Cubase Artist v7 x86 x64 WiN, windows steinberg app software, x86, x64, WiN, Cubase Artist, Cubase 7, Cubase, BROCCOLi, Artist

Cubase Artist v7 WiN

Team BROCCOLi | 20.09.2018 | x86: 348 MB

Team BROCCOLi | 06.10.2018 | x64: 286.90 MB

Discover the artist within you

With a rich feature set tailored to instrumentalists and songwriters who put music first, Cubase Artist offers all you need to develop your songs and productions from scratch. Streamlined recording and vocal editing tools, inspirational composing features, superb virtual instruments, FX, amps, and much more — Cubase Artist offers a wealth of opportunities for aspiring artists seeking its equal in price and quality.

Cubase Artist v7 x86 x64 WiN, windows steinberg app software, x86, x64, WiN, Cubase Artist, Cubase 7, Cubase, BROCCOLi, Artist

Cubase Artist v7 x86 x64 WiN, windows steinberg app software, x86, x64, WiN, Cubase Artist, Cubase 7, Cubase, BROCCOLi, Artist

Cubase Artist v7 x86 x64 WiN

TBPA Plugins Pack 2018.10 WiN CE V.R, x86 x64 windows vst3 plugins plugins vst plugins rtas software aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, VST3, VST, V.R, TBPA, Standalone, RTAS, Plugins Pack, Plugins, Pack, CE, AAX, 2018

TBPA Plugins Pack 2018.10 WiN

TEAM V.R | 05 Oct 2018| 37.8 MB


– AB_LM v1.6.0
– CS-3301 v1.5.3
– dEQ6 v1.1.7
– dpMeter 3 v1.2.6 (free)
– dpMeterXT v1.3.1
– DynaRide v1.1.2
– Euphonia v2.0.2
– FinalLoud v1.0.5
– GainRider 2 v1.0.7
– gEQ12 v1.4.4
– Impress v1.9.12
– ISOL8 v1.0.8 (free)
– LA xLimit II v1.3.2
– mvMeter2 v1.0.9 (free)
– SLM2 v1.3.3
– sTilt v1.4.3 (free)

dpMeter 3
– GUI: VST2 resize optimization removed

– GUI: VST2 resize optimization removed

– PiLR/PsLR: calculation revised and renamed to PLR and PSR
– Graphical loudness/PxR/peak prediction added
– Graph: PLR and PSR added
– Graph: Max TP/Peak prediction, PLR/PSR prediction
– Graph: loudness prediction level added
– Meter: LRA/PSR/PLR added
– Distribution Graph: menu added
– Overview Graph: PLR/PSR/Peak overs/TPovers/Markers added
– Meter: current values added and value display rearranged
– Channel routing: 4 custom routes added (L1L2L3L4L5/R1R2R3R4R5)
– Presets: Youtube updated
– Presets: AES Streaming, EBU R128 S1 added
– Presets: PLR/PSR target values added
– AAX: fix rounding int values
– GUI: Removed small Peak/TruePeak readout
– GUI: graph small fixes
– GUI: redraw optimized
– GUI: VST2 resize optimization
– Graph: fix for time code time and moving play head
– Graph: Mouse click into overview stops auto scroll
– Note: due to addition of new parameter please remove first all plugin instances from your project and then add the plugin again

– AAX: fix rounding int values
– GUI: Removed small Peak/TruePeak readout
– GUI: graph small fixes
– GUI: redraw optimized
– Channel routing: 4 custom routes added (L1L2L3L4L5/R1R2R3R4R5)
– GUI: VST2 resize optimization
– PiLR/PsLR: calculation flixed
– Graph: PiLR and PsLR added
– Distribution: menu added

TBPA Plugins Pack 2018.10 WiN CE-V.R

Mixbus32C v5.0.208 macOS HEXWARS, macos software, Standalone, Mixbus32C, Mixbus, macOS, MAC, HEXWARS, 64Bit, 32C

Mixbus32C v5.0.208 MAC

Team HEXWARS | 04.10.2018 | 277.97 MB

Dynamic Maturity / Contemporary Mixing


Harrison Mixbus32C is as relevant today as the first Harrison 32 series consoles were 40 years ago. Harrison consoles are dynamically mature products – products that retain the benefits of long, successful experience while incorporating the best of all the new technology. Mixbus32C is designed in the most operationally ergonomic manner possible. Mixbus was hailed by the industry as a breakthrough for “in the box” mixing by incorporating decades of console building experience into a cost effective mixing platform for today. Mixbus32C takes that concept to the natural next step by using the full resources of today’s technological advancements to precisely emulate not only the operational advantages, but to faithfully emulate the analog performance of the traditional analog console.

