Diamond Web Deep House Loops WAV MiDi MAGNETRiXX, wav patterns midi samples, Web, WAV, MIDI, MAGNETRiXX, Loops, House, Diamond, Deep House, Deep

Diamond Web Deep House Loops

TEAM MAGNETRiXX | 06 January 2015 | 191 MB

Listen as intricate layers of silken sound unfurl around you and wrap you into a web of warm, melodic bliss – from the deepest Sub Bass to the towering heights of epic plucked Synth Leads and Arps, welcome to the enveloping sample spectrum of Diamond Web – Deep House Loops! This intricately-crafted, micro-detailed loop, sample and MIDI collection coats its rewarding web of sound with layer after layer of rich, warm bass, delicate, sweet highs and submerged, transportive SFX. Packing in heaps of the essentials – including thick, layered Bass loops, thundering Drum grooves & Drum Fills, intimate, exotic Keys & Chord Progressions, analog-style Synth Leads, acrobatic Pads and transition Sweeps & Risers – as well as subtle and striking organic Percussion loops and atmospheric SFX Textures, this release has everything to get your Deep House loop sessions banging long into that mysterious, enticing night.

With a huge 290 royalty-free files across all media to choose from, Diamond Web – Deep House Loops will make an instant impact upon and valuable addition to your sound library. On top of the 120 custom-formatted loops, we’ve also loaded this release up with 103 accompanying, key-labelled MIDI files, plus 50 huge drum samples. From thumping Deep House Kicks and Snares to slicing Hi Hats and detailed Percussion, these samples are just waiting to light up your sampler and launch your music skyward.

Password: MAGNETRiXX

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Qy3T
Diamond Web Deep House Loops WAV MiDi-MAGNETRiXX

HYPERNODE KONTAKT, kontakt samples, POP, P2P, Kontakt, HYPERNODE, Downtempo, Dance, Chillout, Ambient


P2P | 02.09.2018 | 10.6 GB

With almost 12GB of content, all instruments offer flexible sequencers, automation, five freely assignable insert effect slots, convolution reverb and more. You can even modulate insert effect parameters via the included sequencers! Create the perfect sounds, sequence them all together and then create an intro, verse, chorus, bridge, middle 8, fills and outros all inside the system! Each multi instrument in “Hypernode” is called a “style” and can be seen like a whole song complete with intro, chorus, verse and so on. You can edit any part, any section and / or sounds of each multi to your liking. You have an accompaniment section where you can play up to three-note chords, a drum section as well as additional parts like bass, pad and harmony. Hypernode ships with over 600 factory sounds (24 bit, 44 khz), ranging from keys and guitars to synthesizer waveforms and hybrids and you can edit every aspect of the included sounds down to the smallest detail utilizing filters, envelopes, lfo’s and effects.

HYPERNODE KONTAKT, kontakt samples, POP, P2P, Kontakt, HYPERNODE, Downtempo, Dance, Chillout, Ambient

“Hypernode” is the most feature-complete full production package for Kontakt ever made and entire songs can be made from scratch using the system in a variety of modern styles including:
+ Pop
+ Dance
+ Ambient
+ Chillout
+ Downtempo!

All instruments offer flexible sequencers, automation, five freely assignable insert effect slots, convolution reverb and more, you can even modulate insert effect parameters via the included sequencers!

Note: Requires the Full Retail version of Kontakt 5.7.1 or higher (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player)

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/bHqh

Electric Funk: Retro 80s Funk MULTiFORMAT, wav studio one reason presets patches patterns midi nn xt maschine logic kontakt exs24 cubase battery samples ableton live, Retro, P2P, MULTiFORMAT, Funk, Electric Funk, Electric, 80s

Retro 80s Funk MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 03.09.2018 | 4.6 GB

We set out to make the most authentic mid 80s Electro Funk sample collection currently available. To do this we went back to the original machines, technology and production techniques used by artists and producers of the era.  I once worked for DMC UK – a company who in the 90s pioneered remix culture. One part of my studio duties was to transfer the master recording tapes from 2inch analog tape onto DAT for worldwide remixers. During that time I learned so much about record production by listening and experiencing so many of the world-class multitrack recordings that passed through our transfer studio

