An inspiring sample-based synthesizer, Iris 2 is immediately playable—combining the power of a sampler, the flexibility of a modular synth, and the fun of spectral filtering. Get started fast by selecting from hundreds of expertly crafted Bass, Keys, Leads, Pads, and Rhythmic patches. Then customize or build your own patches with an 11 GB factory library of intriguing audio samples, a modern modulation system, classic filters, evocative effects, and more. Explore a new world of musical possibilities with Iris 2.

Key Highlights

  • Explore a world of sound: Load one of hundreds of fresh and inspiring patches, and easily experiment with the most relevant parameters via Macro controls.
  • Build your own synth: Invent sounds that are completely your own by layering up to four different samples from a built-in collection of analog oscillator waveforms, an 11 GB sample library, or your own personal audio files.
  • Design your own filters: Get the best-sounding and most unique filters by drawing, selecting, and isolating sonic components from each sample layer using iZ award-winning spectral filtering technology.
  • Shape your own sound: Develop expressive, dynamic, and evolving musical sounds with the powerful and flexible new modulation system. Access every control from one window, or reveal only what you need with a dynamic new user interface.

INFO/DEMO: http://redi.se/32av
Iris 2 v2.02 VST VST3 RTAS STANDALONE Incl Emulator WiN-R2R


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