Mixbus32C v5.0.208 macOS HEXWARS, macos software, Standalone, Mixbus32C, Mixbus, macOS, MAC, HEXWARS, 64Bit, 32C

Operational Advantages
Because of the way the Mixbus32C mixer page is laid out, the most commonly used controls are displayed and are accessible at all times using a rich, high contrast, GUI design that gracefully and accurately emulates the original hardware version of the Harrison 32C console. This traditional layout not only looks good but allows the engineer to approach the console as if it were a musical instrument, directly affecting the art of mixing and contributing greatly to the success of any given mix.

Analog Performance
Harrison has pioneered the use of high performance computer technology over the last 20 years to provide unmatched processing power in the world’s largest mixing environments. By keeping up with these incremental technological steps through the decades, Harrison can now faithfully emulate the beautifully designed analog signal processing designs of the past and incorporate them into a full function “True Analog” mixing console within the digital audio workstation environment.

More Equalization
Each Mixbus32C channel strip incorporates an exact emulation of the original Harrison 32C parametric four-band sweepable EQ with a separately switchable filter section including second order high-pass and low-pass filters. Every resistor, capacitor, and transistor was modeled. To run this complex DSP on every channel strip was impossible just 5 years ago.

More Buses
Mixbus32C provides 12 stereo mix buses, each with individual level control, latency compensation, and associated master channel incorporating the highly successful Harrison tape saturation, bus compression, and tone control functionality.

Mixbus32C v5.0.208 macOS-HEXWARS

Mixbus v5.0.255 macOS HEXWARS, macos software, Standalone, Mixbus, macOS, MAC, HEXWARS, 64Bit, 32Bit

Mixbus v5.0.255 MAC

Team HEXWARS | 04.10.2018 | 414,22 MB

The Harrison of Digital Audio Workstations

STANDALONE / 32Bit / 64Bit

With dozens of DAWs to choose from, thereʼs only one thatʼs designed to work like a Harrison, with an analog paradigm that embodies form, function, and sound. Where other DAWs use a computer paradigm, MIXBUS grows from Harrisonʼs distinguished 40-year heritage of platinum records and blockbuster films, such as Thriller, Graceland, and Spider-Man. MIXBUS is the first full-featured DAW with true analog style mixing.

Mixbus provides professional-level features to import or record an unlimited number of audio or MIDI tracks to your computer; then edit, mix and master your production.

Mixbus v5.0.255 macOS HEXWARS, macos software, Standalone, Mixbus, macOS, MAC, HEXWARS, 64Bit, 32Bit

Mixbus Sounds Better
Other DAWs are designed by companies with experience in computer sound, but no pedigree in world-class recording facilities. The Mixbus DSP mixer is designed by Harrison specifically for its great-sounding EQ, filters, dynamics, and bus summing. If you find a music recording from the golden age of albums – the 70s and 80s – that has stood the test of time, it is likely that a Harrison console was used during the production. Mixbus invites you to produce recordings that will stand with the very best.

Mixbus v5.0.255 macOS HEXWARS, macos software, Standalone, Mixbus, macOS, MAC, HEXWARS, 64Bit, 32Bit

Mixbus v5.0.255 macOS-HEXWARS

CATraxx v9.50 WiN, windows software, WiN, P2P, CATraxx

CATraxx v9.50 WiN

P2P | 02 September 2018 | 25.4 MB

CATraxx is a powerful music collector database program for Windows which will help you catalog a music collection of any kind, from vinyl records to CDs to MP3s. Automatically download CD data from the Internet, or scan your hard drive for audio files. A comprehensive set a data fields enables you to keep track of a wide range of information.

CATraxx v9.50 WiN, windows software, WiN, P2P, CATraxx

With CATraxx, you are in total control of your music collection.
* Enjoy a fully organized music collection.
* Play your music – easily find songs to play.
* Automatically manage your audio files.
* Always know exactly where your music is located.
* No more will you end up buying duplicates.
* Keep track of who borrowed what – never lose a CD again.
* Keep accurate insurance records.