14 sets of WAV Stems / DAW Projects ( 7Gb ):
– Logic Pro X (10.1 forwards )
– Ableton Live ( 9.1 onwards including 10 )
– Presonus Studio One V3.5 +
– Cubase 7+
– Reason 8+
– WAV stem edition for all other DAWs

1.7gb Traditional sample pack containing:
– 563 24bit WAV Loops
– 738 Drum hits including the iconic and rare Simmons Claptrap
– 583 Musical One shots – Chords, Hits, Notes +FX
– 146 Midi Files

Sampler instruments:
All drum hits and melodic one-shots arranged as Menus for:
– EXS 24
– Kontakt 5
– Ableton Racks / Simpler ( full macro control )
– S1 Presence XT
– Akai MPC V2
– Maschine 2
– Battery 3
– Kontakt 4

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/Wm5D
Electric Funk: Retro 80s Funk MULTiFORMAT

Designer Dance Kicks WAV, wav samples, WAV, Kicks, DISCOVER, Designer, Dance Kicks, Dance

Designer Dance Kicks WAV

DiSCOVER | 26 FEBRUARY 2013 | 72 MB

‘Designer Dance Kicks’ is first collection of precision engineered, balls to the wall kicks. The fat kick drum is the most instantly recognisable element that differentiates the many Dance genres with other styles of music, and is arguably the most important and sometimes trickiest to get right. Sonically sculpted for superior performance, each kick has been expertly crafted with crisp defined highs, tailored mid-range and powerful, well-defined low-ends. Designed to keep the beat present and upfront at all times. All the sounds have been recorded, processed and driven through all analogue stages for maximum character and vibe with kicks ranging from hard-thumping Techno monsters to thick, warm, Minimal accents. For dramatic drops and breakdowns, explore the wealth of reverb-heavy kick drums with subtle spatial enhancement to add intensity and impact to the drop. In detail, expect to find 150 brand new club-ready kick drums, organised into four distinct categories for ease-of-use.

You’ll find 40 Analogue kicks, 75 Engineered kicks, 22 Top kicks and 21 Big Verb kicks. Whatever your chosen style and genre take your productions to the next level with the ultimate collection of ‘Designer Dance Kicks’!

Technical Specifications:

  • • 24-Bit Quality



  • • 40 Analogue Kicks
  • • 75 Engineered Kicks
  • • 22 Top Kicks
  • • 21 Big Verb Kicks


INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/6SnH
Designer Dance Kicks WAV

The Sound Of Istanbul WAV, wav samples, WAV, Sound Effects, Sound, SFX, Istanbul, FX, Fantastic

The Sound Of Istanbul WAV

FANTASTiC | 02 September 2018 | 209 MB

In this collection we bring you the energy and vibe of Istanbul. Straddling between Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a melting pot of influences. The city is awash with diverse sounds; from traditional street markets to the sounds of a busy transportation hub.

1. Ataturk Kôprüsü bridge (with metro passing by)
2. Eminönü – Ferry Port
3. Grand Bazaar – Indoor
4. Grand Bazaar – Indoor 2
5. Grand Bazaar – Indoor 3
6. Street Market in Fatih
7. Street Market in Fatih 2
8. Street Market Near Misir Carsisi
9. Tramway Station Emniyet-Fatih
10. Galata Kulesi Street
11. Visiting Hagia Sofia Museum
12. Water side near Molla Celebi Cam

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/CnM0
The Sound Of Istanbul WAV

Futuristic Organic Alien FX WAV, wav samples, WAV, Qhemist, Psy, P2P, Organic, FX, Futuristic, Electronic, Dubstep, Cinema, Alien

Futuristic Organic Alien FX

Qhemist | 03.09.2018 | 1.30 GB

Qhemist bring you this secret FX pack that is not available for sale containing over 1.7GB of 1 shot FX samples. These are futuristic, eletronic, organic sounds all HQ Mastered 44100 WAV Files. Great for Psy, Cinema, Dubstep, Electronic and more! Enjoy and feel free to share mirrors! Contains over 1.7GB of fully studio mastered one shot FX, in separated folders by type.