* No need to use two separate programs to manage both your CD collection and your audio files. With CATraxx you can catalog all media types, including CDs, LPs, cassettes, mini discs, and audio files.
* Scan your CDs and automatically download CD data from the CDDB database – no typing.
* Scan your hard drive for audio files (MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC and more) and automatically add them to your database – no typing.
* Powerful explorer module that allows you to search and browse your database in a familiar browser interface.
* Multiple customizable data views allowing you to easily locate and edit data.

* Multiple databases: Create as many separate databases as you like. Transfer information between databases.
* Store information about an (almost) unlimited number of albums, as well as the individual tracks on each album.
* Comprehensive set of data fields enabling you to catalog a wide range of information: artist, album title, media format, release year, label, catalog number, purchase price, current value, music genre, playing time, song titles, songwriters, producers, recording studios, musicians and instruments.
* More than 70 custom data fields (in case we have missed something).
* Multiple artists: Register multiple artists on both albums and tracks – including customizable artist roles (“feat.”, “vs.”, “with”, etc).
* Save time by using lookup tables: Register information such as artist, songwriter, musician, label and group lineup only once. The use of lookup tables will ensure that data is not duplicated.
* Store album covers, as well as pictures of artists.
* Add song lyrics (fully searchable) for individual tracks.
* Store artist profiles, biographies and reviews.
* Add personal notes for albums and individual tracks, as well as artists.
* Rate your music: Assign your own personal rating to albums and individual tracks, as well as artists. Let the audio player automatically select your favorite music!
* The auto-complete feature makes data entry a breeze! Start typing and CATraxx will automatically complete the text based on data in the relevant lookup table.
* Text formatting: All memo fields (Notes, Reviews, Lyrics, etc.) support text formatting (different fonts, font sizes, font styles, colors, bullet lists and tables). You can also insert images and hyperlinks.
* Add links to external files (this could be Word documents, HTML files, video files, etc.) from albums, tracks or artists.
* Add links to web sites from albums, tracks or artists.
* Password protect your database so only you can log in. Create a guest account: A guest will not be able to add, edit or delete any information in the database.

* Play music: CATraxx has its own audio player closely tied to the database that will keep a detailed log of all the music you play.
* Built-in support for 11 audio file formats: aac, ape, flac, mp3, mp4, m4b, mpc, ogg, shn, wav and wma.
* Create playlists by either manually selecting tracks, or let CATraxx pick the songs based on your criteria.
* Surprise: Let the CATraxx Audio Player pick albums or songs at random – this is fun!
* Auto-organize your audio files into a folder structure and filename format of your choice based on information in the database (artist, album title, track index, song title, etc.). Let CATraxx do all the hard work!
* Tagging: Let CATraxx automatically update audio file tags as you edit data in your database, or tell CATraxx to update the tags at a specific time.
* Easily attach ripped audio files to albums already in the database.

Whats New:
– FIXED: Problem registering with Discogs.

CATraxx v9.50 WiN

Blue3 v2.0.5 AAX AU VSTi STANDALONE x86 x64 WiN MAC R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti plugins vst macos software plugins au for mac aax plugins, x86, x64, WiN, VSTi, VST, Standalone, R2R, MAC, Blue3, AU, AAX

Blue3 v2.0.5 WiN MAC

Team R2R | 02.102.18 | WiN: 37 MB | OSX: 175 MB


You know the sound. We’ve all heard it a thousand times. Sweet and angry. Mysterious and powerful. Warm and wonderful. Blue3 recreates the glorious sound of vintage tonewheel organs with amazing attention to detail. Every component of these wonderful instruments has been captured with all their quirks and imperfections.