This pack is not for sale online! Enjoy!
Futuristic Organic Alien FX WAV

Analogue Soul Vol.2 WAV REX, wav rex2 samples, WAV, Soul, REX, Jazz, House, Hip Hop, Funk, Fantastic, Electronica, Downtempo, Breaks, Analogue, 74 135 BPM, 74 BPM, 135 BPM

Analogue Soul Vol.2 WAV REX

FANTASTiC | 01 April 2017 | 965 MB

The second serving of Analogue Soul – an absolutely stunning collection of Soul-drenched instruments performed live, featuring sparkling Percussion, rich Bass, razor-sharp Drums and dreamy Keys. This pack is a treasure trove of recordings, with sparkling production and the assurance of 100% royalty free samples for your productions! Analogue Soul Volume 2 contains all the elements you need to lace your music with organic goodness, from Warm Soul to Cool Jazz to Rare Vinyl Grooves and features loops of Drums, Bass, Percussion, Vocals, Hammond Organ, Pianos, Rhodes, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Flute, Wurlitzer, Clavinet, Guitar Trumpet and more! Bass parts come in two flavours full of funk – with conventional and Double Bass hooks to prop-up the undertones, while the Drums are live and snappy, with that classic break character – and the keys, well two words; Warm, Buttery.

Recorded at tempos between 74-135 BPM by Adam and some of the best session guys in the industry, you can be sure to find content for Soul, Funk, Jazz, Electronica, Hip Hop, Breaks, House, Downtempo and many other genres.

In detail expect to find 1.04GB of content with 177 individual 24 Bit Wav files. Included in the pack are 20 Bass Loops, 27 Drum Loops, 97 Music Loops [15 Hammond, 24 Piano, 14 Rhodes, 2 Harpsicord, 2 Celeste, 17 Guitar, 5 Trumpets, 1 Jen SX1000, 1 Vibraphone, 4 Flutes, 3 Wurlitzer, 6 Mixed Music, 5 Clavinets and 4 Organs] 33 Percussion Loops and 2 Vocal Loops. 209 Rex2 Loops are also included.

•24Bit 44.1KHZ
•33 Percussion Loops
•27 Drum Loops
•24 Piano Loops
•20 Bass Loops
•17 Guitar Loops
•14 Rhodes Loops
•15 Hammond Loops
•5 Trumpet Loops
•5 Clavinet Loops
•4 Organ Loops
•4 Flute Loops
•3 Wurlitzer Loops
•6 Mixed Loops
•2 Harpsichord Loops
•2 Vocal Loops
•1 Fx Loops
•1 Vibraphone Loop
•217 Rex2 Files

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/ioCy
Analogue Soul Vol.2 WAV REX

Vintage House MULTiFORMAT P2P, wav sfz rex2 presets patches nn xt kontakt halion exs24 samples aiff acid, Vintage House, Vintage, P2P, MULTiFORMAT, House

Vintage House MULTiFORMAT

P2P | 16.10.2012 | 670.69 MB

From time to time it is always good to look back at where we have come from, take a pinch of the old school, revive the essence and formulate a new sound, so with great pride Loopmasters present Vintage House a fresh new collection of samples inspired by all the best House sounds from 1992 to 1999 Remixed and served up HOT ready for the Nu School. Vintage House has been produced exclusively by Monodeluxe and takes all the best flavours from Legendry House music genres from Chicago, New York and the Uk and with the help of Modern production techniques, Increases the Funk, Acentuates the Groove, Intensifys the Vibe and then for good measure adds all the necessary formats demanded by producers today! The Drum section contains sounds using original hardwear drum machines such as Emu E-drum / Boss SP 505 / Akai MPC 2000 / Proteus 1 / TR 41 Prototype from Roland together with the more traditional TR808 and TR909 treated with high end Vintage emulating plugins to capture the essence of Historic Dusty Vinyl but hyper tweaked to ensure they cut through in a mordern mix.

In Detail Expect to find: 918Mb of 24Bit 44.1Khz Loops and Samples including, 23 Bass Loops, 53 Full Drum Loops, 30 Kick Free Drum Loops, 34 Percussion Loops, 152 Music Loops, 223 Drum Hits, 51 Chord Hits, 29 SFX shots, 314 Rex2 Files and 97 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats. Also available in Apple Loops, Ableton Live Pack and Reason Refill to purchase seperately.