– 91 modeled tonewheels with accurate phase synchronization
– Full polyphony for upper, lower and pedal manualsl
– Adjustable tonewheel leakage, crosstalk and flutter
– Selectable foldback for the 16′ drawbar
– 9 contact key and busbar simulation
– Selectable keyboard split function
– Adjustable 3 band output EQ
– Extensive MIDI controller mapping
– 30 tonewheel sets from vintage A100, B3, C3 & L100 instruments
– 6 way tonewheel scaling
– Adjustable drawbar output levels
– Hyper accurate vibrato/chorus scanner
– Completely adjustable percussion & vibrato scanner controls
– Classic 122/147 and “high power” custom rotary speaker simulations
– Guitar amp cabinet simulation
– Accurate manual taper & volume robbing
– Classic 40 watt rotary speaker tube overdrive simulation and high gain British guitar amp overdrive
– Completely adjustable rotary speeds, acceleration & deceleration
– Accurate microphone spread and distance controls
– Rotary horn diffusers on/off
– Front stop & Memphis control for rotary speaker
– Low memory/disk usage
– Low CPU usage

New in V2:
– New 147 cabinet simulation
– New RA200 cabinet simulation
– Reverb with room size, pre or post cabinet
– 2 new tube overdrive simulations
– User adjustable Inverted key presets
– Improved Crosstalk simulation
– Less blue, more wood
– All new hyper-realistic UI
– 4 Microphone choices
– 3 completely adjustable custom tonewheel sets
– New Perform and Cabinet views
– Full support for Native Instruments NKS presets and controllers
– Improved rotary definition

Changes in Blue3 v2.0.5:
– Corrected a situation where Invert Drawbars was not sticking.
– Corrected a bug where Speed control was not automating correctly.


Blue3 v2.0.5 WiN MAC-R2R

Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.0.20 WiN R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti vst3 plugins plugins rtas software aax plugins, WiN, Studio, R2R, Melodyne Studio, Melodyne

Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.0.20 WiN

Team R2R | 02 Oct 2018 | 26.2MB


Melodyne is a software application for OS X or Windows with which you can edit audio in a more musical way than was ever thought possible. In Melodyne, you work with notes – and not with a meaningless wave form. You don’t just see where the music gets louder or quieter but also where notes begin and end and at what pitch they lie. You can modify each note and thereby influence directly the intonation, phrasing and dynamics – and do this not only with vocals and monophonic instruments but with polyphonic instruments such as pianos and guitars as well. Working with Melodyne is like being able to say to a vocalist “sing this note a bit longer” or to a pianist “give slightly less weight to the third in this chord” – hours, weeks, even years after the recording session.

Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.0.20 WiN R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti vst3 plugins plugins rtas software aax plugins, WiN, Studio, R2R, Melodyne Studio, Melodyne

Melodyne 4 studio
The complete Melodyne. Melodyne 4 studio offers you all Melodyne functions for both correction and creative applications on an unlimited number of tracks. You can edit the sound and musical content of your recordings in such an intuitive manner or make such far-reaching changes with no other audio tool.

New technologies and a new degree of freedom for the entire Melodyne family. Celemony is releasing Version 4 of its legendary audio software Melodyne. This constitutes the most extensive update to the entire product family in the company’s history, with the emphasis on Melodyne 4 studio.

Highlights include the Sound Editor with its totally new sound design possibilities, DNA Direct Note Access – at last, on an unlimited number of tracks – and ultra-accurate tempo detection. Furthermore, Melodyne 4 studio now also runs directly as a plug-in within your DAW – also, naturally, in 64-bit resolution. The smaller Melodyne editions – editor, assistant and essential – have also been enhanced.

Melodyne Studio 4 v4.2.0.20 WiN-R2R

Cycling 74 Max v8.0.0 WiN R2R, windows software, WiN, R2R, Max, Cycling

Cycling 74 Max v8.0.0 WiN

Team R2R | Oct 02 2018 | 414 MB

Cycling ‘74 has released version 8 of Max and the company is calling it “the closest thing to a mind-expanding drug Max has ever had”. The visual programming language has taken on a raft of new improvements in the latest iteration, most notably the introduction of the new MC. objects. MC, we’re presuming, stands for multi-channel and Cycling ‘74 is sure it will “transform how you imagine sound design”. It makes patches with 100 channels of audio look as simple as those with a single channel. It seems MC will give you the ability to manipulate multiple audio channels and operations with fewer objects. Much of the development in version 8 has been focussing on performance. Cycling ’74 now claim that Max will launch 20 times faster on Windows than before and load patches up to four times as quick. Performance as a whole is improved, with complex UI operations being significantly more responsive. Another big update is the ability to control your patches with hardware, without the need to patch. In the new Mappings Mode, you can assign physical controls to your patch in just three steps; simply enter Mappings Mode, select a slider and then move your controller – done.