Tech Specs:
– 918Mb
– 24Bit 44.1Khz
– 23 Bass Loops,
– 53 Full Drum Loops,
– 30 Kick Free Drum Loops,
– 34 Percussion Loops,
– 152 Music Loops,
– 223 Drum Hits,
– 51 Chord Hits,
– 29 SFX shots,
– 314 Rex2 Files and
– 97 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz Formats.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/QREy
Vintage House MULTiFORMAT-P2P

None Like Joshua Linguistics WAV, wav special samples, WAV, NONE, Like, DISCOVER

None Like Joshua Linguistics WAV

DiSCOVER | 30 MARCH 2014 | 988 MB

‘None Like Joshua: Linguistics’ is a one-of-a-kind vocal sample pack with a staggering 7000 vocal samples for your productions. The versatility in this pack is unmatched with phrases ranging from whisper, conversation, loud, and yelling. Many of the parts feature as many as eight different takes (for doubles, triples, and different timings). Six different languages are also covered in this pack, English being the main focus. Use the vocals as is or run them through your favourite vocoder, time-stretcher, pitch shifter, or other effect of your choice to add your own distinct flavour to these sounds. The sound design possibilities with the large amount of material in this pack are enough to keep anyone busy for years.

Pack Contains:
Loops – 5290 Phrases and loops recorded at 85, 110, and 130 BPM. These short phrases work wonders in various styles, perfect for fills, breakdowns, or chaining together to create longer phrases. Each phrase comes at various volumes (whisper, conversation, loud, yelling) to match the energy of your song or for ramping up the excitement.

Beatbox – 80 Single-shot recordings of mouth percussion. Great for adding snippets into drum loops to make percussion more interesting. Great for Tech House, Techno, Electro, and any style that could use some vocal percussion.

Breaths – 75 Long exhales, short gasps, and other random breath sounds. Drench these sounds in reverb for some long vocal ambiences. Stretch, reverse, and delay FX work wonders on these sounds.

Characters – 304 Voices in different vocal styles. Beast mode, Emo, Gamer, Hipster, Nerdy, Old Man, Rapper, Uncle Jeorge, Religious, and stereo-typical Japanese, Jamaican, and British accents.


  • • English – 485 english words, short phrases, and numbers.
  • • French – 154 french words, short phrases, and numbers.
  • • German – 155 German words, short phrases, and numbers.
  • • Japanese – 272 Japanese words, shorts phrases, and numbers.
  • • Spanish – 160 Spanish words, short phrases, and numbers.
  • • Laughing – 30 Laughing sounds to be used at your disposal. Pitch these down low for some extra creepy evilness!
  • • Misc – 112 Random mouth sounds ranging from barfing sounds, vocal clicks, grunts, and scat riffs. Another gold mine for the sound designers.
  • • Passages – 5 lengthy intellectual readings great for spiritual or psychedelic intros or breakdowns.
  • • Screams – Long yells and other random screams. These sound amazing drenched in reverb and delay!
  • • FX – 15 Reverse breaths and noises to help with build-ups and transitions.



  • • 24-Bit WAV
  • • All of the vocals except for the FX are dry.
  • • Size (Unzipped) 2.5 GB


INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/YMop
None Like Joshua Linguistics WAV

Harmogeddon KONTAKT, kontakt samples, NanoBeat, Kontakt, Harmogeddon

Harmogeddon KONTAKT

NanoBeat | 15/04/2015 | 756 MB

This instrument is based on ordinary and (as usual with Atom Hub items) old harmonica tuned in D. The instrument has been sampled with intention of providing organic, non-perfect, breathy, shaky, metallic sounds rather than a virtual incarnation of a nice romantic harmonica tone. Anyway, those are also possible to get from some of the sample sets present in the pack. In case you are hoping for something your current harmonica library (if any) is not capable of, or you just share strange obsession in quirky experimental instruments with me, Harmogeddon belongs in your hands !

– 24 bit / 44,1 kHz
– 779 MB installed
– 114 nki/nkm files (250 ncw files) in 4 categories of sounds
– harmonica in D with its flaws and imperfections
– 3 RR variations and 3 layers
– essential harmonica samples
– rich sound design category
– Filter, Cabinet, Lo-Fi, Flanger, EQ, Delay, Reverb, Attack, Release controls

COMPATIBILITY : This library works in KONTAKT 5 FULL VERSION ( and above) software sampler (in KONTAKT PLAYER for 15 minutes).
INSTALLATION : Dowload *.rar file, extract it to desired destination, open Kontakt 5 and search for your library among “Files”.

INFO/DEMO/BUY: http://mage.si/V8rW
Harmogeddon KONTAKT


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