Other improvements include a new Search Sidebar which allows you access to thousands of Max examples and tutorials that ship with Max, along with results from web forums and in-depth articles.

Summary of what’s New in Max 8:
– Tap into sonic complexity with MC.
– Noticeably improved performance.
– Simplified MIDI and keyboard control with Mappings.
– Vizzie 2, completely rebuilt with OpenGL.
– Open your patches to the world with Node for Max.
– Experience a streamlined patching workflow.
– Uncover the secrets to Max mastery with search.

Cycling 74 Max v8.0.0 WiN-R2R

Cycling 74 Max v7.3.5 WiN R2R, windows software, WiN, R2R, Max, Cycling 74 MAX, Cycling

Cycling 74 MAX 7 v7.3.5 WiN

Team R2R | Oct 02 2018 | 441 MB

MAX 7 is patching reimagined.

Now with a new interface optimized for speed and simplicity, major performance improvements, and a collection of powerful new tools to realize your ideas faster than ever. Max is built on the idea of connecting things together to make something new. Connect plugins, media players, and custom DIY effects, or build something completely from scratch.

A collection is Max’s version of a playlist and can be made up of files that fit a certain criteria (for example, all audio files from 2011, back when audio files sounded better) or a simple list of things you want to organize. One powerful feature of collections is that unlike previous versions, files in a collection can live anywhere on your computer, and you don’t have to understand or manage search paths. Just drag a file or folder into the file browser and it’s available for use in your patches.

Snippets: a new approach to reusability
A snippet is a resuable piece of a patch you can save for later reuse. It’s designed to be fast and easy: just select the objects you want to save and give it a name. When you want to use a snippet, you can browse by name or use a visual catalog. Once you find what you’re looking for, simply drag the snippet into your patcher.

Customize your environment
Max 7 organizes everything you need within easy reach in customizable toolbars.
Create default templates with the features and settings you use most often.

The toolbars form a frame around the patcher window. The top toolbar modernizes the old Max object palette along with the powerful new format palette that features font, color, and style controls. The left toolbar provides immediate access to audio files, videos, plug-ins, and other assets you use in your patching. The bottom toolbar controls how you view and edit your work. And the right toolbar provides access to the inspector, Max console window, and quick reference.

You can manually or automatically hide the toolbars to see your patcher out of the frame.

This is the last version of Max7

Cycling 74 Max v7.3.5 WiN-R2R

Sektor v1.2.2 STANDALONE VSTi VST3 x86 x64 WiN R2R, x86 plugins vsti x64 plugins vsti windows vsti vst3 plugins software, x86, x64, WiN, VSTi, VST3, Standalone, Sektor, R2R

Sektor v1.2.2 WiN

Team R2R | 01 Oct 2018 | 3.74 GB


Sektor is a polyphonic wavetable synth plugin with a highly intuitive user interface and a lot of customization features. Sektor was built to use a low amount of system resources while having a massive high quality sound. Advanced modulation features such as feature rich modulation Envelopes, ADSR´s and LFO´s can be routed to the synths parameters via drag and drop, or via the right click menu of the knobs. The Expression page gives you even more access to features such as velocity, aftertouch and much more. Shape each parameter of 16 voices per wavetable oscillator with OSC+. Create massive unison sounds and change the waveform, phase, pitch, stereo spread, level and detune of each individual unison voice. Sektors built-in multisample engine let you combine the real sound of a modern rompler with Sektors advanced wavetable synthesis engine.

Sektor also comes with two effect racks including high quality effects such as reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, phaser, trance gate, compressor, stereo shaper and a 4 band equalizer. The order of the effects can be rearranged via drag and drop.

Wavetable Synth plugin:
– over 750 Unique Factory Presets
– over 200 Unique Wavetables
– Built in sampler engine with hundreds of samples. Also plays back Heat Up 2 Instruments (Requires Heat Up 2)
– 64 Bit and 32 Bit VST Plugin
– Stand Alone App
– Windows and Mac compatible
– Supports the new MPE Midi Standard (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression)

Sektor v1.2.2 STANDALONE VSTi VST3 x86 x64 WiN-R2R


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